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    2016.5 P90D to 2022 Plaid Impressions

    I have the 2014 and the Plaid both on my app at the moment. The P85D takes about 5 seconds, the plaid about 20 seconds
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    2016.5 P90D to 2022 Plaid Impressions

    Thank you for the great post. I have very similar experience except I have more complaints. I have driven my 2014 P85D 130K miles. Ordered the Plaid Dec 1 picked it up the 22, so it is a 2021, I have 2500 miles on the new car. Things I like and am impressed with most you have...
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    Early 2013 P85+ to 2022 Plaid

    Ordered my Plaid Dec 1 and picked it up Dec 23.. Came from a 2014 P85D which I though was fast but this thing makes it look weak especially above 80 mph. I am getting use to the yoke and like it now but still hit buttons accidentally when maneuvering, great on open road. I was not impressed with...
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    Model S Plaid - 6 Months Later

    Ordered my Plaid Dec 1 and picked it up Dec 23.. Came from a 2014 P85D which I though was fast but this thing makes it look weak especially above 80 mph. I am getting use to the yoke and like it now but still hit buttons accidentally when maneuvering, great on open road. I was not impressed...
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Close, Bucket list
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    The above I sent to the SC's I"m not sure I will get the pictures posted. So I will explain what I found under the Frunk. Two bolts missing, Wires tore off a sensor behind the right radiator. A flashlight left above the left fan.
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    The saga continues Driving home yesterday from doctors appointment I was hearing a loud clunk coming from front of Tesla P64710 which you just had in for service for two weeks. Ironically this service was necessary because another Service Center had left the front drain plug lose. This noise...
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Received notice from SL SC that the complete front drive unit was replaced due to damage from the installation of new axles. Won't get car back until late next week. :-(
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Read the original Post!
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Thanks Scott, Hope you are doing well.
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Well the saga continues! We have 3000 miles since the $4500 axle repair. We had the car loaded for our trip to Custer SD for the Tesla Rally and were one hour from departure time. I moved the car to get extra room to do some dress up on the wheels. I noticed a large oil spot where the car had...
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Received a call from Jason, Tesla service manager yesterday. No refund but he offered me some credit with Tesla service which is fine with me, I am totally happy with that. We had a discussion of the quality of work and the need for mechanics to have pride in there work. Also how the...
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Got a call from Tesla, They asked what they could do to make me happy, and I requested they return the part of the bill that was for the axles which I felt should be drive train warrantee. They said they would see what they could do. Thanks for the help. Up to know Tesla is the only EV with...
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    I believe you are mostly correct and maybe the model 3 is simpler and will have fewer problems. But please note about 50% of the problems were inducted by poor service or poor service knowledge.
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    So instead of enjoying myself I am supposed to cheap out and take it with me. Please explain how you do that??
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Funny! The car is our only valuable possession, sold house on contract and rent it back, other property sold on time and SS equal about 35K / year. retirement $ is for travel / fun. Save the pain killer pills.
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    Model S performance in edge cases

    2014 P85D AP1 wonderful on well marked road, wanders a little on high speed sharp turns, doesn't like narrow roads with sharp hills do not use on snow ice or construction zones
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    Tesla 's Number One Fanboy Neutered

    Our car a Dec 2014 P85D with 1st generations auto pilot has been my dream car and a nightmare. It is the most efficient, powerful, easy to drive, relaxing to drive, fun to drive, I have ever seen or owned. I love this car. But Tesla just keeps trying to neuter me, not that it matters at my...
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    So, is that it for AP1? Beta forever?

    Another AP1 promise was Stop light / sign recognition.
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    Insane wind noise from mirror after replacement

    Most likely they didn't get one or more of the door seal plastic peaces in place. There is heavy plastic over the holes in the door for wind noise. I replaced a door latch and those are easy to forget.
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    "Thumping" during 1st few cold accelerations?

    Hi Jeff Mine sounds just like that if I go above 200kw on acceleration. I am sure it is a CV joint but I have wandered why cold would have a effect. I am thinking mine is when the car is in high possession and once it is lowered the noise is mostly gone. Also do you notice a slight vibration...
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    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    To OP, I notice you got a little beat up on this SUA thing. I have not experienced what you have in the 3 years and 65K miles we have owned the car (P85D) However I have experienced something similar and also got beat up on this forum, until others tested it and Tesla fixed the problem with a...
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    Bolt has FWD and Model 3 does not.

    Bolt does not have Super Chargers. a big deal! 3 will have AWD as accessory, good planning because it is not needed everywhere and adds weight and complexity.
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    Frunk Dent (Frustrating...)

    Yes have the crease. I think it came about closing the frunk with one hand while the other hand was busy holding something, maybe just removed from frunk.
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    Nema 14-50 w/ 40Amp Breaker Still Tripping w/ Car limited to 32Amps?

    Just replace the defective breaker and all will be well.
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    A College Student Rebuilding a Salvage Tesla Model S

    Interesting thread! I was at a event with my Tesla when a guy came up aggressively badmouthing Tesla. It seams he bought a damaged Tesla with a salvage title. The car had little damage and he easily restored the car in looks and operation. He drove the car and it seemed to be fine, but when...
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    Drive Unit Replacement Poll

    No drive units, two axels replaced 27K miles #64///
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    My P85D doesn't go past 133MPH. I thought the limit was 155MPH?

