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  1. vapor trail

    Real life experience with Xcelerate warranty?

    Sorry about your experience. I'm surprised and disappointed at this response from XCare. Have been very close to getting my own policy. This gives me pause. Bummer. BTW, your battery rattling around is a bit disconcerting. Didn't know batteries were strapped to car and could come loose over...
  2. vapor trail

    2018 P100D vs 2019 Performance (raven) which to buy?

    There is no interior "nag camera" on 2019 Raven.
  3. vapor trail

    2018 P100D vs 2019 Performance (raven) which to buy?

    Raven. No contest.
  4. vapor trail

    Model S Refresh XPEL Quality Issues?

    My car is fully wrapped in EXPEL (2019, not refresh). Have had zero issues with it.
  5. vapor trail

    First Flat in my Model S Plaid: Lessons Learned

    Interesting kit. does this fit in frunk?
  6. vapor trail

    Real life experience with Xcelerate warranty?

    Would you predict a year after rolling over to the 2017s it will rollover to 2018 and newer?
  7. vapor trail

    Real life experience with Xcelerate warranty?

    If I want to minimize time where there is overlap between xcare battery coverage form factory warranty, and maximize xcare time of coverage beyond the factory warranty, how long can I wait before getting xcare for 2019 model year? Using xcare website to get quotes, a 2015 Model S does not...
  8. vapor trail

    Dessicant bag maintenance

    It's probably the case. A bit annoying the price is almost $200 higher than the invoice posted earlier in this thread for same job.
  9. vapor trail

    Dessicant bag maintenance

    I just scheduled my 2019 Model S to have dessicant bag replaced. Service center is quoting $516.29. I'm asking why so much. Estimate shows no details...
  10. vapor trail

    2020 model S long range plus versus 2019 performance

    Suppose it comes down to what's more important: having FSD beta capabilities at time of purchase or getting your favorite color combo and all that ludicrous power. Personally I'd cast another vote for the 2019. But as my signature profile reveals, I might be coming in with a bias. The 2019...
  11. vapor trail

    Vendor Xcelerate XCare EV Protection compared to Tesla ESA

    So if I want to maximize my battery coverage, when is the optimum time to purchase coverage, using my 2019 model as an example? Will it be possible to buy the service and battery/drive unit warranties separately, so to maximum battery/drivetrain coverage and still get service warranty, albeit...
  12. vapor trail

    Extended warranty: anyone regret NOT getting one?

    Thanks to everyone for input.
  13. vapor trail

    Extended warranty: anyone regret NOT getting one?

    My 2019 Model S is recently past its 4 year warranty. Have been debating the pros and cons of getting third party extended coverage. Been leaning toward not getting coverage. Curious if anyone made same choice to forgo coverage and now regrets it after incurring expensive repairs.
  14. vapor trail

    Just come across the phantom braking issue, considering canceling my order

    (which is why I said built with FSD hardware -- rather than pre-2016 refresh that has mobileye)
  15. vapor trail

    Just come across the phantom braking issue, considering canceling my order

    Noticed lack of Model S as well. Way too narrow focused. This problem affects all cars built with FSD hardware. Phantom breaking is such an embarrassment. I never use FSD with others in the car.
  16. vapor trail

    Just come across the phantom braking issue, considering canceling my order

    By chance do you have a web link for this? Thx
  17. vapor trail

    Real life experience with Xcelerate warranty?

    Very close to taking the plunge and signing-up my 2019 Model S for XCare coverage. I have a couple of questions, probably already addressed somewhere on the forums, but here goes: Does the XCare policy cover work done at service centers that aren't "Tesla factory" service centers? For...
  18. vapor trail

    X-Care Experiences

    Can you expand on that: "not covering things that are not actually completely broken"?
  19. vapor trail

    2023 Plaid - Booming noise

    Came across this thread on the Model Y forum: Buffeting/Booming issue survey Wonder if cause/issues are related? Sorry you're dealing with this. My MS (2019 Raven) sounds like a 1970's pickup truck when driving over rough roads and bumps. A very different problem but frustrating. Hoping to...
  20. vapor trail

    I'm picking up my MSLR 2023 this Friday, and I'm absolutely having second thoughts now.

