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    Couple questions on charging outdoors at a condo especially in winter

    I've been using my UMC every day for 15 months and have had no problems with it. This is outdoors but in good southern California weather.
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    De-chromed and New Wheels

    That looks great. My son did the same thing to his car!
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    What's your 90%?

    2014 S85 18,500 miles 90%=235 miles. I think it was 237 miles when new.
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    Recommendations for detailer and Opti-coat Pro near Thousand Oaks, CA

    If you're looking at CQuartz I had Andrew at Aficonauto in Santa Barbara do mine. It turned out great and Andrew is great to work with. 805-705-7197
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    What VIN does AutoPilot start?

    VIN 53743 Ordered 4 July 2014 Delivered 18 October 2014 All autopilot hardware installed.
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    Firmware 6.2 poll to say when you got it

    S85 Autopilot VIN 53743 - Got it today 4-1-15
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    Firmware 6.1

    If you also got the Tech package I would think Tesla would owe you $500. I had the old $3,750 tech package and parking sensors and got TACC with the 6.1 upgrade.
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    Firmware 6.1

    VIN 53XXX Picked up 18 October with full Auto Pilot hardware 01/19/15 Just notified 6.1 has been downloaded. Will install at 0200 tomorrow morning. Great timing as I am up in Truckee on a 500 mile ski trip from Santa Barbara. Looking forward to using the TACC and energy software on my...
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    New Version of EVTripPlanner

    In car program. And thanks for your work.
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    Firmware 6.1

    Do I need to be connected to WiFi to receive the update? I only have 3G
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    Gallery to open in Santa Barbara

    Just found this brief article in the Santa Barbara Independent": "Although no official application has yet been submitted, the City Council gave Tesla Motors the green light to open a new car dealership -- "a gallery," in the Tesla lingo -- at the spot on Hitchcock Way now occupied by Don...
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    Santa Barbara, California Service Center

    Michael is the new Santa Barbara rep. He also just picked up a P85D for demo rides. Met him at the Oxnard SC. Great guy!
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    Bad seal in little window triangles in front doors

    It took 30 minutes to replace the part. Just hope they have the part on hand.
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    Bad seal in little window triangles in front doors

    It's a part that they happened to have in stock when they fixed mine. The part is fairly large and I think it fits down into the door.
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    Bad seal in little window triangles in front doors

    Noticed the wind noise from the right front triangle window immediately after delivery. Brought can in a week later and they replaced the complete part. No more noise. Great service.
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    Mercedes Benz self-driving trucks in 2025

    Just found this in UK edition of Wired. Mercedes revolutionises trucking with self-driving semi (Wired UK) It's an interesting article on what may be just around the corner.
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    "Other...Updates" (to the Model S, aside from 'D')

    I just picked up my car today. It appears to have the new updates listed in the OP's thread. It has 6.0 and the speed assist and lane warnings software is all there. Other parts of the safety convenience features will trickle out in the next few months.
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    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    Forum username:kapenagary Country:USA Delivery City:Van Nuys Type (60/60D/85/85D/P85/P85+/P85D):85 Order date:4 July Confirm date:4 July Prefered delivery date:1st week of October Was this the earliest delivery date?no Estimate delivery:late September VIN number (last five numbers of serial...
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    Model S Reservation Tally

    VIN 53743 Confirmed 4th of July Just got word car is on truck on its way to Van Nuys service center. Should be ready for a Friday pickup. Can't wait!
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    Model S Reservation Tally

    VIN 53743 Confirmed July 4 Start of built: October 10th Expected Delivery still late October Note: some VINs with higher numbers were delivered near the end of September but didn't get the new sensors. Originally I was a bit disappointed that my car didn't come earlier but with the later...
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    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    Forum username: Kapenagary Country: USA Delivery City: Van Nuys, Ca. Type (60/85/P85/P85+): 85 Order date: 4th of July Confirm date: 4th of July Prefered delivery date: 2nd week of October Was this the earliest delivery date? No Estimate delivery: Week of 13 October VIN number (last five numbers...
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    A most unfortunate event :-(

