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  1. Keiron

    Soon to be a new Model S owner in Melbourne, suggestions?

    Bugger missed a PS. Ive just switched insurance to InsureMyTesla $2150. Was cheaper than the QBE quote by $110
  2. Keiron

    Soon to be a new Model S owner in Melbourne, suggestions?

    Congratulation Hansel, Its a bloody big leap of faith (& money) for many to step in to a Tesla. Was for me too way back when it all started in Australia. I'm in Melbourne so you contact me directly if you like. I have just upgraded to 100D having knocked up just short of 90,000Kms on my original...
  3. Keiron

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Well Ive done it- upgraded to a 100D as of today. Nearly 90,000kms later/ 3 years in my S 85. I was surprisingly emotional about seeing my Signature red beast go....:( Quickly replaced with the EV grin of a new beast.....:)
  4. Keiron

    Supercharger - Warrnambool (VIC)

    Gudday Brewster and co I am happy to add some voice to the need for an SC in downtown Warrnambool. I am due to do another run down that way to visit customers etc and whilst Portland is a nice spot I begrudge having to drive the extra 90+ Ks both ways to get to the motel to charge overnight...
  5. Keiron

    Used Tesla from Tesla in Oz?

    Interestingly Ive just had a trade in offer for my S85 from Richmond with 75,000+ Kms on the clock ( pre EOFY ) . I was very disappointment with the $75,000 trade In offer against the prospect of a P100DL. The remark was made that once my beast passes over the 80,000Kms it would be expected to...
  6. Keiron

    CarsGuide Model S Review

    $0.35c/KwHr is a bit over the top. I agree they have to recover costs plus volumes of Model 3 about to hit the deck but I buy power at $0.235/KwHr 24/7 now so the "Retail" Supercharger costs will run at a net +48% Margin based on today costings. Tesla are in danger of souring the megastar image...
  7. Keiron

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Hi All Just arrived back from 5 days in Surfs/Brisbane. To my astonishment I did not spot a single Model S in the 6 days and I had help from the 2 young grandsons.! It brought up the question : How many Model S rego's are their in QLD at this point.?
  8. Keiron

    12 volt Battery failure at 70,000Kms

    A new update... The 12 volt battery failure is a result not a cause. The main drive unit( Inverter) in my beast has decided to start to die. When the main drive inverter has stability troubles on the high volts rail it shuts down the recharge inverter for the 12 volt battery. Result: Waiting a...
  9. Keiron

    12 volt Battery failure at 70,000Kms

    Thanks Meloccom I hadnt thought of that possibility in all the 'excitement' of the unforgiving traffic. The guys in California on the remote link were great - system full reboots etc but Ive yet to get any solid response from Tesla Melb as to a loan car, truck pick etc.. that was 9hrs ago.....
  10. Keiron

    12 volt Battery failure at 70,000Kms

    Hi everyone, Ive experienced my first serious vehicle failure by way of a 12 Volt battery failure. 4 days ago an alarm came up saying 12 volt cell faulty please change soon. No performance change AP unaffected all good... 2 days later new battery fitted in richmond by Tesla - everything back...
  11. Keiron

    Brisbane Showroom and Service Centre

    Not sure if this is the right thread for my question. I may have to do a quick sprint from Melb to Smithtown NSW. The only charger system I haven't notice much discussion about is Port Macquarie NSW 2444.( mind you I may have missed it with traveling) Can I safely assume its all up and running ...
  12. Keiron

    Latest Crash Safety tests Model S vs the others

    Ive just picked up the latest IIHS safety challenge and it was surprising. Link is here:
  13. Keiron

    21" Rims - 2nd rim crack in 6 months??

    Ive just done a trans Californian trip San Diego thru to Sacramento with my brothers P85 ( earlier version no TACC ) on 19"s and the road quality was super crappy much of the way. Sheering points on concrete road slabs was really bad so I'm not at all surprised 21" cant cut it in the states but...
  14. Keiron

    New tyres at 60 000kms

    Hi EcoCloudIT this evidence would suggest that you are a safe sensible and careful driver who doesn't often "'Punch it". If only I could hold back...:cool: Once a revhead always a revhead.
  15. Keiron

    Price Increase

    Bugger!. A price rise is unfortunate timing for me. I am seriously tempted to trade my 85S (60,000Km+) in over the next few months and go out to the end of the limb and go P100DL :D. Has anyone sold there 85S or variant privately recently? Would be interested in the numbers of what buyers are...
  16. Keiron

    New tyres at 60 000kms

  17. Keiron

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    I'm with you ECIT I am having devilish desires about upgrading to P100DL trouble is Tesla want $95K plus for a changeover- Not that I'm unhappy with my 85S- going beautifully 60K+ on but having been for a burst in P100DL it just sucks ya in.............:D As for you my better half- well she...
  18. Keiron

    New tyres at 60 000kms

    Holy molly 60,000Kms - Thats amazing.:eek: I'm running 21" Continentals and yes I DO drive harder than most but........ Original Set 14,500Kms Set no 2 18,200kms set no 3 17,400kms Set 4 up to 7500 approx on current set. Having driven on 19" in the states theres a BIG difference in road...
  19. Keiron

    Pizza Night at Baby, Richmond, Vic.

