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    GPS problems since 7.0 update?

    I just got my car back from the service center. It turned out to be a loose connection to the GPS antenna - not related to 7.0. They did upgrade me to 2.7.77, so now I have the clock back on the IC!
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    Autopilot is already improving.

    I noticed the same. Last week AP tended to head for the exits when driving in the right lane. Now I am noticing a brief momentary wiggle to the right that is quickly corrected and the car stays on the highway. I'm not sure if it is a fluke, or if the car is learning from my previous route or...
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    Tesla's hidden treasure

    This isn't about Waze, it is about car GPS vs cell phone GPS. In a car there is room for a much larger and better positioned GPS antenna. The car can also run the GPS 24/7 without killing the battery. In short, a car can have a much better GPS than a phone. In a phone, trade-offs and compromises...
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    GPS problems since 7.0 update?

    Since I got the 7.0 update yesterday, I have had problems with my location in Maps not working. While driving, the arrow thingy was stuck at the same location - a place I had never been before about 5 miles from my actual location. I'm guessing the GPS was not able to get a real location and was...
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    Firmware 7.0

    Motorcycles should not split lanes. Period. They should use a full lane like everybody else. Instead they waste thousands of man-hours due to the traffic jams they cause when they get themselves killed due to their own stupidity. I never move over for them when they zoom past me at 90 mph in my...
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    Autopilot necessary?

    The TACC is super nice for the kind of driving I do (bad commute traffic where the speed fluctuates between 0 and 60 mph). It is great not having to keep stopping and starting all the time. I just got the 7.0 update but have only had a chance to try it briefly so far. I suspect it will also make...
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    Any Guesses for 7.1?

    YES! How am I supposed to trust a car to drive by itself when it can't even play Dark Side of the Moon from start to finish properly?
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    Who is going to try out autopilot?

    I'm gonna try it right away! But probably not while driving over the hill to Santa Cruz on Highway 17...
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    Any Guesses for 7.1?

    I doubt they would do a classic mode. It would double (or at least increase) their requirements for testing, regulatory qualification in various countries, etc. Microsoft allowed me to switch Windows 2000 back to looking like Windows 95, but I think Tesla is more of a full steam ahead and...
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    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    I would expect so, just as I expect my car will not revert to the 6.2 UI when I turn off AP.
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    Center Console Problems: losing items

    I have had more trouble with the front side - the gap between the top of the center console and the 17" display. It is just wide enough for my iPhone to slide in there if I leave it on top of the closed center console, but not wide enough for me to reach in and pull it out. Only way to get it...
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    Tan and grey old-gen seats discontinued

    Me too. I received my 85D with old-gen tan leather seats last month. I didn't like the feel of the next gen seats when I was test driving, and the tan leather goes well with the red exterior.
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    Gas car parked at a Supercharger

    Me too. I'm still waiting for my white HOV stickers to arrive in the mail maybe today... I wonder how long the HOV lanes will be a useful perk though - Often on I-85 the HOV lane is just as busy as the regular lanes, mainly filled with EVs and hybrids rather than actual "high occupancy" drivers.
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    Roof racks: too ugly?

    Thanks, that's great news! I think I can handle a 1% reduction in range without noticing. Of course I would expect range to take a hit when I'm actually hauling something on top. Sounds familiar :-)
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    Roof racks: too ugly?

    I've been thinking about getting roof racks for my MS so I can transport our stand-up paddle boards. I would also like to get a rack to mount my bike on top, since putting my bike in the trunk is a bit of a pain. But when I talk to my wife about it, her response is "Well, its your car, so its...
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    Not receiving iOS charge notifications last two days - just me?

    Yep, I've been getting the notifications on time now the last couple days.
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    Will you regret buying MS too soon if immensely better model comes out soon?

    Poll results are probably way different in the VW owner's forums...
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    Model S listening to music without me?

    I mainly listen to MP3s off a USB drive. I usually pause the music manually by pressing the left steering wheel scroll button. Sometimes when I return to my car I see that the music player is several songs further along in an album than it was when I left. Is my car listening without me? I'm...
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    Will you sell your Model S and buy Model X?

    I'm not interested in the MX. The falcon wing doors look cool, but make a roof rack impossible. That isn't very practical for an SUV.
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    Will you regret buying MS too soon if immensely better model comes out soon?

    Nah, I don't think there is anything coming that would be waiting for compared to the thought of not having my Tesla now.
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    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    Mine is called "Name Your Vehicle"
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    Not receiving iOS charge notifications last two days - just me?

    Yup, me too. Just started a few days ago. Now I'm getting notifications from yesterday at random times. iPhone 6+ with iOS 9.0.1
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    Will Model X come with autopilot 7.0

    That would be cool, but I am fine waiting until they are sure it is really working well enough to be safe. I'm not that anxious to be an early adopter for something like this actually!
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    Am I Crazy for Not Getting Auto-Pilot?

    I am instinctively skeptical of the self driving car stuff, so when I got the auto-pilot features I did it mainly for the TACC and self dimming high beams. I live on a windy road up in the hills that is very dark at night, so the self dimming high beams is actually a very nice feature for me.
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    About to pull trigger -- should I wait??

    I didn't wait. Just got my 85D two weeks ago and I have been having a great time with it! Maybe next year there will be some new feature that I wish I had, but I don't think I will regret my decision.
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    Firmware 6.2

    I got .71 yesterday. I have a 2 week old 85D with LTE. The upgrade to .71 was from .46, which came on it from the factory.
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    License plate holder for Model S

    My new 85D came with the chrome "TESLA" frame and the "Zero Emissions" sticker. I picked the car up at the Fremont factory about a week ago. But the frame isn't high quality - just plastic. Looks nice from the distance though.
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    Color Choice (Redux)

    FWIW I was planning on blue, but ended up choosing red. I do a lot of driving on dangerous windy roads, so I wanted my car to be as visible as possible. Also, my last car was blue and I never drove a red car, and thought it would be fun to do something different.
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    Driving on the highway is annoying due to "Blind Spot Warning Disabled" alert

    I also haven't found the blind spot warning very useful. First of all, the visual indication is very subtle, and I don't want to take my eyes off the road to see if there is a faint white line next to the speedometer circle. Secondly, it often seems to light up too late or never. Finally even if...
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    LTE not working

    Happened to me again this morning. Rebooting the console wouldn't fix it this time, but the pulling the fuse did. Both times it happened was after leaving from home in the morning, so I'm wondering if it is just unable to get back on LTE after being on my home Wifi. I'm going to try keeping Wifi...
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    LTE not working

    FWIW - my car already has the .46 update.
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    LTE not working

    This just happened to me this morning in my 85D that I just got a couple days ago. It seems that it was unable to acquire LTE after going out of range from my Wifi at home when I left for work this morning. Rebooting the entertainment system twice seemed to fix the problem. I hope this is fixed...
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    Gapless Playback

    Lack of gapless playback of music off the USB drive is the only serious disappointment for me so far. Hard to believe Tesla would drop the ball on that one. This is 2015 after all, not 1998.
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    Mystery connector behind cubby (and more!)

    Thanks for the reminder - I need to remove the Bluetooth ODB2 dongle I have in the car I am trading in when I pick up my 85D on Saturday :-)