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  1. Anthony7

    Default to Slacker Radio on startup vs. FM ?

    Mine is fixed since I had my annual service ... known issue according to Tesla. Now the music stays on the same channel as when I left the car. The previous times I took my car in they had no clue but apparently they have a software fix.
  2. Anthony7

    Supercharger - Henderson NV

    Still no power as of 1130am this morning. The travel plaza had their grand opening on Sat and is fully open. I saw some electrical contractor trucks by the supercharger main power box but no workers. They were probably at lunch? I'm only 15 min away and will keep checking. Here is the...
  3. Anthony7

    Supercharger - Henderson NV

    This will be a supercharger location! 12 stalls, a local Las Vegas member came across this yesterday
  4. Anthony7

    Is the 4 week delivery time real time or Elon time?

    I configured on 1/17, over a month ago. Still no VIN
  5. Anthony7

    Default to Slacker Radio on startup vs. FM ?

    Anyone find a solution to this? I've been experiencing the FM default for awhile now.
  6. Anthony7

    Possible reservation number hint on My Tesla

    I'm 385000 and ordered around 1030am PST (3/31) @ store in Las Vegas. Current owner
  7. Anthony7

    Route 50 in Nevada

    Is the RV park next to the hotel? Do they charge if your a hotel guest? I really want to take a trip to Great Basin and there aren't alot of options for charging near Baker except for Ely
  8. Anthony7

    Current non-Tesla owners who plan to buy a Model ≡ ; Have you test driven a Model S?

    Once you drive a Model S you'll be buying it! Trust me I know :)
  9. Anthony7

    Supercharger - Beatty, NV (live 2016/2/9)

    Charging is suppose to be free and available 24/7 for a period of 5 years according the agreement of NV of paying for the installation costs
  10. Anthony7

    Nevada Title: Tesla -> TERD

    TESL here and it took about 3 weeks to get title back in July
  11. Anthony7

    Picked up 70D Friday & had Opticoat Pro and Xpel Ultimate done Sunday

    I love my opticoat, easily wipes clean. Recently went on a road trip and all the dead bugs easily wiped away with a warm wet cloth.
  12. Anthony7

    Model S - Window Tinting

    My photosync looks fantastic! I picked her up today... driving home it was 110F and I only had to use level 2 on the fan so a noticeable difference. Eco-Tint in Las Vegas does a fantastic job. I can't even tell the windshield is tinted since it's 75%, the rest is 35% and not too dark.
  13. Anthony7

    To Opticoat Pro or not to Opticoat Pro, that is the question.

    I'm getting opticoat applied right now. Body, glass, and wheels. I've read all great reviews (local Tesla club) and this guy works on Teslas every week. I feel the price was pretty good and confident I found the right installer. I opted out of the clear front bra due to costs.
  14. Anthony7

    Poll: Where do you do most of your local charging?

    Owner for just a few days and I just plan on charging at home. I use 110v now but going to get a 14-50 installed soon. I only drive 10-20 miles a day. Unless I go on a road trip, I won't be using any EV charging locally including the supercharger locations.
  15. Anthony7

    Some assistance needed from brand new D owners with simple data collection

    Model: 70D Delivery: June 17 Current Firmware: v6 (2.4.245) I did several tests today with my Garmin and all were pretty equal
  16. Anthony7

    XPel, Opticoat etc. alternative for cheapos

    I'm getting opticoat next week, full car incl glass and rims. This is after my photosync tint. I was quoted a clear bra for the front but I'm just going to skip it. All these up front costs is killing me. $600 for a console, $1000 for wall charger, tint, etc.. I just can't do without the...
  17. Anthony7

    Model S - Window Tinting

    Just setup appt for photosync on Tues, 35% all around & 75% on windshield. They were currently doing a MS so it was interesting to see them work and make sure they protected the interior, etc.. It's 110F today in Vegas, I need that tint now!
  18. Anthony7

    Tesla credit card key - who's interested?

    No bulky key fob in pocket would be A+! The thing I hate most is the fob. The design is silly.. I would have been okay with a slim fob with 3 basic buttons on it.
  19. Anthony7

    Model S - Window Tinting

    RNguy your ride looks sweet! We picked a great color :cool:
  20. Anthony7

    It looks like I have LTE enabled

    Fastest test yet
  21. Anthony7

    RFID for Garage - Only Design Disappointment...

    I've noticed as well that the black dot area has shrunk/non-existent as to others I've seen. My quickpass transponder to get into my neighbor won't work and I have to open the sunroof each time. I'm going to try and mount it behind the nose cone at some point
  22. Anthony7

    Has Anyone Ever Refused Delivery?

    Depending on when the car arrived (Fri-Sun), they prob couldn't get to the car until Monday as they don't work on the weekend. At least the one in Las Vegas doesn't. Then if it's a big load of cars, yours may not have been first and others have earlier appts. Of course there is also the...
  23. Anthony7

    auto tilt mirrors

    Ok I finally got it to work. For some reason when I put car in R and adjusted the mirrors, the save option never showed up but it finally did. I saved and once I put car in D, it moved back. It just took a bunch of times following the steps closely.
  24. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    One of the things that stand out I love is the black alcantara, you'll love it!
  25. Anthony7

    auto tilt mirrors

    Does anyone know how to get the mirrors to auto tilt downward when you go in reverse? We couldn't get it to work at delivery so we skipped it and of course never went back to it. I was later told I would have to make sure the auto tilt is on and then place car in reverse, move mirrors down...
  26. Anthony7

    It looks like I have LTE enabled

    I just ran a test in my garage with speedof.me/m and it seems pretty fast. I'll try more tests later on when I go out as my garage is pretty insulated and we're almost in a canyon
  27. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    Nice ride! windows look tinted already. I woke up to a fully charged car (90%) at 214 miles and a garage that smells like heaven (new car smell) :cool:
  28. Anthony7

    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    I got swag when I placed an order which was 2 hats, 2 key chains, and a poster. I picked up my car today and just got Key fob covers
  29. Anthony7

    It looks like I have LTE enabled

    LTE here as well, just picked up today. As soon as I find some sites to run tests I'll do just that however that's the last thing on my mind :smile:
  30. Anthony7

    3G to LTE?