    I am a bit disappointed I cant make it tonight. Apparent I must get some culture at the theatre. I always wonder about the 'apparent' timing of such things.:(
  20. Keiron

    Sydney to Port Macquarie & beyond in a P85D

    The leap from 100km/hr to 125km/hr as a constant cruise lifts my average on a flat dry highway with no appreciable wind from approx 190W/Km to 330 W/Km = 73% rise in electron consumption. In the case of my beast that drops my practical range from 430Kms to Approx. 248km assume one can find...
  21. Keiron

    Nominations for superchargers Melbourne to Adelaide and SA

    Ive just spoken to the Motor Inn at Keith ( South Australia ) and their nice new 22Kw chargers should be up and running next week. I will advise when there operational. As an aside Ive been in and used the Gippsland Solar free 22kw charger in Traralgon Victoria yesterday. Works great and in a...
  22. Keiron

    Vampire drain

    Hi Simbul I leave my Model S at Tullamarine(Jetport) regularily. Often leave it for 7-14days with about a 10% loss rate when left static over 14 days.. Although not an issue at Jetport now they have a destination charger. :D
  23. Keiron

    Anticlockwise Adventure!

    We will be in prep for an ISO audit but I think Ann & I can make it. The PA servers a goooooood steak.
  24. Keiron

    Hit a kangaroo, need a repairer

    I'd be very skeptical about an acoustic repellent. Happy to be wrong having hit 10+ roos over the years with varying degrees of vehicle damage. I agree with Bullet1 that wombats pose a much grater damage threat. Having hit one at at about 160 up near Khancoban it tore the entire passengers side...
  25. Keiron

    My Light Bar Project

    Congrats Ztrekus, I bought a light bar to do this exact same setup about a month after my beast arrived last year- Its still sitting in the box waiting patiently for to get time to attack the project. You have shamed me into action. Well Done.:)
  26. Keiron

    LunchTrip to Baileys Winery NE Victoria

    Nah! not a problem from my end My darling wife has never been on time in her life.! The chances of a bottleneck with us is zero.:D
  27. Keiron

    LunchTrip to Baileys Winery NE Victoria

    Gapsted Winery near Myrtleford is a nice spot. My wife (Pre-marriage) was a teacher at the college in Myrtleford some years back and I bet it wont take any coercion. Put up potential dates please. Would be good to confirm charge capabilities but if you head up through Euroa then the whole thing...
  28. Keiron

    Destination Chargers in Australia

    A big thank you again to Brewster as his Youtube video was invalueable.
  29. Keiron

    Mt Bulla from Melbourne

    Hi again, If it helps the cause I have a portable single phase 10A 240V and a portable 3 phase 22kw charger module your more than welcome to borrow them for the adventure.
  30. Keiron

    Is the Tesla warranty substandard?

    I'm with Ray on this one. The extended warranty is necessary for me as I wont get the 2 years before I hit the 80K mark. I do about 45-50K per year. Mind you I expect to upgrading within the 3 year lifespan of the extended warranty. I agree with the basic argument- its way to short relative to...
  31. Keiron

    Mt Bulla from Melbourne

    Gudda EcoCloudIT EV trip planner has these numbers Distance 235.3 km Driving Time 3:16 Charging Time 0:00 Total Trip Time 3:16 Total Energy Used 51.1 kWh 274 RKM Average Efficiency 217 Wh/km Net Elevation Change 1571 meters Assuming Melbourne CBD start point 4.5 Degs Outside ALL the way...
  32. Keiron

    Model X

    I thought the gull wing doors where a bit of a wank until we went into HD Supply home depot in San Fernando. Ever truck was bigger than the allocated parking space!. The doors came into there own at that point. We managed to climb in and out easily even though we were a few inches away from a...
  33. Keiron

    Missing 9.3 kWh

    Hi Richard My realworld rule of thumb. Take the Kwhr reading as you unplug from the charger and take 90% of the reading- that'll be very close to the realworld useage down to zero.
  34. Keiron

