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    High mileage check-in

    2018 (May) LR RWD, 38K miles (everything from 15 mile daily commutes to many 270 mile (one way) trip road trips) , 305 miles at 100% (my battery has been exercised quite a bit and charged on everything from Level 1 to Superchargers…I charge a couple of times a week to about 70% and then run it...
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    Keeping a model 3 Long term...? Hold value, Reliability?

    *knock wood* after three years of ownership (2018 LR RWD), this car has been insanely reliable and cheap to operate given what it is (luxury-ish performance sedan). I had one issue that required a real service experience (some sort of suspension issue that was handled under warranty). My...
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    Do you use your frunk?

    Use it all the time. I place my brief bag/backpack in there when I go into the office (vs. the back seat/floor). I use it for toting pizza (or other take out) so I do not make the cabin smell, I use it when I do the grocery shopping and the golf clubs and pull cart eat too much trunk space.
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    Frunk easy close spring mod

    Prime-Line SP-9610 without modification does not pop open the frunk for my Model 3 with stock struts. I have to use my fingers to lift the lip to access the frunk. For now, I will keep it since the frunk is much easier to close. Long term I will look for a different solution.
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    Is this normal range loss within a single drive?

    A few times a quarter I need to take long trips (>350 miles). These trips require that I use a Supercharger along the way. Generally, in winter while on snow tires, keeping a cabin temp of 70 degrees, and driving 79 in a 65, I will budget an additional 33% of distance when looking at my range...
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    Winter tires Model 3

    Given your criteria I would pass on the R3s. They are great tires but they give up quite a bit on dry and wet roads. In our mild winter last year I found myself wishing I had gone for the performance snow tires. That said, in fresh snow I was happy to have them.
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    Aero Wheel Cap Kit for Sale

    I bought the RTX Contour. They were recommended by my tire shop. This is the first time I’ve used two sets of wheels and first experience with RTX. They balanced style with the price I was willing to pay for a dedicated winter setup. I’m fairly sure I posted a pic somewhere on TMC.
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    Reckless driver, Model 3 prevents accident…

    Based on your description, is it safe to say you were not on AP? What lane departure avoidance settings are on? Pretty impressive if the car pulled you back over and was not in AP.
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    Phantom Braking Measured

    Phantom braking is a problem. With 15K miles logged in the last year and a daily commute of only about 15 miles round trip, I have taken many long trips with EAP engaged. Phantom braking is so scary for me at highway speeds that I change my driving behavior. If traffic is tailing me too...
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    New England Driving With RWD

    This winter was not a great test. However, my RWD with Nokian snow tires was unbelievably strong and reliable in bad weather. A few times I was in the office when it snowed multiple inches and I had no problems at all when it was time to hit the roads to go home. That said, it is unlikely I...
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    Smart Summon 2019.20.0.1

    Let’s just say I’ve seen a version of this struggle to “see” that the car was on a different “level” than maybe what would be implied via a 2D map. Your question is a good one. I cannot imagine it will work well in that environment if the owner is within range but on a different level.
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    Does the Model 3 have an accessory mode for passengers?

    The car automatically stays on for at least 15-30 minutes.
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    How good is RWD in the winter

    If handling in the snow is the key driver of the decision between RWD and AWD, go with RWD and snow tires. I did a bunch of research on this topic and apparently the tires are more important than drive train in most situations. I have a LR RWD and dedicated snow tires and wheels. My local...
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    Aero wheels without wheel caps, without lug nut caps and center cap

    I have an unused Tesla kit I am looking to sell. I bought it when I planned to buy the winter tire kit with Aeros. Since Tesla went out of stock on the winter tires I was left with the kit. If anyone wants to buy the kit, please PM me.
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    Backup camera went black then came back. Anyone else?

    This has happened to me about 5 times in my 8-9 months of ownership. I can’t replicate it so I haven’t brought the car in for service. Generally I treat it as a glitch and move on. Next time I will submit a bug report.
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    OMG - Wake Times from app are SOOOOHHHOOO SLOW.

