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  1. Lawsteve

    Anyone wondering about the "Coming Soon" Supercharger Stations in Florida?

    You should have been around in 2013 when Ft Myers, Lake City, and Port Orange were your basic options…….
  2. Lawsteve

    Kudos to @ HankLloydRight

    As we head to the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023, I think we need to thank @HankLloydRight for his “ev-fw” update site he maintained - free of charge - since 2015. Although his site is going “read only” beginning 2023, his site was the place to go until other folks (e.g Tesla Fi) started...
  3. Lawsteve

    FSD Frustration

    Purchased my P100D in December of 2016 and took a pass on FSD. In March of 2019, I took advantage of another “FSD fire sale” and was able to add at $2,000. Although still not fully functional, I still think I got a pretty good deal………. Now I need to go drive a bunch because some idiot decided...
  4. Lawsteve

    Supercharger - Tampa, FL - East Bearss Ave

    Or as we in Tampa call it.. “LA”. (The Lutz Area). Not to be confused with you folks in the Florida Panhandle or, as we call it …. “LA.” (Lower Alabama). This Florida geography stuff can get confusing……….
  5. Lawsteve

    Supercharger - Tampa, FL - East Bearss Ave

    Rednecks and mosquitos are still there too……………
  6. Lawsteve

    New Tesla APP 4.x. Released for iOS and Android

    My Pixel 4a(5G) updated to the new app earlier this week via the Google Play Store.
  7. Lawsteve

    Game controllers

    I purchased this controller and cannot get the car (Model S P100D running current SW) to recognize it. Other than simply plugging it in to the USB port, is there anything else you need to do to make it work?
  8. Lawsteve

    Anyone wondering about the "Coming Soon" Supercharger Stations in Florida?

    Not sure if you have seen the recently updated maps, but the good news is there is a site planned in Crystal River and one for Perry. This definitely opens the Route 19 option for travel from the Tampa / St Pete area to Tallahassee. I prefer that route for my trips to Tallahassee for FSU...
  9. Lawsteve

    Supercharger - Saint Petersburg, FL

    No you didn’t, and I never said you did, although you apparently think he is doing something “shady” by keeping his work product at his site versus sharing it here. Your “clickbait” accusation also is interesting, as my understanding (possibly wrong) is the benefit of clickbait is to increase...
  10. Lawsteve

    Supercharger - Saint Petersburg, FL

    Larry’s message specifically says “you will see that as of December 28 we were waiting on the utility transformer and meter. Did you happen to notice if they were installed today?” I believe anyone can see that request without ever clicking through to his linked article. Thus I see no problem...
  11. Lawsteve

    Supercharger - Naples, FL - Tarpon Bay Boulevard

    Any update on this site? At the end of Jan I head down to Everglades City for my annual fly fishing trip in the Ten Thousand Islands area. I usually end up limping into the Ft Myers supercharger on the way home. This location will be a perfect stop for me.
  12. Lawsteve

    How do I save music from CDs to my USB drive?

    I had my CD’s ripped to FLAC to be loaded onto a music server for my home audio system - much higher fidelity than the car. I certainly can distinguish between MP3’s and FLAC on that system. It was a no brainer to have the same ripped files placed onto a 1tb SSD for the car. Although I...
  13. Lawsteve

    How do I save music from CDs to my USB drive?

    Also, search “cd ripping tesla” on Google. Lots of links there.
  14. Lawsteve

    How do I save music from CDs to my USB drive?

    There was a long thread on this issue back in the “good old days (2015).” I took the lazy way out and shipped my 750 or so cds to a service that ripped them to FLAC, confirmed cover art was associated with the files, and made sure the track titles were correct and in the proper order. Here...
  15. Lawsteve

    Firmware 2020.48.x

    Since my first Model S in Sept of 2013, I’ve received 96 updates. They were few and far between in the early days and much faster now. I have learned that if I point the front of my vehicle towards Fremont, CA, and make sure all of my tire pressure valves are at the 12 o’clock position I...
  16. Lawsteve

    Trunk Issue - Help!

