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  1. ChadS

    New "Universal Wall Connector" doesn't charge the Rivian.

    My universal wall connector is on 23.24.3, like some others that are having problems. But mine works fine with a Hyundai Kona and a Rivian R1S. (They both flash a red light at first, but after a few seconds everything turns green and charging proceeds as expected).
  2. ChadS

    lost all steering wheel functions

    Not exactly like that...but the steering wheel buttons on my wife's Dec 2017 X 100D seem to work sometimes but not others. She says that once a reboot and once a firmware update made things better...for a while.
  3. ChadS

    Bottom cruiser?

    Sure, any CT can do that. Just be sure to have one door cracked open when you drive into the sea.
  4. ChadS

    If only the Model X had a 110 outlet (like Ford & Rivian).......

    The 120V outlets were a big factor in why I got a Rivian in June after having driven only Teslas for 14 years. But the joke's on me...my 120V outlets don't work, and I can't get a service appointment until November. Sigh. Do Teslas support inverters now? Around 10 years ago Tesla warned us not...
  5. ChadS

    New Standard Range Model X and Model S - what's in the battery pack?

    I know it's hard to believe Tesla is just giving away battery when they could put in a smaller pack. But the software lock path, in addition to being by FAR the easiest way to put out a cheaper car (no development, no crash testing, etc), also gives them a possible path to future revenue if they...
  6. ChadS

    Tow hitch Effeciency

    That's how my wife drives hers around. We assume it reduces range, but we assume it's just a very slight amount. Years ago several of us took our Roadsters on a ~200 mile trip. We all got very nearly the same efficiency...except the one with a bike on the back, which got 5% worse. Later I ran...
  7. ChadS

    Please help shape the future of charging infrastructure

    I had no issues using Chrome on Windows.
  8. ChadS

    TFL checks out the new Silverado EVs

    AzRivOs (assuming you meant their post rather than yours) went up 2,000' feet with a 7,000lb trailer in the leg where he got 70% reduction. Sure, that sounds about right. As I said, I am sure there are cases. Towing an extra 7k lbs up 2,000' should use about 28 miles of range (over and above...
  9. ChadS

    TFL checks out the new Silverado EVs

    I am curious as to what trailer results in a 70% reduction. I tow a trailer on the highway, and 50% reduction from rated range (in bad weather) is the worst I have seen. I follow towing threads in these forums as well as Rivian forums, and I can't recall anyone seeing a 70% range reduction. But...
  10. ChadS

    Would you have bought a Tesla if there was $0 tax incentive?

    It depends on the Tesla. I bought seven, and some of them didn't have a tax credit, so obviously it wasn't critical. But for a couple of them, it was. Now that prices are where they are, it's likely I would buy without one. Then again, I don't need another car, so I have no plans to do so. But...
  11. ChadS

    Upgrade from Model Y to Model X

    Of course it all depends on what's important to you, but I'll list some of the differences I've noticed. The X is 6" shorter, more efficient, has Supercharger access now rather than next year, has auto-close doors, much better music options, has more comfy seats (for us, anyway), autopilot...
  12. ChadS

    Directions to Supercharger - Need Improvement

    Yeah, what RTPEV said. I only use the nav to get me close; once close I zoom in with the map in satellite mode. So far that has always worked for me to figure out exactly where the Superchargers are.
  13. ChadS

    Upgrade from Model Y to Model X

    We've had both, and I agree with what others have said so far. I preferred the Y for my mostly-around-town driving because it was smaller - more nimble, more efficient, easier to wash and park. And it's cheaper too, hey. Plus it will (likely) have fewer issues. But my wife always strongly...
  14. ChadS

    What camper will you tow with your CT

    Our 2017 X is rated at about 300wh/mi, but we never see that. I think our lifetime average (before towing) was about 365wh/mi. When towing, we've seen anything from 500wh/mi (good weather, sticking to 55mph) to 600wh/mi (cold, rainy, averaging 60 or so). So if you want to look at worst case...
  15. ChadS

    What camper will you tow with your CT

    Another one here towing the Safari Condo A2124 behind an X for now. And hoping to someday pull it behind a Cybertruck, but of course it depends on specs and price.
  16. ChadS

    Sold Seattle-ish: 3/Y accessories: floor and cargo mats, dash trim cover, console liners