    I’m not making excuses but isn’t it easier to just push the charging door or the button on the cable (if using a Tesla cable)? In the roughly 8-9 months I’ve owned the car, I’ve used the open charge port feature via phone or screen less than 10 times and I charge daily with a non-Tesla cable...
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    RWD in the Snow

    So far my car has been amazing in the snow with the Nokians. I’ve been through a few storms with the largest being about 6 inches on the ground before I was able to finally get home. The only time the car got loose was when I wanted it to. :) The traction control is very good. It might be...
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    Model 3 reliability so far?

    7 months and 10K miles into ownership... One issue - new charging port to make it more flush to the car and reduce the amount of water leaking into the inside of the door.
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    3 weeks in, already got chip in center windshield

    Great....got another crack/chip in the windshield. This one is about the size of a quarter/half-dollar. I was driving roughly 50 MPH in a 35/40 MPH zone. Safelite is on its way. It does not look too bad but unlike the other one, this was not a bullseye and is located on the driver's side in...
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    little concerned with cold weather

    If possible rent a Model 3 (Turo?) before you buy one and take the trip. Cold weather does a number on range. That said, I recently took a ~177 mile trip is colder weather after having access to only 120v at my starting point and could only get to 250 miles of range. I babied the car; drove...
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    3 weeks in, already got chip in center windshield

    79 in a 65.....pretty standard speed for me...14 MPH above the speed limit.
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    3 weeks in, already got chip in center windshield

    I got a “bullseye” chip in the black part of the windshield. The repair was good but it’s the first time in decades of driving that I got a chip in my windshield. I do worry that the glass is softer than that in my previous vehicles.
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    Aero Wheel Cap Kit for Sale

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit I bought this in anticipation of getting the Tesla winter tire kit. The kit was backordered and so I went a different route (aftermarket). I am now left with this kit. It is unused but opened (to determine if the caps fit the hub of my aftermarket wheel...they did...
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    Model 3 Mid-range is Best for Road Trips?

    Agee...the LR was the only option when I purchased my Model 3. However, I decided even with a short commute I was going to buy the LR. It eliminates range anxiety. I did not want to *think* about “fuel.” Just like I did not think about gas with my ICE. I wanted to get in and go and not have to...
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    OMG - Wake Times from app are SOOOOHHHOOO SLOW.

    I’m not the one who disagreed but yes 30 seconds is slow.
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    Canceling shop order?

    I just want my money back. My concern is when Tesla does decide to reply they will dispute the return because it is outside the 30 day return window. It is incredibly annoying to have to wait so long for a reply. Tesla is a Teflon company.....any other company with their service history and...
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    Canceling shop order?

    SabrToothSqrl I still have not had success getting the online store to reply to my request for a return. Is this the kit you were looking for.... Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit I bought this in anticipation of getting the Tesla winter tire kit. Those were backordered and so I went a different...
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    OMG - Wake Times from app are SOOOOHHHOOO SLOW.

    +1000 It is so slow that sometimes I put the phone down while I am waiting and forget to go back to the phone to start the pre-heat cycle.
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    Supercharger Idle Fee but station not at >=50%

    Not sure I understand what you mean. Doesn’t occupancy = number of vehicles charging? Are you saying that occupancy could have been at >= 50% while I was charging and as a result even if occupancy was <50% when I stopped charging and went idle then I would be eligible for idle fees? I hope...
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    Supercharger Idle Fee but station not at >=50%

    I’ve not used the app but I had the same experience using navigation. I was on a road trip and a few miles out from my stop I was concerned that there was only 1 spot left at a station just off the highway. I get there and 75% of the stalls were empty. There is almost no way the station...
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    Supercharger Idle Fee but station not at >=50%

    The fee was in fact never charged. I got the warning, the invoice showed the time and rate but the actual charge was $0.
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    Supercharger Idle Fee but station not at >=50%

    Thanks. I must have missed the posts.
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    Supercharger Idle Fee but station not at >=50%

    Let me start by saying that I have no issue with Tesla's Supercharger Idle Fee policy. There may be a few ways to improve the implementation of it but in general it is a good start to managing supercharger use. That said, I was recently charged supercharger idle fees (but automatically waived)...
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    Model 3 - Preheat battery - Winter Range Concerns

    I don’t know the range on the MR but I will recommend that you give your trip some thought. The following is part of a post I made in a thread on range in winter. My results are unscientific and impacted by lots of things I did not capture (wind speed, altitude, uphill, downhill, etc.). I also...
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    Model 3 - Preheat battery - Winter Range Concerns

    It depends...here is what I posted in another thread..... FWIW, I was on a road trip and during the leg after my bathroom, dinner and charging stop here are my unscientific results: Range after supercharging: 278 (made a choice to charge to 90% and pre-heat the cabin before I got back to the...
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    Which Snows and Why Poll?

