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  1. f-stop

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC - Garden City Rd

    Nice, 40 stalls! on the rooftop of the parkade, atop the building near the NW corner of the Central at Garden City complex (NOT the Walmart building further to the east). I don't think this parkade was ever very busy, certainly not up on the roof (unlike the busy Walmart covered lot or other...
  2. f-stop

    trunk closes but wont latch that extra latch so car says trunk open

    I did check those beforehand and no they weren't the problem in my case. Mobile service came the other day and replaced the cinching actuator and latch - working properly now
  3. f-stop

    trunk closes but wont latch that extra latch so car says trunk open

    Yesterday my 7.5yr old MS 70D had this failure of the rear trunk latching mechanism. Trunk moves down/closes when you press the button or fob, but at bottom of travel the cinching actuator does not grab the latch, so trunk beeps and opens again. I was able to manually push the trunk lid down so...
  4. f-stop

    Is Tesla Canada changing their loaner policy?

    My 2015 MS 70D is in for service today for the frunk latch recall plus a couple non-warranty issues. They said the car won't be ready until end of the day or possibly tomorrow. When I first booked the appointment, via the app service message I was told "... As your car is no longer under...
  5. f-stop

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    I wouldn't be holding my breath, if I were you. OP here... well my Apple Music 4 month free trial ends in 2 days, and I'll be going back to Spotify. In the 4 months that have passed, my car has received 7 software updates but this issue has persisted since I started using Apple Music. Currently...
  6. f-stop

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    I got the 2023.6.8 update the other day, and this problem with Choose Media Source still happening with Apple Music. Maybe not 100% of the time upon getting back in the car, but almost every time. Momentarily selecting another source like Spotify then allows Apple Music to start playing when...
  7. f-stop

    Annoying half second pauses with connected devices? Anyone else?

    Just got 2023.6.8 update last night, and this problem with frequent random silent gaps in the audio seems to be fixed now. Only drove for about an hour total over several trips but not a single gap so far after the update.
  8. f-stop

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I got 2023.6.8 last night - today I did 4 short drives totaling about an hour overall and did not get a single gap/skip in Apple Music -first time in a couple months the audio interruptions haven't occurred every couple minutes. Hopefully fixed for good (though I've been fooled before by audio...
  9. f-stop

    Annoying half second pauses with connected devices? Anyone else?

    I've also read in some other threads that people have been told this is a known software issue, though no indication of when to expect a fix. Someone also mentioned it affects ALL audio in the car including turn signal clicking sounds, chimes, etc. Still happening in my MS with firmware 2023.6.1
  10. f-stop

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    I've had 2023.6.1 for 6 days so far and this Choose Music Source issue still exists. Can't say what other "improvements" there are to Apple Music with this release since I seem to spend half my time just simply trying to get it to play!
  11. f-stop

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    by "streaming audio freezing" every few minutes, do you mean the sound randomly cuts out for a fraction of a second - almost as if someone just momentarily disconnected then reconnects the speaker? If so, I've been having that problem the past couple months or so, I'm assuming its some media...
  12. f-stop

    Annoying half second pauses with connected devices? Anyone else?

    update: did some further listening and I confirm the problem definitely also happens with USB audio, as well as Apple Music and Spotify. So it's not an LTE connectivity issue. as stated the problem seems to have started recently, in past month or so.
  13. f-stop

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    I've also been getting fraction of a second audio interruptions every few minutes on Apple Music. I think I've also had those on Spotify but lately I've been mostly listening on Apple Music so mostly observing it there
  14. f-stop

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    Update: after Apple Music resumed properly a few days in a row between drives, now the last couple drives it's back to Choose Media Source when getting back in the car
  15. f-stop

    Spotify vs Apple Music

    I've been using Spotify Premium in my Tesla for some time and the above is something I find annoying with Tesla's implementation - it should be so easy to fix and add this useful feature. I'm currently trying out a 4 month free Apple Music trial, so I now have both it and Spotify in the car...
  16. f-stop

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    I also received the 2023.2.12 update, and for the past couple days I notice Apple Music resuming mid-song exactly where it left off between drives - first time it's behaving properly this way. Will keep an eye out next few days, but hopefully it's actually fixed and not just coincidence...
  17. f-stop

    Annoying half second pauses with connected devices? Anyone else?