    Small black mats with red trim that fit in the center console and cupholders, including the ones in the rear armrest. $10 I don't remember where I got these...
  17. ChadS

    Sold Seattle-ish: 3/Y accessories: floor and cargo mats, dash trim cover, console liners

    Black plastic cover for the wood or white trim on the dash. It has double-sided tape; just press it on (and pull it off when you trade the car in). No marks left on the dash. The tape feels sticky enough to use again, though you can always add more. It's in 2 pieces so easier to apply; the seam...
  18. ChadS

    Sold Seattle-ish: 3/Y accessories: floor and cargo mats, dash trim cover, console liners

    I love this cargo-area solution that covers the seatbacks AND the sides of the cargo area. It was easy to install and fits perfectly. It has cutouts for switches, latches, etc. There is a small tear when I tried to push in some heavy furniture with a rough edge, but otherwise they have held up...
  19. ChadS

    Sold Seattle-ish: 3/Y accessories: floor and cargo mats, dash trim cover, console liners

    The first thing I bought for my Y was a set of Lloyd's Luxe mats for the driver and passenger - they are very nice, thick carpet and I've had them in all of my Teslas since the Roadster. A new set is $174. These obviously aren't new, but the passenger side looks new (my wife preferred riding in...
  20. ChadS

    Sold Seattle-ish: 3 sets of mats for a 5-seat Model Y

    The stuff that's left keeps dwindling, so I moved it all to one post HERE
  21. ChadS

    Sold Seattle-ish: complete Modern Spare kit for Tesla Model Y

    Everything you need to quickly put on a spare tire in one bag. https://modernspare.com/product/2020-2023-tesla-model-y-spare-tire-kit-options/ A new one is $490, plus tax and $48 shipping. This set is unused; asking $300. Local pickup only, please. I live on Redmond Ridge, about 20 miles NE of...
  22. ChadS

    Sold Seattle-ish: Many (well, not so many anymore) Model Y accessories

    I traded in my Model Y recently, so I had some accessories sitting around. This used to be a long list, but most of it is gone now. I've got another ad for wheels, mats, and some misc stuff.
  23. ChadS

    Sold Seattle-ish: 3/Y accessories: floor and cargo mats, dash trim cover, console liners

    I recently traded in my Model Y, and have a few things left over: A pair of very nice cloth front floor mats (definitely fits Y; I think it fits 3 as well) A set of cargo mats that cover the floor, seatbacks and side walls (for the cargo area of a Model Y 5-seater) A black cover for the wood or...
  24. ChadS

    MYP All Season vs Summer Tires

    I have both. In fact I recently changed from all-seasons to summer tires on my MYP. The all-seasons are a little quieter and softer. And they brake a whole lot better when it's below 40 degrees. But oh, the grip on those summer tires is magnificent. If you have space to store a set of tires...
  25. ChadS

    MYP vs M3P: Handling

    I would like to update my response, as I just changed my MYP from all-seasons to max performance summer tires (Pirelli's PZERO Elects). The tires make a big difference! Sure, the summer tires are louder, noisier, more expensive, wear faster, and more subject to blowouts...but the grip is...
  26. ChadS

    Model Y Performance: 21 -> 19' Rim impact

    Responding to myself as I recently changed wheels/tires again, and was a little surprised... My 2022 MYP came with the OEM 21" Uberturbine wheels and Michelin all-seasons. After 200 miles, I replaced them with Tsportline 19" TSS wheels with Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus All-Season...
  27. ChadS

    Ford will add NACS to next gen EVs!

    Maybe Ford paid Tesla for the privilege, and Tesla will build more stations? Maybe Tesla's connector being used by another OEM will enable more federal dollars to help fund expansion? Maybe fewer Fords at CCS stations will make it easier for us to use our CCS adapters. More seriously, maybe CCS...
  28. ChadS

    Anyone get wrinkling and green color on the car seats leather?

    Sorry - we've had several Teslas, and my wife doesn't treat the interiors well - but have never seen anything like that.
  29. ChadS

    Constant Driving Speed of a BEV Versus its Range

    Based on that data, I drew up some charts for the Roadster and Model S that included HVAC effects. The top line in both charts is Tesla's data; and the shaded area below is range that could be lost depending on HVAC settings. These calculations were for resistive heating, so most of the time a...
  30. ChadS

    How bad are Falcon Wing doors?

