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  1. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - West Palm Beach, FL - Florida Turnpike Service Plaza

    Thanks, have you seen the utility transformer and meter? Larry
  2. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Philips Highway

    Several off-topic postings were removed and moved to: Enforcement of no parking to block the Superchargers. and Opening up the Supercharger Network to non-Teslas Larry
  3. Larry Chanin

    DCFC - Orlando, FL - W Robinson St

    Yes, Tesla is providing EVGo with Tesla connectors. However, I was informed by Tesla that while they will provide Tesla connectors to the nation’s largest public fast-charging network, it is unlikely that they would do that for a single standalone installation. I find it puzzling that Tesla...
  4. Larry Chanin

    Pikes Peak EV Record Holder seeks to make history driving a Model S Plaid in the Mt. Washington Hill Climb next weekend!

    Blake Fuller is a member of our club and the current record holder for a production EV at the Pikes Peak Hill climb. He will be competing in the Mt. Washington Hill Climb in a Tesla Model S Plaid in a few days. Pikes Peak EV Record Holder seeks to make history driving a Model S Plaid in the...
  5. Larry Chanin

    Specialty EV License Plate

    John, As that sage philosopher, Dirty Harry, once said: "A man's got to know his limitations." Depending on the level of difficulty of a task, you have to decide whether to DIY it or hire a professional. When I needed to install an 80 amp Tesla Wall Connector, I hired a qualified electrician...
  6. Larry Chanin

    DCFC - Orlando, FL - W Robinson St

    Initially, the OUC plan called for installing 16 Tesla Supercharger charging posts and 6 universal DC Fast Chargers. I am informed that the current plan calls for 22 generic DC Fast Chargers made by Power Electronics. OUC is requesting that Tesla provide Tesla connectors to allow Power...
  7. Larry Chanin

    Specialty EV License Plate

    I genuinely appreciate the suggestions posted here and encourage everyone to continue to post your thoughts. Still, in setting realistic expectations, you shouldn't assume that this design will be subject to a voting process. As a practical matter, the organization funding this specialty plate...
  8. Larry Chanin

    Specialty EV License Plate

    I received a response from the Executive Director of Drive Electric Florida. I don't know when he will be able to get to this request. Larry
  9. Larry Chanin

    Specialty EV License Plate

    The intent should be to attract all Plug-In Electric Vehicles, including plug-in hybrids. Larry
  10. Larry Chanin

    Specialty EV License Plate

    This endeavor requires a mature and respected organization with legislative clout. First, you need to persuade a legislator to sponsor a bill authorizing a specialty tag. Then you need the Florida legislature to approve it and the governor to sign it into law. Starting on the effective date...
  11. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Philips Highway

    Thanks Don, I am informed by Tesla that they are shooting for next Wednesday, July 21 to energize. Larry
  12. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Philips Highway

    Don, Thanks for all your photos and efforts. Tesla informs me that the correct meter can be installed today Larry
  13. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Perry, FL

    The Perry Supercharger is operational. Larry
  14. Larry Chanin

    Specialty EV License Plate

    John & Rob, This is a suggestion that I put to the leadership of the Drive Electric Florida (DEFL) coalition of which our club is a voting member. The Executive Director of DEFL is a registered lobbyist and would know the right legislators. Drive Electric Florida promotes all electric...
  15. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - West Palm Beach, FL - Palm Beach Outlets

    Thanks for the recon. Did you happen to see a utility transformer and meter nearby? Larry
  16. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Philips Highway

    Thanks for the follow-up. I assume that JEA means that the electrical contractor installed the wrong meter cabinet. The contractor installs the cabinet and JEA furnishes and inserts the meter into it. Larry
  17. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Sarasota, FL - Clark Road

    Thanks, Jim, Yes, that's what I said in my article linked in the original posting. Larry
  18. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Philips Highway

    I am informed that JEA has not yet pulled service cables. Larry
  19. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Punta Gorda, FL

    Marco thank you for the lead. 8 - Version 3 charging posts Permit 20210519172:
  20. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Sarasota, FL - Clark Road

    Another Supercharger Station planned for Sarasota For those wishing to follow the permit progress, here's a link to the Sarasota County Permit Search. Insert the permit number, 21 136791 00 BC, with the spaces into the permit # search box. Larry
  21. Larry Chanin

    Question for all Florida Tesla owners using Tesla wall charger & FPL at home

    From the posting that you quoted, he turned on 10 kW of heat while charging. "I use a wall mounted Tesla charger which can pull 12 KW when the battery is well down on charge. During the previous month I turned on the electric heat while the car was on charge. It is a 10KW electric heater. Total...
  22. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - West Melbourne, FL [Operational]

    Thanks, but the nearest Esporta is a one-hour 27-minute walk, one-way from the Supercharger. LA Fitness is a 24-minute walk.
  23. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Lakeland, FL

    Thanks, but Google estimates the one-way walk at 27 minutes.
  24. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Aventura, FL

    Thanks, but Google puts the one-way walk at about 26 minutes.
  25. Larry Chanin

    UPCOMING EVENT: Tesla Meetup at The Wakulla Springs Lodge in the Panhandle

    Tesla fans are invited to join Florida Tesla Enthusiasts at the Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park for an informal meet and greet at the historic Wakulla Springs Lodge. This is a public event, you don’t have to be a club member to participate. On Saturday, June 26th, we will gather...
  26. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Crystal River, FL

    Tesla informs me that this Wawa that is under construction at 505 NE US Highway 19, Crystal River, 34429, will be hosting an outdoor ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9:00 am on Thursday, May 6, featuring VIP customers, local officials, and charity partners. The store will be open to the public at...
  27. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Marianna FL

