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    Supercharger - Baton Rouge, LA - Airline Hwy

    Yep, definitely 3 cabinets on site. They’ve started installing the precast concrete pedestal supports. Seems to be moving quickly!
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    Supercharger - Baton Rouge, LA - Airline Hwy

    Construction has started! All the equipment looks like it’s there, and they’ve started tearing up the parking lot.
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    "Parking brake functions degraded" - ???

    Yep, the parking break is the only thing keeping the car from rolling away when in park.
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    MX Climate turns on sporadically when plugged in. Bug?

    Do you have Smart Preconditioning on? It tries to learn your driving habits and precondition the car when it thinks you're about to leave, but doesn't seem to do a good job of it.
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    How are you protecting the back of those seats?

    Starting a few weeks ago, all new Model Xs are being delivered with matte seat backs, similar to those in the S. Hopefully those will hold up better than the glossy seat backs.
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    Lightning strike while charging a Tesla?

    There was a thread about this a while back. Model S was Supercharging and lightning struck the Supercharger or near it. IIRC it damaged a lot of systems on the S, but Tesla was able to repair it. Found the thread. So, my car was hit by lightning at the Grove City, OH supercharger...
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    2016 SC for NA page was updated

    On the previous map, there was a Supercharger planned for the Alexandria, Louisiana area on I-49. It doesn't appear on this map.
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    New Model X Arrivals!

    The cars are transported in "Factory" mode. They don't lock (so the spoiler wouldn't retract) and can be driven without a key (speed is restricted). I assume key pairing occurs at the Service Center before delivery.
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    When did this rear trim change take place?

    This change occurred right around the time the P90D was launched in mid-2015.
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    Energy graph warning symbol?

    The triangle indicates that the car is limiting either regenerative breaking or acceleration. This could be due to cold temperatures or a very high or very low state of charge. If the limitation is due to cold, the triangle and the power limitation will go away as you continue to drive and the...
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    85 kWh battery removed from design studio

    Originally, rated range didn't change when you selected the 90 kWh battery. It just said something along the line of "range upgrade increase range by 6%." The numbers listed yesterday were from the 85D and P85D, and the numbers listed today are from the 90D and the P90D.
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    Model X 2015 Owner's Manual

    The car has a nose cone like the S.
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    Model X 2015 Owner's Manual

    Anyone else see this? On page 48 of the manual.
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    Model S Heating & AC

    When you adjust driver side temperature, a pop up appears with the set temp. On the pop up window there is a button that allows you to sync driver and passenger side temperature.
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    Firmware 7.1

    You might need to enable auto homelink for the car to be able to automatically open and close the garage door.
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    How many coolant pumps does S have?

    If Whitecotton has a dual motor car, could it be the coolant pump for the front drive unit?
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    Mobile app and interior temperature

    I was under the impression that interior temperature only shows up on the app when the HVAC is running.
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    Pics/Info: Inside the battery pack

    I thought it was in the vicinity of the 12v battery. Could be wrong.
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    Pictures from the X event

    Oooooh. Separate front and rear HVAC controls...
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    Does the Model X come with 7.0?

    Pictures from the Verge show 7.0. Tesla’s Model X is finally here, and I got to drive it | The Verge
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    Dual Simultaneous Rear Handle Failure

    I think if hold the scroll wheels for 30 seconds while holding the brake it reboots the car more completely but I'm not entirely sure.
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    Fremont SC only drawing 10A on my car.

    You're sort of correct. There is a relay, but its in the high voltage junction box. This routes power away from the chargers and directly into the pack when the car is DC charging. Its completely independent from AC charging.
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    Sorry for the newbie question about charging to 100%

    You're pretty much correct on both points. Charge the car to 100% when you need the range, but you generally don't want to leave it at 100% for an extended period of time. The real killer is running the battery down to zero and letting it sit there for a while. What I've heard people suggest...
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    Executive seating

    Tesla does make a rear center console similar to the one used in the executive seats that straps in like a child seat would. It's on their accessories page.
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    Happy Birthday to me... it's a P90D

    So I'm guessing Max Battery Power is similar to the Roadster's Performance Mode in that it allows the battery to operate at a higher temperature? Awesome car by the way. And happy birthday! :smile:
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    It is an instantaneous power meter, but the complaint is that it's no longer part of the speedometer that's always shown on instrument cluster.
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    Delivery Day!!!

