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    looking for roadster-qualified tech in SF North Bay

    I have had a good interaction with a gentleman named Daniel in the San Rafael Tesla SC for Roadster. You might call and ask for him by name. I haven't taken the car in yet. I'm also unclear whether the work is now being done in San Rafael or Corte Madera.
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    SW 2022.8.10.5 Muffles Speakers

    Thanks glide - that seemed to help.
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    SW 2022.8.10.5 Muffles Speakers

    Rec'd update 2022.8.10.5 yesterday. It has muffled most of the car's speakers. The two speakers at the windshield emit audio, but all four door speakers rear side speakers are almost silent. The speakers in the trunk lid very faint. This is not correctable with the silly balance control -...
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    Busted PEM? Call Tesla!

    Chad, you and I both appear to be in the Bay Area. How did you tow your 1.5 up to Fife WA? Strib
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    Busted PEM? Call Tesla!

    My Roadster 1.5 has been in a specialty repair shop for months and they appear to have damaged the PEM. Say they can't get IGBTs. Anybody know the identification of the IGBTs in the 1.5? Should I retrieve it and tow it to WA or other Tesla SC? Strib
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    Auto Homelink issues?

    Opens wrong door
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    Bug in HomeLink firmware

    This seems to be a different, more basic, problem than other threads, and I'm not sure if it's 7.1 related - so I've started this new thread. I deferred programming the HomeLink on my new MS until I completed some mechanical work on the garage doors. Meanwhile it received the 7.1 update...
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    Low Tread Life

    I put new Yoko AD07's on my Roadster 1.5 exactly 5000 miles ago, and the Fremont SC tells me the 17" rears are completely worn and must be replaced. Honestly, I'm a VERY conservative driver and these tires have been carefully 'babied'. Sorry. But this seems to be extremely low tread life...
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    Solar Powers My Model S

    I put in a fairly large, 18KW (raw DC) system, designed to offset my household energy usage plus two EV's. I'm on PG&E's EV-A time-of-use plan, but it doesn't matter. I'm a net positive supplier so they pay me a puny $0.04 per kwh at the end of the year's true-up period without regard to...
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    No regenarting in cold weather

    I've just learned that this is true, of course, for a Model S. But when charging in freezing weather the initial energy is used to warm the battery; when plugged in for battery management energy is used to maintain a reasonable temperature.
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    Magnetic interference P85D - Compass and DJI Drone

    AllDigital, 'offered' that to my daughter but no joy, so still no driving readings. I admire your even more analytic approach. But surprised you found no deflection near the trunk hasp (the passive part of my motorized latch) or at the lower passenger side front bumper. My readings were very...
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    Magnetic interference P85D - Compass and DJI Drone

    I said I'd report back, and here's what I got. Note that I was dubious about there being an intense magnetic field when the care was completely off... I suspected the strong fields would exist during driving or charging. Using my handheld compass, I could not test in the bottom of the trunk...
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    Magnetic interference P85D - Compass and DJI Drone

    I, also, just ordered a DJI Inspire 1 V2 to carry around in my P90D. So I'm going to be very interested in investigating any possible magnetic field coupling strong enough to miscalibrate the compass. I'll do some checking with my backpacking compass in various locations and report back. But...
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    About to join the club! Best protection?

    Shinteetah, read your blog, Laura, nice! Congrats on your writing career. But... now you know there's no need to justify a Tesla. It's a Tesla. I pick up my 'Blue Boy' MS day-after-tomorrow, very excited - no aidos for me.
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    Do I need snow chains for a 90D in Tahoe, CA?

    I take delivery of my P90D this Friday! And I plan on taking it to Tahoe (often, I hope). So I have the same question about chains, cables. But I have no idea what tires will be on my 19" wheels. For my old Lexus SUV (360K miles!) the stock default tires are S&M. What about my AWD MS? If I...
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    Roadster 1.5 buttons randomly turning off

    Pecular Heater Controls in Cold Weather YES ! I have the same problem. At first it seemed random and baffling. Now I see what's happening, just not why. NOTE: It only happens in cold weather when the FROST icon , below the speedo, is on, glowing orange ! WHAT HAPPENS IS THIS: When...
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    About to join the club! Best protection?