    Just got the Nokian R3s on RTX Contours. I like the look but this tire is a little loud for my liking (first time snow tire user). The tires may be overkill for N.J./MA but with RWD I figure I would overindex on grip. The tires do not feel as good as the all seasons on drive pavement. We’ll...
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    Model 3: Turn Signals... ARGH!

    Continuing the off topic banter, clearly none of you have driven in the Boston area. I’ve spent more time here lately and used to laugh when people called the drivers here Massholes. Unfortunately, the drivers earned that label and the locals I’ve met either 1) wear it like a badge of honor or...
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    Trunk size for golfer

    Thought I would add to this thread for travelers........ I just packed a Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate across the back by tucking the top into the empty space on the drivers side. Typically I would just fold down the seat and put the clubs in that way. You can only fit one bag in that way...
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    Worse car buying experience ever!

    I am looking forward to the Taycan as well. However, I have concerns regarding the availability of fast charging on the road. Being on the east coast and taking monthly road trips, I find the superchargers invaluable.
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    Poll: LR battery degradation @ 3k miles

    I voted 0%. However, I get random range and implied range numbers. Sometimes 310, 155 at 50%, 278 @ 90%, 247 @ 80%. I am about 5 months in and 7.8K miles.
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    PSA: Can confirm AP does not detect deer

    I could swear I saw a video of a guy putting a crash dummy (or a person) in front of the car and it stopped. This was a few years ago.
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    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    FWIW, I was on a road trip and during the leg after my bathroom, dinner and charging stop here are my unscientific results: Range after supercharging: 278 (made a choice to charge to 90% and pre-heat the cabin before I got back to the car) Miles to destination: 127 Temperature: 38-42 degrees...
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    Enough Superchargers for Thanksgiving?

    I was the 3rd car (about a dozen stalls) at Milford, CT tonight (Tuesday) at 8:30ish...typical stop for me during my road trip....dinner, restroom and charging....so civilized. Passed a rest stop that had at least 6 pumps and a line out to the highway...at least 30 minutes wait for gas. In...
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    Am I the only one that loves not having a Key Fob?

    I love the phone-as-key solution. Since I enter my home via garage and my office via a key card, I’ve eliminated my key chain. While the phone has failed to unlock the car a couple of times, it is >99% reliable. That said, things will get interesting the day my home loses power while I am out...
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    Storage for J1772 adapter?

    Armrest compartment.
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    Thoughts after 650 mile one-day Tesla drive

    A different way of looking at it is the reason I started with a lower than typical charge is the shopping location was the second stop after starting the day with 300+ miles. The first stop was in a major city where there wasn’t a charger near my meeting. For this use case, the fact is that...
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    Thoughts after 650 mile one-day Tesla drive

    Nice report. I regularly take a trip that is ~270 miles one way. I have many superchargers along the way and the trip is easy in the model 3. Take a food or restroom break and charge the car while I am at it. That said, I am not certain that I would be as happy driving another EV unless it had...
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    I'm taking delivery on a model 3 tomorrow. Worried!

    I think you are gambling and have a right to be worried. You are buying a first year model car, essentially, from a young car maker. You should not expect anywhere near Toyota/Lexus quality (check Consumer Reports) but you could get it. If you need such reliability and surety of costs and...
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    My Model 3 loves to Roll

    OP Creep Mode is what you want. Today I engaged that feature for the first time in almost 7K miles. The car behaves like an automatic on an incline. I immediately turned it off....with the stronger regeneration, I love not having the car move without me telling it to.