    Me too - for perhaps the past month or so, or last few software updates, I've been getting random gaps/skips in streaming audio - happens with both Apple Music and Spotify. Haven't been listening to USB, Slacker or TuneIn lately so can't say if those are affected as well. Currently on...
  18. f-stop

    Will Netflix password crackdown break streaming in Tesla?

    update - good news, apparently Netflix confirmed their annoying login-to-your-home-wifi-once-per-month policy doesn’t apply to Tesla vehicles. Although I wonder what happens if you have several Teslas on the same account… “… While the exact details were not shared with us it was confirmed that...
  19. f-stop

    New EV charger rules stress Made In America, force Tesla changes

    Isn't the short SuperCharger cable going to cause issues for everyone including Teslas waiting for a space, once non-Teslas can start to use the SCs? for a non-Tesla with their charging port on the "wrong" side, when they want to plug in at a Tesla SC they may have to park in the adjacent...
  20. f-stop

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    by "radio" do you mean streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music? If so, yes, I've been getting the same random dropouts with both of those streaming music services lately - only started very recently maybe with the last software update or two. Currently on 2023.2.10 also, 2015 MS 70D...
  21. f-stop

    Will Netflix password crackdown break streaming in Tesla?

    True. I’m in Vancouver but my Tesla’s cellular IP address shows as being in Calgary AB.
  22. f-stop

    Will Netflix password crackdown break streaming in Tesla?

    I hope so... although There doesn't seem to be any details on Netflix support site for how this will work for mobile device on cellular (or similarly for a Tesla), but I read somewhere that you may be required to connect such device to your home wifi network at least once/month and stream while...
  23. f-stop

    Will Netflix password crackdown break streaming in Tesla?

    Netflix can detect that the client is a Tesla - in the Manage Devices page of your account, the Tesla shows up as "Netflix Tesla Browser HTML 5", along with the date/time of your last connection and the IP address. Problem is that IP address will almost always be something other than the IP...
  24. f-stop

    Will Netflix password crackdown break streaming in Tesla?

    So this week Netflix_CA announced they're implementing the password sharing crackdown in Canada (though not yet in US) The idea is "“A Netflix account is meant to be shared in one household ... the account holder will set a “primary location” and that people who live there can use the account."...
  25. f-stop

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    No. My 2015 MS pre-dates the inclusion of the Sentry Mode feature so that’s not at play here
  26. f-stop

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    Usually I seem to have good LTE connection. I will observe more closely next time I head out. But problem isn't just when leaving home and switching from WiFi to LTE - happens out around town when solely connected to LTE, no switching involved. I'll also add that when I see the Choose Media...
  27. f-stop

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    2015 MS 70D here - I notice a couple Service Alerts when I look in service mode: Active Alerts: THC_w0044_sanityPumpPT THC_d0004_pumpPT both show "Audience: [service-fix]" with the yellow triangle/exclamation point icon. Anyone know what these mean?
  28. f-stop

    Apple Music - "Choose Media Source" every time entering the car

    After Tesla added support for Apple Music, I signed up for a 4 month free trial of Music to see how it stacks up with Spotify which I now normally listen to in the car. After experiencing many years of bugs with Tesla's USB/media player, I guess I wasn't too shocked to run into problems almost...
  29. f-stop

    Apple Music doesn't start off where I left it

    Exact same problem for me, very annoying. Spotify didn’t behave this way. Currently on 2022.44.30 Another problem I’ve noticed with Apple Music is that after some number is songs have played, the title and artwork display on the main 17” screen doesn’t update ie a song will finish playing but...
  30. f-stop

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC - Steveston Hwy.

    This Supercharger shows up now in the App
  31. f-stop

    Wireless charger in pre-refresh MS

    The description for the Abstract Ocean wireless charger mentioned by the OP says: "Please note this product is not compatible with 1st generation drop-in Premium Center Console". I've seen the same warning on a couple other wireless chargers I've come across for pre-refresh Model S. My 2015 MS...
  32. f-stop

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    I've never watched this show myself, but saw this on twitter: from the TV series "Big Sky", agents try to stop a runaway Tesla on autopilot
  33. f-stop

    2022.24.5 reduces size of backup camera view

    I have a 2015 MS (w/ nose cone) just updated to 2022.24.5. I also notice there's an unexpected change to the rear camera view on the big screen. I don't know if the aspect ratio has changed but the camera view is now forced to stay lower down on the vertical 17" screen, with no way to move...
  34. f-stop

    Any MCU2 Upgrade still on 2022.20.6 and Nav Data 2021.44.13555?