    Shinteetah's pic reveals that the MS, frine as it is, comes in second to the Miss. Here's a serious, maybe dumb question. I take delivery on my MS this week (metallic blue) and am also considering protecting the paint. Considering BOTH Xpel wrap for forward surfaces and then OptiCoat...
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    5 days to decide between S and X

    I just dropped my Signature MX reservation and committed a P90D MS. I left a small deposit for a future MX - maybe Tesla will refine it, making it really an SUV, not a Mini-Van.
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    Spiderguy does it again - SF bay area Roadster drive 11/7/2015

    Sad that I didn't hear about this. Would love to have joined in with my ERGSTER.
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    Roadster 3.0

    Has anybody learned the 3.0 Battery price for a 1.5 owner with a BRO?
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    Roadster 3.0

    Great News, Terrible Timing I received the same email. At least our correspondence and shouts were listened to. But Tesla was categorical about 1.5's not qualifying - didn't say they were still working on it, or it'd be later - and they returned my deposit on the purchase. So I had to go...
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    CA Tesla Rebate is going away?

    The income cap starting 2016 is $500K for joint couples. Take note that it's gross income, not AGI after losses and deductions. I went to the web site and saw that my Roadster would qualify!! It's listed! Though I bought it this year, I'm not the original owner. But what 2015 Roadster...
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    WTB: Roadster Black Forged Rims and Roadster stereo Double DIN binnacle

    @MileHighMotoring - no not yet. They have several outlets in southern Cal - I'll call one at random and see what I can learn. I'd be fine going and spending some weekend in Santa Monica or Huntington Beach.
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    New Battery Break-in ??

    I'll be delighted to see it get to 82%+ ... I'm sitting in the 60's, though I do see it make a few ticks upwards.
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    WTB: Roadster Black Forged Rims and Roadster stereo Double DIN binnacle

    I know this is a very old thread - but it's exactly what I want to do to my 1.5 . Does anybody know if this can still be done anywhere?
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    New Battery Break-in ??

    That's great, AudobonB! I hope 'dead' doesn't get added to that blotter. Thanks, wiztecy, for the flow chart. I'll download the patent and understand their algorithm. My concern with this new (refurbished) ESS is that, every morning, I look at the balancing matix and it's a sea of mostly...
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    New Battery Break-in ??

    There must be a certain tolerance or voltage difference that is defined as sufficiently 'equal'. Anybody know how much that is? I'm wondering how long the balancing effort continues after charging ceases. When I check on it nothing seems to have been happening.
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    New Battery Break-in ??

    What is the definition of 'Balance'? Electrically, how is it brought about?
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    Very Difficult decision..Canceling my Sig X reservation

    I'm in the same boat - 99% I'm going to cancel my Sig X Reservation tomorrow. Non-folding seats are just part of the problem. But I was unable to actually get close enough at the Launch to see it, and now I'm told I won't be able to until after I commit the $$. Biggest issue is that we're all...
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    New Battery Break-in ??

    Is there a preferred method to break in a new battery pack? I just had my battery pack replaced. The service manager passed on that, in order to successfully balance the battery, what I needed to do is drive the car until depleted to about 10 miles remaining (without charging in the...
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    Battery health: What is the ideal CAC ?

    This thread has been valuable, not so much for how to improve the battery pack (because I don't think you can reverse any degradation) but for suggesting good discipline for preserving battery health as much as possible.Two, perhaps dumb, questions? - Can you do a cool-down without using...
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    Newest Roadster firmware 4.6.8?

    Mine is a 2008 Roadster 1.5 #467 and my VDS shows the FW as Rev. 3.6.12 . I just got it back from the Fremont SC following major service on the way to the Model X Launch, and one would hope they'd updated it to the latest release. But some of the posters to this thread appear to be 1.5 owners...
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    What is the highest reservation number to get invite to configure?

    I was a Signature Upgrader many months back and never could learn what my sequence number was. Now I have received my invitation to configure, just hours before the launch event. I still don't know my 'number' - I'm guessing everyone has received the invitation.
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    Dinner before the event?

