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    Should they add stalkless driving to Model Y?

    per the Joe Rogan podcast, Elon elaborated how it'd work. It would use parking sensors to assume D or R based on obstruction. Override would be on the touch screen. I say go for it. It'll reduce some build cost by eliminating the stalks.
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    How I upgraded from NEMA 5-15 to NEMA 6-20 for $66

    Good job. I did something similar by using existing conduit for a single 120V run and adding 2 - 10AWG hots and 1 6AWG ground to create a 240-30amp circuit next to the existing 120. Great when you're handy!
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    Charging two Teslas

    Use the Model 3s umc On the Y and you should be fine
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    Questions about condo charging near the ocean

    If it's a discrete outlet, you may want to consult w an electrician to see if they can repurpose the 120 to a 240 outlet utilizing existing conduit.
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    2021 M3 RWD or 2019 M3 AWD?

    AWD, for performance and range
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    Overnight in 0°F weather? Travel Tips?

    Ask the resort if they have outlets for engine block heaters. You can plugin your mobile connector to keep your battery warm and you car charged.
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    Just finished my first "road trip" and I am not happy with range

    This is why I'm looking forward to the 500 mile Teslas. Plenty of buffer for cold conditions. In a year I plan on trading in the 3 for a 500 mile Cybertruck or cross my fingers the new more efficient battery cells come out for the Y.
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    120V charging options

    I would consider a 30 amp extension cord from your dryer.
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    120V charging options

    Is the breaker box in the garage?
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    Tesla Wall Charger, how to tell the difference between Gen 2 vs Gen 3?

    I prefer gen3. Glass front and smaller footprint is appealing but most importantly, the cord is much thinner , lighter and manageable, similar to the one that comes w the car.
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    Home charging setup

    You should be getting closer to 20 miles of range per hour on a dryer outlet
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    Hitch - Curt Brand 2020 Model 3

    Same issue with etrailer.com curt hitch c45fr on a 2018 model.
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    Dead 12v Questions

    I spoke w a Tesla mobile ranger on the need of disconnecting the high voltage battery prior to the 12 V. The book calls for it to be disconnected aside from safety by disconnecting will clear the service 12 V battery soon message.
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    12v battery must be replaced soon

    If I was in this position I would purchase an aftermarket AGM battery and be done with it. Size 51R seems pretty close to the original.
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    Charging at Home need help: Extension cable, outlet, new cable?

    Tam covered it well. You may also want to consider having an electrician either moving that outlet closer to where you want it, creating an outdoor outlet, or depending on how long you plan on living at your house, installing a more permanent outdoor station on the outside wall of your garage...
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    EAP to FSD upgrade price drop by $1k. Will be $3k until July 1st

    I’m in. Already set up a calendar reminder for a June 30!
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    Will you buy FSD before the $1,000 increase on July 1st?

    I typically wouldn't but I've had complimentary EAP for quite some time and my account lists FSD as a $4k upgrade option. I may do it, just to lock it in.
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    Charging in detached garage at apartment

    1) check if the outlet is on its own breaker or shared between the other units 2) if on own breaker, check the breaker size. If 15 amps, use what comes w the car. If 20 amps get the adapter mentioned above to charge a bit faster and possibly convert your outlet to a NEMA 5-20r
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    SR+ Range at 10°F - Will I last?

    That and charge to 100% the first time to see what you’re left with at the end of the day. No harm.
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    Notification that battery cannot charge to 100%

    Have you tried the other service centers for earlier appt?
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    ChargePoint Sparks when unplugging

    Thanks. It was a public ChargePoint. Reported via their app.
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    ChargePoint Sparks when unplugging

    Noticed some significant sparks and a burnt smell from the Tesla J1772 adapter. Car is fine and no errors and happen just 1 time. Anyone else experience this?
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    No Garage Door Openeer on Partial Premium Interior

    wow. i thought they would just make you push the button vs eliminating it altogether. bummer. another reason to go all premium.
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    Return Debate

    If the diagnosis is a simple module then it’s a tough call.
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    Tesla gave me free supercharging for my LR RWD as gesture because of rude service advisor.

    Similar boat and an end result of AP being turned on. However account page does not reflect. They didn’t advise any settlements either. Who knows.
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    TeslaCam Instructions and Observations

    good thread. was trying to figure out why sentry mode cameras missed the last minute of my alarm testing. instead of tapping and holding the dash cam icon, it would be much more user friendly if tapping the icon presents a menu as to what you want to do.
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    USB Sizing for Sentry Mode?

