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  1. No ICE

    CPO 2015 85kW vs 2016 75kW

    We have both those cars in my house. I drive the 85, my wife has the 75D. Both cars are great! Her car is significantly more responsive driving experience. Her 75D does have that performance change that bumped it to 4.2 sec 0-60 time. For what is worth I like both cars, but the 75D is...
  2. No ICE

    10/16/18 Is LTE out?

    Thanks for the info. I am on hold with Tesla service and going to hang up. Wait time 30min. Thought it was just my issue, but obvious something larger happening today with the LTE service. I am in Kansas City as well. Looks like it is just a Midwest region issue?!?!
  3. No ICE

    Model S as work car?

    I use mine for work. I have a very similar car allowance and mileage repayment as you. It works great and been very reliable. I also purchased a cpo (under 50kmikes so you get 4 years 50k warranty) I end up pocketing a few hundred dollars a month and get to drive a Tesla basically for free...
  4. No ICE

    Hold Steering Wheel every 20-25 seconds?

    I want the old software back. I use autopilot everyday. And it pretty much sucks now!!!!! I can’t figure out if this is due to the recent owners who obviously were not paying any attention while using autopilot Or With the news of the new autonounus driving software be discussed to soon be...
  5. No ICE

    My daughter got a Model 3 key from the nice sales rep

    A touch of class goes along way.... nice story
  6. No ICE

    2013 S75 w/175,000 mi - Good Buy?

    Depends on the price! If the price is less than 22k-24k then it may be a good deal. You still have a few years left on the unlimited batt/drivetrain warranty? However, I am not sure if the 60 at that time had a different batt and drive unit warranty than the 85 cars had?
  7. No ICE

    Strange. Anyone else having climate turning on, not by you?

    I also turned off the preconditioning (thanks to the above posts for the tip) and it has stopped happening. I have had preconditioning on ever since we purchased the car so this is absolutely something new with the latest release. Oh well, easy fix, just turn it off. I always use the app to...
  8. No ICE

    Strange. Anyone else having climate turning on, not by you?

    I feel like I am going crazy, lately over the last week only (post new soft ware update) my cars climate control has turned itself heat on while it’s in the garage charging? Not at work while it is not plugged in? Weird I am not turning it on remotely. When It happens It’s always set at 82...
  9. No ICE

    CPO Process Anxiety/Vent

    I also have purchased a cpo this past summer, and all the you describe is the way it is for buying a CPO.( it is identical to if you had purchased a new car as well) I have a lot of friends ask and some soon are going to also purchase a CPO. I heavily advised them to be prepared for a...
  10. No ICE

    Unable to unlock from app(s)

    I will reference your location and see if my SC can communicate with DFW SC. It has to something simple.
  11. No ICE

    Unable to unlock from app(s)

    Anyone know a solution to this? I have not been able to utilize the remote unlock app feature as mentioned above in this older thread, but know of no solution. The local SC has never seen this before and didn’t know what to do about it either. Anyone know what the fix could be?? Thanks
  12. No ICE

    Any members a 2 Model S Household?

    We have two model S’s. 2016 75D, hers. And recently this summer added a cpo 2014 85, mine. Both have auto pilot. It’s been wonderful. No problems at all, no gas stations. We did kept our old 2010 4Runner. I have one more kid that will be driving in a few years. The 4runner has been paid...
  13. No ICE

    Tesla Roadster Plaid Mode Demonstration Ride

    That was a great video! Thanks for sharing that.
  14. No ICE

    New Inventory P100D Advice

    Also 100D, is 3.6 I- 3.7sec 0-60 is fast as hell, not 2.5 sec, but still that is really fast!
  15. No ICE

    New Inventory P100D Advice

    Get the 100D, it has all features you want, it’s cheaper, and yes brand new!
  16. No ICE

    New to the group! Our MS arrives next month

    Congrats on both!!! You will love the car as well as knowing it is one of the safest vehicles to put your loved ones in. Congrats again, and Make sure you post some pics. I would like to see that color with the cream interior, should look awesome.
  17. No ICE

    Uncorking official for most 75Ds!