    5.5 years and 75k miles, and our doors are great. We use them a lot. One of the sensor mountings came loose when the car was a year or two old, so for a little while it would sometimes think there was an obstacle and not open fully - so we'd have to hold the button down to get it to open...
  31. ChadS

    Bike rack for model Y

    For example Quikrstuff has this drawing that shows max and min sizes:
  32. ChadS

    Where do you buy the model X wiperblade

    HERE is what I bought for our X. They were very easy to replace, include the washers, and work well.
  33. ChadS

    Seats in Y?

    I seem to be OK in seats from just about any car. I even liked my Roadster seats. One exception: Chevy Bolt. Ugh. My wife is a lot pickier. She liked her S seats, and loves her X seats. She hated my 3 seats, and didn't like being in the car, even for short rides around town. She is OK in the Y...
  34. ChadS

    Buying a 2023 Model Y OEM Hitch from Ebay and getting installed by Tesla .Thoughts ?

    $165 to have Tesla install it sounds pretty good. (Note that the amount will likely vary by service center). I can easily believe that they will do that if you obtain an OEM tow hitch. But are you sure they will install a 3rd-party tow hitch for you? That doesn't sound like the Tesla I know. :)
  35. ChadS

    How many of you will/may transition to CyberTruck?

    OP, are you asking about any EV transitioning to a Cybertruck, or Model X owners specifically? My wife has a 2017 Model X. It's fantastic for people moving and long road trips for her and I, and that's primarily what we've used it for. The Cybertruck won't be any better at those jobs, and it...
  36. ChadS

    Model X 5-seat model rear space?

    There is a small extra space, though it is not terribly useful unless you put a compact spare there. More details HERE.
  37. ChadS

    Done with Tesla Model Y Performance after 2000km

    Thanks for all the details, OP. I agree with most of your assessments, but I have different weightings and so come to a different conclusion. That's OK, there never will be any one car that is right for everyone. If you remember and are up to it, it would be interesting if you come back to...
  38. ChadS

    Need advice on 2017 Model X

    We have a 2017 X (my wife's) and a 2022 Y (mine). My wife would be furious if I tried to get her out of her X and in to a Y. She finds the X so much more comfortable. And even I must admit that while the Y is great around town, the X is better for longer drives (especially with the free...
  39. ChadS

    Let's talk CT wiper......

    Shortly before the Model X was introduced, we all saw tons of photos of the car that looked like this: Is that the case here? Well, we'll find out when a customer gets one, I guess...
  40. ChadS

    Tow hitch for performance Y

    I've got a hitch on my performance Y. It came from the factory rather than being ordered separately, but I doubt (?) that matters.
  41. ChadS

    TSportline wheels for Model Y

    The weight difference is significant, and if you are running around town I would imagine that it has to improve efficiency (and therefore around-town range). However, most people care more about range on the road, and there weight hardly matters - aero is the big deal. I don't think they help in...
  42. ChadS

    TSportline wheels for Model Y

    I am happy with mine, too. This is the second Tesla I've had them on:
  43. ChadS

    Reverse The Uncomfortable Front Headrest

    I put the headrest back, as I (4" shorter than you) am comfortable with it in the standard position - I only moved it so you could see that it can be done. (Though I agree with ATPMSD that bending the posts to keep it facing forward seems better if you can make it work). I do seem to recall me...
  44. ChadS

    Reverse The Uncomfortable Front Headrest

    I just turned mine around. As the video notes, the hardest part is keeping the first clip from re-engaging until you get the second clip disconnected. It would help to have a third arm. On my car, both retaining clips were on the driver's side of the car. Which means that when you reverse the...
  45. ChadS

    Reverse The Uncomfortable Front Headrest

    I haven't tried reversing mine; but HERE is a video that shows someone removing the headrests from a Model 3 and bending the posts so that it doesn't lean forward so far. It looks pretty easy...
  46. ChadS

    Cargo liner that isn't a slip-n'-slide?

    Yeah, I like 'em. I complained about the floor mat sliding backwards, but that was because it didn't have any velcro on it. They included extra velcro bits, so I put some on (just on the frontmost half, so it didn't cause issues when I access the trunk well) and now that part works great...
  47. ChadS


    I really like what they are trying to do...and I certainly agree that with that type of efficiency, it has some obvious appeal for road trips. However, I am concerned about ride quality - will you really WANT to take a long road trip in it? Remember that it's a 3-wheeler. So even if the front...