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  1. TJKR

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Michelson Dr. (Park Place, LIVE 19 Oct 2019, 12 urban stalls)

    I don't think the dude from Seattle understands how many Tesla's are in California. I tried charging at this location twice this weekend, line of 4-5 cars both times. Same as one in Jeffrey. Had to use someone's home HPWC. His block in Irvine, 20 houses... at least 15 of them have 1 Tesla...
  2. TJKR

    Charging two Teslas

    I know someone who've had 2 Teslas for years.. they got a Gen 1 HPWC for their first Tesla. On 2nd Tesla they just use the UMC on 120V with intention of getting another HPWC. 2 years later they are still using 120V outlet on the 2nd car. If you are not driving 100+ miles on each car daily...
  3. TJKR

    Charging at 250v?

    That voltage is what you are getting from your utility. You may have a old or dying local transformer. You should double check the voltage at your power panel at a 240 outlet in you house or at the panel using multi-meter. If you have solar, your inverter might be crapping out.
  4. TJKR

    Why you may see 4680s in the model S and model X very soon

    They can get away with using LFP prismatic with powerwall. It does not need high C rate for charging/discharging. LFP prismatic cells are dirt cheap now, you can get it almost $100 KWH.
  5. TJKR

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    60% is best. I have a mid-range, just passed 30,000 miles/2 yrs. 100% when it was new was 264 miles. My last 100% charge last week was at 262 miles. I have set the charge to to 60% every night and do 100% once every 3 months.
  6. TJKR

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Main Street (LIVE 29 Dec 2020, 24 Urban stalls)

    I'd say leave it up and keep it paid parking. In about 4-5 years, there will literally be millions of Teslas in California. By then, when all the other ones are full that part of Orange County, this one will be still be available. If you have to charge your car, this will be a good option.
  7. TJKR

    Mid-range changes in range or battery degradation

    NOPE. When you first get your car, you can set the trip meter to track lifetime consumption. Someone posted this back in 2018 and I set my car when I picked it up. Google Image Result for https://i.redd.it/a8ykdq3pmht21.jpg If you take your odometer reading and total KWH use, it calculates...
  8. TJKR

    Mid-range changes in range or battery degradation

    It's all BMS and I believe it's all lifetime wh/mi dependent... which is really dependent on seasons and driving behavior. I have a late 2018 M3 MR as well, 22,276 miles as of this morning. I charge to 60-70% daily, depending on need. This morning I was at 71% with 182 miles of range...
  9. TJKR

    Mach E RWD range 370 miles

    370 miles is not a problem... if you go 30 mph. Model 3 went 600 miles at 30 mph.
  10. TJKR

    Battery Management System - What I Learned At Tesla Service Center

    I agree with this and drdumont, cycling BMS is almost pointless. In the long run, you are not doing the battery any favors. I think the problem with people obsessing about range is they have a “gas tank” mentality about electric cars. Electric car batteries do not function like a gas...
  11. TJKR

    Question for an engineer.

    Move somewhere else.
  12. TJKR

    Question for an engineer.

    I got a solution... park your car outside.
  13. TJKR

    Cybertruck satin/brushed stainless steel only?

    I want mine gun metal black.
  14. TJKR

    Supercharger - Goleta, CA (LIVE 6 May 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    He's saying "I don't have a charger at home and I don't want others to use this charger"
  15. TJKR

    Doubting Price is real!

    Price is real. This thing is designed to be not expensive to build, thus the shape. Flat, folded steel panels. No body, no chassis, flat glass, no paint. I've heard Model 3's body stamping is very expensive, as well as the painting. Cybertruck avoids both. There's also major weight savings...
  16. TJKR

    SR+ range seems to be 200 miles

    When I first got the car I was getting about 280 wh/mi on my mid-range or about 220 mile on a car that is supposed to get 262 miles. That is about what you are getting now on SR+. Ever since I've adopted certain habits to keep the consumption low and have gotten my lifetime wh/mi to 234 wh/mi...
  17. TJKR

