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    Available 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance $34.5k White/Black New England Area

    Maybe im missing it. But I dont see the mileage
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    2021 Model Y Dual Motor for Sale - $46k - 10k miles - Red/White/19"/AP/5 Seat - NY

    Seems like a valid offer. Dont think you are getting 44 when new prices are in the same ball park
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    Checking Interest 1/15 P85DL w 90 battery

    Pictures would be helpful. Also, what did Tesla offer as a trade in? GLWS
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    Interest Gauge - Late 2017 Model S 75D - Metallic Silver - White Interior with Carbon Fiber - No FSD

    I’m interested. The market is crazy right now. Get as much as you can before the new S gets delivered and therefore flooding the market with used vehicles.
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    ISO any tesla with AWD preferably 2015 and newer under 35K

    Or wait until the new model S is released….when that happens the market will be flooded with used Ss
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    2014 tesla model S P85 (pre ap) FUSC

    Looks in great shape. Good luck with sale.
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    FS 2018 Model S100D, FSD, low miles

    You can get trimotor cybertruck for 65k? You can’t even get one for 200k because it doesn’t exist yet. And the way Tesla delays everything…I’d be surprised if that trimotor comes out before 2025.
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    FS: 2016.5 Model S 90D, 34,XXX miles $50995

    How bout some pics
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    FS 2018 Model S100D, FSD, low miles

    Get that money! Nothing wrong with responding to the market.
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    F/S 2016.5 Model S P90DL Refresh

    Does the free supercharging definitely transfer?
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    Feeler Post - 2014 Model S P85 (Pre-AutoPilot) in Connecticut

    What’s the range you’re getting?
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    Feeler Post - 2014 Model S P85 (Pre-AutoPilot) in Connecticut

    Would love to see pics
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    FS: 2017 Model S 75D w FSD // 20k miles // $47,500 OBO

    Still available?
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    Sold 2019 Model 2 SR+ with FSD

    We all clicked this to see what a model 2 looked like.
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Tough to make a sale with an overpriced FIRM price.
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    2015 Model S 70D, Blue Exterior/Beige Interior.

    I messaged you with some questions. Thanks
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    For Sale: 2016.5 (11/16 build) 75D Model S NYC Area

    Looks sharp - but as an FYI tesla sells 2017 75d FSD models for around $45k with a one year warranty and the battery warranty good till 2025
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    2014 S85 AP1 for sale

    Mileage? Price?
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    2012 S85 RWD for Sale *MCU2*

    Do the rear seats remove easily to go back to the regular trunk?
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    $36k 2016 Model S with free supercharging and warranty

    How long is the warranty until?
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    2014 Model S Classic For Sale $33,500

    Pics are your friend
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    4 year Warranty Question

    Is the 4 year warranty on a new Tesla the same as the 4 year warranty on a used Tesla sold through their site?
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Will we see a sub $22,000 Tesla on the "CPO" site this year? I think the lowest has been $28,000
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    Thank you much for the info. Sounds like a flawed system, but it is what it is.
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    I see the price of a used vehicle at my local Tesla "dealership" is dropping in price pretty regularly. Do you think I could go there and negotiate a deal or are the price set by corporate and there is no wiggle room? Thank you
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    FOR SALE (order transfer): Model 3 Performance

    Cancel the order
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    Buying Local

    Im looking at buying a Tesla off craigslist from a local guy. Would Tesla check the car for me if I brought it in to their service station? If not, what is the best way to check to see how reliable the car is? Thank you
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    2017 Tesla Model S 75, Pearl White, Black Leather, Florida location

    What year is it? Free supercharging transfers?
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    2019 Model X Raven Long Range 7 Seater - NY - 10,200 miles

    This guy is a clown. Should really be removed from the site. Trying to scam us on here is not cool.
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    2019 Model X Raven Long Range 7 Seater - NY - 10,200 miles

    Your posts are ridiculous. You complain about how horrible the car is and how it randomly stops working, and then in the next breath you say it is a perfect car. Also, anyone who notices your bi-polar behavior is a a troll. Lol
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    2019 Model X Raven Long Range 7 Seater - NY - 10,200 miles

    You were dishonest in your original listed. Got exposed. Deleted the videos to try to save face. You should just take whatever Tesla is offering you for the car instead of continuing to try to hawk it here by saying there is "nothing wrong with it" when you videos clearly show the opposite.
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    Black 2019 Model S Lease Takeover. $744.21

    What happened to the tires?
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    2017 S 100D Black/Black Rare Sunroof - 12k miles - perfect!

    Absolutely beautiful car!
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    2019 Model X Raven Long Range 7 Seater - NY - 10,200 miles

    Wow! Scamming the users of this forum trying to sell a lemon! You got some bad karma coming your way!
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    70 or 85D

    Is the acceleration similar though?
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    70 or 85D

    I am in the used Tesla market and dont care about range that much. For me I want to experience that rapid acceleration that Tesla is known for. I had only been looking at the 85D or better due to the quick 0-60 times, but I see the 70 isn't that far off. My question: Does the 70 or even the...
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    Appreciate all the replies. Sounds like it is not for me. I did check now and my utility company does not offer off-peak discounts. Also not having solar makes this even less enticing. Thank you for the info.
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    Curious about PowerWall, but dont really see the advantages. I live in NY, do not have solar, and do not believe my electric provider alters rates for electricity during different times of the day. What is the advantage of getting a PowerWall? What are the advantages over a generator? Thanks...
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    Test Drive Tomorrow

    William - Thats what I thought, but when the girl called me yesterday to confirm my test drive she actually started the full press sales pitch. Including the lines: "What do I have to do for you to take delivery this weekend?" "Just so you know, there will never be a deal this good again after...
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    Test Drive Tomorrow

    Excited to test drive a Model 3 tomorrow for the first time. What do you think are some essential questions to ask? Also, I know they are going to do the hard sell. Any tips on what I should be looking for in the buying experience. Im able to buy this week, but also a very patient person and...
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    $27,500 2013 Model S 60 for Sale

    Not too bad of a bump. Im still interested but would need lots more pictures and information (Supercharging included? Range? Repair history etc..). You can post in here or PM me and we can do this over cell if you prefer. Thanks
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    $27,500 2013 Model S 60 for Sale

    Im interested in this Model S. Do you have more pictures? Especially of the damage in the back. Thank you