    Yes, this station has been operational since the first week in February. Posting #62. I took the following photo on my Model S on February 5, 2021. Larry
  28. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger- Coral Gables, FL (Coconut Grove)

    jbcarioca forwarded the following local news blog to me: Coral Gables candidates focus on WaWa gas station settlement in schools forum Above is the proposed Wawa. It only would have 6 gas pumps and the number of parking spaces would be quite limited. There is overhead electric supply on...
  29. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger- Coral Gables, FL (Coconut Grove)

    JC, Yes, anything can happen. The location of the Wawa in question is 280 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, FL 33133. Correct? A plumbing permit was issued on March 16, 2021, for the Wawa. Permit My sources say that the Wawa construction is on hold, but that Tesla still plans to proceed at that...
  30. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Naples, FL - Tarpon Bay Boulevard

    Thanks for your follow-up on this permit application. Yes, it looks like all that Tesla's contractor has to do is pay the County $690. 38 to get the permit issued. https://cvportal.colliercountyfl.gov/CityViewWeb/Permit/GetFile/11204927 Larry
  31. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Perry, FL

    Great detective work! Larry
  32. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Yulee, FL

    Here's another unconventional layout. I would have located the bollards with the signs back a little in green space beyond the curbing to minimize damage to Teslas backing up. I sure hope that they install parking stops. Larry
  33. Larry Chanin

    Proposed EV tax in Florida

    JC, We did seek comments from our membership. Please refer to the email that I sent to you. SB 140 has a companion bill SB 138 that establishes an EV Infrastructure Grant Program that subsidizes charging infrastructure projects at qualifying locations. My layperson's interpretation of the...
  34. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Winter Park, FL

    "Coming Soon" Winter Park Supercharger at Wawa is Operational. Larry
  35. Larry Chanin

    Proposed EV tax in Florida

    Nick Howe, our club's VP, is Interviewed Regarding Proposed EV fees. Larry
  36. Larry Chanin

    New Service Ft. Lauderdale Center Coming

    Find Us Reference Larry
  37. Larry Chanin

    Merritt Island (FL) Service Center

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Merritt Island Service Center management has contacted me and requested that we refrain from taking photos on their property after regular business hours. I respectfully ask everyone to comply. After regular business hours, people on Tesla's property may learn that their photo...
  38. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Rockledge, FL

    Thanks for the photos, but there appears to be a bit more utility work needed. As of yesterday, there was no utility transformer or meter. The existing transformer on the right denotes the location of the existing underground high voltage cable. The utility markers near the Supercharger...
  39. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Rockledge, FL

    Although the original permit application / plan review was for 8 Version 3 Supercharger cabinets, Tesla informs me that there will be 12 Supercharger cabinets consistent with the fact that three have been delivered as shown in the photo above. So far, it appears that only 8 charging posts have...
  40. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Marianna FL

    Thanks for the excellent background information. Larry
  41. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Marianna FL

    Chris, Thanks, but I haven't been able to locate that Plugshare location near Dickey's BBQ. Can you please provide the Plugshare link or reference? Larry
  42. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Orlando, FL - Millenia Plaza Way

    Just passed initial review. 12 Version 3 Charging posts and two ChargePoint Dual Port Level 2 chargers. Vicinity map: Address: 4750 Millenia Plaza Way, Orlando, FL 32839-2434. Larry
  43. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Venice, FL

    One of our club members located a Tesla information inquiry with Sarasota County that supports Marco's initial posting. So far we haven't located a permit application. Larry
  44. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Marianna FL

    Construction has started and is fairly advanced. Dickey's Barbeque Pit is located to the right. All 8 charging posts, the main switchgear, Supercharger cabinets, and the concrete pad for the utility transformer are installed. New Supercharger Station Discovered in Permitting for...
  45. Larry Chanin

    Tesla Wall Connector - installation approach

    I agree with the other posters about not wiring a Wall Connector to an outlet. However, when you were talking to the electricians it's possible you may have misinterpreted what they were saying. Approach 1 is the normal way to wire a Wall Connector. Approach 2 is the normal way to wire a...
  46. Larry Chanin

    Merritt Island (FL) Service Center

    It appears that work continues on the build-out of the Sales Operations, along with deliveries of new vehicles. Presumably, lobby amenities are included. Larry
  47. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Land O’ Lakes, FL (Formerly Wesley Chapel)

    Moderator Note: Initially, Tesla had a Wesley Chapel "Coming Soon" Supercharger listed on their Find Us page. They since applied for a permit in Land O Lakes and have changed the Find Us designation to Land O Lakes. Threads labeled Wesley Chapel are being merged into this Land O Lakes thread. Larry
  48. Larry Chanin

    Merritt Island (FL) Service Center

    My observations are consistent with Ciaopec's. The Tesla Find Us map shows the Merritt Island Service Center since it is open for business. However, I was not able to locate the Merritt Island Service Center or a new Orlando Service Center at the corner of Rt. 528 and Rt. 441 in Google maps...
  49. Larry Chanin

    Supercharger - Saint Petersburg, FL

    St. Petersburg Supercharger Station discovered under construction. (Public) If you scroll down to near the bottom of the article linked above you will see that as of December 28 we were waiting on the utility transformer and meter. Did you happen to notice if they were installed today? Larry
  50. Larry Chanin

    Future Wesley Chapel Location?

    Supercharger - Land O’ Lakes, FL I agree with Marco that in all likelihood the so-called Land O' Lakes Supercharger referenced in Tesla's permit application is the "Coming Soon" Wesley Chapel Supercharger. The permit has an address of 25155 Meran Way, Land O' Lakes, but Google puts the Wawa...