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  1. juju

    Hello from ATL!

    Didn’t get staggered. MS’s eat thru tires so I wanted to be able to rotate as much as possible
  2. juju

    To de-chrome or not to de-chrome

  3. juju

    Tire/wheel protection recommendations

    Hey gang Last Saturday morning I noticed a weird noise coming from the back right tire. Immediately I knew it was either a rock or a nail. I’m not religious but I prayed pretty damn hard for it be a rock. Alas, it was a nail. Too close to the wall to repair. New tire. 245/35/21...$360...
  4. juju

    Charging at home

    An electrician can test the outlet. Just had an outlet installed at my house today. Guy made sure to check the voltage...
  5. juju

    Chrome delete on deep blue, questions/advice

    What about red emblems? Might look nice with blue
  6. juju

    Chrome delete on deep blue, questions/advice

    +1 on satin black I think silver or blacked out T would look fine. I like the Tesla logo and am proud to drive one so I left mine chrome and deleted the rest. All personal preference!
  7. juju

    Would you be okay with this?

    I'm inclined to agree with this. If the parking lot is full and spots are limited, this is a pretty jerk move. However, if there's plenty of other spots available and you're willing to pay for two, I don't have an issue. Maybe I should've asked...would YOU ever do this?
  8. juju

    Would you be okay with this?

    I can't decide.
  9. juju

    Dashcam video: my Tesla smacks armored truck while on Autopilot

    +1 I want to see the damage to your car
  10. juju

    Creating a Model S "app" (website). Looking for ideas!

    The software will be web-based so no, you cannot save it to a thumb drive. You don’t have to. You will access it via the web browser in your car. (see below)
  11. juju

    Good movies at the theater

    Go see this movie. Don’t ask questions. Just do it.
  12. juju


    Had my first Model S dream last night. Well, more like a nightmare. The car started acting up really badly while driving: headlights turned off and wouldn’t come back on, then the dash started flashing (think autopilot warning but faster) and some error message saying “Battery has been...
  13. juju

    A Tesla Owner with Cancer's Dying Dream

  14. juju

    Cannot force myself to buy current “dated” model S

    Bought a used 2014 MS and cancelled my M3 reservation a month ago. Sat in a M3 the other day. I have no regrets.
  15. juju

    Your House or Your Tesla?

    Definitely my Tesla. We rent a house and I do have my own home office/studio which I LOVE but the rest of the house it just okay.
  16. juju

    Anyone lowered on T Sportline springs?

    Curious if anyone on the forums has lowered their coil suspension MS with T Sportline springs. This appears to be the only options available for the car. Did a couple of searches but didn’t find any threads from members. Would love to hear any feedback on: -How much was ride smoothness...
  17. juju

    Rough ride

    I own a 2014 P85 on coils. It’s much smoother than my last car (Honda Civic) so I’m very happy. I switched to 21” wheels and noticed a slightly bumpier ride, which was to be expected. Took it to the SC for other issues and got a loaner 2018 100D on air and 19s. It rode much smoother than mine...
  18. juju

    Creating a Model S "app" (website). Looking for ideas!

    Yes I plan to make it work for both full and half screen :) The browser doesn’t allow streaming unfortunately :( Linking to home controls seems to be a popular idea. Only problem is I don’t have any of these systems so testing would be difficult. Not ruling it out though.
  19. juju

    New Tesla Podcast: Introducing RIDE THE LIGHTNING!

  20. juju

    Creating a Model S "app" (website). Looking for ideas!

    Yeah you're right. Nevermind everyone. :rolleyes:
  21. juju

    I have to make this confession...

    Oh we're out of something? I'll run to the grocery store. No, not the one right near our house, the one all the way across the city. I'll be back in an hour.
  22. juju

    April Fools pranks

    Curious if anyone was pranked or pranked someone today. Share your stories! I sent a group text to my extended family...
  23. juju

    I knew this day would come...

    NICE! And yes, it does :)
  24. juju

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    I envy your 100D status. Enjoy it ;)
  25. juju

    I knew this day would come...

    The support means a lot, as well as the stories of others with the same experience. I told myself not to go down that road and did it anyway. Vossens were ~$2k (not including tires). $150ish is worth it. I'll be more careful from here on out
  26. juju

    I knew this day would come...

