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    Blackvue (mis)understanding

    I recently had a blackvue installed. I agree it is somewhat confusing at first, and the instructions aren't as helpful as they could be. If you search youtube and this forum, there are several step by step 'how to's' that make it easy. One bug is that if you are connected to the device on your...
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    Sunpass transponders are compatible with 2017 windshields

    This info is not on the sunpass.com website yet; but I was told by customer service that the front bumper mounted transponder is no longer reccomended for 2017 Teslas. Last weekend I drove across Alligator Alley to Dania Beach to trade in my 2012 P85 for a new 2017 P100D. I got an ITOL (image...
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    Supercharger - Naples, FL

    This is great having a supercharger downtown as opposed to being along the interstate. Sarasota and Tampa need this! I'm sorry that my dentist gave me bad info at the beginning, but I am glad it was wrong! :)
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    PAST EVENT: Corvette - Tesla Ice Cream Run in Sarasota Nov 11th

    Sounds like gelato fun! Will see what I cone do...
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    Any reason not to hook up a battery tender to the 12 volt battery ?

    ZsoZso I agree with you. I'm no expert either, but if 12V lithium car batteries can be cycled 5-10X more times than lead acid, the extra cost may be a wash, or better; and worth it if it means changing it out less often. At least a good bridge until better solution to deal with vampire drain...
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    Supercharger - Naples, FL

    The Teslarati mobile app is confirming supercharger permit for this location :) on a side note... my dentist lives in a condo in this development and told me that "the Association shut it down, long story, but will never happen". I hope this is just rumor and hearsay, just sharing what I was...
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    Sarasota Tesla store will not take reservations for Model 3 before 1pm on March 31.

    Tesla sent out official email; along with drawing for tickets to the announcement on 3/31: Orders will begin in stores at 10am west coast time; so 1pm east coast makes sense. And they are saying that online orders will begin when the event begins....which will be live streamed the evening of...
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    Service Center in Naples?

    Larry, I was told something similar by the Service Advisor in Dania Beach recently. On the day of the recent club meet up at the Plantation supercharger grand opening, I asked the advisor at Dania Beach if he knew anything about when a service center would be opening In Naples. He told me that...
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    Service Center in Naples?

    The new service center in Naples replaced a door handle on my car last week. Apparently this is a remote, or satellite extension of Dania Beach. The address is the same as a storage rental business. The technician came to me like a Ranger, I don't think we can take our cars to this Naples...
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    Sarasota Tesla store will not take reservations for Model 3 before 1pm on March 31.

    At least that's what I was told when I called....anyone have additional info about this? I was going to drive up to Sarasota from Naples but if the lines are going to be like an iPhone launch at the Apple store.....
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    Model 3 reservations ($1000 down) will be accepted in Tesla stores....

    I called my nearest store and was told they would not begin taking reservations for Model 3 until 1pm (eastern time zone) on March 31.
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    Touchless carwash near Naples ?

    Great! I actually don't do the hand wash anymore, especially since I've had a protective clear coat applied by FI Pete in Sarasota; just run it through the automatic wash, seems to do just fine alongside other nice cars going through there. The first time I did it, the car kept putting itself...
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    Touchless carwash near Naples ?

    Bonita Bubbles in Bonita Springs on US 41 they offer hand wash/wax, full detailing, etc they've taken great care of my Tesla (3 years) and Mercedes (5 years)
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    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    Is Bob Lutz on the Plantation city council?
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    Rent a Tesla Model S

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    Anyone got SunPass working yet? (Florida)

    This is an easy problem to solve! David is correct! 1. Do not call Sunpass - lol 2. Purchase a portable transponder, and mount it to the windshield just under the rear view mirror. On my 2012 P85, I have it just below the rear view mirror, and just right of center, as recommended by...
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    Service Center in Naples?

    A couple of months ago, the manager of the service center in Tampa told me that he had been assigned the task of getting a service center opened in Naples by the end of the year.
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    Third row seats

    Wow, look at that touchscreen...is that larger than the one on the 'S'?
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    Tesla in a condo ?

    I met someone in my community last week that has a Tesla and lives in a condo. He says he plugs into a standard 110v outlet in the condo's parking garage. He says he is fine with this and has had his Tesla for over a year, but we also live 7 miles from a supercharger...
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    Supercharger - Marathon, FL

    Perhaps it will create an opportunity for an entrepreneur to open a place nearby to 'eat or pee' :)
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    Supercharger - Turkey Lake, FL

    Nice! Looks like the supercharger was (indirectly) charging your phone too...
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    Marco Island Charging

    J-1772 and a NEMA 14-50 just over the bridge on the mainland: Gem Remotes Inc | Naples, FL | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare
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    Florida Service Centers

    Would love to see a service center in Naples/Ft. Myers area. Dania Beach underwent a massive expansion this year and I'm told they are acquiring additional space adjacent to their current, larger, facility. So Naples/Ft. Myers may not be on near term horizon either... :(
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    Supercharger - Turkey Lake, FL

    Beautiful! Great that you don't have to back in
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    Supercharger - Turkey Lake, FL

