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    Autopilot reminder every 15 seconds??

    I use one hand and simply never get nags. Have been driving Teslas since 2013. I use my right hand at about 5 o’clock partly resting on my knee in my 3 (in my X, my knee is too far away.) I simply hook my thumb and forefinger and provide a slight continuous torque. I have never disabled...
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    FSD V12 (end to end AI)

    Noticed brake lights flash during the creep. Doubt fsd would do that, probably human driven.
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    Thoughts from a first time FSD Beta User: HW4

    Fred Lambert, who used to post here in the early days, had 11.4.7 try to change left into a freeway emergency vehicle crossing area. https://electrek.co/2023/09/01/tesla-fsd-beta-tried-to-kill-me-last-night/
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    Not sure how to do this link, but here is a very through analysis of Waymo and Cruse safety: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2023/09/are-self-driving-cars-already-safer-than-human-drivers/ That was easy, just paste it. At least using copy-paste on an iPad, may have done more than plain text.
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    Waymo or Tesla on a random city & route - who would do better?

    I seem to recall that the the I-pace is not long for this world. But with my memory, who knows. So, I googled it, and yes, it is being discontinued.
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    FSD V12 Elon Demo

    In my experience FSDb (14.4) already does this. Previously, it would change speed exactly as it passes the sign. Now it does, maybe, 50 feet ahead of the sign.
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    Do any HW4 Vehicles have FSD Beta activated ?

    Should you be driving at such a young age?
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    FSD V12 Elon Demo

    Good that you folks are describing this as I cannot watch since I am not on X and never will be (no I don’t care if it’s free.)
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    You might have missed my point. The status quo is approximately 40,000 deaths per year in the US. Anything that delays automated driving continues that statistic. No amount of yelling at people to not speed and not drive drunk will have any effect. Forcing autonomous vehicles to drive much...
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    Assuming you want to limit the rollout of AVs that are safer than human driving. Don‘t you think there may be backlash of people fed up with AVs poking along at 5 or 10 mph under the prevailing conditions? Traffic laws and such are set by humans who assume vehicles are driven by other, perhaps...
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    FSD Beta v11.x

    Yup, in my case it is a traffic circle bypass. There is a crosswalk like yours but also has a green bicycle share the road painted symbol. I wanted to use FSD-b there in order to report it but my wife did not want any part of it. I told her that I would not do it if anyone was behind and that i...
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    Autonomous Vehicles and the Law

    Over on Ars Technica, Jonathon GItlin has an article titled “Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” sees pedestrian, chooses not to slow down.” When I saw in the 11.4 notes the feature that the car can track pedestrians and know when it can safely pass, I thought, uh oh, another rolling stop issue where...
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    FSD Beta v11.x

    Yeah no 😂
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    FSD Beta v11.x

    Back in December, I got FSD-b without requesting it. And I am definitely not a YouTuber.
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    Latest FSD beta issue

    If the limit had dropped to 60 at that point, then sure, the car would slow to 60 plus your % offset (stupid NTSB.) Otherwise, it is just another phantom braking incident. Hit the accelerator when there is obviously no reason. Perhaps we should always disengage with the stalk and then report...
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    2021 MYLR full-self driving beta disable 3 of 5 while holding wheel and watching road

    Remember, you have to provide torque (turning force) — it does not detect your hands. One problem is the use of the term “hands on the wheel”. If you do use both hands, it is very difficult to apply torque and you then get nags which then annoys some people to the point of using a defeat...
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    Should I buy a 2021 MY without Radar?

    I voted no just because you already have an MS with AP1. I think I’d wait a few months to see how the potential new hardware shakes out. My MX with radar disabled failed to even allow TACC during a recent dark rainy night, a situation that worked fine before. I add that the above failure was on...
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    Done with Teslas

    I think as Steve Jobs once said, "You're holding it wrong." One problem is the use of the term “hands on the wheel”. If you do use both hands, it is very difficult to apply torque and you then get nags which then annoys some people to the point of using a defeat device. I use one hand and...
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    HW4 for true FSD

    Thermal IR is long wavelength and can not go through glass. So it has to be external.
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    Lidar lost Tesla the robotaxi?

    And yet, people keep regularly smashing into each other in hundred car pileups with dozens of fatalities when encountering fog or smoke. That is why I think radar should always be included. It doesn’t need to be high resolution to avoid a bunch of stopped or slow cars.
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    What should Waymo do next?

    Of course Mobileye is owned by Intel.
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    Another of my predictive polls: FSD will or will not be achieved with "vision only". VOTE NOW!

