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  1. beegee

    Supercharger - Escanaba, MI

    Just talked to the tech this morning and he said it will be on this afternoon.
  2. beegee

    Supercharger - Marquette, MI

    Awesome! I will be in da U.P. next week, and plan on taking a drive around Munising and Marquette.
  3. beegee

    Brand New 21" Black Arachnid Wheels and Tires (St Louis Area)

    I am trying to avoid shipping if possible.
  4. beegee

    Brand New 21" Black Arachnid Wheels and Tires (St Louis Area)

    I'd like to avoid shipping if possible. If there are no takers, I may consider it.
  5. beegee

    Brand New 21" Black Arachnid Wheels and Tires (St Louis Area)

    For sale is a brand new set of Arachnid wheels and tires in black for Model S. These have never been installed on a vehicle. $2800 St Louis Area pickup.
  6. beegee

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    2012 Model S P85
  7. beegee

    New car not charging

    Looking at the error, I would inspect the charger maybe. If you're using a UMC, then make sure the adapter is fully seated. Otherwise I would try a different charge cable.
  8. beegee

    Highest vin delivered?

    I was delivered 433xxx in late July.
  9. beegee

    Model 3 Updated to 2019.15.105

    Here here... 2019.28.2 :)
  10. beegee

    Model 3 Updated to 2019.15.105

    I just picked up VIN 433XXX on July 27, and it is also on 2019.15.105. The camera on this version tends to skip frames I've noticed. Hopefully we get updates soon.
  11. beegee

    2019 Midwest Tesla Gathering

    The Midwest Gathering still has some slots available if you want to run your Tesla... 2019 MWTGMidwest Tesla Gathering Just a reminder- the 2019 Gathering is at the National Corvette Museum road course in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Here is a look at the course...
  12. beegee

    V9 Dash Cam Footage

    That's it... car is only AP2.0. Thanks.
  13. beegee

    V9 Dash Cam Footage

    Anyone have luck with the dashcam feature? I cannot get the icon to show. I've formatted the drive to Fat32 and added TeslaCam to the root of the drive. Anyone else having problems getting it working?
  14. beegee

    39 miles range loss in 10 days unplugged

    Seems about par for the course. I've always lost around that much per day.
  15. beegee

    Quietest high performance summer tires?

    I've had good luck with the Hankook Ventus V12... they are quieter than my wife's 19" wheels.
  16. beegee

    Could not turn off!

    I have been seeing the same issue on my '12 P85. If I get out of the car and close the door without waiting, it sometimes will stay on. I can even lock it, and it will remain on. It only shuts off after opening the driver's door for a couple of seconds and allowing the dash to switch over to...
  17. beegee

    100 foot 120 Volt extension cord?

    I'm on my 4th season with my Ego mower, and the battery has had little degradation.
  18. beegee

    What's your P85 Range?

    I haven't charge to 100% in a long while, and I've just turned 105k miles. 231 @ 90% (battery changed at 17k miles)
  19. beegee

    P85 power limits during acceleration at speed

    I am familiar with that. My car was limiting even with 80% SOC in warm weather (first noticed while driving on the Indy Speedway). After repeatedly seeing it occur is when I decided to take it in.
  20. beegee

    P85 power limits during acceleration at speed

    Got my car back today, and the new motor fixed the issue. I at first was worried that the problem was still there since the limiter showed up again under heavy acceleration, so I stopped at the Supercharger and charged to 60%. After that, I punched it up to 85 (would've gone faster if it...
  21. beegee

    P85 power limits during acceleration at speed

    I don't think that is the case. My service manager said that another local with a higher mileage P85+ doesn't have that issue. I am getting a new motor installed tomorrow, so I guess we'll know then.
  22. beegee

    P85 power limits during acceleration at speed

    I have been having an issue where the power limiter line shows up when accelerating at full throttle for ~5 secs; it will also show after a couple of seconds when I hold it to the floor at highway speed. I finally went to the Service Center to ask about it, and they agreed it is not normal...
  23. beegee

    What is/was insane vs ludicrous vs "performance" again?

    Insane mode is standard on the P85D, with Ludicrous as an option.
  24. beegee

    15 cars in line, 2 hour wait

    I swung by the St Charles MO Supercharger today, and it had a wait line as well. Usually there are between 0 and 1 car there, but the eclipse will cover this area tomorrow so I wasn't too surprised.
  25. beegee

    HPWC : Charging at 40amps vs. 80amps

    I did find it handy topping up at the Indianapolis Service Center during the Midwest Tesla Gathering; there were limited chargers for a lot of cars. Keep in mind, events such as that don't occur often, and because there are so many Superchargers, having twin chargers is becoming less a benefit.
  26. beegee

    Pleather for all...