    I think it's a lot more accessible than you are making it out to be. I'm sure an I-4 commuter will give it a go and report back. With a sunpass transponder, is it really much different than exiting off I-4 and going through a couple of traffic lights? Surely you are kidding about paying tolls...
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    Supercharger - Turkey Lake, FL

    Why not? It is very close to I-4 and there is a cut through from Northbound side
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    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    I stopped for a charge last weekend and will share some thoughts. All things considered, I think it's a good location. Very easy to get to from I-75, and very easy to get back onto I-75 I was headed downtown and it's very close to the crosstown expressway. The 8 stalls are numbered left to...
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    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    Great to finally see that red dot appear in Tampa on the supercharger map! Headed to Bern's steakhouse tonite. Thought I was going to have to take the gas car, but now I get to take the Tesla. Now come on Plantation!
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    80A HPWC near Pensacola?

    Check Plugshare there is one at an appliance store in Foley, just SW of Pensacola
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    FL (Ft. Lauderdale): Shop took my p85 for a 85mph joy ride then charged me $135.00

    I've had similar custom installations on my Model S and my E63 by Technicar in West Palm Beach. They do great work on high end cars.
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    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    In Plantation there is a small shopping plaza at the corner of Peters & University. It has a Whole Foods and Subway sandwhich. It is close to 595 and the Turnpike, and splits the difference between 75 & 95
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    Supercharger - Lake City, FL

    Larry, are you driving your Tesla to Lake City? Can you make it going 70 MPH plus on I-75? Please let us know how it works out
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    More Superchargers for Florida?

    Too bad the Keys don't show up on the map. The service manager at Dania Beach told me recently that Marathon Key will get a supercharger before Ft. Laud/Miami area.
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    Supercharger - Gainesville, FL

    thanks, I did not know that....odd choice for a place holder!
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    Supercharger - Gainesville, FL

    Gainesville Supercharger | Tesla Motors Only 1 charging stall? Could this be a typo?
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    Supercharger - Brandon, FL

    Thanks for update! Hmmm....do I take my chances walking across the highway for some Smokey Bones, or do I play it safe and go to the Japanese steakhouse??
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    Supercharger in the Keys

    I just dropped off my model S for annual service at the Dania Beach service center. I inquired about when/where the Ft. Lauderdale area supercharger will be built. The service manager said "We don't know yet, but it will be after the one in the Keys" wow A supercharger in the Keys? Are you sure...
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    Hotels in Florida with Charging Stations

    Plugshare is reporting a HPWC at the Ritz Carlton Golf Resort in Naples. $12/day. A friend of mine who is an executive there told me that the Ritz Beach resort in Naples will have one soon.
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    Supercharger - Gainesville, FL

    Maybe it's old news and I missed it, but great news anyway! Supercharger | Tesla Motors Moderators Note June 18, 2018: Changed title to "Confirmed the location of the “Coming Soon” Gainesville Supercharger Station will be at Butler Plaza". Moderator's Note April 18, 2019. Changed title to...
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    Village of Pinecrest Authorizes Installation of Level 3 DC Fast Charger in SE Florida

    that is great news! how fast is this compared to Tesla SC? If the Tesla SC ends up in Ft. Lauderdale, having this one south of Miami will be a nice complement. This will probably sell a lot of CHAdeMO adapters for Tesla!
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    Updated SuperCharger Map....no Tampa or Miami/Ft. Lauderdale?

    Tampa has been added back on to map for 2015....hope more Florida dots will show up on the new map soon...!
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    Updated SuperCharger Map....no Tampa or Miami/Ft. Lauderdale?

    Tesla has updated the supercharger map on its website....Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale seem to have disappeared??? Anyone with any knowledge?
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    Seminole coconut creek casino

    If you're a member of the Florida group, look at this thread: Tesla Motors Club - Enthusiasts & Owners Forum I shorted out the chargers several months back (they were at 20 amps and I had the charge settings much higher); It has been reported that the casino has since upgraded the chargers to...
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    Tesla to use AT&T for 4G LTE

    hope it's for current cars too... Tesla taps AT&T to bring cellular connection to its cars | Mobile - CNET News update....the article was corrected to say 4G not LTE
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    Funny SunPass charge

    Got a license plate image capture charge of $8.48 for 4 axles as the Dania Beach service center was transporting my car across the alley...
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    it's up now on space-x http://www.spacex.com/hyperloop
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    Local NBC station interviews me at new supercharger being built in SW FL

    be kind.... lol Electric car charging station coming to SWFL - NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral Naples, Florida
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    Supercharger in Ft. Myers confirmed

    The local NBC station private messaged me earlier today about an interview at the Fort Myers supercharger site. He told me it should air around 5:20pm today on NBC-2. The chargers looked closed to being finished. Have to back in to the spots; we tried plugging in and it seems like the car...
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    http://www.flhsmv.gov/dmv/forms/btr/83027.pdf At the top of the form it says to take it to your local tax collector's office. I had to go in to renew my Driver's license so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and apply for HOV while I was there. I did get the HOV decal, but it was not...