    I have been waiting for the upgrade to 155 on my December P85D. The car was in for 24K inspection a month ago but I didn't know I had to request to have the speed limit lifted. Last week I was still limited to 131. I would think they would let one know that it may have to be done at SC. Glad...
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    New Buyers Beware / Negative repair process

    Guess I am one of the lucky ones. Dropped our car off Dec 21, got it back Feb16th , just two months later. The repair shop had it done in a week and half once they got parts.
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    Model S Tire Wear

    We have 24+ thousand miles on our Dec 2014 P85D with 19" wheels. a fair amount of gravel road are traveled. Tires have worn even and are just above the ware bars. The car is being repaired from a teenager hitting the side. When this is complete I expect to have the SC replace the tires.
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    Unlucky parking lot encounter captured on dashcam

    unlucky parking This happened last week while waiting to pick the wife up at her doll club. Poppy (dog) and I (Bill) were sitting in the car reading the Warrantee agreement (ironic) when a young lady 18, in a old Ranger, trying to slow down for her drive way. Locked up her wheels and lost...
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    Need cold weather advice for windows

    Came home in a storm yesterday and couldn't get out. All four door / windows frozen shut. My daughter in law finally just shoved the door open. the window didn't break but it looked as it would and when the door was closed the glass was on the outside of trim. I call the Denver SC and they...
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    Suggestion for battery pre-heating and charge-end scheduling sent to Tesla

    This is one of my pet peeves about the car. If you own a ICE car you can plug it in and have it near operating condition in cold weather. With a electric that is already plugged in you have to drive 50 miles before it is warm enough to have regen braking. I have tried charging the last 10%...
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    7.1 Beta Testers - constructive suggestions

    I agree with almost all the points Scaesare has pointed out. I especially miss the 3-00 and 6 on the power meter as 300 is what you shoot for, and without it power meter is somewhat useless. As far as bluetooth hookup to phone ,only have one paired and it sometimes it has to be cycled on off...
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    My "commute" is exactly 300 miles each way - will a 90D save me time vs 70D?

    My guess is there will be only a small difference in time savings between 90 and 70 with both making 2 stops. If you skip a charge stop in the 85 or 90 you may not make the 200 mile distance reliably at 80-85 mph. By skipping the first stop you should be able to reduce the charge stops to one...
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    How much are you saving from your Model S Charging Costs vs Gas for your Car?

    Our only remaining gas vehicle is a 99 pickup we drive less then 500 miles a year. We moved from a Volt at about average of 65MPG (lack of E range) to the Tesla with 0 energy cost. Our energy is free from solar panels and superchargers. We get to drive a super nice luxury car.
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    Tesla owners don't know how good they have it!!!!

    This is why Elon said you can't market electric car through gas car dealerships. When we owned our Volt the dealer tried to give good service but we had a better idea then they did what the problem was and how the car worked. With major problems they would spend a half day calling the factory...
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    Does 240v NEMA 14-50 have to cost this much?

    If you leave the car at 40A the breaker will kick after 8-10 minutes. I have seen breakers rated at 30 that won't hold at 25. While traveling cross country we stayed at a place with a 30A plug on a 30A breaker, dryer plug. We had no problem charging at 30A. My guess is if your electric...
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    Does 240v NEMA 14-50 have to cost this much?

    Mine cost $15 the cost of plug. I had a number 10, for a heater, on the inside of the wall where the car is parked. Drilled a hole shoved the wire through and installed the plug. Set the car to 30 amps the rating on breaker and has worked perfect for 10 months.
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    WA State Sales Tax on Ludicrous Retrofit

    I got a negative in writing for annual service and L upgrade from Seattle, even though I am from a non sales tax state. I switched to OR where I picked the car up. Haven't made up my mind on the L upgrade as it looks like a poor deal, no way can it take 3 days.
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    2014 P85D Owners... hindsight? regrets?

    No regrets! Got our P85D 12/30/14, would of liked to have auto steer by know but it is not on the new ones either so no regrets. I am slightly disappointed the ludicrous upgrade is not what was advertised and not of the value/price originally though.
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    Will the ludicrous upgrade improve P85D performance by only 0.2 seconds?

    Originally I could not wait to upgrade, but I have since changed my mind. I have never seen the advertised 691 hp and 155mph. I have only seen 500hp and 133 mph but this was enough to beat every car at the 1/8 mile drags except one, Nissan GTR. I hate to see Tesla fall to the tactics of all...
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    60 Minutes: Hands off the Wheel

    Looking forward to this after falling asleep and hitting a traffic tree this summer. Paid for the tech 10 months ago but as with TACC it may not be fool proof and will need close monitoring.
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    Who is a Stereotypical Tesla owner?

    Green - so there's a lot spoken about zero emissions but is the car really that green? Electricity still needs to be generated, the batteries aren't the most environmentally friendly thing to produce etc.. So do the people that are genuinely after "green" really know the net benefits? There was...
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    How's your AC?

    I find the same as most here, you always have to set lower then the true temp. But i am not unhappy after they fixed it, as it can be a bitch with no AC. Our compressor housing cracked and had to be replaced. Manufacture defect??
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    Supercharging to reduce ownership cost of a Model S.

    SC only works for me while traveling but if it works for you and helps you buy a Tesla then go for it. I am sure Tesla thought that SC would generate sales from those that don't use them to travel with as well.