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  1. tide

    Model X Insurance

    $2,186 annual for Farmers (CA Bay Area).
  2. tide

    Model X 2015 deliveries

    I was delayed a day (sensor issue was found during inspection). They gave us a loaner S for the day and the technicians were able to resolve the issue quickly. We picked it up this morning. Overall impressions: Much nicer fit and finish than the S (IMHO at least). Very powerful, and the biggest...
  3. tide

    What tires specifically come with?

    Picking mine up in 4 days, but trying to figure out a trip to Tahoe a few days after that (snow). What are the specific tires that come with the Model X, 22"? Anyone know? Spent an hour with Google and not much on specifics.
  4. tide

    Model X 2015 deliveries

    I'm Sig #448
  5. tide

    Pictures of the 20 and 22 inch wheels

    Does anyone know the tire size of the 22" wheels? I need to order chains.
  6. tide

    Model X 2015 deliveries

    #448 Factory Pickup 12/26
  7. tide

    Tracking and reporting of reservations, orders, and deliveries

    Was just asked to pay... how long to get a delivery date after that? 1-2 weeks?
  8. tide

    Model X Delivery Update

    #13 Delivered yesterday (Founders). Instagram
  9. tide

    Where to pick up...

    So we're 1 mile from the Palo Alto dealer, or 12 miles from Fremont. I presume it's faster/cooler to pick it up in Fremont, but maybe there is a local showroom benefit I'm missing.
  10. tide

    What is the highest reservation number to get invite to configure?

    If I'm the highest (current 448) to configure, I wonder what the lowest to not configure is.
  11. tide

    What is the highest reservation number to get invite to configure?

    30 minutes after posting this, I got my email! #448
  12. tide

    Model X Tally

    Just reserved a Signature Model X, sequence #448 - May 25, 2013. US.