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  1. dj905

    Model 3 3D Maxpider Floor Mats

    Tomorrow delivery expected here too. The wait wasn't as long as I expected.
  2. dj905

    Long Term Storage

    When I had my Tesla Roadster, I left it plugged in and at about 60% charge over the winter. I also cleaned it, covered it and inflated the tires to their max PSI. My only concern would be that the power source fails (breaker trips) or becomes disconnected for an extended period of time. If you...
  3. dj905

    Smooth delivery

    My experience on Thursday in Toronto was almost identical. Very smooth, no issues.
  4. dj905

    AWDs on the way to Canada?!?

    I picked up my Model 3 LR, AWD, Red, Aero on Thursday afternoon. This is Tesla #4. I must have beat the rush at the International Centre. My delivery was on-time, everything was in order, and the car looks and drives great. I was in and out of the International Centre in less than 30 minutes...
  5. dj905

    Model S All-Weather Interior Mats

    I didn't have any issues with the mats, other than the Tesla logo falling off. The mats are SOLD.
  6. dj905

    Model S All-Weather Interior Mats

    The floor mats are sold. Thanks for your interest.
  7. dj905

    Model S All-Weather Interior Mats

    I am selling front and second row weathertech floor mats, purchased directly from Tesla. In good used condition. Asking $150 plus shipping. If you are in Toronto area, we can arrange pickup either downtown or Halton area.
  8. dj905

    Museums with electric cars

    Egger-Lohner electric car 1898 If you have a chance to visit the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany, you can see Ferdinand Porsche's first design... an electric vehicle called the Egger-Lohner in 1898. It's a great museum, although parts of it appeal more to the ICE crowd.
  9. dj905

    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    https://www.omvic.on.ca/RegistrantSearch/Profile/Dealer.aspx?PID=146681 According to OMVIC, the Ontario Vehicle Sales Regulator, it seems that Tesla Canada may be a Dealer. Does this mean anything?
  10. dj905

    RARE 1:16 model TESLA ROADSTER RC car MaxTech

    Hi Ben, It is SOLD, unfortunately. I shipped it to the new owner over the weekend. Thanks for your interest. David
  11. dj905

    RARE 1:16 model TESLA ROADSTER RC car MaxTech

    NEW PRICE: $100USD including Shipping to US or CANADA. Hi Tesla Friends, This is your last chance to buy this model before I post on ebay this weekend. Let me know, David
  12. dj905

    RARE 1:16 model TESLA ROADSTER RC car MaxTech

    Hello JayBee7, I've sent you a PM. David
  13. dj905

    RARE 1:16 model TESLA ROADSTER RC car MaxTech

    The remote control roadster, slightly used is still for sale. Perhaps a good Christmas gift? David
  14. dj905

    How not to travel in your Model S - and still survive

    Thanks for your great post. I can say with certainty that things are a lot better now than they were when I started driving my roadster in 2010. At that time, there wasn't even L2 charging (other than the 50Amp RV plugs). Here are a couple of other tips that may be useful: 1. Use the Plugshare...
  15. dj905

    RARE 1:16 model TESLA ROADSTER RC car MaxTech

    The original batteries are not substantially degraded, however, I recommend that you do a pack replacement ;-) If you are interested, it takes five AA cells and one 9v battery for the controller. (batteries not included) David
  16. dj905

    RARE 1:16 model TESLA ROADSTER RC car MaxTech

    Hello Tesla community, I have a genuine rare 1:16 model Tesla Roadster radio controlled car in excellent lightly used condition. This model was shipped to me directly from Tesla a few years ago, and works perfectly. I have the original box, with plastic front panel. The box is missing one end...
  17. dj905

    Charging whilst away for 2 weeks....

