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    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    The Fort Stockton RV Park is the solution people use for the lack of a supercharger here? I was thinking of renting a spot in the RV Park for the night then walking a mile or so to a hotel. Any better ideas?
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    Engadget review

    I agree with this as well. Reviews by people who have been driving a few days overstate the issues of this new design. Use it a few weeks and it is not a problem. Not saying tweaks to the UI will not make it better, just that the lack of physical buttons is fine. Part of that depends on letting...
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    Suggest new name for the Autopilot

    Call it autopilot. Tell the beaucrats and tiny brains to go away.
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    Can Model S P85D Ludicrous upgrade to the 100 kWh packs?

    I am not sure they will ever do an upgrade for the P85D. They mentioned increased weight needing new seat anchor design. I have a feeling by the time all of the P90 upgrades are done, they will want to be out of that upgrade business and on to how to support all the model 3s
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    Can Model S P85D Ludicrous upgrade to the 100 kWh packs?

    Answer is: At this time the Model S P85D Ludicrous can not be upgraded to the 100 kWh packs
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    Can Model S P85D Ludicrous upgrade to the 100 kWh packs?

    Very funny. But I can't use that solution in any case, the suspension is different in the new cars. You can read this thread: P85D (pre/post April) ride performance
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    Can Model S P85D Ludicrous upgrade to the 100 kWh packs?

    Can Model S P85D Ludicrous upgrade to the 100 kWh packs? I have asked at my local service center and they are checking. If someone hears back sooner, please post. Thanks
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    TMC Connect 2016

    Thanks for the reminder. Still not sure I can make it but a reservation will encourage me to keep trying. Any idea what the non-early bird conference rates will be?
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    Seeking Volunteers, Everett Community College EV day 4/18/16 and 4/19/16

    I can make it on Tuesday with a Model S. I sent you an e-mail. If you did not get it you can also PM me with information on where and when to meet.
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    Bellevue WA Model 3 Orders

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    How's your line?

    Bellevue WA now at about 225 at 7:30
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    How's your line?

    150 at Bellevue WA store at 7 AM
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    Bellevue WA Model 3 Orders

    120 people in line at 6:30
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    Changing the WA state law on extended warranties

    The legislative site said SB 6309 was delivered to the Governor. SB 6309 - 2015-16 But I can not find it on the Governor's Bill Singing site as either signed or vetoed. Request Rejected Not sure why the link says "request rejected" but link seems to work to Governor's site.
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    Advice/feedback for an (atypical) prospetive buyer

    Have 30,000 miles on my P85D. Range issues have not impacted my travel. I do however have two sets of tires/wheels. I use 19" tires in winter and for long road trips. Reason I use 19"s for road trips are: - possible range improvement - more comfortable ride for long trips (though I really...
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    Any Sig Model X owners willing to show it off after it arrives?

    Still have no delivery date on our X. But appreciate a chance to see one. Congratulations and Thanks
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    G20 countries spend $450B a year on fossil fuel subsidies, study says

    And the logic being without the $450 Billion in yearly subsidies there would be no fuel at the pumps to collect these fuel taxes from individuals? The large oil companies would stop selling gasoline?
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    Any Sig Model X owners willing to show it off after it arrives?

    Our VIN is 405, expect our Xs will be riding up on same truck (they offered us alternate delivery in OR, but we will pick up in Seattle)
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    Tesla Autosteering Compared to Competitors. Is it Better?

    But she can answer the question: How many of your customers are you willing to kill to save a few dollars in repair cost?
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    My biggest surprise? They didn't show the seats folded for max cargo

    Every car they compete with has an internal combustion engine as well. Sometimes going a different path is a good thing. I don't have strong feelings one way or the other on the seats but I like that Tesla makes its own choices. I would prefer they talk about those choices a bit more. Did they...
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    Model X Hands-on video from Verge

    Front window is tinted from point where most cars would have a roof not window
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    Roadster 1.5 Owners Wanting 3.0 Upgrade

    I will eventually need a new battery for my 1.5 roadster. So will buy one some day if possible. If the only way an upgraded battery for a 1.5 will be made available is to put down a deposit now, I would do so. So I guess I count as a yes. I am am far from convinced that a list of potential...
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    Model X Launch invites have gone out

    I have been told I should have an invite but still do not have one. I hope one will be forthcoming. I assume I am registered as being OK for marketing e-mail. I did get an invite to the "D" reveal. (actually ended up playing "excited crowd" in the official video:biggrin:)
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    Model X Launch invites have gone out

    Any other Model X Signature Reservation holders NOT get an invite? I have a Model X signature reservation and have not received an invite. Only response I have received from Tesla this morning are two denials that an event is happening on the 29th. They seem to have propagated that message well :-)
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    Silent Thunder at Pacific Raceways

    From the SEVA email list: National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) is in full swing and will end with the finale of our two great events this Sunday Sept. 20. The big 100% electric car show at Triple X in Issaquah (98 NE Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA 98027) and the big 100% electric Silent Thunder...
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    Supercharger - Ellensburg, WA

    Saturday a little after midnight, 3 Teslas were charging after a concert at the Gorge. No ICEing. Though the cones were off to the side when I got there in the afternoon and I placed them in from of the spaces to help insure they would stay open that evening.
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    Where are they now? The first 100 Roadsters

    I may be missing something, why would the new big battery not work? Is that what failed?
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    Two new features none of us know about

    I would hate to carry that BMW key fob. I already have a phone app don't need another device
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    From NY to Dubai P85D

    Congratulations. The journey has obviously been long and troubled but I think you will be delighted in the end.
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    Calling P85D owners world-wide for survey and complaint letter

    I am in the complete opposite camp about my P85D. I don't feel at all misled, am very happy, and can't imagine my next car will not be a Tesla. However, I really like your response. If that is how you feel you should definitely not buy another and indeed let them know, hopefully this will get...
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    Supercharging Hypothetical #2 -- Abusive or not?