    Although I voted vision, I believe radar should be included for its ability to penetrate fog.
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    FSD Beta accidents

    I think it should stay on but not accelerate. Just maintain the current speed while keeping a proper distance from the car ahead.
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    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    I hold my right hand at about 5 o’clock with a bit of tug and my left on my knee. Haven’t had a nag in the last 5 years except one time I was cooling both hands in the ac stream. I think the problem is the phrase “keep your hands on the wheel“ rather than the more wordy “provide a little torque...
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    FSD Beta 10.11

    Reminds me that back in the early days, I posted a picture and a question about the finish on the car, “features or bug“ to one of the forums (this or Tesla’s) and the Portland folks sent a guy out who spent an hour working on the problem. Ah, those were the good old days (2013.)
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    Autopilot acceleration

    Agree, I constantly have to apply the accelerator while mentally yelling at the car to “keep up you f-ing bucket of bolts.” Doesn’t seem that hard to accelerate smoothly based on the distance and the degree of acceleration or deceleration of the care in front.
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    2021.44.30.5: Improved Phantom Braking?

    If the car initiated a slow down and then the driver immediately hit the accelerator to override, the car should report the incident automatically.
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    Questions about FSD

    The YouTube videos look to use an overlay of GoPro cameras and that might be a point of confusion
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    Elon tweets "pure vision" will solve phantom braking

    But what about fog? Surly we have all seen the results of mega-pileups due to fog. If not google "vehicle crash in fog" Those crashes were like vision only -- eyes.
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    No mention of Radar on Tesla Website

    But how about automatic emergency braking — in a fog?
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    After two weeks, got my car back. Never found out why it took so long.
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    How is Tesla Customer Service nowadays (2020)?

    Below I have copied a post I made in the tm3 forum. As far as service is concerned, I can not get any info at all. Not even that they received the car. I have called, left a message, sent an email and nothing. It’s been a week now. Not even Tesla roadside could contact them. We may fly back home...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Here’s my story. I am at our vacation condo in the Palm Springs area but our home is in the Portland Or area. I used the app to make an appointment and all went well at first. But because our internet had gone out while we were away, the tech tried to use his phone to download the update. It...
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    Model 3 crash on local news

    Remarkably, there was no mention that the car was a Tesla. Also remarkably, the driver was said to be uninjured. They speculated he had a medical emergency. The car came down the embankment in the background. These shots were taken off my TV with a camera (could not find any video on the...
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    Tesla Fire in Shanghai

    The flammable gas would be the organic elcctrolyte used in all Lithium ion cells. If it were expelled due to overheating and then ignited, it could indeed look like the video.
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    No recording for DashCam

    Reformatting my drive did not help. So I bought a new one and it has been working fine.
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    Poll: Frequent black screen at startup?

    The fact that you have a brand new car leads me to wonder if Tesla introduced yet another problem that needs a workaround. Grasping at straws here.
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    Poll: Frequent black screen at startup?

    Strange. For me, with an additional week of driving, I’ve not had a single instance where the screen did not light up instantly.
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    No recording for DashCam

    At least you folks are getting an x. In my case, after 5.15, I noticed no dashcam icon at all. Looking at the thumb drive (32 Gb) I saw a few recordings from a few days earlier but when I played them, all I saw was strange looking noise. Reformatting and adding the TeslaCam folder did not help...
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    Poll: Frequent black screen at startup?

    I got 2019.5.15 a few days ago and have been testing by opening the door in addition to some driving. Probability a couple dozen openings and not a single issue. Screen lit up immediately each time. I think we can call this fixed.
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    Max time you left the car unplugged

    Four weeks (in my garage) just to see what the vampire drain was: a little less than 1 mile/day. My 3, on the other hand, runs 4 miles/day.
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    Poll: Frequent black screen at startup?

    Now on 2018.50.6 4ec03ed. Seems even worse but it is often quite variable so probably unchanged. Reportably 52.x is the fix. Blackout screen anyone?
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    Poll: Frequent black screen at startup?

    I’m on 2018.50 7e49f8a
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    Poll: Frequent black screen at startup?

    I was hoping for a sw update fix but no luck. Now I have to decide when the annoyance of the startups exceeds the annoyance of trying to convince service to replace the computer board along with the likely several hour long trips to service....
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    Have my plates, registration, title, and refund check gone missing?

    I finally went to the Portland service center to inquire. Got my plates 2 days later and saw on the registeration that it had been posted the day I was there. Previous story: My car was home delivered Oct 3 and I paid with a personal check. The check was cashed the next day. On Nov 6, I got...