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    Supercharger - Hamilton, TX

    Yes, back in the day we used to say the planned supercharger map was more aspirational than informational.
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    Supercharger - Lawrence, KS

    This servIce plaza can be accessed heading either eastbound of westbound, but Tesla navigation and google maps navigation incorrectly show it as being accessible going eastbound only. If you’re heading west from KC, nav tries to take you to the next exit to turn around and go back on the highway...
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    Supercharger - Oklahoma City, OK

    No, you’re thinking of urban superchargers which are 72kW. v2 superchargers such as this one are 150 kW.
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    Supercharger - Oklahoma City, OK

    At Oklahoma City supercharger now. 8 cars waiting. I started at 12% and only got 63kW. Stall 4B is not working. Avoid this stop if you can.
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    Slacker Christmas music in April

    What’s with all the Christmas music on Slacker lately? Over the past week I’ve had Christmas music repeatedly on Ingrid Michaelson station, Sara Bareilles station, and today on Sheryl Crow. That’s never happened before in 9 years of driving Teslas.
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    Austin gigafactory party

    One of the first Model S owners in Austin (2013), and a Model 3 for myself and a Model Y for my wife since then. No invite.
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    Supercharger - Dallas - Park Ln.

    It’s on the Tesla find us map- says opening Q3 2021: https://www.tesla.com/en_IE/findus?v=2&bounds=32.84536687881885%2C-96.75638323027127%2C32.82048558994598%2C-96.80702333647244&zoom=15&filters=supercharger&search=Dallas%2C%20TX%2C%20USA&location=DallasTXsupercharger
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    Supercharger - Dallas - Park Ln.

    OK, but is this one being built on Park Lane the one the map shows as being south of Mockingbird?
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    Supercharger - Dallas - Park Ln.

    The Tesla supercharger map shows a projected one off 75 south of Mockingbird. Is this actually the one being built much further north on Park Lane?
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    Supercharger - Oakhill, Austin, TX

    The address is a shopping center at the intersection of 71 and 290. It has to be a supercharger. There are no hotels there which might be installing a destination charger, and anyway permits for 240V circuits for destination chargers don’t usually specify it’s for Tesla.
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    Legislature fails to act - TX manufactured vehicles still can't be sold in TX

    It is Ford and GM as much as the auto dealers. At the last Texas house committee hearing on a Tesla sales bill, I think in 2017, both the auto manufacturers trade group and GM testified against the bill. That was the same year GM lobbyists killed a bill in the Maryland legislature liberalizing...
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    Supercharger - Round Rock, TX

    I wonder if this replaces the one planned for Georgetown that hasn’t happened. Just a few miles apart on I-35.
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    Supercharger - Kyle, Tx

    Still happening, or are you referring to what happened in 2013? I see you’ve been around long enough to remember that Temple was on the original plan along with Hillsboro to cover the Austin- Dallas route. Political pressure from the dealers caused Temple to reject a supercharger, and that’s how...
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - S Lamar Blvd

    No. The icons for planned supercharges don’t show exact locations, just the section of the city they will be in. Usually a location hasn’t even been contracted for yet when a planned supercharger shows up on the map. Also remember that Tesla’s planned supercharger map is more aspirational than...
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    Supercharger - Georgetown, TX

    If you go back to the archives from 2013 you’ll see that Temple was supposed to be one of the first supercharger locations in Texas, for the Austin-Dallas route, but the city blocked it. That’s why it’s in Waco. Regardless, it’s only 100 miles from Waco to Austin so I don’t see why it’s crazy...
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    Tesla only taking orders of PWs with Solar

    Looks like Electrek has been reading TMC and Reddit again. The article had no info other than what users have posted on the forums. A comment from Tesla would have been nice— such as what happens to orders placed before the website stopped accepting orders for Powerwall to be added to existing...
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    Why is Tesla Solar so Inexpensive Compared to Others?

    But unlike a municipal bond that returns the principal at maturity in 30 years, the value of solar panels goes to 0 after about 30 years when the panels reach the end of their useful life. How do you account for this in your ROI calculation?
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    Tesla no longer selling Powerwall without solar?

    I placed an order two weeks ago (adding 2 Powerwalls to existing solar PV) with the $100 deposit and submitted the photos they requested. I wonder if Tesla will be fulfilling existing orders or if they will be cancelled.
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    FYI - Managing Power during an Outage

    As I understand it, the theory was that a potential windfall up to $9/kWh during an emergency was supposed to be incentive for power producers to build additional plants that could provide power during an emergency. That theory was wrong.
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    Anyone from Texas here get overcharged?

    Only people who signed up for certain variable rate plans with retail providers such as Griddy, which is uncommon. They gambled that there wouldn’t be enough of a shortage to cause the wholesale price to spike and they lost that bet. Or more likely, they didn’t fully understand what they were...
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    Powerwall purchase options

    I read on the Tesla website and elsewhere that the federal tax credit applies to battery storage added to an existing solar PV system as well as to new systems. Is there some question about this?
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    Powerwall purchase options

    I have an existing solar PV and wish to add Powerwall. In a city where both Tesla Energy and 3rd party installers sell Powerwall, does anyone have an opinion on going with one or the other? A related question, how often does Tesla find an usual circumstance that would add cost to their standard...
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    New Bill Proposed Targeting EVs with Higher Fees

    This appears to be the same bill that this representative introduced last session. It did get a committee hearing and several of us testified against it. I don’t recall now if the committee ever voted on it, it’s probably in the archive here somewhere, but it never got to the floor.
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    2017 Texas Legislative Session Discussion Thread