    Yes, leave plugged in to your home charger.
  18. dj905

    2012 P85 versus 2017 100D

    Congratulation Doug! I made a similar move last September and traded my 2013 P85 for a loaner/inventory 2016 P90D. It was one of the last Model S with the pre-refresh front end. Similar to you, I'm very happy with the decision - particularly the acceleration and stability of the all-wheel drive...
  19. dj905

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    I keep missing these messages too. This one was hidden in my SPAM folder! I'm glad that I saw this thread - see you guys there.
  20. dj905

    New Problem

    Hi Doug, I traded my '13 P85 for a '16 P90D in September... very happy so far.
  21. dj905

    How to install charger in an apartment complex? Moving to Schaumburg (Chicago suburb)

    I recommend that you look for an apartment complex that has a minimum of 30A / 200-240V J1772 connection. A regular 120v connection will not be sufficient for regular use. One approach would be to look on Plugshare to see if there is location that already has EV charging. You may also want to...
  22. dj905

    Specific CPO vs Inventory

    Hello, I don't think that you can go wrong either way. Given slight difference in price, and I think that you can still get something ($3k?) back from the Ontario Government, I would lean towards the new inventory 60D. You should confirm this, but my understanding is that the 60D has a 75kWh...
  23. dj905

    New Problem

    Doug, I'm glad to hear that the problem cleared up. I hope that everything has been ok with your trip. Let us know if you discover anything further. David
  24. dj905

    New Problem

    Hi Doug, Sorry to hear about your problem. I had something similar happen last winter... my brake lights were stuck on, and my car would not start up properly. In my case, it was complaining about not being able to find the key as well. This happened after a drive during a particularly slushy...
  25. dj905

    TPMS sensors for Model S - original version

    I have 4 TPMS sensors available for a Model S. These sensors are compatible with VIN numbers less than 50,700. They are taken from my winter wheels and unfortunately do not work with my new 2016 Model S. I believe that two of the sensors are original at 4 years old, and the other two are about...
  26. dj905

    4 Tesla Tire Pressure Sensors for Older Model S

    @NickV, I've sent you a message.
  27. dj905

    When Paying So Much For A Car What Do You Think Should Be Standard?

    I was somewhat surprised that my almost-new (demonstrator) 2016 P90D didn't include the premium package with the additional lighting and power liftgate. I was even more surprised when I recently drove an entry level Audi Q5 while my Model S was being serviced. The Q5 had no parking sensors, no...
  28. dj905

    4 Tesla Tire Pressure Sensors for Older Model S

    Per above, I have 4 TPMS Model S sensors (older version for VIN < 50900) available for $50 USD + shipping. Two of them appear to be slightly newer than the other two. They were all working fine on my 2013 Model S P85 winter tires. Please reply here or send me a PM. David
  29. dj905

    4 Tesla Tire Pressure Sensors for Older Model S

    @hockey2826 - I also have 4 of the older sensors from my 2013 P85. Interestingly, two of them have the part # FS15i1 and two of them look newer with part #FS43X0L3. They were working fine until I got my new car. I will sell the lot for the same deal $50 USD + shipping. David
  30. dj905

    90D and a 270 mile leg

    Check out PlugShare. It looks like there is a Tesla charger at the Best Western Llano, and there is also a J1772 charger in Fredericksburg. You can definitely attempt to drive straight through, but having a couple of "plan B" options would be prudent. If you are close to the limit, you may only...
  31. dj905

    Cracked Windshield in Toronto - Model S

    Just for reference, here is the stone impact location. I'm quite surprised that the autopilot still seems to work without any apparent issues.
  32. dj905

    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    I was at the Woodstock SuperCharger today and noticed a new "flo" station with CHAdeMO and the combo connector. It looks like they are putting in two pedestals directly next to the SuperCharger spots. It hasn't been activated yet.
  33. dj905

    Cracked Windshield in Toronto - Model S

    Thanks for the comments. It looks like I just need to be patient. I will post a picture of the crack later...
  34. dj905

    Cracked Windshield in Toronto - Model S

    My new Model S has a fairly severely cracked windshield (the crack is about 1 metre long). The 'star' is right in the middle of the front facing camera area and it extends to the middle of both driver and passenger side. For some reason I don't fully understand, the autopilot feature still seems...
  35. dj905

