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    Model 3 microscratches

    I found a permanent solution to this problem. When you get old enough you can't see them anymore.:cool:
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    why no beep for backup sensor in Model 3? [rear cross traffic warning]

    The other factor that makes rear cross traffic warning more necessary today is the proliferation of SUVs. It's impossible to see around them when backing out.
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    18inch Tsportline wheels on model 3

    I think the aerodynamics of the wheel is more important than weight when it come to range. That's why the stock 18 in. wheel covers provide more range than the same wheels running bare.
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    Got a flat tire in Tijuana, Mexico

    If you replaced only two of the four tires and the old tires had significant tread wear then they would have a smaller diameter than the new tires. This can mess up traction control which monitors the rotational speed of each tire.
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    Model 3 Performance Vs Giulia Quadrifoglio?

    I'm a former Alfa owner and it's hard to compare it to the model 3. The Alfa steering and handling are superior and it just feels like something special. There are so many model 3s on the road that I feel like I am driving just another ordinary car. If my local Alfa dealer had not shut down...
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    overheating interior - high desert

    I have 2-layer roof shades in Florida. Works great...
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    Tesla insurance and the yoke

    There are two things they could be measuring: 1) How rapidly you turn the wheel 2) How fast you are going relative to the turn radius (amount of steering wheel rotation vs. vehicle speed) Neither one would be affected by changing to a yoke.
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    Seat heat stays on after restart

    I think that's true for automatic mode. I just tested it in manual mode and it heats up with no passenger in the seat and stays on after restart.
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    Seat heat stays on after restart

    If I manually turn on the seat heater without turning it off prior to shutting down the car, it will come on again at the next startup. I assume this happens on all model 3's. If this happens with the passenger seat, you might not notice it's running for months if no one uses that seat. Note...
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    Clearance under front valance

    I have one of these. Works great...
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    Large type (font)

    I am an engineer and If I were the head of one of Tesla's design groups I would be looking at this forum on a regular basis. User feedback is a valuable commodity to any customer oriented company. Many companies have people assigned to specifically track social media sites and feed the...
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    Large type (font)

    I have seen this statement before from other forum members. If it's true, then Tesla doesn't deserve to be in business.
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    How can I encourage insurance to declare a total loss on my Model 3?

    Another factor is how much they can get if they total your car and auction it off. I hit some road debris in my Alfa Romeo which tore up the underside causing $16K damage. The insurance company totaled it and I got over $30k. With no damage to the body panels or interior it was worth a lot...
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    Model 3 - multiple headlight failures

    I wonder how much of the $1000 Tesla charges is for labor.
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    Model 3 - multiple headlight failures

    It should not exceed 15 - 16 volts.
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    Model 3 - multiple headlight failures

    When cars had the old style headlights with replaceable bulbs, frequent burnouts were due to the 12V system voltage being too high. In the Tesla system it might happen if the charging circuit for the 12V battery puts out too much voltage, either continuously or as a temporary spike. A battery...
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    Tesla on a treadmill

    Or a windmill on the front of the car that is powered by the airflow when driving. It is attached to a generator which charges the battery.
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    Anyone successfully get Progressive to replace roof glass with $0 deductible?

    Many states require that insurance pay for a broken windshield with no deductible. A broken sun roof gets treated like any other part of the car (deductible applies).
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    Elon Musk's 5-Word Response to a User Suggestion Is a Bad Sign for Tesla Owners

    Now I understand how the UI got so bad. Elon Musk’s 5-Word Response to a User Suggestion Is a Bad Sign for Tesla Owners
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    Air Propulsion during Slight Regen Usage - Idea

    If you install a windmill generator on the hood, it could power the drive motor directly. The faster you drive the more power it makes. Should be able to get up to at least 200 MPH.
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    A simple fix for the User Interface

    The current interface has the large map as the default for the right hand portion of the screen. Most of us don't use Navigation in our daily driving so why not make the map screen a selectable option? The area now used by the map could become a "Driving" screen.. This could have quick...
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    V11 - Missing Glovebox Button

    I rarely use the glovebox and a year from now I will probably forget how to open it. I can picture getting into an accident and trying to explain to the police why I can't open the glovebox to produce the vehicle registration. The officer gets suspicious that I am hiding some good stuff, pulls...
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Is the Watt hour per mile displayed on the center screen based only on electricity consumed by the power train or does it include other systems such as HVAC, power steering, lights, heated seats, etc.?
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    No voice control of seat heat if set to automatic?