    I just called my SC, the tesla gentleman was very nice even looked the uncorking eligibility on two locations/lists. But Said mine was not eligible! He also reference what he was reading, and mentioned the July 1st date 201 cutoff. Which as we know from the previous post here the uncorking are...
  18. No ICE

    My Model S 75D Experience 2 Weeks In

    Yes I get the same window/helicopter noise until I crack a second window to balance out the air flow. But my previous 4Runner also did the same thing.
  19. No ICE

    Any truly quiet drive units?

    My 2014 S85 is very quiet. However my wife’s 2016 75D, I do hear what I beleave is the front DU sound. It’s not loud or annoying like any drone noise or any issue but I do notice it.
  20. No ICE

    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?

    Mine - Kip Hers - Lilly 35C22BB8-032B-4685-B321-02AA7A50CA72 by No ICE posted Oct 2, 2017 at 9:31 AM
  21. No ICE

    Her new home!

    Also, I love that color!
  22. No ICE

    Her new home!

    Awesome & Congrats. I love it when new owners post new Tesla pics and are excited. I am excited for you as well! Enjoy the ride! You will never go back to a ice vehicle again.
  23. No ICE

    EV Hostility?

    I have not encountered any hostility or been coal rolled by anyone. But I have a bumper sticker on the back that says “ guns don’t kill people, I do!” Not sure if that has any impact on the daily commute road rager or not? FYI, totally kidding! No issues here.
  24. No ICE

    Anyone Have 2 Model S's?

    We also went with 2 model S’s now. My wife has the new 75D and Our second one in mine. I went with a 2014 S85 cpo. It was a great deal at 52k! It has AP1. I would say must haves for options would be AP, and dual drive. I wish I had the dual drive on my cpo every time I drive my wife’s car...
  25. No ICE

    New 75D vs CPO 90D

    Everything stated above plus you will get the $7500 fed tax credit. That is a nice addition while it last. 90D Cpo = no $7500 tax credit.
  26. No ICE

    2015 Model S w/ Misaligned doors

    It's the door alignment, and it's not a big deal to have service fix it. Ours on our 2016 75D the passenger door was exactly like this. I waited until our first service app to have it corrected. The tesla team allingend it up to a perfect level fit. Honestly It bugged me every time I looked...
  27. No ICE

    Good Deal on a 75D Model S?

    That's a great deal! And nobody here really knows about the speed upgrade it being on your car. Other threads on here are describing older cars even AP1 cpo cars over seas getting the speed upgrade. You could simply check on that with you DS, and ask that that be done prior to delivery. With...
  28. No ICE

    Error loading music streaming

    We have noticed the same issue in both our cars. We have Rebooted the center screen several times and have had no correction to the slacker steaming loading error. So I called our tesla service center folks yesterday, and was told they have received hundreds of calls on this issue in the last...
  29. No ICE


    In the very end of 2014 AP1 became available when tesla launched the dual motor cars that fall. All D cars have AP. A small group of 2014 non D cars also have AP. The cars detail list should say autopilot hardware. I recently purchased my 2014 85, w AP hardware. You can not tell if the car...
  30. No ICE

    After the M3 Reveal, Who Regrets Their Recent Model S Purchase?

    No Ragrets! The model 3 is a pretty awesome car. I am excited for the future EV M3 owners and excited to have more tesla's on the road! I look forward to see them in the wild and to ride in one. The Tech looks impressive, my hat is off to tesla! But still no ragrets on having a model S!
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  32. No ICE

    75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements?

    Looks like older 75D are not included in the uncorking. Which based on what I have been reading I pretty much thought was the case. We have a Oct 2016 75D ap1 car . We are getting the 12500 mile service tomorrow, and when I asked our service tech about the uncorking was informed that it is...
  33. No ICE

    MS vs CRV

    Both cars are great cars. But completely different. I think for the highway driving/ commute you can't beat the tesla with autopilot. 90D is a great car with excellent range. It is a lot of cash to pay up for a nicer highway commute. To me it comes down to if the car fits your budget? And...
  34. No ICE

    Any tricks or setting adjustments to get phone notication sounds over the car speakers???