    It is abusive not because it costs Tesla a few dollars but because long distance travelers could be stuck while someone who could charge at homes shops for who knows how long. All just my opinion. Why would you inconvenience other Tesla owners who have no choice, just to save a dollar or five...
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    Calling P85D owners world-wide for survey and complaint letter

    Just for guests and others reading this thread. Many owners, including myself, are very happy with their P85Ds. I would not sign a letter of complaint. In my opinion the people complaining on this thread are whining about "first world problems" and I believe they are wasting this forums and...
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    Supercharging letter from Tesla 8-13-2015

    Well based on a quick scan of this thread I will be in the minority. But my opinion is: - I am very glad the e-mail went out. I don't want to be doing a long distance trip with no other charging choices and have a supercharger filled with local owners trying to save $10 on charging a $75K-$130K...
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    2014 P85D Owners... hindsight? regrets?

    Owned a P85+ bought aP85D at launch, it was delivered in Dec. 2014. I own one of the best cars in the world. I was happy before, happy now, would order again. Not judging others since I sincerely would like everyone to be as happy with their car as I am with mine. I only wish all well. And I...
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    How Much Would You Pay for a Premium Interior?

    Zero. I like the current interior. Last thing i want is more buttons, dials, wood, or whatever. I did want better seats but I have them now.
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    New Washington State Budget raising EV tab fee from $100/yr to $150/yr

    My understanding is that the new $150 starts in mid 2016. For 2015 it would still be $100. I would guess repeal language is to allow new fee in 2016 not to have zero for 2015. But I have not checked the actual bill language, you have seen it and may very well have found an interesting change...
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    Best way to listen to audio books and/or podcasts in MS?

    Use your ipad or iphone via bluetooth audio connectivity. I use that approach to listen to streaming music and books from audible.com. You can also copy CD to MP3 and put them on a USB memory stick and plug those into the Tesla.
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    Crappy soft top cable broke - must be a better solution

    How much did the new soft top cost?
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    Anyone one traveling from oustide CA to see Formula E in Long Beach?

    Just wondering if any Tesla owners from outside of California were planning to attend the Formula E, electric car race in Long Beach on Saturday the 4th. I decided to travel down from the Seattle area to have a fun road trip. I like supporting anything that promotes a positive image of...
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    CHAdeMO adapter wait frustration

    But based on this thread it has been a while since anyone has gotten a new invite e-mail. Maybe they are now waiting for a new batch of adapters?
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    WA State's Governor is proposing an extension for EV Sales Tax exemption. Act Now!

    Absolutely if you have the time. I am just optimistic that the Senate Bill will get a floor vote with a reasonable likelihood of passing. It was voted out of the transportation committee on a 9-3 bipartisan vote. Is promised a vote in the Ways and Means committee. But it is not guaranteed to...
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    WA State's Governor is proposing an extension for EV Sales Tax exemption. Act Now!

    Grace (a Seattle EV Association member) was good enough to provide some sample text on a SEVA e-mail list and the House Transportation members you can write to (hopefully along with your own House representatives and Rep. Reuven Carlyle). Modifying this to be your own message helps as well. And...
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    WA State's Governor is proposing an extension for EV Sales Tax exemption. Act Now!

    Great to see the response to your support on SB 5333. Thanks to Senator Mullet progress on the Senate Bill is happening and the bill itself is a fairly good bill. (A cap on the exemption at $40,000, but tax above $40,000 is added to the fund to expand the charging network) The same is not...
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    Join WA Gov. Inslee at opening of Nissan Fast Charging Depot in Bellevue

    Another reason to be there is just to support EVs in WA State. Let Governor know people care about this issue.
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    85D Steering Mode

    The only time (as far as I know) that steering option settings (sport/standard/comfort) were not available is for initial deliveries of the P85D. The P85D initially only supported standard/comfort. This was updated after 1-2 months in an over the air software update.
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    Join WA Gov. Inslee at opening of Nissan Fast Charging Depot in Bellevue

    To WA State Tesla Owners, You are welcome to meet up with fellow EV owners (presumably a bunch of Nissan Leaf owners will be there) and join Governor Inslee this coming Monday (3/16) at the grand opening of 5 publicly-available DC fast charging stations in Bellevue. At 3:30, Governor Inslee...
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    Supercharger - Coeur d'Alene, ID (LIVE Feb 2015, 6 V2 + 8 V3 stalls)

    We decided to drive out today given that it such a beautiful day for a drive. But after a long brunch in Ellensburg arrived around 5 PM. We we have driven through before and charged over night at the Springhill suites, will be nice to charge fast this time Was a fun drive. I do kind of wish...
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    New Sale on P85D Showroom Cars?

    The good thing for Tesla with this "sale" is that they build up "cars sold" numbers for Q1 and because of the rather huge per car profit built into the P85Ds they can discount and still make a healthy profit. I love my P85D but the profit built into its price dwarfs a Tesla 60 sale many times...
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    Invite to 2015 Rally4Memories May 2-4 on Vancouver Island

    I signed up today. Will be coming from the Seattle area.