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  1. OCJeff

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Exemption States are allowed to exempt certified alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) from HOV lane requirements within the state. Eligible AFVs are defined as vehicles operating solely on methanol, denatured ethanol, or other alcohols...
  2. OCJeff

    SCE Rate Plans changing 3/1/19?

    Any details? Do you have Solar? If yes, what size system? Batteries? What rate schedule are you on? $700 sounds like a lot, but with TOU and no solar I could see it (with the tesla needing a nightly charge).
  3. OCJeff

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    It’s a federal law that prevents California from extending the expiration. I did notice (as I’m sure everyone has) that the 2023 stickers are green over the 2022 yellow and they all expire Sept-2025. This tells me that the DMV is tracking the issue date just in case the expiration date is...
  4. OCJeff

    SCE: TOU-D 4-9pm or TOU-D Prime

    Are you concerned at all with constant daily cycling the power wall to dump the power back into the grid during peak? What size PV system and what does your PW configuration look like? I'm on NEM 2 (since Dec-2017) and being forced off of TOU-D-A in October. Trying to figure out my options...
  5. OCJeff

    SCE Rate Plans changing 3/1/19?

    I found this read when I was doing research. I like the idea of adding batteries to minimize my on-peak consumption (not for charging), but the ROI is just too far out to justify. The Economics of Battery Storage for Residential Solar Customers in Southern California
  6. OCJeff

    SCE Rate Plans changing 3/1/19?

    I received the same exact notification myself just last night. :( The only way to make solar work now is to get a battery system to store up the rays and use them during peak.
  7. OCJeff

    Costco Connect (No new policies in California)

    This was news to me. When did this happen?
  8. OCJeff

    Tesla with a white roof. Is this a new thing?

    Lots of examples on YouTube I'm sure. Check Gjeebs's channel. He did that as an experiment. It was a wrap. Edit: Here
  9. OCJeff

    Speaker popping noise

    I still have the clicking sound after the 2023.12.9 update. This to me sounds like the DSP restarting or crashing and reloading very quickly. It only happens at the beginning of the drive. Sometimes for 3 seconds, sometimes for 30 seconds. But once it goes away it doesn’t happen again for...
  10. OCJeff

    Speaker popping noise

    I don’t have high hopes, but will monitor and report back after the 2023.12.9 update tonight. Seriously doubt this DSP issue is on any high level engineer’s radar to prioritize a resolution for. Sadly. It’s annoying, and I’m surprised the wife just brushed it off this long. Haha.
  11. OCJeff

    Just updated to 2023.13.9 - Why is my MY charging?

    Edit: subject should read 2023.12.9 Scheduled departure set for 7am. Like every other day. In the garage and I see my MY is charging up. Is this a side effect of the update tonight?
  12. OCJeff

    Speaker popping noise

    I tried to open a service call, and they replied it was a known issue to be fixed with a software update. I mentioned it had been over a year since this has been happening and they did not reply. 🤷‍♂️ Two Model Y and they both do it. Tesla just needs to put some effort into this or do a...
  13. OCJeff

    Windows and trunk randomly open on their own while I’m away from my car.

    Has anyone opened a service ticket with Tesla and asked what triggered the trunk or windows to open? I would expect all of this data is logged.
  14. OCJeff

    DRAGY Times LR AWD w/Performance Boost Upgrade

    Whatever happened to this test of yours? Do you have any results (both efficiency as well as performance improvements)?
  15. OCJeff

    MYLR Acceleration Boost Availability

    This is exactly my plan. An overnight test drive and really get a feel for it.
  16. OCJeff

    MYLR Acceleration Boost Availability

    I myself also have a MYLR+AB. I considered the MYP (for me the downsides are that the rims that literally stick out from the tire, pothole concerns with small sidewalls and you cannot rotate the tires for such a small again in performance), but also have been looking at the M3P. Since I have...
  17. OCJeff