    @Droschke another data point for you Dec 2015 MS 70D AP1, MCU2 upgrade in Sept 2021 Last 3 updates: Jul 18, 2022 - 2022.20.6 b7eaae99239d9 Jul 27, 2022 - 2022.20.7 c32f861d7051 Aug 8, 2022 - 2022.20.808f941dcd0ba7 Nav: currently on NA-2021.44-13555 looks like I've been on that Nav version...
  35. f-stop

    Tesla colorizer not working on 2014 Model S

    2015 MS 70D AP1 with MCU2 upgrade. No sign of colorizer anywhere in spite of that feature being listed in both 2022.20.6 and today's 2022.20.7 release notes.
  36. f-stop

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    When I dropped off my car for the MCU2 upgrade back in Sep'21 I was told before they started that reloading the firmware takes several hours and didn't always work, meaning they might have to repeat the long reload process again from the start, possibly several times . Therefore predicting how...
  37. f-stop

    Seeking feedback on 2015 Model S 70D

    I have a late 2015 Model S 70D, only ~49,000kms. No air suspension (though now I kinda wish I got it, due to otherwise very low clearance and frequent encounters with certain speed bumps and sharp driveway inclines). Seemingly very low battery degradation - AFAICT still within 2% of original...
  38. f-stop

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    yes, I've noticed the same, USB artwork on IC is stuck on the first song played - although the text on the IC updates correctly when the song changes. Separately, shuffle still seems to work for me. Currently on 2022.12.3.16 You *would* think this would be easy to fix, however none of the...
  39. f-stop

    what’s your range now after 1

    My late-2015 70D is just under 6.5yrs old, w/ very low mileage (approx 49,000km / 30,400mi) Lately, rated range at 90% = 340km (~211mi) ; at 100% = 378km (~235mi) That's about 1.5~2% decrease from rated range when new
  40. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    just checked that and answer is Yes If you’re in non-split mode and you go into the icon config screen (by pressing and holding one of the bottom icons) the system only offers the Left Seat icon to drag down to the bottom toolbar. If you're in split mode the you're offered both Left and Right...
  41. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    if you have it in non-split mode and passenger sits down, when you put it in gear the passenger temp indication comes up in the otherwise normally empty spot on the right. However the controls are still set to non-split, meaning if driver changes temp, the passenger temp display changes...
  42. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    just recently noticed this - in v11 with the configurable bottom toolbar, if you normally drive by yourself and have climate control set up not-split, there is the previously mentioned empty/dead space towards the right where you'd otherwise see the passenger temp setting in dual/split-mode...
  43. f-stop

    Anybody else's car get "repainted" with the latest update?

    Yes I've noticed the same since one of the recent updates in my late 2015 MS, Deep Blue Metallic (paint code PPSB). The overhead car image on the IC seem to be a bit more vivid than before. Though in real life my car's actual color is somewhere between the 2 pictures posted above (the left...
  44. f-stop

    Cross-Canada Public Charging Networks

    Yes, FLO and Chargepoint work with each other's account and app. As some others have already suggested, look for hotels along your route with free L2 charging. Patronize those hotels and let them know you appreciate them providing chargers Also, plugshare.com is your friend. get the app as...
  45. f-stop

    Elon stops providing mobile connector/says “you're on your own”

    This. Every day for over 6yrs But when I get around to selling or trading in my MS for a new Tesla, I guess I'll then be keeping my old UMC
  46. f-stop

    Yay climate controls back on launcher on 2022.12.1

    Hooray! But unfortunately with the MS' portrait-oriented screen there's only room for 4 user icons at the bottom (plus launcher button, plus 1 recently used icon). There's a blank spot wasted at the far right when you don't have climate split mode enabled, too bad you can't use it for a 5th user...
  47. f-stop

    Model S intermittently loses 4G/LTE/network connectivity while powered off

    I hesitate to say it's for certain fixed (knowing that some of these bugs in the car seem to come and go for ages), but yes since 2022.8.2 a few weeks ago the problem seems to be gone for me. YMMV. Currently on 2022.12.1
  48. f-stop

    Supercharger details popup obscured by list of nearby superchargers. Workaround?

    FYI this problem is fixed in 2022.12.1 Now tapping on a SC pin opens a pop up with details for that charger that’s wholly visible and centred in the open space to the right of the Nearby Charging list
  49. f-stop

    Legacy v11

    It's great that they brought back ability to have your choice of the seat heaters and front/rear defrosters show up on the bottom toolbar, but yeah the implementation could be better. With the MS' portrait-oriented screen, they limit you to just 4 icons of your choice, plus the launcher button...
  50. f-stop

    Would we have access to more streaming when we drive our Canadian teslas in the the USA?

    apparently coming to Canada with 2022.12.1 https://teslanorth.com/2022/04/09/tesla-launches-disney-in-canada-with-2022-12-1-update/