    This happened to me yesterday AM (Dec 2016 P100D). Drove to service center and they were able to work me in, as my first available appt was for Nov 30. The truck latch and trunk closing cinch had failed. They had to disassemble the trunk hatch from inside to get it open (I had tried the...
  17. Lawsteve

    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    Passenger side burned out a month ago. Replaced under warranty.
  18. Lawsteve

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    I had AP2 to 3 and MCU 1 to 2 done on my December 2016 P100D. I actually scheduled the service in conjunction with a warranty repair on a headlight. After receiving a SW update, I did my normal MCU reset (hold 2 scroll buttons). Both the MCU and the instrument panel display reset (i.e. no...
  19. Lawsteve

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Dec 2016 P100D. Got the MCU upgrade and my FSD upgrade yesterday. Have not had much time to play yet. Lost WiFi / phone/ homelink settings. Also had FW update yesterday evening from 20.1 to 20.12
  20. Lawsteve

    Hotels in Florida with Charging Stations

    This list goes way back to the early days in which Plugshare was not a very accurate system, and there were not many supercharging stations in Florida (I took delivery of my first Tesla in Sept 2013) or regular chargers at hotels. Larry Chanin was instrumental in getting Florida Tesla owners...
  21. Lawsteve

    Florida Ave. Tampa Service Center

    I had an appt last week. While scheduling the appt, I received an email indicating appointments were scarce right now because they would be moving to the new service center and would have appts there starting Nov 1.
  22. Lawsteve

    “Autopilot Safety/Convenience Features Unavailable”

    Tesla told me the radar needs to be re-calibrated. Have a service appt scheduled. Until then, I’ll need to be primitive and actually drive the car myself. And, of course, I received the 32.12.1 update last night. Not gonna be able to try that one out for a while!
  23. Lawsteve

    “Autopilot Safety/Convenience Features Unavailable”

    I just got this message during a rainstorm yesterday afternoon. Multiple re-boots of MCU and Dash display, powered off the car, wiped off all cameras, plugged on charger overnight - still no luck. Waiting to hear back from Tesla support. I’m on 2019.32.11.1. Its hell having to actually drive...
  24. Lawsteve

    Do current replacement touchscreens still suffer from the yellow edges?

    I had my screen (MCU 1) replaced about 10 months ago while they were doing full screen warranty replacements for yellow border issues. About 2 months ago the faint yellow showed up on the new screen, 2 weeks ago had the UV fix, and now looks fine. So, to answer your question, at least one...
  25. Lawsteve

    10.0 (2019.32.11.1) = Alarm?

    Yep - i too got the car alarm. It stopped after a few seconds without any interference from me.
  26. Lawsteve

    Apple IOS 13.1 help with Music/audio auto playback?

    Same here - no change.
  27. Lawsteve

    2019.32 - Improved performance...across ALL trims!

    I just got my service quote for this. 2 key fobs for $330.00 (total, not each)
  28. Lawsteve

    Hurricane Dorian to Florida

    Hello Fellow Florida friends. Just a polite reminder for any of you in the potential path of hurricane Dorian this weekend. Time for a 100% charge before the storm hits and power is lost. Your ICE friends will make fun of you until they realize loss of power means no power for the gas pumps to...
  29. Lawsteve

    Moving to Florida Soon?

    I’d say kayaking is easier on west coast, as Atlantic beaches tend to have more wave action (thus better surfing over there). Over there (East coast), your kayaking would be more limited to the intracoastal waterway and to rivers that feed into the gulf - still good stuff. I fly fish from a...
  30. Lawsteve

    Rear camera image freeze

    Timely reawakening of an old thread. My Dec 2016 P100d did this for the first time yesterday afternoon. I have been on SW Ver 2019.28.2 for almost 3 weeks. Reboot fixed it, and no freeze since (have reversed 3 or 4 times since the freeze). Stay tuned.........
  31. Lawsteve

    Anyone wondering about the "Coming Soon" Supercharger Stations in Florida?

    Of course, the ideal location on Tamiami Trail near Ochopee would be the Official Swamp Ape Headquarters....... 40904 Tamiami Trail E, Ochopee, FL 34141
  32. Lawsteve

    Anyone wondering about the "Coming Soon" Supercharger Stations in Florida?

