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    Supercharger - Medford, OR

    I'll try that when I get close. Thanks
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    Supercharger - Medford, OR

    This SC doesn't show up on Teslarati nor does it show up on my navigation map in my MX. Grants Pass SC shows on both though. Planning to go to Ashland tomorrow , Dec 23, morning. It would be nice to use Medford for a stop. thanks,
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    Model X redesign: What's the chance of it having no FWDs?

    Also came from an S to the X. Beside easier for front in/egress, the FWDs were the main feature we were interested in. They work especially well with infants and toddlers. Keep the X.
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    interior lighting - front row ceiling light?

    We have the same issue with our X, The overhead lights for the front seat area are too dim.
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    Dash Cam of Cycle PDX Protest Parade

    Dropbox - 2020-08-02_13-36-19-front.mp4 - Simplify your life Encountered this parade of motorcycles going through Portland an hour ago. Various signs visible.
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Thanks for the clarification.
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    It's a Nvida Tegra. Also noted 'Full Self-driving computer" What eMMC goes with this package? Thanks,
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    We have a Sept 2017, model X. In early 2020, the MCU was retrofitted with the Hardware 3 version. Is the eMMC also upgraded and to what level if so. Originally the car had Hardware 2.5. Were Hardware 2,5s using 32 GB chips. I have been skimming through the thread and not noticed if this...
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    Model X Tires - Replacement Miles

    Our late 2017 model X at 26.6k miles with 20" wheels show, 5, 5, 4 remaining, outer, middle, inside, for both front tires. Should be able to get 30k plus. The rears have both been replaced due to road hazards. These are Contis.
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    X or S?

    We had an S for 18 months but, my wife in particular, was uneasy driving it in town. After an afternoon trial with an X, we traded the S for an X. Visibility, ride height, eases of ingress, more room for painting canvases, and the falcon wing doors. We have grand children and getting them...
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    Battery discharging after 2020.20.13 update

    I was scheduled for a ranger visit next Monday and in preparation the Tech resent my last update, 2020 20.12xxx, to reinstall. I checked the range milage before the install, after, and then four hours later. The drop was 2 miles, or about one/half mile per hour which is what the range drop has...
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    Battery discharging after 2020.20.13 update

    Installed 2020.20.12 xxxx over a week ago and since noticed huge vampire losses similar to what is listed above. This is a Model X with hardware 3 that was installed 6/3/20. Yesterday, rebooted, turned off security and sentry modes, made sure cabin overheat was off and energy saver was on...
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    Supercharger - Hines, OR

    Hines super\charger, great. It looks like 220 miles from there to Winnimucca, NV. Thats doable without Say When. Better route than via 84 and Boise. Hope it is installed before October. Assuming Covid situation is improved to permit a trip.
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    Phantom drain & sleep - Solved in 2020.12.11.1

    Just checked my rear camera, the rear camera is NOT hot. Sitting for 13 hours it lost 6 miles of range.
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    Model X Performance - is this wh/m normal

    We have 26,600 miles on our MX at 309 Whrs/mile for average. On trips, we seldom exceed 70mph, usually cruising at 60-65. Trips have included runs over the Wasatch and Cedar Breaks in Utah. All with HDW 2+. Not sure if that will hold with recent install of HDW 3 and Version 2020.20.12 xxx...
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    Phantom drain & sleep - Solved in 2020.12.11.1

    Installed 2020.20.12 xxxx over a week ago and since noticed huge vampire losses similar to what is listed above. This is a Model X with hardware 3 that was installed 6/3/20. Yesterday, rebooted, turned off security and sentry modes, made sure cabin overheat was off and energy saver was on...
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    Worth trading in MS for a MX?

    We started out with an MS mostly because our ride in an MX 7seat demo scared us off because of its size, looking back at all of the head rests, it felt and looked like a bus. Besides the MS was beautiful. Eighteen months later and with a toddler, we were feeling that the low slung S was not as...
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    Dome Light- Where to find Higher lumens LED aftermarket kit?

    Agree, the dome lights are too dim for any kind of reading.
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    Infrequent Maintenance points for MX

    @TOBASH. Thanks for the detailed reply. Never thought about rebooting the car once in awhile. Or adding rain X directly into the washer reservoir. Among your other suggestions.
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    Infrequent Maintenance points for MX

    Now that there is essentially no scheduled services for Teslas, has anyone started their own routine for such items as lubricating door hinges, trunk/frunk latches etc? How about those moving parts in the FWDs? Simple items. Thanks for comments and directions.
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    How reliable is model x?

    You have that right, the X is really complex. We have a September 2017 build with almost 30k miles on the clock. The only issue has been the actuator for the drive's door and it was replaced by mobile service in our garage. As for comfort and driving enjoyment, it is unmatched. Seeing the...
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    whats the difference between tesla model x 2017 and 2018

    We have a September 2017 build model X. It does have the 2.5 hardware. At about the same time, Tesla changed the headlights to "dynamic", ie would throw light in the direction of a turn. Our paperwork indicated that dynamic lights were included however, we learned later that there was a...
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    Front And rear LED Doorsills

    Your link above is great for replacing all of the rectangular lights but the one we want to replace is the overhead light. There seems to be no upgrade for that light.
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    Front And rear LED Doorsills

    What I would really like is better lighting for front seat area. The overhead lights just do not throw enough light.
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    Clicking sound after last update

    First, when discussing issues that may be related the updates, it helps to specify the version. What I have noticed with 38f55d9f9205 us a chirping noise for about 10 seconds when I first get into the car. It happens whether connected or unconnected checked and whether it is in...
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    Potential long term owner....need advice

    We started with a Model S and traded it for an X. We also sold our mini van when we ordered the X. Bare in mind, owning a Tesla is an adventure. Charging on the road usually requires a bit of planning and the time for charging offers a chance to sample places you may not have otherwise sought...
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    Where can I buy HEPA filter without the housing?