    Totally agree. My wife just upgraded to a car with the Ultra White seats, and they are a much softer material.
  27. beegee

    Most number of Teslas you were together on highway?

    Yeah, that is one of the rare Model S that was painted custom from the factory. I haven't seen any others with custom paint.
  28. beegee

    Most number of Teslas you were together on highway?

    Does the Gigafactory opening count?
  29. beegee

    Your Tesla Car Name

    Hmmm... mine was just 99 builds after yours, but has is all production parts. P01348 "Aluminum Falcon"
  30. beegee

    Dodge Demon 1/4mi 9.6 @ 140 - 0-60 2.3sec

    The next Roadster is supposed to be quicker than the S with "Maximum Plaid". I don't think Tesla is going to push the S any quicker.
  31. beegee

    Supercharger - Green Bay, WI

    About time! That one has been on the Tesla yearly prediction map since 2014.
  32. beegee

    Local Supercharging: Yea or Nay?

    1 Yes 2 Yes in limited amounts. I do this maybe once a week for 10 mins to go into the store. I would not do it if there were only 1 stall left though.
  33. beegee

    When will we know specs and options?

    There's this at least... Tesla Model 3 Dashboard May Have No Visisble Air Vents - Gas 2
  34. beegee

    What's with the snowflake?

    It was added as part of a software upgrade. When the battery is cold the Snowflake is coupled with a blue section of battery (at least it was), and that amount of energy will be used to warm the pack up to the operating temperature. I've only seen it once after parking all day on a cold day.
  35. beegee

    Unstable steering at speeds around 80 mph

    At a minimum I would have one the the Tesla techs take it for a drive.
  36. beegee

    App does not unlock car

    Never had a problem using the app to unlock (currently using a Nexus 6)- I get a pop asking if I am sure, hit yes and voila!
  37. beegee

    Both Cars Teslas? New England Winter?

    I was just about to say that... pumping gas requires electricity.
  38. beegee

    8 Cameras! Can they add a small DVR?

    While they are at it, it would be nice to remove the side mirrors and lose that drag as well. That is, if the NHTSA changes the rules to allow it.
  39. beegee

    Will current autopilot cars be able to upgrade to 2.0?

    I have a 2012 P85, and there are no retrofits for the non-autopilot cars, so I doubt there will be upgrades to version 2.0 either. I just enjoy what I have and will eventually upgrade to the latest hardware one day.
  40. beegee

    ICE'd in Alexandria

    Looks like a job for a tow truck!
  41. beegee

    Top Gear making Tesla looks bad again? P90D vs GTR

    It doesn't look like he was even trying- no launch mode mention at all. The video implies that you have to warm the battery for 45 minutes every time as well... BS.
  42. beegee

    Tesla valued Roadster #1125 for Trade-In @ $25,000.00

    I can't stand Carfax. They screwed my in the past as well- I bought a car with "clean" Carfax only to have them log an accident that happened before I bought it, but 3 years late. I ended up buying a clean car and having to sell at a loss due to them. Their fine print indicates that they do...
  43. beegee

    Keep the DAMN car running please!

    Yeah, touching the center screen is the easiest.
  44. beegee

    A/C Getting Worse

    Make sure you are not in Range mode
  45. beegee

    What's the current recommended PSI for 21" wheels on P85D?

    Mine says 42 psi in the door sill- assuming it is the same as a P85.
  46. beegee

    SMA Sunnyboy question, is 6kW panels on a 5kW 3 phase inverter OK?

    I agree. I am running a Sunny Boy 7kw inverter with 9kw of panels.
  47. beegee

    Supercharger - St. Charles, MO

    I tried today and it was cutting out completely. I managed to charge at 75 amps for a bit before it cut out (my battery was a bit cold to be fair). It seems to work better on warmer days.
  48. beegee

    Tesla Could Be Poised For Big Win: FTC To Hear Pros & Cons Of Franchise Laws

    Comment added! Here is the link again for those who wish to comment: FTC to Host Public Workshop Examining the U.S. Auto Distribution System Workshop Will Explore Competition, State Regulations, and Emerging Trends in the Industry, Project No. P131202