    Congratulations on the car! And welcome to the forums! :smile:
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    Regenerative Braking Safety Issue

    FYI, above certain speeds (~5 mph IIRC) it's impossible to shift into Reverse or Park. If you miss "N" and go all the way to "R" the car won't actually shift into Reverse, it will go to neutral. Similarly, if you try to put the car into Park at speed, a message will display saying "Park not...
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    Warning Triangle At Bottom of Speedo?

    Blind spot warning is disabled at speeds above ~85 mph, and that generates a warning. Maybe that's what you're seeing?
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    Tesla Service draining battery

    From what I've heard they just run the heater for a while if they need to drain the pack.
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    Auto pilot beta testing out

    I think that's actually from the Design Studio.
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    Just got car; always plugged in? on of off?

    Are you referring to the Energy Saving options? When Energy Saving mode is turned "On" the car will 'sleep' after a period of inactivity at any time of day. This results in the extra few seconds of start up time. With Energy Saving mode turned "Off" the car will only go into the low power...
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    Range estimation fluctuation

    Yes, there is a percent option in the display. Its in the controls menu, in the settings tab, under Energy and Units (I think that's what its called).
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    Anyone else surprised that new battery pack is only 90kwh?

    Elon mentioned it during the call, not sure what time though.
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    Anyone else surprised that new battery pack is only 90kwh?

    Seems to me Tesla wanted to be cautious with the application of new technology in the 90 kWh pack. Namely, not completely replacing the graphite anode with a silicon anode, but creating a hybrid of the two materials. IIRC silicon doesn't hold up as well as graphite, so using an entirely silicon...
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    Range Mode -- How much does it help?

    Range mode is persistent; it will stay on forever if you turn it on. I'm also pretty sure the car will warn you if you have the charge slider in the "trip" range after a while (IIRC 3 days).
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    3G to LTE?

    The consensus on the LTE thread seems to be that this is a hardware update, not just a SIM card update. However, I think the SIM card can be accessed by pulling down on the shelf underneath the touchscreen, if you're willing to experiment.
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    Start car with app?

    The amount of time the car will run isn't limited. However, you have to 'start' the car within two minutes of activating keyless driving, or you have to reenter your MyTesla Password again.
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    Is this normal? Noise while driving

    I believe this happens when the trunk stoppers aren’t properly adjusted. This lets the liftgate bounce slightly, breaking the seal between the lid and the body of the car and letting air in. A forum user had a similar problem with his Model S. He posted a video describing the problem and what...
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    Consumer Reports' Tesla Model S P85D breaks—before testing begins

    I agree, it does seem fishy. It seems odd a door handle would prevent the car from driving normally. I haven't seen any reports of that before.
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    Consumer Reports' Tesla Model S P85D breaks—before testing begins

    Once you've activated keyless driving, you have two minutes to 'start' the car before you have to retype your MyTesla password on the app.
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    Ventilation for Rear Facing Seats

    Just flipped through the manual. The rear defroster is powered by fuse #52, which is rated at 30 amps. So, plenty of power for fans. :smile:
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    Ventilation for Rear Facing Seats

    The rear defroster will turn itself off after 15 minutes of use, so you to would have keep cycling it back on.
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    Smart Air Suspension VS Coil over Spring

    Current MS firmware allows auto-lowering at a user selected speed.
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    Anyone Thinking of Blacking out the headlights?

    Actually, a Model S tuning company has already done this. They're called Unplugged Performance. A few pictures of their upgrades were posted in the next gen headlight thread. Next Generation Headlights? - Page 7
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    New 70D vs CPO P85

    I think sometime soon after Tesla announced the Plus package in April 2013, they began incorporating some of its suspension improvements to all Model S’s. So I would definitely exclude any vehicles built before then if you want the improved suspension.
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    What Did 2012 MS Buyers Know About SC's and DCQC?

    Tesla didn't start producing 60's until early 2013, and I think it wasn't possible to configure a 60 until after the announcement.
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    What Did 2012 MS Buyers Know About SC's and DCQC?

    Tesla promised DC fast charging for the Model S at the unveiling in 2009. I think they called it a "45 Minute Quick Charge." I don't believe there was any more specific information on the subject until the Supercharger announcement, however.
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    Video: CRS-6 First Stage Landing

    Maybe, but to me it looks more like the rocket is dumping RCS propellant overboard. Possibly as part of a safeing procedure after touchdown or maybe as a safety protocol once the rocket deviated too far away from vertical.
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    Power Liftgate now part of Premium Package

    Under the new Design Studio, Homelink is standard.