    Cybrtrk battery efficiency

    Today's article on Electrek about Cybertruck being classified as Medium Duty truck is very interesting. Seems like the base level truck will weigh about 5000lbs (500 lighter than Model X!!) and tri-motor/ER will be about 6500lbs. Based on this and aero of 0.3c, this thing is going to be...
  18. TJKR

    CyberTruck may be classified as Medium Duty

    Please don't confuse yourself and others. GVWR is vehicle weight + max payload. If a vehicle weights 2000 lbs and can carry 8001lbs, it could be classified as Class 3. Prospective payload capacity for Cybertruck is 3500lbs. If GVWR is between 8500-10000, vehicle curb weight is...
  19. TJKR

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Michelson Dr. (Park Place, LIVE 19 Oct 2019, 12 urban stalls)

    Wow, good to see some progress. I spend it alot of time Irvine and have to go to Fountain Valley to charge, its the worst Supercharger station I've been to. I was at Daly City last week and charged at the 40 stall charger, it was great.. plenty of free stalls. What this area needs is one of...
  20. TJKR

    First M3 Road trip coming Next week

    I'd just charge it to 100% and just do the whole trip. The slower you go on the highway, the better your going to do on the mileage. I have a Mid-range and on a recent trip I did 240 miles no problem. Lot of it stuck in traffic, and came back with 40 miles/15% left.
  21. TJKR

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Michelson Dr. (Park Place, LIVE 19 Oct 2019, 12 urban stalls)

    I am hoping for a SC in Irvine and I would prefer it not be in a Irvine Company property. Many people in Irvine have a low opinion of them, including myself. Its a shame, there are good spots near Great Park off the I-5 fwy. Irvine Valley College area is good too, or near John Wayne Airport...
  22. TJKR

    Lights in house flicker while charging new Model 3

    This sounds like a transformer issue outside your home. I'd contact your utility if you can't resolve it. Did you ever check your voltage at your panel?
  23. TJKR

    Portable emergency battery pack for the trunkbe f

    This idea is slightly better than the Gilligan's Island solution. Bicycle with a generator. You'd just need to peddle for 12 hours to get about 4 miles. Even better.... Redirect Notice
  24. TJKR

    Mid Range Rated Range

    I am experiencing the exact same thing on my mid-range. However, I would not worry about it too much, that number I am guessing is the BMS prediction. The weather has been warming up and my efficiency has increased quite a bit. This weekend I was able to get 224 wh/mi on 943 mile, all highway...
  25. TJKR

    New Black Gen 2 HPWC - $375 pickup, $450 shipped to USA/Canada

    I have a referral Gen 2 HPWC, matte black with 24' cord. New, sealed in box. I am in Northern Santa Barbara County, California. $375 for pickup, cash only or $450 shipped to USA/Canada - PayPal only. Send me private message on this site.
  26. TJKR

    264 miles not update from 256

    My Mid-Range was at 254 when I first charged it to 100%. Two months and 3000 miles later, I got 267 with last week's software update. What?!?! I'll take it. Also weather warmed up last week, I've been getting 219 wh/mi in mostly highway driving (70-75 mph). I was averaging 239 wh/mi with...
  27. TJKR

    Mid Range charging speed.

    That is a fairly common issue. It happens on the older chargers that are wired in pairs... normally numbered like 2A and 2B... you can only max out on 120 KW if there is only one car but two cars it'll lower to like 70 KW. Avoid parking right next to another car if you charge if there is...
  28. TJKR

    Hi I'm new!

    I don't think this is good advice. MR is fine for road trips with good Supercharging coverage. I've been on four, 500+ mile road trips and had no issues super charging. Great thing about MR is its very efficient and you get max charge rate, around 118 KW same as any other Model 3. Since...
  29. TJKR

    Model 3 Mid-range is Best for Road Trips?

    California is hitting a critical mass of Tesla's where there always is a queue at peak times. I was at Dublin CA and there were 8 cars waiting to be charged. I waited till later that night to charge. Gilroy I had to wait about 10 min around lunch time. At a friend's in Dublin, he said...
  30. TJKR

    Model 3 Mid-range is Best for Road Trips?