    Oh man. Well I guess I can say I feel your pain. I’m already planning to take it to a collision shop this week to repair the frunk “ding of death.” Add refurbish a rim to the list
  27. juju

    Creating a Model S "app" (website). Looking for ideas!

    Happy to make it open source. I would love Spotify as well but didn’t know if the browser can send sound to the speakers (I’ve literally only used EVE weather on the browser so far) I also thought about text message reading. Not sure if I want to do email because I don’t check email while...
  28. juju

    I knew this day would come...

    Just not so soon. Had my new wheels for exactly one week and just curbed the rear right. :(
  29. juju

    Chrome delete quote

    I paid $1200 for mine (deleted everything but the Tesla emblems) but I went to a very high-end shop and the work has a lifetime warranty. Not going to skimp on aftermarket work on a $50k car. There's also not a lot of places that do it here so pricing likely isn't as competitive here as it may...
  30. juju

    Creating a Model S "app" (website). Looking for ideas!

    Also maybe some simple games like Blackjack, Connect Four, Sudoku, etc.
  31. juju

    Creating a Model S "app" (website). Looking for ideas!

    Hey everyone I'm an amateur coder and would like to build a Model S friendly website for use in the car (think similar to EVE). Given my current level of skill, the functionality will be VERY simple but hopefully will improve over time. Just curious what type of functionality is on everyone's...
  32. juju

    Problems with Energy Savings Mode

    I've had some issues with this as well. My touchscreen comes on quickly but the car and dash screen take awhile to boot up. I've only tried to use the mobile app to turn on the car once and the car never woke up. Bluetooth has been a bit janky as well. My music (Spotify) will resume where I left...
  33. juju

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    I use standard. It does take some time getting used to but the trick is to learn how to feather the accelerator. There's a sweet spot you can find where the car will coast like an automatic car does when letting off the gas. Simply put, it's all about feathering the accelerator pedal. It takes...
  34. juju

    Auto Fold/Auto Tilt issues

    I had this issue last night and it wasn't due to temperature because it was in the 50's (F). I have auto-fold set to off. When I went to my car, the side mirrors were folded in. I turned on the car and started to back out of the driveway. The actual mirrors tilted down like they normally do, but...
  35. juju

    Hello from ATL!

    Indeed it is. Pretty sure I'm never going back to ICE!
  36. juju

    Hello from ATL!

    Hiding the nose cone was one of the goals! Yes, the warranty does transfer over when buying from a private seller :)
  37. juju

    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?

    Black car, black trim, black interior, black wheels, black windows. ...I named her Wednesday.
  38. juju

    Hello from ATL!

    Hey everyone Just purchased a used 2014 Model S about a month ago. I found the car for sale on Cars.com in Myrtle Beach. Talked with owner over text, email, and phone calls. Eventually bought a plane ticket to Myrtle Beach, checked the car out in person and test drove it, then handed his bank a...
  39. juju

    My key fob got auto-locked inside the car

    Here's my solution. Did I mention this also makes me look super cool?
  40. juju

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    I decided to get the wheels first then see if I wanted to lower it. Conclusion: I want to lower it. I don't have air suspension so going the T Sportline springs route. Open to suggestions/recommendations!
  41. juju

    Got Rear Ended, His insurance won't pay for the labor rate

    +1 on get your insurance company involved. I got hit in a parking lot once, and in GA there's no jurisdiction in parking lots so it was simply my word against hers. She initially denied causing the accident. One phone call from my insurance to hers and everything was taken care of. I realize...
  42. juju

    Regenerative Braking Behavior Poll

    I dream of a world where I never have to use my brake pedal.
  43. juju

    Such a great car... Why such crappy floor mats?

    +1 on curling problem. Would love to hear more about aftermarket options as I can already tell that I'm going to have to replace mine.
  44. juju

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Guy at the Tesla store told me former VP of Engineering recommended charging to 80%. I bought my Model S used and the daily charge limit was already set to 80. Haven't changed it since.
  45. juju

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    21" Vossen HF-1 Satin Black...
  46. juju

    A Better Routeplanner

    Just tried out the app on my phone. Very nice work! And I'm a software product manager for a living ;)