    Does anyone know if there'll be finger-food at the event?
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    Roadster owners going to Model X Invite.

    I'll be there. But not in my Roadster - it's in the shop with a battery issue, so I'll come in the loaner S. Sure did want that 3.0 battery instead.
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    Roadster 1.5 Owners Wanting 3.0 Upgrade

    Thinking about mentioning this high level of angst if E.M. speaks to us tomorrow night at the gala Model X Launch event...
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    2nd and 3rd Row Seating Space in Model X

    Remarked in an earlier thread that I'm hoping for an SUV, not a Mini-Van. Don't need a tiny school bus. I have a big ol' Lexus LX-470 SUV with 350K miles that I hope to retire with the MX. It's 3rd row seats flip up to the side and stow or easily remove. The second row seats flip flat and...
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    Battery health: What is the ideal CAC ?

    Same for me. Also, I have solar and so I deliver energy to the grid during the day at that more pricey rate. I'd rather not consume it then by charging the car.
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    How important is it for you that the 2nd row seats of the Model X are stowable?

    Deal breaker for me if rear seats won't fold or stow. I don't have that many kids to transport any more, but I do need four of us to travel with lots of luggage and equipment. Seats need to go flat or go out... otherwise you have a mini-van, not an SUV.
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    X announcement on Stephen Colbert?

    ...but the important announcement - E.M. revealed that his Space X rockets would be ready and safe for human transport in 2 - 3 years! Wow! I'll have just gotten my Signature Model X !
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    MX Signature wait-list upgrade

    ...and, as I'd reported in an earlier thread, I also upgraded to Sig in early June but Tesla, in multiple communications, has refused to reveal my new reservation number.
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    Roadster 3.0

    Wow... I thought I was fortunate when I bought my #467 this January with only 2800 miles! Just to caution you - age as well as miles and charge cycles seems to affect the CAC. Mine declined from 203 standard charge ideal miles to 183 standard charge ideal miles in the past 3000 miles. All...
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    Roadster 3.0

    Well, I've received a second notification that my 3.0 upgrade order was canceled, this time with more information... Your order #62682 was cancelled because we did not have enough stock tofulfill your order. Your payment has been voided. Please reply to this email if you have any questions or...
  44. Strib

    "Bentley unveils 'fastest, most powerful' SUV ever"

    Nor would I want to in my X. I've seen rocket cars on the Bonneville Salt Flats do even more than that. But these are not family cars I'd drive to Tahoe.
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    Roadster 3.0

    I also just received, unsolicited, the reversal of my 3.0 order: Thank you for your recent Tesla Gear order for the Roadster3.0 Battery Upgrade. Our records show that you purchased this for VIN 000467,which is a Roadster 1.5, and unfortunately, the upgrade is onlycompatible with Roadster 2.0...
  46. Strib

    Roadster 3.0

    This still doesn't pass the technical sniff test - the 12 volt tap is just not a huge obstacle. Excluding the 1.5's could have been hinted at for a very long time. I'll go back in to the Fremont SC, but I'll wait to hear what ECARFAN hears from Palo Alto and how they 'splain it.
  47. Strib

    Roadster 3.0

    The article in Green Car Reports cited by @Sparrow is vague and the author, Mr. John Voelcker, may not be correct or have all the facts in his indirect implication that 1.5's cannot take the 3.0 upgrade. He wouldn't be the first automobile 'journalist' to publish errors. That would fly in the...
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    Any 'Upgrade Signature' reservation holders know where they stand?

    Tesla is standing firm about not telling Signature Upgraders anything about where they stand or how large the class has grown. At least they got back to me today:
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    Does anybody know yet whether the HPWC for the MX is the same as that currently being sold for the MS? I'll be installing one at my home plus one other location, and the electricians are there right now...
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    Any 'Upgrade Signature' reservation holders know where they stand?

    Nope, a new sequence number hasn't been given to me, nor does it show up in 'My Tesla' (the old number disappeared). Here was the response I'd received: For [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]