    Really wish Lucid had done a hatch like Model S. Aside from limited storage access with a trunk, I have no complaints about the Lucid.
  21. vapor trail

    I'm picking up my MSLR 2023 this Friday, and I'm absolutely having second thoughts now.

    Is that video an accurate depiction of tesla vision parking assist? If so, it seems useless.
  22. vapor trail

    Control Arm Safety Issue

    Thanks for the links. Very disturbing seeing so many instances of suspension failure in the Model S. I checked other years for Model S up through 2020 model year on the consumer complaint link and see several additional examples of sudden suspension failure. No question this issue could result...
  23. vapor trail

    Camera Blind Spot MS Raven

    I have a 2019 Raven. Blind spot cameras are not enabled when using turn signals. No idea why not. They're active when in reverse. Can't see a hardware restriction preventing the cameras from being used. Although it's frustrating not to have the blind spot cameras, I will add that there are...
  24. vapor trail

    Tesla Service Inspection

    That service inspection checklist looks similar to what I was given when I took delivery of my 2015 MS (and paid for service plan). My understanding is Tesla has backed away from routine service visits. I wasn't given a service plan option or any specific maintenance suggestions when taking...
  25. vapor trail

    HW4 sensor suite and hi-res camera updates?

    Anyone have info on this? Curious of implications for every Tesla equipped with FSD built before this upgrade. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/tesla-prepares-to-launch-autopilot-hw4-sensor-suite-with-important-changes-under-the-hood-208434.html
  26. vapor trail

    What are your most common intervention scenarios?

    Interesting and informative thread. Tesla engineers should take note! I live in a gated neighborhood. My car would happily smash through the gate every time if didn't intervene. Seemingly zero awareness.
  27. vapor trail

    Service Bulletin out on Hard Acceleration "Shudder"

    I would be persistent. I had the same issue as last two posts, where I wasn't able to replicate the shudder at the service center, but it would happen during my daily drive to work routinely. I noticed a trend with temps as well, with the shudder being more prevalent in cold weather. Might...
  28. vapor trail

    Anyone else having trouble with Traffic-Aware Cruise Control?

    Really irks me how Tesla insists on cameras for all scenarios and how the perfectly functional radar in my car isn’t being put to use. Nice username, btw, which I can only assume is a Primus reference.
  29. vapor trail

    Smart Summon is Useless?

    Didn't intend to lump my comment in with FSDbeta. Oops. I meant to refer to software updates in general which have degraded self-parking. Either way, I prefer the older version.
  30. vapor trail

    Smart Summon is Useless?

    Have to disagree with you here. My car self-parked much better prior to joining beta program. Sure, maybe now the car will theoretically "see" spots without cars on either side, but in my experience the car does a horrible job recognizing spots, cars or not. It's no contest.
  31. vapor trail

    survey - FSD autopark experience

    Glad my car has them. will be horrified if Tesla brain trust disables them (like they've done with radar) in future "updates"
  32. vapor trail

    survey - FSD autopark experience

    Just my observation, but seems to me self parking has markedly degraded with updates. Not sure when change occured, but when I first had my 2019 Model S, autopark was fairly reliable at seeing spots and did really good job parking centered in the space. Now, it's rare for my car to even see...
  33. vapor trail

    Customer Service

    Tesla service at its finest. Can you get to SC in person?
  34. vapor trail

    Ludicrous Modes Standard or Option on 2019-2020 Performance Model S

    I have a 2019 performance Model S and it has Ludicrous/ludicrous+ as part of the performance package. I'm sure a 2020 would be the same.
  35. vapor trail

    Another example of the world's worst customer service

    Wow, that's pretty disgraceful. Did you try calling the roadside assistance number as well?
  36. vapor trail

    Direct links to Tesla chat support...