    Two complaints about the current UI (08/2022) - Reverse Camera Disappears & Driver Profile Selection

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the 2023.6.8 release that fixed my first complaint!!! The second complaint has morphed a bit where the profile is shown correct (my name) but the seating position is not correct. And I need to reselect the same profile name and then the seats adjust...
  18. OCJeff

    New California License Plate Option - White on Black

    Strange, because I see them all the time and I have to think they are just not enforcing the law and issuing tickets.
  19. OCJeff

    2022 Model Y stops responding to all keys

    I had something similar happen to my wife (on 2022.40.8), but I do think that was more easily explained (but still good to document the issue). She ran off to do some errands, and on her way to her first top the car complained about not having a key detected, and it would not start after it was...
  20. OCJeff

    California License Plates & Registration

    Chat / Call the DMV they will confirm if any paperwork is still pending. Common with Tesla. They can also confirm your license plate if there are no issues so you can apply. Others have applied with license plate left blank, or temp plates and they will also succeed IF your paperwork has...
  21. OCJeff

    2022.28.2 software update

    Two button reboot/reset? The alternate routes on my map were somewhat obscure and not very obvious. It also disappears after about 5 seconds (it feels like) once the route has begun.,
  22. OCJeff

    HVAC running for 2 hours alert

    I would do a two button reboot/reset, and then see if it keeps happening.
  23. OCJeff

    Received 2022.28.2 Update - No "Alternate Routes" Listed in the initial release notes

    When I jumped in my care this morning only the Theater Mode changes were listed as part of the update to 2022.28.2. Frustrated (after reading that not everyone is getting the "Alternate Routes" feature, I checked the Software status, and checked "Release Notes" in the drivers menu, and it was...
  24. OCJeff

    2022.24.6 is actually great!

    Now we just need the AC controls to allow the reverse camera to stay up in the background. Why the AC controls kill it makes no sense to me and is very frustrating. The two things I do right away is back out and realize the car is hot or blowing too much and need to adjust it. Causes me to...
  25. OCJeff

    Is it possible to have TWO Cloud Profiles under ONE Tesla Account (mobile app)?

    Do this in the app, and then probably wait a day. Edit: There may be a chance you have to delete the key from the car and re-add it (assuming the photo already shows in the App). That would be my guess.
  26. OCJeff

    Difference between 2022.24.5 and 2022.24.6

    I think they may have fixed the bluetooth bug, where phone calls would not transmit my audio over the call (switching to speaker phone allowed the other party to hear me.) Last time I used this after the 24.6 release the bluetooth audio worked fine. I'm not sure if this is an intermittent...
  27. OCJeff

    Is it possible to have TWO Cloud Profiles under ONE Tesla Account (mobile app)?

    I'm having issues with this actually. I received the 2022.24.5 update (now .6) on one of our MY's. To use the Driver Profile I created a second Tesla account for my wife and shared both cars with her account (one was on 2022.20 and mine was on 2022.24). On my car I saw her second...
  28. OCJeff

    Windshield woes

    It does, I saw it when I was researching PPF.
  29. OCJeff

    Punctured Tire -Bad, but fixable?

    Thanks all. The tire shop patched the tire, no charge (yesterday). I realized today though that the tire pressure has been set to 46 PSI all around (!!). This seems way to high to me, and I'll need to drain some air out of the tires down to around 40-42 PSI. I have no idea why they...
  30. OCJeff

    I need y’all’s help please

    Sounds like the hatch isn’t tight enough and causing air fluctuations. Check you tube. Look for “How to tighten hatch on Tesla” or something. Should find it.
  31. OCJeff

    Punctured Tire -Bad, but fixable?

