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    How many [lifetime] miles do you have?

    Took delivery M3LR on June 2022 and now has 20K miles. Love driving it more than my previous 2014 Audi S5. :)
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    NEMA 14-30 Installed from the Main Panel

    I heard the ground fault GFIC circuit breaker is not resettable when it tripped. Did I hear it right?
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    M3 RWD Delivery Today [01.26.2023]

    I looked into it and found that it works depending on your income; not everyone get the $7500 debate.
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    M3 RWD Delivery Today [01.26.2023]

    Nice car and nice color and setup. Congratulations!
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    Tire repair kit

    hahaha... I saw that video and you had a hard time to push the needle in the tire with all the muscles you have on your arms :) Later, the tech showed you the trick to push the needle into the tire and it works well. Thank you very much for the video. I found it very informative and fun to watch.
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    Screen viewing by old eyes

    Is it possible to control the car by voice rather than finding and pushing "buttons" on the screen? How do we learn about that? (I thought there would be an owner's manual in that Tesla App; but if there is, I cannot find it.) Push the small wheel on the right side of the steering wheel and...
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    Warning alerts on screen need to be audible and remain on the screen longer.

    I totally agree with you. the alert texts shall be speak out so the driver does not take his/her eyes off the road. This is a safety issue why don't the Tesla engineers think about it? I posted the alert message to Elon on his Twitter and hope he had read it :)
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    Gen 3 Tesla and Gen 3 J1772 Wall Connector Install Write up with Photos!

    I think since the circuit is 240VAC both hot wires in black color is fine.
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    Full sized spare tire for Model 3?

    Could you share the info of the plug kit you use? I like that idea than a spare tire. Thanks.
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    Is NEMA 14-50 AND Tesla Wall Connector a good idea?

    Just want to share with you my experience on the level 2 setup in my garage for my model 3 Long Range. In may garage, I have a 240VAC/30AMP outlet behind the dryer which is not in use since I use the gas dryer. So, I use that 240 outlet (14-30) for my level 2 charger. I travel to work 140 miles...
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    How do the dual motor work

    Could anyone explain how the Tesla dual motor work? Do they work like the All-Wheels drive on the ICE car or the 4x4 truck? I know each motor is coupling to the differential gear box but I am not sure if the Tesla software monitors the speed of each wheel so it can shift the power to the wheel...
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    What's the EV life like when Model 3 is the only car and drives 40k+ miles a year? Spoiler Alert, very long experience sharing

    My 2022 M3LR insurance cost about $100/year more than my 2014 Audi S5 with the same coverage. Not bad.
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    At Home 240V charging Interrupts all the time

    I agree with Davewill. Neutral wire and ground wire must not tied together at the sub-panel. They only be tired together at the first cutoff switch which is the main panel bey the meter. This could be the root of the problem. How did the electricians and city inspector passed this grounding at...
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    Wall Plug Over Heat Issue - Better 6-50 Receptable? (Using Mobile Charger)

    I would not use Leviton receptacle for charging the EV since it is rating for residential not industrial. Hubbell/Bryant is the one to use.. Just make sure you torque the screw on each wire properly.
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    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    Agreed! And with the Wall Charger you would need to upgrade the main electrical panel to 200A. A 100A e-panel may not adequate for adding the wall charger. I have a NEMA 14-30 outlet installed and charge my M3LR at 24A overnight (9PM-6:30AM), its tank is filled up to 85% before 6:30. I thought...
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    Dashcam / Sentry: How they work and what they do (and dont) do

    Thanks much for this voice command tip.
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    3,000 mile road trip in Model 3 SR+

    Great! I look forward for a road trip like your with my 2022 M3 LR. Thanks for sharing your experiment.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Is SA means sales agent? Thanks.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ordered LR, Dual Motor on Mar 12. Estimate delivery date is May 24 to July 5th.