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  1. Rustybkts

    Auto Wipers Triggered by Specific Types of Street Lights

    My wipers trigger when I go under an underpass in Leicester. Never fails.
  2. Rustybkts

    Asda owner EG Group to acquire Tesla’s ultra-fast chargers

    This caught my attention but not really taking over the Superchargers than buying the hardware. First paragraph mentions taking over the network. Usual appallingly inaccurate journalism! https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/asda-owner-eg-group-acquire-081304561.html Petrol station giant EG Group...
  3. Rustybkts

    So… Highland is out…

    I have just ordered the new Model 3 to replace my 3 1/2 year old SR+ which has proved to be and is the best car I have ever owned by a long chalk. That includes a few BMW's and other "quality" motors. My only issue is with the RWD's sound system as I upgraded the SR+ with the premium Hanssshow...
  4. Rustybkts

    M3 Long Range - RW drive - confused?

    Amazing range compared to my 2020 SR+ which has around 220 miles indicated at 100%!
  5. Rustybkts

    'UK's largest' EV-charging hub opens at NEC

    As if they aren't already earning billions? BP's kWh cost should be similar to Tesla's surely as Tesla have funded their SC's from car sales in the same way that BP can. Its called "Investing" for the future but lets be honest, their hearts will not be in it and will only have put aside a...
  6. Rustybkts

    2nd HV battery replacement!

    Interesting that the new HV battery is listed as REMAN. I think that speaks for itself. Not an issue if repaired to a new standard using parts that are as good as new if these cells last as long as we are often told they will. Each battery pack will have a huge amount of data available to...
  7. Rustybkts

    I'm starting to think OTA updates aren't such a good thing

    I have had an issue with the sound in my SR+ only coming from the dash speakers until I momentarily switch off bluetooth then on again. After I do that it all works as normal and Service/Support have informed me that it is a known issue that will be sorted from firmware .26 so I just have to...
  8. Rustybkts

    M3 been in bodyshop for 5+ months - both batteries dead

    More to the point who is Edie? ;)
  9. Rustybkts

    [UK] 2023.2.x

    I have noticed this the past few weeks but only installing 2023.2.* this morning. I installed a Hansshow premium sound system on my SR+ a couple of years ago (superb) and wondered if that was why the music often has a delay although the speakers under the dash always work. It has worked...
  10. Rustybkts

    [UK] Would you buy another tesla

    Any popular SC location with restricted power should have a decently sized battery storage attached to counter peak periods and to allow more Tomb Stoned to be installed. It would work like a power supply multiplier and trickle charge overnight.
  11. Rustybkts

    Unexpected Battery Discharging - How worried should I be ?

    I always understood the warranty was transferable but I suppose Tesla can make their own rules when they resell.
  12. Rustybkts

    Anyone had their Model 3 trunk wiring harness replaced successfully yet through the recall?

    I get a little at each corner. BTW the new camera looks to be higher definition than the old one so well happy.
  13. Rustybkts

    Anyone had their Model 3 trunk wiring harness replaced successfully yet through the recall?

    The Ranger (really nice guy) has just been and replaced the camera on mine. Also replaced the boot handle which I guess is part of it or maybe it broke during replacement. The car had logged a fault with the camera. £140 for the camera and £65 for the handle but FOC warranty.
  14. Rustybkts

    Anyone had their Model 3 trunk wiring harness replaced successfully yet through the recall?

    My rear camera is working again at the moment but oddly wasn't all the time I was towing as I like to keep an eye on the trailer. Its pretty obvious that if intermittently failing, the inner core of the shielded camera cable which is probably solid on the cables with a yellow stripe will not...
  15. Rustybkts

    Anyone had their Model 3 trunk wiring harness replaced successfully yet through the recall?

