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  1. trialcritic

    Can't Order Standard Seating with Premium Upgrade Package

    Is the vegan option available as a choice? I was configuring my Model X and did not see it. Am I missing something?
  2. trialcritic

    Some Sig X owners have scheduled delivery dates in December 2015

    When I ordered the car, they had a "Delivered by beginning of 2016" sign for me. I never believed it and suspect that I might get it by the end of 2016. Any ideas on how many cars are to be made every month?
  3. trialcritic

    Sunshade for Windshield & Skylight

    I wish Tesla will do a custom photosync as an option before delivering the car.
  4. trialcritic

    Some appreciation of Tesla from Dan Neil (Wall Street Journal) car guy

    To be honest, a company like Toyota will have no problem building a rival. They have the infrastructure and the innovation. The big reason they may not build one is that they do not feel that there are sufficient number of potential customers. Tesla should not be too arrogant. The one place...
  5. trialcritic

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    It is interesting that there is so little competition for Tesla anytime soon. Leaving out brands like Bentley, the closest is Audi in 2019. Wonder what the reason is. After all, Ford took apart a Model S and claimed that they can put one together if they wish.
  6. trialcritic

    The new nose

    The design looks super nice. I wonder why they have not released the design studio to play around with, know the options etc. Reasons?
  7. trialcritic

    Places to eat around Mountain View or Fremont

    I live in Palo Alto, the town where Tesla has its headquarters. You can go to University Ave in Palo Alto. Tons of restaurants including Michelin star ones. Palo Alto is about 10 min ride from Mountain View.
  8. trialcritic

    Test drive of a gas car, opposite of the Tesla first hand drive account

    In a clever flip of the script, Tibor Blomhall, writing for Tesla Club Sweden, put together an amusing first hand account (http://teslaclubsweden.se/test-drive-of-a-petrol-car/) detailing what it’d be like to drive a gasoline powered car in an automotive market dominated by electric vehicles...
  9. trialcritic

    Model S vs. Model X

    I am waiting until end of the month, most probably canceling my MX and getting a MS, it is for my wife. My wife is fine with a MS and she wants the range.
  10. trialcritic

    Speculation: Model X will contain "full autopilot" IE self driving.

    I suspect that Tesla Model X has all the technology for the full autopilot but will release it slowly by firmware updates. This is possibly due to legalities in having the full self driving car. As many have noted, it is better to have full autopilot, only car driving experts can do better than...
  11. trialcritic

    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    Not too impressed with the range of the Sig model. Any thoughts on how it will vary for the non-Sig model?
  12. trialcritic

    Delay in model X launch?

    I can understand the problem Tesla has with the Model X. On one hand, it cannot delay it anymore. On the other hand, it depends on it for growth and must be perfect (especially after the Consumer Reports rating of the Model S last week). A major mess up and Tesla can be toast in the stocks...
  13. trialcritic

    X announcement on Stephen Colbert?

    I am dying to see the design studio of the Model X. I understand that a lot of it will be similar to the Model S. Any thoughts, my friends?
  14. trialcritic

    Consumer Reports gives perfect score to Model S P85D

  15. trialcritic

    New electric storage material could put more zip in your Tesla

    Article in Science Magazine talks of new material, Covalent Organic Framework (COF) http://news.sciencemag.org/chemistry/2015/08/new-electric-storage-material-could-put-more-zip-your-tesla
  16. trialcritic

    Model X Tally

    Congratulations. Welcome to the Tesla Lifetime Experience (slight exaggaration)
  17. trialcritic

    Delay in model X launch?

    You do not know me enough to call BS etc :mad: I am an investor in Tesla also, not just a person who ordered the MX, so am interested in it. You have to know the data before assuming when you will get it. The material in the MX page has been unchanged for over 6 months. Tesla announced a week...
  18. trialcritic

    Delay in model X launch?

