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    Model X Trailer Hitch Ratings

    I guess I was curious what the real world experience was. Maybe the limit is extremely conservative. I want to put a motorcycle hitch on and carry one moto, but no, I don’t want my stuff to break.
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    Model X Trailer Hitch Ratings

    Old thead, I know. I’m wondering if anyone has actually overloaded the factory removable hitch, with hitch weight. I just figured all this stuff out, but I have a 4 bike rack, and I have used it many times on my MX, with ebikes and far more than 120#. I’d love to know what it actually takes...
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    2022 X class iii hitch receiver vertical wt limit

    I didn’t realize the tongue weight vs vertical weight thing, and thanks all for the education. But, I’ve had an X for 6 years, and I have gone on many trips with a 4 bike 1-up rack with very heavy ebikes totaling 250-300 pounds. Never an issue that I know of. I found this thread while wondering...
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    Used 160k mile Mode X?

    I think it is an amazing price for a well optioned X. I’ve had 2. You’ll likely have the same or less issues than a much newer one. Only question is if you could live with a Y for a price that is close. With free SC, the 75 doesn’t matter unless you go far frequently.
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    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    They have 8 “old” Teslas in the lot, definitely loaners. Model x signature #258, and some old nose cone Ss. There are 3 destination chargers around back, and I can confirm they work, despite the “no service” signs on them. Pulling 15kW. Great for charging while my kid plays hockey next door. We...
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    Think this is a totaled 3?

    Guaranteed totaled. Just went through this. There are enough panels broken. $17k is a joke of an initial estimate. Order now if you want another, it takes a while. I have a brand new model x ordered arriving this week in time for the rebate if interested.
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    Driving across Kansas during winter holidays?

    right. Charged to 80. My point is charge extra in case of cold, delays and headwinds. I had 600+ wh/mi for a while. Also, don’t skip any chargers even if the map says so. It’s a fairly easy drive unless a snowstorm.
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    Driving across Kansas during winter holidays?

    I’m doing it as we speak and I’m sitting in the Colby Kansas Starbucks. I’ve done it many times. I’m in a 90 D model X. I pulled in with 2% charge just now. The stretch into Colby is the worst one. It is Uphill and I had a 40 mph wind straight on. If it gets tight, you can slow down and draft...
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    Anyone want my order?

    Model X white cream long range 7 seats. Ordered to be ready before year end and still get rebates. I elected to buy a used X to replace my last one. Not a raven, but $40G back in my pocket. Let me know. No vin assigned yet. Not sure if the new orders will make it now.
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    Post Something You Love About Your ICE Car

    Popping into 4 low and plowing through 3 feet of snow without a worry. X is great in the winter, but can’t do that trick.
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    $100 Order fee is a fee, and not a deposit?

    I have a model X order, with the same new $100 fee, and -$100 deposit paid. In CO.
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    I think this is just design ahead of its time. Imagine the future iterations of an f150. It slowly goes to this. Ordered.
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    Official Thread: Cybertruck (Cybrtrk) Event - Nov 21, 2019

    Is that a live shot of the stage?
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    Will it be totaled?

    Insurance company took the car and did it’s own evaluation. Offered me $83k. That doesn’t buy me a new one, but does buy me a similar one. I wouldn’t have been able to sell mine at that price. But I was happy with my car. It had all the work done. It had no issues.
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    2016 Model X P90DL, white, 6 seats, 15K miles, best offer buys it

    It says autopilot 1 and then enhanced autopilot in same ad?
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    Will it be totaled?

    For anyone’s interest, the answer was yes, it was completely totaled by my insurance company.
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    Brand New Tesla Model X P100D for sale

    PM me if $90k cash with no hassles is interesting to you. I’m placing my order shortly otherwise. Thanks.
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    Safety : model X VS suburban /escalade series

    The X swallows a lot of stuff. I never run out of room. Doesn’t look as big as a gmc, but it does really well.
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    Brand New Tesla Model X P100D for sale

    $90,000 cash. PM me.
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    Safety : model X VS suburban /escalade series

    I just got rear ended at high speed in an x. It did incredibly well at protecting the interior compartment. I am in a rental Cadillac ESV Escalade, so I have that exact comparison, although I haven’t been rear ended in it yet... This thing is crazy plush and quiet vs the X. Massaging seats...
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    Brand New Tesla Model X P100D for sale

    Don’t forget what you are competing against. Federal and state rebates (1875+5000 for me), FUSC, first owner, depreciation, taxes, risk of scam etc. Congrats on your ($82-115k) win!
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    Brand New Tesla Model X P100D for sale

    If my insurance totals my car, I will have a check to replace it with another for $82,863. I’ll hand that to you for your car, which has almost all my options plus some I wouldn’t have chosen, minus my free charging. LMK.
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    Will it be totaled?

    I read that whole thread with great interest, thanks. I’ll let you know what the insurance says. Total is not great, as I don’t become whole. Repair is not great, because of issues forever and lost value. Weird how you can have expensive insurance, but if someone hits you, you lose.
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    Will it be totaled?

    Isn’t that amazing? I think the front and back ends of the Tesla absorbed it mostly. We got tossed inside a bit, but the airbags might have made it worse, not better. not sure how it works, but there may not have been enough energy transfer inside to justify the bags. Which is a good thing.
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    Will it be totaled?

    I’m a fan of winter tires. It’s hard to prepare for some yahoo coming at you from behind on ice at high speed though. I’ve been amazed at how good the X does in the winter.
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    Will it be totaled?