    Thanks all for the info, sounds like this is really a known PIA issue for some time now. Strange the car seems so high tech and then has these little odd missing programming/software features. Hope one day it gets corrected in a software update? I will start steaming over my phone with pandora...
  35. No ICE

    Any tricks or setting adjustments to get phone notication sounds over the car speakers???

    i just picked up my model S last week and I have not been able to hear any of my phone notifications sounds (espically need to hear when some one sends me a text). ( I know don't text and drive, I do not but at red lights I reply, or espically why I want auto pilot to feel comfortable replying...
  36. No ICE

    Family safe after serious collision

    Glad you and your family are ok.
  37. No ICE

    Two teslas in the garage, both charge port does open

    It's all good my wife's will self close ( newer style) I can just manually close mine
  38. No ICE

    Two teslas in the garage, both charge port does open

    I took delivery of my cpo last week, ( our second EV). The Car is great, the delivery experience in KC was great! This weekend, I could not figure out why my charge port door would be randomly open when I know I didn't charge the car. Tonight I plugged in my wife's car with her HPWC and heard...
  39. No ICE

    CPO accident before delivery

    Keep it. I am sure it will be repaired correctly & that's a nice price cut.
  40. No ICE

    How good was your CPO deal?

    South side, Kansas in Olathe. Keep hopeing for a new supercharger out south but no luck yet. Closest one is out in independence by Bass Pro shop.
  41. No ICE

    How good was your CPO deal?

    See you around town! Congrats on what looks like an awesome deal!
  42. No ICE

    Dual charger set up ? I will have two model S's to charge every night.

    thanks for the real experience this is what I think I will be doing. Makes sense to me. Also my panel is getting full.
  43. No ICE

    How good was your CPO deal?

    I was told that most of the cpo's are being pre conditioned at regional locations. This is supposed to speed up the process. The cars will be sold so Tesla is doing the preconditioning ahead of deposits being placed.
  44. No ICE

    How good was your CPO deal?

    From shopping for a tesla over the last year. If you are new to shopping them it will be hard to tell some what which is a good deal or not!. I don't think kbb is a good resource, especially lately when these fire sale cpo cars have been added in the mix. Some of them are great deals, some...
  45. No ICE

    Dual charger set up ? I will have two model S's to charge every night.

    I guess technically I can use the provided UMC. But I feel like I always need a umc in my car for any emergency charging situation, so buying a second UMC is close to or the same price as a HWPC ( I think, I looked into it before our first car last year) I know it's probably over kill but I do...
  46. No ICE

    Dual charger set up ? I will have two model S's to charge every night.

    Yes he is really good and honest electrician we have used him for years now. I even gave his contact info to tesla in KC and they recommend him to new customers. Safety always comes first. The 2nd HWPC will be professionally installed ( I don't have a clue how to do this stuff).
  47. No ICE

    Dual charger set up ? I will have two model S's to charge every night.

    Thank you all so much for the words of wisdom. I never thought about getting a second HWPC. Yes I have the gen 2 model installed, so going to a 100 amp circuit and sharing sounds so much easier. I assume when my wife's car hits her charge level, my S85 would then take the bulk of the amps and...
  48. No ICE

    Dual charger set up ? I will have two model S's to charge every night.

    Here is my scenario, we own a 2016 S75D ( wife's car) I am getting a 2014 S85 cpo with dual chargers in a few weeks. My charging Plan was and still is to have my wife and I share the HWPC (setup is 240/50 amp breaker) in our garage. She drives 40-50 miles a day. I will drive 150-200/day...
  49. No ICE

    How good was your CPO deal?

    Thanks I am excited to receive it. Prob another 2 weeks or so.
  50. No ICE

    How good was your CPO deal?

    Deposit on 6/5 two days before the fire sale. 2014 S85 Silver metalic Pano roof 19" silver cyclones ( which I like a lot and would have been to cheap to order) black napa interior seats Obache wood gloss trim Standard light headliner Free superchargering Dual chargers Tech package Ultra high...