    With the 2021.44.25.2 update my seat heaters will not turn on by voice command if seat heat is in automatic mode. This means diving into the menus, turning off automatic mode to get seat heat, and repeating that to get it back into auto mode after turning the seat heat off. The UI should be...
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    v11 software update SUCKS

    Tesla needs to fire some of their game and silly gadget developers and hire a good human factors engineer.
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    Muscle car boombox sound

    Driver next to you at a stop light giving you the fish-eye? Hit him with this:
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    A/C Evaporate Flush

    If you haven't had any problems with "locker room odors" I would skip it.
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    Excessive ac condensation

    One possible cause: If the evaporator is running at too low a temperature all the moisture it collects during the drive will freeze to the coil and not drop to the ground. It will all then melt and drip out as the car sits.
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    Inspiration for the Model 3 body styling revealed

    The Model Y is the same only pregnant.
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    How good is YOUR Climate Control - Temperature Consistency

    I have owned at least six different cars with automatic climate control. My Model 3 is by far the worst. About once a week I have to turn automatic mode off and back on to get it working. When it is working, I often have to adjust the temperature setting by 2 or 3 degrees as the outside...
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    Car rattling

    Tesla recently announced that all new M3's will come with ear plugs color matched to the car.
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    What is the frunk called in England?

    I guess I need to explain it: trunk in front = frunk in USA boot in front = foot in England
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    What is the frunk called in England?

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    When will you upgrade?

    I've been eyeing up the new Ioniq 5. I think it looks great and has all of the features missing from the Tesla model 3.
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    Why should I get a 3 instead of a Y?

    Yup. Shaped like a pregnant frog.
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    Charged $800 for A/C Compressor harness after 6mo? [SC states water damage]

    Cables and connections under the car have to be designed to be water tight. Imagine the amount of high velocity spray that is created at highway speeds in heavy rain. Submerging the cables for a short period of time should not cause problems. For example, all modern cars have ABS sensors on...
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    Latest M3 manual

    The OP stated "Also, any feature cheat sheets to maximize my 20-minute drive would be greatly appreciated. Thanks"
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    Latest M3 manual

    Looking back, I realize that I was so impressed with the tech and performance of the model 3 that I forgot to check several things during my test drive. Drive on a bumpy road and make sure you are satisfied with the ride and noise level. Check that it has all the features you expect. Rear...
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    Just got my 14-50 plug installed

    I wasn't aware of that and I couldn't find anything in the owner's manual. Do you have a reference?
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    Wall connector standby current draw

    I measured the current at 120 volts and it was about 5 watts. It gets hotter when plugged into 240 volts so I assume it is using more power.
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    Wall connector standby current draw

    I have a 14-50 wall connector and I noticed the electronic box stays warm while not connected to the car. It measures 12 deg. F above ambient. I'm wondering how much power I am wasting by leaving it plugged in. Does anyone know the rated standby power?
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    How good is YOUR Climate Control - Temperature Consistency

    I have the same problem intermittently. For example, I start up the car with outside temperature at 85F and temperature setting at 72F. It blows warm air until I change the temperature setting or turn "automatic" off then on. I have tried waiting for several minutes before "waking it up"...
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    Question about impact distance warning

    I installed one of these. It has a motion sensor that turns on the laser. Adjust it so that the laser beam is visible on your dashboard when the car is at the correct location. Works like a charm. Provides interesting reactions when a guest walking thru the garage sees a red laser dot in the...
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    New tires at 8k miles? Your advice appreciated.

    Tesla's responses to problems like this are making me think twice about buying another one.
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    MASTER THREAD: Powering house or other things with Model 3

    Since the Tesla M3 12V battery is charged by the main battery, it should be possible to connect an inverter to the 12V battery to get a long lasting source of 120V power during an outage. Does anyone know how much current the 12V charger can supply? A potential problem would be...
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    Model 3 rolling away on door opening?

    Being a retired accident reconstructionist I had to run some tests using my SR+: If the car is still rolling even slightly ("HOLD" message not showing) it will not go into park when the door is opened until the speed drops to zero. The other problem this accident raises relates to one pedal...