    Slowed down on a downhill for a car that was sliding around. Hit hard from behind. Then tried to maintain control, but ended up slamming into the median. Basically there is damage to all sides, most aluminum panels. All doors did open. Screens went dark. Amazing that the interior is almost...
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    Will it be totaled?

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    Will it be totaled?

    My 2016 90d baby was smoked from behind in a storm. I then hit the median and some other car. Who thinks it will be totaled? I’m not sure which I’d rather, since they both are bad options.
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    Collision, Repair and DV/LoU Lawsuit: My Nearly 500 Days of Fun

    Amazing story. Thank you. I’m about to embark on this path, so I’ve saved all the details of this thread. I’ll take any other words of wisdom people want to offer.
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    New Colorado battery factory?

    I had heard about job openings for Tesla battery/cell technicians in Denver. My hospital just north of downtown had us train up on hydrofluoric acid exposures and treatment, because of a new Tesla battery factory opening in the area. HF is used in lithium cell production. FYI: you do not want to...
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    Up close in person in daylight of the Y

    Is it me or do the 3rd row seats look like they are made of cardboard? Are those 2-D pop up headrests? Terrible video, but first time I’ve seen the elusive 3rd row. Has anyone seen the inside or sat in the back of a Y?
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    Anyone planning to lift the Y, add big tires?

    Maybe I’ll just add bfg all terrains that are 1” bigger diameter...
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    Looking to buy late 2016 Model X

    Thinking of upgrading, and definitely buying my wife something. Send me a message if interested in my 12/2016 mx90d. EAP/FSD, midnight silver, black 6 seater, filter, tinted, unlimited SC, winter package. windshield replaced to fix ghosting. All the little issues fixed over 2.5 years. 50k miles.
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    My TACC has gone from Great to Erratic

    Identical issues for me, mx 90d ap2.
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    Anyone planning to lift the Y, add big tires?

    Even 1-2” can help a lot in snow drifts. Not doing the rubicon in this thing.
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    Anyone planning to lift the Y, add big tires?

    Planning a white/white Y for my wife. She wants beefier tires and a lift. I’m curious if anyone is planning this. Don’t know if there is any legwork that can be done ahead of time to prepare myself or a shop to do this. Other vehicles we have done this to have had lift kits and lots of prior...
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    Sentry Mode - hit and run - what would you do?

    My wife did this to someone else recently. Thought it wasn’t worth leaving a note. 3rd party saw it, and left a note. She got a 12 point hit and run ticket. Lose your license. Desperately plea bargained to 8 points plus drivers ed class, so she can still drive for the kids’ school.
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    Contacting Denver Littleton Service Center

    [email protected] and [email protected] were recently used to back and forth with someone during a service call for me. [email protected] just worked.
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    Just had cracked windshield replaced. No more ghosting!

    I can confirm that my 3rd windshield is suddenly completely ghost-free. It is honestly night and day. My wife wouldn't drive it, because of dizziness. It's like a whole new car. I can't believe that they allow the bad windows to pass their tests. It is absolutely worthwhile to change, if...
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    Tesla / Solar City Horrible Yelp Reviews?? What is y'alls experience with their PV installs?

    Installed by Solarcity in 2012. I produce ~9MWh yearly. Not a single issue. Took a couple months with permits etc initially. Considering adding powerwalls now as insurance against blackouts etc.
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    9/19/18 Model X Delivery Experience in Littleton, CO

    I was at Littleton yesterday and it was a madhouse as described above. The guy I talked to said they are rapidly hiring up, and it should all improve soon. Maybe an imbalance of order rush and not matched to hiring? The fitment/QC has no excuse. Scared to place my order for my second Tesla, but...
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    Firmware 9.0 Features Wishlist!

    Tighten up the sensors, so that the falcons open all the way up and only stop a half inch from an obstruction, rather than a foot away. Same with front doors in a parking lot. Open right to the next car, and stop a hair from hitting it.
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    Initial impressions Model 3 Performance bs 85D model S

    Very helpful. I’ve been contemplating a used S85d vs new 3 to replace my second car. Same prices. It comes down to the hatchback as the biggest benefit to the S. Saw a couple at a supercharger yesterday who were camping in the back of the 3 across the country. Very impressed. Back seat cushions...
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    HomeLink dropping garagedoor code after latest update

    2018.21.9 for me
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    HomeLink dropping garagedoor code after latest update

    Yes, my homelink died in my x. Using old remote again too. No bulb changes.
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    Firmware 9.0 Features Wishlist!

    Those are all awesome. App functions to turn on seat heater, steering wheel heater, max defrost etc to prepare car, or opposite if hot out. Ability to preheat / prepare car for a trip while still plugged in with max charge, including having full Regen good to go. Regen seems to take half my...
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    Non-PUP X Owners: Would You Upgrade to Self-Presenting Doors?

    yes, same as the filter. But the fog lights upgrade has not ever been offered, as far as I know.
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    Non-PUP X Owners: Would You Upgrade to Self-Presenting Doors?

    I would like the fog lamps for my non pup X. Lighting is my biggest issue. Didn't find the presenting doors awesome on a loaner. I did order the HEPA filter. Would have paid for the pup as an option at the SC if available.
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    Supercharger - Silverthorne, CO

    I use silverthorne whenever I ski, but this is by far the most I’ve ever seen. Usually 1 other car only. I’ve never seen any Colorado charger half full. It’s the one thing that concerns me about the electric future.
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    Buy parts from salvaged Model S and X

    Looking for a front left wheel well liner for an X.