    To be fair, with my number #14k, I expect to get it by the end of 2016. I am fine with that. While my wife would love the car, no hurry. Interestingly, my wife did not want the car delivered to our home as she would not know how to drive it. We went to the Tesla showroom near our home and...
  19. trialcritic

    Estimated range of Model X

    I suspect that they will start with a 90D and go up in a couple of years. I guess we have to wait at least 3 years to get to 400-500 mile range. This will only happen with the next generation batteries. As Tesla CTO JB Straubel has pointed out, batteries double in capacity every 10 years. Elon...
  20. trialcritic

    Third row seats

    I suspect there can be no fourth row seats, possibly due to legal reasons. The CUV may not satisfy all the safety requirements of a 4 row vehicle.
  21. trialcritic

    Tesla lowers delivery forecast for the Model X

    Tesla said it expects to sell between 50,000 and 55,000 Model S sedans and Model X SUVs this year, down from a previous target of 55,000. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/teslas-loss-triples-2q-lowers-211431170.html
  22. trialcritic

    Factory is shut for the week of July 27 for retooling for model X?

    Considering how large that factory is and that it is handling the Model S too, there is no need to shut it down. If likely, they must be updating the Model X section of the plant.
  23. trialcritic

    Model X 90 and Ludicrous Mode

    I am getting the Model X for my wife (she is an Elon Musk fan) and she feels that even the 90D is too much acceleration (about 5-6 sec for 0-60mph), let alone the P90D followed by this mode. Wonder who will use this mode. Seriously.
  24. trialcritic

    Pacific Crest Analyst: Model X Shells Piloted in Fremont

    Well, Tesla told me that I will get mine by "Early 2016". That is as vague as it gets. If they make 1000 per week, they will have 20000 in 5 months and I *MIGHT* get mine in early 2016. I am a pessimist and believe that I will get it by the end of 2016. Glad to be proven wrong. Let us see.
  25. trialcritic

    New battery option 70D, is 105D next?

    Given the weight increase of Model X compared to Model S, the increase in battery will probably make the range about 300 miles.
  26. trialcritic

    OK so that's 2 years

    I still remember the message I got from Tesla saying that I will get my Model X in the "beginning of 2016". My reaction was "Yeah Right". I suspect that I will get mine by the end of 2016. Oh well, good things are not easy to get, so I have to put up with it.
  27. trialcritic

    X pectations

    Can we please close this topic thread. It is going away from objectivity.
  28. trialcritic

    X pectations

    There is nothing wrong in expecting features available in other manufacturers. If I remember, the Model S did not have cruise control in the beginning and many reviewers complained. After all, it is close to $100k in price, why not have such expectations. Eventually, Tesla came out with it and...
  29. trialcritic

    New battery option 70D, is 105D next?

    Do see the talk by JB Straubel in SoCal energy summit. His notable comment, "Tesla was not founded to make more electric cars, it was founded to drive a revolution in energy technology." It is estimated that the 2017 Model S/X with 115 kWh battery is going weigh less and cost less than the...
  30. trialcritic

    New battery option 70D, is 105D next?

    Do see this article from the MIT Technology Review http://www.technologyreview.com/news/536336/inexpensive-electric-cars-may-arrive-sooner-than-you-think/ The true cost of lithium-ion batteries in electric cars is a secret closely held by manufacturers. And estimates of the cost vary widely...
  31. trialcritic

    New battery option 70D, is 105D next?

    I suspect that they need about 100kwh in Model X to get 300 mile range as it has 10% more weight than Model S. I know it sounds silly, but I am hoping and wishing for the range to become 400 miles. Probably in about 5 years, I guess.
  32. trialcritic

    Hard time waiting

    I saw the Model S, it looks beautiful but is not convenient to get into. We have in-laws who visit us often and are over 70. They will have a hard time with it. We are a one car family and decided to wait for the Model X. I understand that TMC is delaying the Model X to achieve perfection, but I...
  33. trialcritic

    Model S - Window Tinting

    How long does it take for the car photosync? Do you have to drop the car off and pick it later?
  34. trialcritic

    First Model X deliveries done in secret This morning

    You all gave me a heart ache. I realize it is a joke, after all it is April 1. :wink:
  35. trialcritic

    Model X Feature request thread - (to be seen by Tesla Motors and perhaps acted upon.)