    I picked up today and my car has LTE
  31. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    OMG! just brought her home... It was so distracting driving home. I'm happy and the car has LTE!
  32. Anthony7

    Here, There, and EVerywhere... Posting our trip SoCal to East Coast and back...

    I was trying to see if I could see your route between Newark & Lancaster as I've driven those roads alot. You really have to be careful esp at certain times and days when lots of Amish buggys are out esp before or after church. Oh I'm glad they changed the WV welcome sign. At one point it use...
  33. Anthony7

    Model S - Window Tinting

    Thanks for the info but a few pics in the sunlight would be great. I'm picking up tmrw and going to get a tint scheduled soon as it's now over 100f daily. I don't prefer a dark tint and don't care about privacy however I want the the max cooling so will go low if I need to. In NV, I can go as...
  34. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    I guess my DS isn't aware about tracking cars? I find it amazing that some are able to track cars via rail or truck yet mine always said she can't. I also can't believe it took a week for my car to get to Las Vegas from CA... DS says there was a whole truck delivered so there couldn't have...
  35. Anthony7

    Insurance For Younger Driver

    I just cringe when I see those prices. I'm 35, no accidents or tickets... I have 100/300/100, $250 deduct, etc.. and pay only $680 a year with Liberty Mutual. I've been paying my own insurance since I was 20 and never had anything ridiculously high. I will say that state farm quoted me $4600...
  36. Anthony7

    Recent Timelines - Confirmed to In Queue to In Production to...

    Here is my personal timeline however it varies for everyone depending on location, model type, and even color. May 6 - Order confirmed May 7 - VIN assigned / in Production Q June 2 - In Production / Purchase agreement docs posted with final price, sales tax, etc.. + ability to pay remaining...
  37. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    I just spoke to my DS and she confirmed my car has arrived and they are processing the 7 cars. They will be prepping car and installing the center console for my pickup tmrw at 1pm! :cool:
  38. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    my status has changed to "Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery." I guess that means it has arrived! It's only 10a which is when they open and nobody answering phone yet...
  39. Anthony7

    Here, There, and EVerywhere... Posting our trip SoCal to East Coast and back...

    Another night in the first state! That hotel is a few min drive from a restaurant I miss very much, Potstickers asian grill. Even living in LV now I haven't found anything better! Love the rain in the pics, a rarity anymore in the west :tongue:
  40. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    Travwill are you picking up your car on Wed? I sure hope my car arrived over the wknd, I would kinda like it NOW. I'll be calling first thing in the morning. 7 days in transit and it's only a 7.5 hr drive to the factory! :confused:
  41. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    I would ask your DS, your purchase agreement and ability to pay should be available. You don't want to wait until the car arrives because it could further delay things. You checked my tesla right?
  42. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    I went from production straight to In transit and I can't believe it's taking a week for a truck to get to Las Vegas. I've never got any emails, just checked status daily. I can't believe the DS doesn't know when to expect a delivery. Mferris, once the car goes into production you should get...
  43. Anthony7

    Here, There, and EVerywhere... Posting our trip SoCal to East Coast and back...

    I prefer the cottages, more personable and I'm able to vision myself living there as an aristocrat during a tour :cool:
  44. Anthony7

    Here, There, and EVerywhere... Posting our trip SoCal to East Coast and back...

    LOVE the Maine pictures and of course Newport is pretty awesome. We toured Breakers and Elms a few years ago, both were top notch!
  45. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    Tmrw will be day 5 "in transit" and no word from DS. If it doesn't arrive tmrw then I def won't get it until next week since they need time to prep the car, etc.. and they don't work on the wknd. In the meantime, I've downloaded and reading the driver manual. I do hope my car comes with LTE...
  46. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    Well with the re-charge, at least it seems the console has been shipped. I wonder if they have a tracking number! :eek:
  47. Anthony7

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    I just spoke to my DS and she says it could arrive any day now and they need at least 2 days to get the car ready. Tues/Wed of next week the latest. She wasn't able to locate the car thou. My console hasn't arrived either, it's been a month and I was charged again for it over the wknd. I got...
  48. Anthony7

    Here, There, and EVerywhere... Posting our trip SoCal to East Coast and back...

    I lived in Newark, DE for years prior to moving to Las Vegas in 2012, I'm glad you finally had a chance to sleep there! I'm happy to see a supercharger there as well as a brand new travel plaza which is better than the old one for sure! My car arrives in less than a week, getting excited!
  49. Anthony7

    Open letter to Mr Elon Musk regarding showing prices "After incentives and gas saving

    They've already been marketing their cars price with included gas savings/$7500 tax credit in the US however I do agree it shouldn't be the case anywhere. As far as their gas savings estimate, I spend about half that on gas since I don't drive alot of miles. Everyone keeps talking about the...