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    Could You Drive A Model X Under Water?

    If you somehow manage to seal all components, you'll run into potential heat dispensation issues, but even worse, you'll be messing with the safety of your vehicle, as there are vents in the battery pack to help control thermal events. But I think it's probably only a concern with long term...
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    How to protect the Falcon Wing doors from a moving garage door

    Anything you don't like about this new opener/setup? Is it quieter?
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    Hotwheels Model S

    Mind sharing what store had the Matchbox version?
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    Hotwheels Model S

    Wait until you see the Super Volt ;) The Hotwheels Roadster looks pretty good tho (have tons of them), but I really want the impossible to find Matchbox Model S.
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    The domain is hosted on a shared server which belongs to SquareSpace, registered via GoDaddy, by a tiny marketing/web design firm in Texas (doesn't look like a new operation tho). I've checked the background of the folks involved (and a bunch of other official records), don't see anything...
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    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    Plus try getting a Ford Focus Electric, or Nissan LEAF serviced (or buy for that matter). Many dealers won't even touch it, and there have been cases where a dealer lost its only LEAF certified mechanic, so the local LEAF owners couldn't even get their vehicle serviced (and were too far away...
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    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    You know you might be on the wrong side when you have to use prepared statements because you're scared of the media (and actually admit this), and you don't even have a small group of customers show up to support you. Also interesting they are concerned about taking a Tesla trade-in. Plenty of...
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    Minor Summon Crash

    If you can replicate this, can you stay in the car, maybe record the dashboard with a camera?
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    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    Is anyone aware of any attempts in any state to overturn these really old franchise laws? They are obviously outdated, and are the source of the problem. A website showing what government official is for/against this, and showing legislation status, would be helpful as well. Anyone aware of...
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    Hotwheels Model S

    So far, I've only located the Hot wheels Roadsters and Model S at Walmart, Target and Toys R Us. Are there any other stores carrying these, especially the Matchbox version (impossible to find so far)?
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    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    First post contains a copy.
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    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    I don't think it's her Sig 2. Same photo is used on another website, which seems to indicate the VIN is in the 18000 range: Tesla Model X P90D SIGNATURE LUFTFEDERUNG AUTOPILOT... als Limousine in Bielefeld
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    What happened to the cpo inventory?

    Absolutely stunning! Such a nice configuration too!
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    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    GM must be really scared of the Model 3 if they are resorting to these tactics again to protect their own product in the pipeline. Is it known who will be attending that February 25th meeting, and if there is anything we can do to get more attention to this issue?
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    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    I do wish Tesla sent this e-mail to everyone, not just people in IN. Press would have picked it up right away, and it might reach people that can help out. Have you reached out to any media outlets?
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    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    I was seriously considering the Bolt (despite GM's previous shenanigans), just to hold me over until I'm ready for a 3 or S, but this thread is single handedly responsible for GM going back on the sh!t list, permanently. Bonnie, did you get a response to your tweet from Mrs Barra (or anyone...
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    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    Even if you change the thread title to "Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-NOT-TO", there are still some great lessons to be learned from this thread. Between OP's willingness to take the financial hit, positive attitude and sharing his exeperiences, and some of the other experts...
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    IFTTT and Model S

    If the Tesla API can report plugged-in status, then you might be able do this with Tasker/AutoMagic and HTTP requests.
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    Automagic Premium and Model S

    Sorry for the delayed response, things have been hectic. I think you should be ok with power. The only glitch I encountered was that it didn't switch modes properly, so it kept accessing GPS fulltime. It probably isn't an issue anymore (I've since upgraded to another phone with Marshmallow)...
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    Automagic Premium and Model S

    Very cool thread. Advanced Tasker user here, but switched to AutoMagic several months ago, and it's just as good, if not better. No Tesla (yet), but if anyone needs help, post! I don't use the AutoLocation plugin, it's a battery/performance killer for me. Also check out FLIC buttons, very...
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    {Resolved-Yes!} Can Front and Falcon Wing Doors (FWD) be open simultaneously?

    Was watching a video on YouTube, recorded during the delivery process of an X, and you can hear the Tesla employee mention not to open both doors on the same side simultaneously. So Tesla is definitely adding to the confusion.
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    Supercharger for iPhone - SOLD

    It has already changed, it's called USB Type C, and is here to stay ;)
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    Or free to Solar City customers (so much potential, pun intended, marketing value).
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    Many people don't need more than 200 miles range, and I bet a majority of those folks would rather save ~$2,000 and not have Supercharger access. So why give up that profit margin? I'm sure the hardware will be there (there isn't much to it), so it can be purchased later, or enabled as part...
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    Always on Dashcam Installer for my X in Florida

    Many popular dash cams use USB power (5VDC), but do ship with a 12V->5V DC adapter.
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    Upstate NY - Binghamton Tesla Owners - HELP

    Not happening anytime soon (although Central NY is a no brainer IMO). I was told by a little birdie that if Tesla gets a chance to open another facility, it would probably be in Buffalo. Destiny mall has some space, I'm wondering what it would take to get at least a gallery in there.
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    What other tech stock to consider?