    How ridiculous that Tesla service is so rotten we have to find ways to trick the system to get a live rep. And many times even when we do, our issues are not addressed. Completely pathetic. Can't think of another car company (in any price bracket) with such horrendous service.
  37. vapor trail

    My tesla is stuck (completely shut down by malfunction) in my building’s indoor parking …any suggestions on towing it out?

    Glad to see the car was successfully retrieved. It's a glaring failure on Tesla's part that roadside assistance didn't provide the critical instructions on how to get car out. Tesla forwarding OP to random towing companies is pretty pathetic. Given unique nature of Tesla's (and I guess all...
  38. vapor trail

    After 8+ years, no longer a Tesla owner!

    Agree about your impressions of the refreshed Model S. I'll keep my Raven as long as possible. Would never buy current version. As a few others have asked, keep us posted on which truck you settle on. You're in rarified air to have ability to perform side-by-side comparisons of both vehicles...
  39. vapor trail

    Will Mercedes jump to level 3 before Tesla? Looks like it.

    Not sure if already posted. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a39966189/2022-mercedes-benz-eqs-drive-pilot-drive/
  40. vapor trail

    5000 km road trip - Vancouver (BC) to San Diego round trip

    Agree. Have driven much of California with no stress in my current car. Drove coast to coast in my 2015 90D Model S back in 2015 with no issues. This guy's post sounds bogus or he's a horrible planner.
  41. vapor trail

    Vendor 3D MAXpider Tesla Model S Refresh Floor Mats now available

    I have 2019 Raven performance Model S. Planning on making those available again at some point?
  42. vapor trail

    Will Mercedes jump to level 3 before Tesla? Looks like it.

    I'm not a software engineer or AI expert by any stretch, but I have to wonder if Tesla Vision will ever deliver what we've been promised. Current iteration of autonomous driving beta is still quite wonky. Phantom braking persists, and for me that means leaving autopilot off most of the time. My...
  43. vapor trail

    2020 Performance or new Plaid?

    Pre-refresh Model S cars still get updates. No, my 2019 Performance can't put on a light show, my side view cameras don't display when changing lanes (and I am stuck with an actual (gasp!) steering wheel), but I still get regular over the air updates. Not sure what above poster meant by 2020 or...
  44. vapor trail

    those of us in beta testing program, are we missing out on holiday updates?

    Title says it all. Those of us beta testing (and getting FSD related firmware updates), are we not going to get the recently released holiday updates (2021.44.25 Official Tesla Release Notes - Software Updates) or will these features get packaged in with FSD updates?
  45. vapor trail

    Just installed 10.4 (2021.36.8.5). Any tips/tricks/advice?

    After my safety score reached 99 a couple of days back, today I was prompted to install FSD 10.4. Tomorrow morning will be first chance to test while on way to work. I know there are other threads discussing FSD experience, but many are insanely long and a bit unwieldy to get through. For...
  46. vapor trail

    How many Safety Score 98 waiting for FSD 10.4?

    Got notification today on same! My score did bump to 99 two days ago. Hopefully, 98's will start getting in on the game.
  47. vapor trail

    Anyone regret joining FSD-beta fleet?

    Thanks for info. Interesting points. Unrelated note, but I'm REALLY surprised to see you mentioned having half shafts replaced on Plaid. I fully expected Tesla to have fixed that annoying issue, which has plagued other Model S models for years (including my 2019 Performance - yet to get fixed).
  48. vapor trail

    Anyone regret joining FSD-beta fleet?

    If so, why? Sitting at 99 and hoping to have chance to join soon. Would appreciate insight, favorable or not, into the experience.
  49. vapor trail

    FSD beta coming to 98?

    Just saw this on different thread. Good news!