    I just completed a 550 mile, 3 day road trip from Santa Barbara Area to the Bay Area in our new Mid-Range. This was my first time using solely the Superchargers and noticed all chargers were limited to 40 min. Some cut off the charge at 40 min and some didn’t and I was able to charge more but...
  31. TJKR

    Supercharger - Westminster, CA (LIVE 22 Dec 2018, 24 Urban stalls)

    Wow that is great news, this Westminster location couldn't have come soon enough. The Fountain Valley and Santa Ana locations were not cutting it. It'll be great to see a few more in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Tustin, Newport area.
  32. TJKR

    Supercharger - Westminster, CA (LIVE 22 Dec 2018, 24 Urban stalls)

    That's great news and good location. The Tesla Supercharger map still shows it at the wrong location on Beach and Westminster Blvd.
  33. TJKR

    For discussing the issue of locals charging at California Superchargers

    Unbelievable how stingy people are. You spend $50-$150K on a car and you are trying to save $10 on a charge or too cheap to put a charging station at home. Maybe this 6mos free charging for Model 3's wasn't a good idea. Should have given free HPWC so people are motived to charge at home.
  34. TJKR

    European pricing and configurator now live

    To all our European friends ordering the car, if you need a referral code, please start a conversation with me and I'll be happy share mine.
  35. TJKR

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Michelson Dr. (Park Place, LIVE 19 Oct 2019, 12 urban stalls)

    Any updates to this Supercharge in Irvine? I drove by there the other day, don't see anything. Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest seems like a Supercharger vacuum.
  36. TJKR

    California Model 3 MR Waiting Room

    To Californians who have PG&E as their electric utility, don't forget the $500 rebate and changing your metering to EV! I got my car on Friday, applied Saturday and just got notice check is in the mail!
  37. TJKR

    European pricing and configurator now live

    To all Europeans on this board, BUY THIS CAR!!! The Model 3 is AMAZING and it's sized perfect for European roads.
  38. TJKR

    Tesla's clearly were developed in Cali - weather issues

    Hmm... I really think most of these complaints are nitpicking. Most of this stuff you'd experience in a normal car and there are issues with ICE that you'll not see with EV's. I spent most of my early years in the East Coast and 3 winters in North Dakota where it was -30 F with -60 F wind...
  39. TJKR

    Mid Range waiting room

    The only change to my account was about 2 weeks ago when it showed my final payment amount and break down. Other than that all my information and edit button disappeared as soon as I provided all my registration and insurance info. I wouldn't not hang your hat on anything that happens on...
  40. TJKR

    Mid Range waiting room

    Thanks. I got notified by txt and email exactly at 0950 AM. I logged in later that day and saw my VIN and appt info.
  41. TJKR

    Mid Range waiting room

    Yep, I am in So Cal and just got mine this morning, 11/25 with delivery date of 11/30... pretty quick and I was not expecting it. Also got my VIN too so I can start working on my insurance. Reservation holder, ordered 10/20. MSM/Black/Aero/No EAP.
  42. TJKR

    Tesla Model 3 Production Hits Estimated 125,000

    car tags, spoilers and alloy pedals? Just jewelry for your car.
  43. TJKR

    Mid Range waiting room

    I for one would like to see a guarantee of $3500 discount if you don't get your car by 1159, Dec 31 if you order by Nov 30 to make up for the lost tax credit. Even if you get your car by then, some will have to reschedule delivery appointments or will reject their car due to quality.
  44. TJKR

    Mid Range waiting room

    Clarification, 200,000 does not count after post Jun 31, 2018. Jul 1 till Dec 31, Tesla can sell as many cars as they want (or can produce) which also benefits buyers. There will be a huge push to build as many Model 3's, S and X's till end of the year and get as many out as physically...
  45. TJKR

    Mid Range waiting room

    Don't worry your drive unit will not fall out of the car.
  46. TJKR

    Model 3 Configurator shows Dec delivery

    If it's a rhetorical question why did you even post? This was announced a few days ago.
  47. TJKR

    Mid Range waiting room

    The only other info is that most deliveries will not be in November.