    Infographic - Charging your Tesla in Australia

    Also Timpoo a big thank you for the home Tesla 3 phase charger! Works a treat.!
  35. Keiron

    Infographic - Charging your Tesla in Australia

    I promised to drop a line into the forum for those of us flying into or out of Tullamarine. After some encouragement Jetport Valet Parking has fitted 2 charger stations- see below: I can recommend the staff at Jetport as they have been caring for my beast since it first arrived in Jan 15. They...
  36. Keiron

    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    I am staggered at the response to this tragic event. Could someone remind me about the clause - hands on the wheel and watch over the AP. Oh yeah it comes at you on the dash every time you engage the AP. Whilst in San Diego we witnessed an brand new BMW (top down) with their version of AP being...
  37. Keiron

    Interesting Trip - but not in Oz

    Gudday Ray, I too had a hectic 2200+Km run from LA via Santa Barbara up to Fresno then onto Fremont( Factory tour) then onto to SF and then Santa Monica and back to LA then to San Diego and back to LA in 5 days mostly filled with work appointments. Road conditions were poor most of the trip- I...
  38. Keiron

    One Percent Club

    I am grateful for the fact that the first MS driver to run to zero was in Queensland!. Ballsy too he photographed the whole disaster and posted it. That was back in Jan 15 when there wasnt any super chargers etc and we were all very nervous....
  39. Keiron

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Gotta say I am amazed. Ive just got back from Brisbane from the Food Technology show where I had a stand. Arrived Friday night(last) and arrived back last night- NOT 1 Model S did I spot in Brisbane CBD area in multiple trips to and from exhibition centre. Where are you guys hiding?:(
  40. Keiron

    Key Fob Owner Fail

    Hi Brewster I missed this thread as I got back from the States. One old elec eng trick is to remove battery as quick as possible. Flood the fob with humble Metho.! Yes metho. It drives off thewater, reduces surface tenstions for droplets under chips etc and drys off reasonably quickly. Most...
  41. Keiron

    Melb to Syd via Hwy1

    Plugshare doesnt have a rating described but Ive just checked the location- The next street over from my customer- beauty....
  42. Keiron

    Melb to Syd via Hwy1

    Gudday Meomoke What the current rating of the chargers in Traralgon? I go down there regularly.
  43. Keiron

    New member brucesurf has a question about charging

    Geez I'm feelin old about now. Cobol, Fortran, Pascal did them all. One of my final projects at RMIT Uni was a new super chip called a 6502! I still have buried in my man shed the very first Dec PDP1108 we bought back in about 1980. OMG its come along way.
  44. Keiron

    Battery Pack - Revision A,B,C,D,E, ...

    Gudday Higgy I am really surprised given our two cars were very close together in sequence of the first Signatures. Mine is 1014114-00-E.
  45. Keiron

    e-Tag placement in Aust delivered cars

    I crashed into my new E-Tag in Melbourne not working back in Jan 15 in our first week. Higgy had much the same problem. After multiple calls to city-link they agreed it would be unreliable at best and they would list Tesla Model S has a camera read-then bill vehicle. We haven't seen an erroneous...
  46. Keiron

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Having not long arrived back from a nightmare trip in the States ( Drove 2500Kms mostly of California over 7 days ), but it had one great highlight "The Tesla factory tour". The most interesting tech data I gleaned from the tech guys on this trip was that all Model S LHD and RHD and now all...
  47. Keiron

    Curious about car nick names...

    I still haven't been forgiven by my lovely wife for naming my car "Pussy". It was one of those things- the tech taking us thru the car at pickup and was chatting about the car like a beauty sleek desirable sexy women and the ultimate chick magnet - and ,well, it just popped out of my...
  48. Keiron

    Dinner for Matt (MDK) new Nullabor Conqueror (Perth to Bne trip)

    Hope you guys are having a good night at France-Soir in St Yarra. If there's a return get together later on the 30th I would be up for that one..
  49. Keiron

    Dinner for Matt (MDK) new Nullabor Conqueror (Perth to Bne trip)

    Gudday AEdennis Might be able to have that drink with you sometime next on behalf of the nullaboor guys.! I'll be in LA on Saturday and will be traveling from San Deigo to Sacramento over the week for multiple meetings.Managed to borrow my brothers Model S outta LA- Bastard just got his Model...
  50. Keiron

    Does anyone recognise this headlight plug?

    I am looking at fitting an LED Bar under the front spoiler zone so as to not impact too much on forward air displacement but the LEDS guys are a lot bodgey!. They quote 4600 Lumens ( for my bar) to get you warm and fuzzy then neglect to mention that optimum output is at 32Volts NOT 12.! The...