    Ouch. Off the freeway exit and then text the rhythmic vibration of this guy…. Looks patchable. Hope it holds air overnight to get to the tire shop.
  32. OCJeff

    Two complaints about the current UI (08/2022) - Reverse Camera Disappears & Driver Profile Selection

    I have two small complaints that I encounter on a very regular basis, and I think they would be easy QOL fixes by Tesla. Is there any way to submit requests, or just make a bunch of noise here on the forums? Anyway, here are my issues... 1) If I have the car in reverse, and then realize that...
  33. OCJeff

    Friend opening car with no cellphone or wifi covarage

    I could be wrong, but won’t the car let anyone walk up and plug in a charger? I know you need a key to unplug the charge cable but as long as it’s a native Tesla charger with the button you press to open the charge port it should just open when you press the button.
  34. OCJeff

    Confused and frustrated with schedule departure and schedule charge

    Did you turn off the "Off-peak Charge" Option under the Departure section?
  35. OCJeff

    No sound in Skyforce Reloaded (2022.20.7)

    Thanks. I’ll try that next time.
  36. OCJeff

    Confused and frustrated with schedule departure and schedule charge

    All changes were made in the App.
  37. OCJeff

    Confused and frustrated with schedule departure and schedule charge

    I confirmed last night that when you have BOTH departure options turned OFF (Precondition and Off-Peak Charging) that the "Charge" schedule (Start Charging at...) will not get turned off each day. I plugged in the wife's MSM MY last night just after 10pm (always where I have the "Start Charging...
  38. OCJeff

    No sound in Skyforce Reloaded (2022.20.7)

    Has anyone else noticed this? It's been a while since I've played, and I used to be able to adjust the volume in game with the steering wheel. Now no "Volume icon" appears and there is no sound during game play. I did hear one confirmation "chime" in the menus while navigating to the game...
  39. OCJeff

    Confused and frustrated with schedule departure and schedule charge

    I'm 99% sure the "Schedule - Charge" setting resets after each charge. In general the car will charge just prior to the scheduled "departure" time. I like to top off one Tesla at night (after 10pm) and then move the charger over to Tesla #2 for overnight/departure charge with...
  40. OCJeff

    Version 2022.12.3.20 freezing touchscreen

    I've had no issues with touchscreen since 2022.16.x was installed. Not sure if this is just luck, or the issue is fixed in 2022.16 releases.
  41. OCJeff

    Premium Connectivity Yearly Plan $99

    So essentially, if you think you may sell in the next 12 months don't pre-pay for the year. If you do, and you sell, you lose the unused portion of $100. No big deal.
  42. OCJeff

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Mine took about 4.5 months.... Early December order and received mid-April.
  43. OCJeff

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Yes, this. All CA HOV stickers expire on 9/30/2025. Unless they renew or extend the program it's set to officially end in 2025.
  44. OCJeff

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Should be within 30 days. If it’s longer than that then something has gone wrong. Push DMV for a status and then go to Tesla to fix it.
  45. OCJeff

    Version 2022.12.3.20 freezing touchscreen

    I did something similar. I opened a service request. They asked some basic questions, and asked if I did the two button solute to do a soft reset (which I confirmed and mentioned the issue recurred about a week or two later). They then just confirmed the service appointment. My wife...
  46. OCJeff

    Version 2022.12.3.20 freezing touchscreen

    I've had my touchscreen go unresponsive twice now in about 2 weeks. I've been on 2022.12.3.12 for the past two weeks (and no instances of this prior to these two since Sept. '21 delivery). Has anyone received an acknowledgement from Tesla service that this is a known issue and will be...
  47. OCJeff

    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    Nope. Samsung SSD here and it has the same problems. I may put the USB Flash drive back in, but it seems like it's not related to the drive type.
  48. OCJeff

    Why not show estimated range (based on recent driving trends) instead of rated range?

    Since you revised this thread I would add that the driver should be able to chose what is shown on the main screen by the battery. Rated range or est. range from the last 5/15/30 miles of driving. Such an easy thing to implement, and would be much more realistic.
  49. OCJeff

    Dashcam Unavailable Check USB

    Nix that. Had the issue recur today. Still an issue on 2022.12.3.12.