    Actually it's shorter than that-- 140 day sessions unless a special session is called. Presumably part of the deal was the leadership would support a change in the law protecting car dealerships. I'm looking at you, Lt. Gov. Patrick.
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - Century Oaks Terrace

    This looks to be the parking garage where Tesla has always had a row of HPWCs for the test drive cars on the lower level.
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    Supercharger - College Station, TX - Texas Avenue South

    I see you’re new here. The Tesla supercharger map has always been more aspirational than informational.
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    Blog School Board Approves $68 Million in Incentives to Bring Tesla Factory to Texas

    No, the land is not owned by the school district.
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    Blog School Board Approves $68 Million in Incentives to Bring Tesla Factory to Texas

    Do you really not understand how the tax incentives work? The school district will be getting millions of dollars more in taxes over the life of the agreement than if Tesla did not build there and the site remained a gravel pit.
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    Blog Impressed With Community Support, Musk Says He Will Visit Tulsa

    Alternate headline: Left-wing advocacy group opposed to tax incentives continues to claim that schools "lose" revenue that never existed .
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    Blog Impressed With Community Support, Musk Says He Will Visit Tulsa

    No, it has an OPTION on land just outside Austin. Tesla won't purchase the land until the county and school district approve the tax incentives. Both have held public hearings but haven't taken a vote yet. There is a lot of support from the business community, as you can imagine, but there is...
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    Report: Tesla Considering Austin, Tulsa for Next U.S. Factory

    The Samsung fabrication plant that makes Tesla's FSD chips is only 14 miles away.
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    TeraFactory & Cybertruck coming to Austin Tx

    You're a little late to the party. See the other threads.
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    Report: Tesla Considering Austin, Tulsa for Next U.S. Factory

    The Austin area site being considered was identified today. It’s not the Hutto one, it’s 2100 acres east of Austin at Texas 130 and Harold Green Rd., close to the airport. Currently it’s a gravel mining site. Tesla could get more than $60 million in tax breaks to choose site in Travis County...
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    5 seat MX can't stay cool in 93 degree weather

    You don't necessarily need the windows "tinted", but you do need heat rejection film. The ceramic films such as 3M crystalline or XPEL Prime can look almost clear but still block most heat energy. Search this site for hundreds of posts discussing window film.
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    Going rate for electricians in Dallas area

    You’re thinking of taking the advice of some random person on the internet over what Tesla recommends?
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    Model Y Insurance question

    It all goes back to the Texas legislature being a wholly owned subsidiary of the Texas Auto Dealers Association. To get around the prohibition on auto manufacturers selling directly to consumers in Texas, your purchase is taking place in California and the car will have temporary registration...
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    Going rate for electricians in Dallas area

    The outlet alone costs more than $50 if you’re using a high quality one such as Hubbell which is what Tesla recommends: HUBBELL HBL9450A AC Receptacle NEMA 14-50 Female Black 125/250 Volt 50 Amp And it’s only a simple install if you know what you’re doing. 240V is not something to take lightly...
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    Report: Tesla Considering Austin, Tulsa for Next U.S. Factory

    “Austin” doesn’t mean within the city of Austin, just as the Berlin factory isn’t in Berlin. The area being talked about for an Austin factory isn’t even in the same county.
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    TeraFactory & Cybertruck coming to Austin Tx

    The property is off of TX 130 which bypasses I-35 through Austin. Traffic heading north from that factory site wouldn’t hit I-35 until north of Georgetown, and heading south it goes all the way to I-10. I think it was Molly Ivans that said the secret to happiness in Austin is avoiding I-35.
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    Safe to use the Mobile Charger as full time unit?

    Yes, I’ve been doing this since 2013 as have many early owners. The “Mobile” in Mobile Connector a capability, not a requirement. Note that it’s a called a connector, not a charger. The charger is in the car.
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    Supercharger - Italy, TX

    I reported this to Tesla last week, apparently they haven’t been out to fix it yet. 4A and 4B had no power, another one was knocked off the base, and 1A said “charging stopped” as soon as it started.
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    Supercharger - Sealy Texas

    I’ve been charging there since 2013 and would disagree with all these statements. I’ve never seen it ICEd. It’s not a Holiday Inn, and the Mexican restaurant (Los Cabos) next door is great, as is their sister restaurant Nancy’s across the street for salad bar and hamburgers. Better food than at...
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    Texas Supercharger Manager(s)?

    No, but he could call his counterpart at Rudy’s in Webster, or Houston 290 location, etc. to find out who their contact is. Or Rudy’s corporate. It’s nice of you to offer to do the legwork but it really shouldn’t be necessary.
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - Research Blvd.

    Who cares? If a Tesla owner is using Plugshare to find where to supercharge there’s some education that needs to be done.
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    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    Take that, Red!
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    Navigation too conservative planning charging srops

    Yes, navigate to the supercharger you want to stop at.
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    Better to charger higher or run battery lower?

    It’s a cumulative effect. Once or twice wouldn’t be measurable, but don’t make a habit of it.
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    Charging w/50 Amp Nema Outlet

    Yes. Everyone here know why. A little reading about charging, either here and/or on the Tesla web site, will give you the answer. Home Charging Installation
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    Range, Wh/mi, General Battery Usage, and the Energy app

    Your battery stores energy, not “miles”. Drive the EPA test cycle and you’ll get the rated range. Otherwise, as they say for gas cars, YMMV.