    Feature I would love, a 400/500 mile range. I am troubled by range anxiety.
  36. trialcritic

    Green Car Reports Model X article

    Tesla is being super secretive about what is coming in the Model X. They have not shown any version except one from a year ago. They have said that it will have tons of great features. They are becoming like Apple. Well, they are stealing so many Apple employees that they are getting some of...
  37. trialcritic

    Model X Subsite Updates

    I would love it if they update all batteries and have a 110Kwh option. They should remove the 60Kwh option. 85Kwh and 110kwh only. I want the Model X to go 400 miles if possible. Nothing wrong in dreaming:)
  38. trialcritic

    SUVs, are they a disease?

    As many have pointed out, the big problem with the Model S is the getting in and out for old people. When my in-laws come into town (they are over 70), they have considerable difficulty getting into sedans. The Model X (and some SUVs) are very convenient.
  39. trialcritic

    Model X will have the same batteries as the Model S

    Very good point. Sure that conservatively at least 20% of the buyers will go for the 110Kwh battery pack. Wonder what is the percentage break down in sales of each of their battery packs.
  40. trialcritic

    Model X will have the same batteries as the Model S

    My gut feeling is that 1. Initially Tesla will push up its profit margin. 2. The minute a new car is released by another brand with a good range, it will push up its range.
  41. trialcritic

    Model X will have the same batteries as the Model S

    It is estimated that the 2017 Model S/X with 115 kWh battery is going weigh less and cost less than the 2012 Model S with 85 kWh battery. As the cars weigh less the 2017 model S/X will be more efficient than the 2012 because it will weigh less with the larger battery. Orthogonally, the...
  42. trialcritic

    Model X will have the same batteries as the Model S

    Moore's Law held for a very long time. Agreed that past performance does not imply future. This image was shown by JB Straubel at SoCal Energy Summit, surely he knows what he is talking about. The range doubling is without weight gain or cost increase. Musk has indicated a few times that he...
  43. trialcritic

    Model X will have the same batteries as the Model S

    At the moment, the battery is supposed to be the same. People are speculating that the batteries will get upgraded sometime in 2016/2017. The batteries are doubling in density every decade. Based on this, we can potentially get 110Kw battery pack for Model S and Model X by 2016/2017. This...
  44. trialcritic

    Battery Technology Improvement Over Time

    By industry standards, Straubel introduced this image. It is very possible that Tesla can get a 110Kw battery by 2016-2017. That would get the distance to 400miles. The big problem with all EVs is the curse of range. Once we get close to 500 miles (wishful thinking), this problem will go...
  45. trialcritic

    Model X will have the same batteries as the Model S

    Wonder when they will increase the range of the cars. They have indicated multiple times of 400 and 500 mile per charge range improvement as an option. Sure, it will be an expensive option. When will this happen. I am eagerly looking forward to this and to possible reduction in the time taken to...
  46. trialcritic

    For anyone interested in the Chinese knock-off version...

    Do note, they are gull wing doors, not falcon wings. They are not hinged at the center of the roof, but the sides. They do not have two bending points, so need more space to open. Very impractical in parking spaces. Designer need to think a bit more (or copy better) ! BTW, it is a plugin...
  47. trialcritic

    Model X (and NOT the S) sold out 2015

    As of November 2014, the website said that new reservations will be satisfied by beginning of 2016. By December, the website said that it will be "well into 2016". Forget 2015.
  48. trialcritic

    Model X Timeline - From Prototype to Production

    Wonder when they will open the Model X Design Studio. I am eager to see the choice of options.
  49. trialcritic

    New Model X on display at Panasonic booth CES 2015?

    That is understandable. Do remember that Tesla is a niche car company. 1. Their car is expensive by median car price 2. They do NOT advertise 3. They make a very small number of cars by average car brand standards 4. They are too new 5. They are not in the ICE market, so many would not care...