    Delete this post (#1233) please.
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    CHAdeMO adapter

    It says NA, maybe the Japanese version is different (and more expensive)? Wondering if Ingineer has had a chance to take one apart yet?
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    Charging while moving?

    The point of that you can drive the RAV4 EV long distance if you really need to. There is tons of more info on this trailer, I believe Tony Williams used it as well (in fact, I thought that was his RAV4 EV). I think I like Ingineer's LEAF trailer/implementation the most.
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    A Model S caught fire while supercharging in Norway (link in Norwegian)

    It's up to the driver to read the manual, and share this knowledge with other passengers. Do most car owners read the manual? No, and it's why we read about sad situations such as that corvette owner drowning in his own vehicle because he wasn't aware of the manual door release. Would love to...
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    Some Sig X owners have scheduled delivery dates in December 2015

    Elie who? Don't use Facebook, so would love to hear the details.
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    The Perfect Tesla Raffle

    What does this mean? If payment was successful, what else can invalidate tickets? Would love to see a list of numbers which got excluded, and the winning ticket numbers. Pollux & wife and others involved: Fantastic job on the entire thing (despite picking the wrong numbers ;))! It was nice to...
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    Tesla-box: Anyone else receiving these spams?

    So did anyone with a Tesla account not get the email? I do have an account, but didn't get any of these emails. I don't have a Tesla vehicle either.
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    Service Manual Subscriptions

    HTTrack is another effective tool that might be worth a shot.
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    TeslaLog.com - Your hosted Tesla Data Logger - Announcement / Support threads

    A direct link that would start/stop high speed recording could also be added as a bookmark to the vehicle's browser for people concerned about vampire drain.
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    TeslaLog.com - Your hosted Tesla Data Logger - Announcement / Support threads

    I think the ability to start/stop recording via a simple web request (while also giving us control of the polling frequency) might be a good alternative to the frequent polling. It would be trivial to automate this via Tasker/AutoMagic on Android, or you could even release a companion app which...
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    The Perfect Tesla Raffle

    As someone who has ran several large raffles with expensive prizes (admittedly not Model S level), I can appreciate the large amounts of stress and adrenalin you're going through. This truly is one of the best raffle experiences I've encountered, keep up the great work!
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    (Reported on 12/26/2015) 11+ car wait at Tejon Ranch!

    Tesla needs to share real-time usage data. If they are too busy, then let the Plugshare people access this data, I'm sure they will be more than willing to integrate this data into their app. Or make the api public, so we can do it ourselves, and come up with features such as forecasting and...
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    Tesla Model S P85 with LOW MILAGE (7,800) - Mint Condition - Open To Negotiations

    Can you please include the model year, and/or date of purchase? Critical info IMHO. Car looks great!
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    Some Sig X owners have scheduled delivery dates in December 2015

    That PDF shows the 12th digit being an F, followed by 5 digits. So the PDF isn't accurate (unless they plan on resetting the counter every year), or someone is getting a Founder's model ;)
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    Supercharger - Buffalo, NY

    Considering a Model X has been spotted in NY already, I'm guessing it's about training.
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    12v battery died 250 miles from SC making me pay for 150 mile towing

    Similar deal with Nissan, I've had to get a tow because of a dead 12V battery in my Nissan LEAF (caused by a faulty sensor which stopped the computer from shutting down). Tesla should have paid for the tow.
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    Hacker Built a Self-Driving Car In His Garage - Bloomberg

    Well this got Tesla's attention: Correction to article: "The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car" | Tesla Motors
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    Anyone in Phoenix area interested in swapping with Roadster for a few days?

    I'm wondering how many Tesla owners would be interested in / excited about swapping with LEAF owners ;)
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    Nissan Leaf

    FYI, don't forget about brake clearance, which makes 15" a difficult choice. But if anyone has it working, let me know, I'm in process of figuring out wheels for snow tires.
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    2013 S85 Dolphin Gray for sale 73k mi. Asking 43,500 - No Longer Available

    What's the deal with the extended warranty? Is it Tesla's? How much to transfer?
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    2013 S85 Dolphin Gray for sale 73k mi. Asking 43,500 - No Longer Available

    That is a really nice configuration. Have you had to replace anything, especially drivetrain related? So tempting ...
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    2015 Model S 60kWh Lease Assumption - No Longer Available

    How is the tax calculated (not too experienced with leases)? I'm also wondering if anyone has ever driven a 60 from CA to the east coast (if that's even possible).
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    eGauge 3 System review (energy monitoring)

    Really useful post (and responses), the only thing missing is pricing info (and maybe a link to the exact product you purchased).