    So very sorry for your accident. Thankfully you are all OK. It's further proof that the S is the safest car in the world.
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    Detailing of car before delivery

    It didn't work. I asked my DS for a release form that I could sign to not have any detailing done to the car. I got my answer back a couple of days later. "Regarding your request to forego detail, I ran this request by my service manager. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate this...
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    Question about aftermarket wheels

    The 19" wheels that are coming with my S85 are 8.5 inches wide. The aftermarket wheels I am looking at are 9" wide. I'm staying with the same tires (Michelin Primacy). Is this 1/2" difference a no no? I've been told that this will work fine but I would like to hear from actual owners their...
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    Vendor The Tire Rack is proud to be a part of teslamotorsclub.com !

    I have a question for doc@tirerack. My Tesla is coming next month with 19" wheels. These wheels are, I believe, 8.5" wide. The new wheels I'm looking at are 9" wide. I am going to stay with the same tires. Will this be OK? Thanks
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    Detailing of car before delivery

    Thanks for the replays. I'll contact my DS again and ask for a release from Tesla that I would sign to not have the car waxed. I'll see if that works. Thanks again, Gary
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    Great article from a guy who chose a Jaguar over a Tesla on why Tesla is better :)

    I thought that was a great article and I'm going to send it to friends and family.
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    Detailing of car before delivery

    I have a question. My car will be delivered at the end of September. I am planning to have the car OptiCoated the next day. My detailer requested to not have Tesla detail the car as it makes more work for him. I requested that to my Delivery Specialist but she said that it can't be done...
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    I weighed my MS today....

    My poor attempt at humor.
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    Show and Tell at local Sr Center

    Nice going John. Way to spread the word. I may not be quite to their age, I'm only 72, but I'll bet that a lot of older people are just as interested and concerned about things like the environment as much as the younger generation (maybe even more so!) And you would almost have to be dead to...
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    I weighed my MS today....

    Is that with a full charge?
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    Tesla warranty now has 8 year/infinite mile battery & drive unit warranty retroactive

    Lucky us Fantastic! I can't believe I am getting a car with an unlimited drivetrain warranty. Now, just get that darn thing delivered on time and I can start enjoying what the rest of you have.
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    highest VIN number in production?

    This thread made me look at My Tesla again, for the second time today. And lo and behold I have a VIN - 53743. I confirmed my order on the 4th of July. I figured mine might be taking longer since I ordered a brown car and that is about the least popular color. Delivery late September but...
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    Supercharger - Oxnard, CA (EXPANDED Jun 2018, now 20 total)

    Yep - drove by and stopped at the Oxnard SC today. They were unpacking the chargers and laying out heavy duty cables. Glad to see them back to work on this SC. My MS arrives in 7 weeks and this is a perfect location for me.
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    NADA full page ad in back to LA Times today

    Too big to scan and I couldn't find a link so here is the full page ad in this morning's LA Times 10 REASONS TO BUY A CAR FROM A DEALER 1. Expert advice Dealers can provide a wealth of expert advice to help you determine which vehicle best suits your need and budget. 2. One-stop shop...
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    Stolen Model S crashes after police pursuit. 7/4/14

    This reminds me of the Enzo Ferrari that split in half after hitting a telephone pole on the 101 just north of Malibu around 8 years ago. I saw the engine compartment laying in the street and the front half near the telephone pole around 200 feet away. Fortunately after hitting the pole neither...
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    Supercharger - Oxnard, CA (EXPANDED Jun 2018, now 20 total)

    Thanks for the update on the Oxnard SC station. My Model S is due in October and my most frequent drive is from Santa Barbara to Simi Valley to visit my grandkids. This SC is perfectly located for me.
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    Just Ordered

    I ordered mine 2 days ago. October delivery. My first house came with 14 acres of land, barn, guest house and cost 1/4 the cost of my TESLA. But then I was making 1/5 of what I was making before I retired. I'm replacing a Prius so gas savings won't be so much. Will be charging at my son's...