    My project making good looking aero wheels

    19", since this option already delivers better efficiency. To have broad appeal, the cost needs to be consistent with other 19" wheel options on the market.
  36. dj905

    Butt dialing while the App is ON - a caution

    I'm new to Summon, but when I tried it today, it said that the key fob needed to be close to the car to use the feature. I was about 30 feet from the car, and had to move closer to make the feature work.
  37. dj905

    Oops! Police post this....looks like autopilot was NOT on

    That looks like it is close to my place (maybe Eighth Line?), but I am now driving a muti-coat red P90D. Going 123 km/hr in that area seems a bit fast.
  38. dj905

    Two weeks away - charge now or not?

    It's not essential, but I would charge to 90% and leave it. If I was in a colder climate/season, I would also put the display into energy saving mode and set it to range mode. Those things seem to reduce vampire drain.
  39. dj905

    POLL: Do you carry a spare tire in your Model S?

    To date, I've driven about 120,000 EV miles (40,000 on my Roadster, and 80,000 on my Model S), and I have only had to call a tow truck once - for a flat tire! It was a 21" sidewall puncture due to a pothole. In that case, it took more than 3 hours for the truck to arrive, load my car, and drive...
  40. dj905

    S RWD Winter Driving?

    I have a P85 (RWD) and love it all year. With good winter tires (Michelin X-ICE or Nokian Hakka) you can get through just about anything you will find on public roads (at least in Southern Ontario). The Pirelli Sottozero tires were not very effective. Of course, driving a P85 is always crazy...
  41. dj905

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Hello Allan, I did a similar trip last weekend, starting a Georgetown, ON, which is similar distance to Kingston. I recommend stopping at Port Hope for a quick top up, while you grab a coffee or water at the local Tim Hortons. Then I stop in Kingston for a short lunch or dinner. In this way, you...
  42. dj905

    Supercharger - Port Huron, MI

    It isn't quite as convenient for highway access as I was hoping, but I'm still very pleased to see this going forward!
  43. dj905

    Which is the most important Supercharger location in Canada? Please have your say!

    I agree with Kingston, and put Woodstock as a close second as key to the 401/I-75 link between Toronto and Michigan. I've been doing a lot of work north of Detroit lately and would really love to see a SuperCharger in Port Huron which makes the 402 route feasible without having to range charge...
  44. dj905

    Dilemma Range v Wheels

    Hello Crosspjc, Congratulations on joining the Model S community. My recommendation is to stay with the 19" wheels. While the 21" wheels look nice at the beginning, you will likely find that they attract lots of curb damage. In spite of working to be very careful, I managed to damage 3 of the 4...
  45. dj905

    Ontario to invest $20 million in stations to charge up electric cars

    At my previous employer in Waterloo, we used this system (created a conference room resource in Outlook) to effectively share a single charger between several EV drivers. It worked quite well, and also gave us a way to contact the user of the resource if there was any issue. For my Model S, in...
  46. dj905

    New UMC?

    That seems very strange. Are you also being limited to 32A with the new adapter? The new adapter (32A version) would not work with my old UMC cable.
  47. dj905

    My charge port has dementia

    I had a similar issue yesterday. My charge port wouldn't open, but I managed to pry it open with a plastic card (I was far from home at the time). After opening, I noticed that the mechanism was wet. I dried it, and then the problem seemed to be solved. Do I need a new charge port?
  48. dj905

    Dumb questions thread

    What if you put a wind turbine on the car? Then you could regenerate power and drive forever! > I spent a few minutes talking to the gentleman who asked me this question, with his 12 year old daughter in tow. I didn't know how to tell him that he was talking nonsense.
  49. dj905

    New UMC?

    Interesting. When I used the new 14-50 adapter on the old cord set, it presented with an error and the charging port glowed red. The old 14-50 adapter on the new cord set seemed to work fine at 40amps.