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    Model S P Plate Status - Queensland

    Not according to my math. 70D has 245kw and 193kw (438kw) motors, and weighs 4647.3 lb (curb weight). Converting the weight to metric and it's 2.108t. This would give make it 207.8 kw / ton. A fair amount over that weight ratio limit. Someone want to check my math?
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    Tesla in Australia

    FTA: "But it's worth noting a car with all this technology is able to limbo to this price because a large chunk of it has been subsidised by a US government trying to reduce its dependence on oil." Uh, that's not correct - is it? Tesla paid back that loan, and the only other US Government...
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    Tesla in Australia

    I think I saw this too. I saw something Roadster or Lotus shaped heading to the city on Anzac Bridge at about 10am. It whipped past my taxi and by the time I got a clear sight of it, it was too far away for me to tell what it was. Slightly greyish light blue?