    Miccosukee have a “Miccosukee Service Plaza” on Alligator Alley (I-75) at State Road 84. That location makes the most sense (although I agree the photo does’t show any Tesla charging stations).
  33. Lawsteve

    Tesla Douche

    Agreed. Warning to others: do not open that thread unless you have at least 30 minutes to burn............
  34. Lawsteve

    Tesla Douche

    Probably this guy: 2016.5 Model S P90DL Over $175K Invested Aero Kit Version 3 Battery
  35. Lawsteve

    Dog mode has a bug

    I just got 28.2 - includes the dog mode fix..........
  36. Lawsteve

    Firmware 2019.28.X

    Just got 28.2 on my Dec 2016(MCU 1, I think). Added chess game and vol fix from 28.1. Also includes dog mode fix. FYI, went from 20.4.2 to 28.2.
  37. Lawsteve

    Software Update 2019.20.x

    No Beach Buggy here. I did notice the App launcher now acts differently. Prior version simply switched to a black background bar with only icons (no text). Now a new white background bar opens just above the bottom bar, and each icon has descriptive text. Much better for those of us old guys...
  38. Lawsteve

    Software Update 2019.20.x

    Just went from 20.2.1 to 20.4.2 on my Dec 2016 P100d MCU 1. Too late to go for a drive. Release notes are a non-event (note re change to application launcher to allow video games and upgrade to dog mode).
  39. Lawsteve

    Why is nothing happening in france?

    Timely post for me. I was visiting the Normandy and Brittany regions June 4 through June 13. During that time I saw only 2 Tesla’s - both Model S. I did not see any charging stations (Tesla or otherwise) until the end of my trip, when I spotted a single unit public charging station...
  40. Lawsteve

    2019.16.2 Disables Autopilot, Cruise Control, Auto Wipers and Auto Headlights

    I had this issue with both 16.1 and 16.2 on my P100D. An overnight sleep cycle while on the charger (I turned off “always connected, just to be safe) fixed the issue both times.
  41. Lawsteve

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    Since receiving the upgrade from 16.1 to 16.2, I have had three separate phantom braking incidents while traveling under overpasses and an overhead highway sign. One of them really pissed off a pickup behind me who I am sure thought I was brake-checking him for following too close. I am...
  42. Lawsteve

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    UPDATE- took the car out a couple of hours ago and all cruise and autopilot features have returned. I guess the overnight rest allowed it to reset itself.
  43. Lawsteve

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    I took a 45 minute drive the morning after the update and autopilot worked fine. When I powered up the car 8 hours later, autopilot and cruise were gone.
  44. Lawsteve

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    My warning says “Cruise control not available”. Also, the auto-dimming feature is not functioning. I spoke to Tesla support last evening (after being on hold for 20 minutes). After the reboots and full shutdown failed, they said to let the vehicle go through a full sleep cycle overnight to...
  45. Lawsteve

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    After the 16.1 upgrade, I lost all cruise and autopilot capability. Anyone else? (And yes, I’ve done multiple resets of control pad and speedo pad, as well as full shutdown of car - no luck).
  46. Lawsteve

    Software Update 2019.16.x

    On EV-FW I noticed a few cars logged “16.1” instead of 16.1.1. I assumed it was the typical error in reading the version number. I just received an update and it is definitely shown as 16.1 in the car and on my app. Has anyone figured out any differences between the 16.1 version and 16.1.1...
  47. Lawsteve

    Software Update 2019.12.x

    I also am experiencing this issue on my Dec 2016 P100D. They also still have not fixed the issues re audio playing in the background on my iPhone X or Bluetooth connection issues when making calls (to get audio on my end, I must change the scroll wheel volume when initiating the call).
  48. Lawsteve

    What is the best referral code to use when ordering new Model 3?

    My apologies to the moderator. In my haste to be a smart ass I posted my referral code. Hope you found a code, and congrats in advance on your new Tesla. Based upon my experience as an owner since 2013, I know you are going to love it!
  49. Lawsteve

    2016 P100D with AP2 for $79K

    I didn’t search for it, but a couple of months later the service center rep told me the car was sold.
  50. Lawsteve

    Categories of luckiest Tesla owners.

    Funny. I ordered my P85 in June of 2013 and accepted delivery in Sept of 2013. I was lucky enough to be able to drive that car - and my later P100d - for a combined 4 1/2 years while you waited for your “range, performance, and technology....” I’m feeling like a pretty lucky guy.... P.S. If...