    Go to tesla hepa filter model x. This is on Amazon. Made in China. Has carbon/charcoal hepa filter, $89 I Think. On the web sight is instructions. This is just the filter. The car has the housing, at least our does. Just need to slip it in. Instalation is easy. Take out tub liner and...
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    WTB: Model X or Model S

    Make your hunt and choice easier by spending some time in an X and an S. These cars are very different. The X is big, tall, wide and heavy. Visibility is incredible. Ingress and egress is easier in an X because it sits higher. Our first Tesla was an S and we really enjoyed it but two years...
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    Tire source in Albuquerque

    Need to replace rear tire, possible damage to rim too. Bruised on a large rock coming down tight road out of the Sandias. Chuck our of side wall near rim. Some cords showing. We are visiting and would like a recommendation for a good tire shop including alignment that hopefully is familiar...
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    Supercharger - Tusayan, AZ

    Thanks for details.
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    Supercharger - Tusayan, AZ

    Planning a trip to that area via Kanab the week of the 23rd of September. Plugshare shows some level 2s. Anyone know if they can be trusted to be working? Tusayan would be a welcome fillup for touring the GC.
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    Size of USB drive needed for TeslaCam?

    Hot Damn, it worked and was able to view what was recorded on my Mac. Next question: Is there a way to see the space in the folder? I mean available space or, because it is the only folder would it then be 256 GB in the case of a 256 GB stick? Thank you all,
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    Size of USB drive needed for TeslaCam?

    OK, I have created the TeslaCam folder on my 256GB stick. Will try it now. thanks
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    Size of USB drive needed for TeslaCam?

    Whatthe2, here it is. When I go to format the option is "MOS-DOS (FAT) but as soon as I execute the format, it changes to MOS-DOS (FAT32). Also maybe I do not know how to add a folder? Thanks
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    Size of USB drive needed for TeslaCam?

    Re: your #5, How can I use the iMac disk utility to increase file size above 32GB? My 32 GB stick works fine with format at "MOS-DOS(FAT32). When I format the same on my 256 GB stick, the car will not recognize the stick. Thank you for your patience and time.
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    Size of USB drive needed for TeslaCam?

    Now I am very confused and lost. 1. Is the sentry mode / Tesla dashcam still limited to 32 GB storage internally? It is hard to even ask a question about this stuff. 2. I am using a 32 GB stick that is formatted on my iMac to MOS-DOS (FAT). 3. I purchased a Samsung 256 USB3.1 and...
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    Size of USB drive needed for TeslaCam?

    Where do you find "ext4"? My only options on my MAC are "macOS extended, journaled, macOS extended, journaled case sensitive, ExFAT and MOS-DOs (FAT). Very confusing all of this. Thanks
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    Anyone know where one might get a charge in Cuba, NM?

    We want to take our X into Chaco Canyon. We can charge in Farmington on our way in. Coming out we would like to continue on to Albuquerque. An overnight charge from even a 120 V source in Cuba would get us into ABQ easily. The route is 224 miles Farmington/CCanyon/ABQ. Doable but tight...
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    Has anyone made the trip from Farmington, NM to ABQ?

    We have done this trip twice, once west bound to Farmington in a Model S 70D. We had a headwind and temperatures in the 50s. We did have to reduce our speed to 55. The second time was East bound in a Model X. Weather was warmer and no head wind. Plenty of charge left when we got to ABQ.
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    We have a 2017 X, vin 65XXX. Our driver's door had a similar problem. From the outside, when pushed on the door, the actuator would make a sound and sometimes the door would almost open. If I could catch an edge it would. As luck would have it, I happened to be at a SC and a Tesla Ranger...
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    Can’t wake X

    And what version is this?
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    MX or ICE - so hard to decide

    Some one posted on these forums that dissatisfied people are more likely to post if they have a complaint than those that are entirely satisfied. We traded a Jag XJ8 for an S. Both good looking cars but did not miss the Jag dash board which was full of buttons etc while the S was has two, one...
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    Questions for 5-Seater Owners

    We traded our S for an X. The S is beautiful from the outside but the X is much better from the inside looking out even for those in the second row. Your driving time is spent inside not outside the vehicle. Before buying the 5 seat version, we tried the 6 seat layout, it felt like we were...
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    I now need to drive at 285wh/mi to achieve rated range (X75D)

    Have you ever taken the car into the S.C.? If no, best make an appointment.
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    I now need to drive at 285wh/mi to achieve rated range (X75D)

    Please advise what software update each of you are using.
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    Problem with Sentry Mode?

    Have you looked at the thread “Random car alarms” on the general model X catagory? Also are you frequently checking your car’s status using your iPhone? That wakes the car up and may account for the behavior.
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    View Tesla Sentry Mode & TeslaCam Video on your iPhone

    Thanks for your reply and link to the Viewer above.
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    View Tesla Sentry Mode & TeslaCam Video on your iPhone

    Thanks for your description. I formatted a HooToo stick on my mac for my X and it works fine. The footage is viewable on my iPhone. However I cannot view it on my Mac. Quick View will not recognize it? How does one view it on a Mac? Thank you
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    Model X Cream Interior

    I kept the aftermarket tan mats that I had for our model S and put them in our X. They do lighten up the interior and make it easier to find dropped items. Easy to take out and clean too. Had to do a little trimming but basic fit is fine.