    That's what I had to do. Also found it a bit challenging to format a 256GB drive as FAT32, which I believe is the only format the car will support. Apparently Windows drops the FAT32 option for drives greater than 32GB. If you have Windows, you need to find an app to do this. If you have a...
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    USB Sizing for Sentry Mode?

    Currently running an old USB 2.0 32GB drive that works flawlessly versus some other drives which failed after they became full (even after reformatting). Curious how much recording time I will have with my old USB 2.0 32GB drive? I also have a newer USB 3.0 256GB, but is that overkill...
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    Solar install for EV charging only

    Mnevar. Have you looked at other ways to reduce your home energy usage? LED bulbs, energy efficient improvements....
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    Vampire Losses: How About Disconnecting the 12V ?

    I put the 12 V on a battery tender for long periods. That’s hoping the car electronics don’t need to use the main battery to top off the 12 and thereby causing vampire drains.
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    Should I be upset about receiving a 2018 car?

    If I had time on my hands I’d wait a few months just to ensure I had HW3
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    Insomnia: Car Won't Sleep, Vampire Drain, & Tesla Doesn't Know Why

    What version software? Also a clear indicator to the tech is never seeing the wake up message.
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    Happy w 46.2 after receiving it a week ago
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    You probably don't need fast charge speed at home

    2 points If I was as frugal as OP I would simply move the existing 240v outlet closer to the desired location. This is a DIY with a little help of YouTube and your hardware store in installing and mounting pre cut conduit. 2) I'd be concerned running solely on 120 as the charging electronics...
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    Model 3: Turn Signals... ARGH!

    seems 20% of the time when I set the R turn signal for continuous it stops blinking after 3 blinks. Advised my upcoming ranger appointment and he's seen it before and placed an order for a replacement module.
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    Model 3 Charge Port Cover - Broken Flap (Auto close or vandalism?)

    Fortunately I was working from home today. The other M3 owner along with a civic in the lot were not as lucky. Poor guy. His is only a couple months old as well. I wonder what a new glass roof costs and who puts those in. Tesla or body shop.
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    Model 3 Charge Port Cover - Broken Flap (Auto close or vandalism?)

    failed to mention it was a commuter train parking lot. people park there all day as they take the metra train 40 min downtown to work. Don't believe the rules of moving your car after it's charged apply here, more first come first serve. In any case, agree it was probably vandalism. I suspect...
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    Model 3 Charge Port Cover - Broken Flap (Auto close or vandalism?)

    Had my car parked in a lot all day connected to a chargepoint. Unfortunately the chargepoint was broken and never initiated. After about 10 hours sitting in 20 degree whether. I came back to find the door physically broken. I know that if the car does not sense any live charging connection...
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    Model 3 Software Update 2018.44.x

    I was up around midnight last night when the update notification hit. Accepted it instantly and regretted it. The sound quality from the stereo is severely degraded. Worse than an AM station. Maybe that's why they pulled it. v 44.2 installed
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    Cracked Main Screen = Bad Time

    I still have the original screen protector that came with delivery.
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    Looks like 44.2 got pulled overnight
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    Just updated to 44.2. Audio sucks. Prefer to not even listen to music until this gets sorted.
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    Model 3 Software Update 2018.44.x

    Week WiFi signal to your car
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    60 amp circuit breaker with 14-50?

    Don’t see the issue with the 60 amp breaker on 50 amp outlet if all that is being plugged is the 32 amp UMC. With the 60 amp preinstalled, adding the wall connector later down the road becomes DIY
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    Starting to regret FSD pre-purchase in a major way

    We’re talking years prior to anything FSD worthy to be released to consumers. Even though HW 3.0 is being released in a few months does not mean it’ll have software to do anything meaningful to the driver. Look at the subtle end user differences between AP 1 and 2.5. I believe they’re next to...
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    2018.39.7 just updated. Woot!
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    3.6.0 is your iPhone app version
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    Westmont IL delivery

    9/29 pickup. No die cast for me. Then again, forgot to ask.
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    Model 3 WiFi Connection [Unable to Connect]

    Solved my issue. Symptom: I have 2 Google Wifi's (GW), both hard wired. The 2nd repeater (bridge mode) is about 30 feet away from car, separated by 1 drywall. When the car is searching for it, it shows up with full bars. After entering my password, I usually get "Unable to Connect", however...
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    Model 3 WiFi Connection [Unable to Connect]

    Same issue with google Wifi about 30 feet away, separated by one wall. Considering getting one more google WiFi repeater to place in the garage. With my iPhone hotspot I get 2 of 3 bars while sitting in the vehicle.