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    Tesla Stores

    Why not? Ever tried breathing the air in Beijing?
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    P90D Auto Insurance

    I'd think seriously about more property damage coverage than $25K. That won't cover you if you hit a Chevy these days, much less another Tesla. -- Doug
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    Random Model S sightings

    Black Tesla in Dallas, Texas, yesterday. Black license plate "BYEOPEC". -- Doug
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    How quickly is autopilot "learning" about its trouble spots? Anybody experience it?

    My 2016 BMW has very limited cloud connectivity. It shows weather, traffic, and album covers on mp3 music. It can schedule service appointments and notify the dealer of problems. -- Doug
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    morals of self driving cars

    Of course the car should not be in that situation. Neither should human drivers. But exactly what sensor set is going to detect 10 stupid people crossing a highway behind a blind hill? -- Doug
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    Or Iceland. They do almost all of their electric power generation and domestic heating with geothermal. -- Doug
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    Reason #93 for buying a Tesla (or another EV...) :)

    I had a chance to see that actual launch from the VIP stand. Turned it down. I don't have a lot of regrets, but that is one. -- Doug
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    Adequate insurance coverage

    It depends on you. How much in attachable assets do you have? If not much, then you can get away with lower limits. Last time I looked, lower limits did not save much money, but that was a long time ago. One of the great bargains in insurance is umbrella insurance. This is a high limit...
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    Is A Parking Garage Really Not Liable If My Car Gets Damaged Or Stolen?

    You've got comprehensive insurance, no? That makes it an insurance company's problem, either theirs or yours. Stop worrying and enjoy the car. -- Doug
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    TSLA. Great potential, but stock overvalued says Morningstar

    This article: Tesla: Potential to Change the World, but Overvalued will not be popular around here. -- Doug
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    Who's gotten a speeding ticket in their Tesla?

    So you think California is different? From: California Speeding Laws | DrivingLaws.org "There are two basic types of defenses to a speeding charge under the Basic Speed Law. One type—the technical defense—is that the police used impermissible methods to catch you. The other—the substantive...
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    Random Model S sightings

    No pictures, but, for the last two days, there has been a red S in the line to pick up kids at school in Dallas, TX. It still had the "Zero Emissions" plate on it. Damn, that thing was pretty! -- Doug
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    Yum. -- Doug
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    in production! production time vs. delivery question

    Thanks for the real world view. -- Doug
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    in production! production time vs. delivery question

    How did delivery go? How do you take delivery in Texas? Handle the inspection and licensing? Thanks, Doug
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    April 30th Event SPECULATION: 100kWh Battery + 2.8s 0-60 Model S to be announced?

    Gasoline engines make peak power at one specific RPM. Therefore, a gasoline car can make peak power at n speeds where n is the number of gears in the transmission. -- Doug