    My rear camera keeps failing regularly and re-boots do not fix it. Using the boot can make it work again for a while. I booked a service and was given a date within a week to a local SC, then told a Ranger would sort it on Tuesday. Now told they don't have the parts and now have an October date.
  16. Rustybkts

    Model 3 Bodywork repair near Market Harborough/Leicester

    Ouch but the car must have been screaming at her. My reversing camera has failed due to the solid core cable fault known on older M3's which is due to be replaced shortly by a Ranger. It's surprising how much you rely on it and is scary when reversing in tight situations even with the beepers...
  17. Rustybkts

    Did the Service Centre break my screen? I have proof they did!

    Maybe but if you see the first post, there is a video of the screen with phantom touch going on and probably has metadata to date it which shows the screen to be undamaged and why wasn't it noticed immediately when the car was received for repair. The screen rear shell is very tough and designed...
  18. Rustybkts

    Did the Service Centre break my screen? I have proof they did!

    Its quite common with touch screens. I use them on touch terminals and seen the "phantom touch" going on. Poor service centre where a spanner man can't own up to breaking the screen though.
  19. Rustybkts

    Need a mini fridge for the centre console!

    How about it Taptes? :)
  20. Rustybkts

    Wall charger now shows in app

    I'm waiting for when the visualisation screen can recognise Teslas and displays them in colour instead of grey shapes. :D
  21. Rustybkts

    2022.16 to fix the boot!

    21st century problem? My manual boot lifts perfectly every time. :D
  22. Rustybkts

    30 hour wait for recovery. Lessons learnt.

    Others have said that a security update only allows this to work if the battery is actually flat.
  23. Rustybkts

    towing electrics 13pin to 7

    My trailer uses LED lights and they have always worked.
  24. Rustybkts

    Big recall

    "Recall" updates tend to be pushed over the data link so you would get them if you wanted them or not.
  25. Rustybkts

    Rising electricity costs, reflected in big increase in supercharger rates

    Hilton Heathrow is still 26p/kWh this week.
  26. Rustybkts

    Replacement Drive Unit fluid (atf-9?)

    I purchased three quarts for my very empty box and using the lot filled to just under the level/fill plug although I could fill it from the vent on top. Works out to be around 2.75 litres so happy with that.
  27. Rustybkts

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    I still don't understand why the tyre pressure and trip cards are still disabled. They were so useful and great for watching/checking energy consumption. Come on Elon, bring them back.
  28. Rustybkts

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    I thought the problem was a bleed through a pcb through hole connection that can easily be sealed if you know how the light unit is removed. Does it just pull off?
  29. Rustybkts

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    This would be the easiest improvement as they will just need to unhide them or at the most copy and paste. Pretty please Mr Musk. They were never in the way so why were they removed?
  30. Rustybkts

    Northampton supercharger - BE WARNED !!

    Well done. I also appealed once for a minor overstay at a car park monitored by these vampires (nothing to do with charging) and won. What really gets my back up is the huge penalty they charge you (its not a fine). If it was around £20 I would probably never go to appeal. These parking...
  31. Rustybkts

    Replacement Drive Unit fluid (atf-9?)

    I tried to purchase some oil from a Tesla SC in the UK and apart from apologising after telling me they cannot sell ATF over the counter, they did send these pics of the oil they use. Odd that it clearly states made in South Korea yet the the label on top states its of USA origin. Does anyone...
  32. Rustybkts

    PCN at supercharger Kings Lynn despite reasonable efforts

    Possibly true but if Tesla are paying for the use of a proportion of the parking spaces, any sensible contract would allow parking to be allowed in that area. After all, most of us are paying for the privilege and therefore abiding by the rules by being authorised. The great pity is the way...
  33. Rustybkts

    PCN at supercharger Kings Lynn despite reasonable efforts

    I assume you mean Supercharger and not destination charge points as the latter would suggest many hours being parked. What I don't understand is that surely Tesla are paying the hotel for the plot so why are they so unhelpful in cancelling these clearly incorrect penalties? That hotel has a...
  34. Rustybkts

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    I would like the swipe cards back with tyre pressures and trip mileage.
  35. Rustybkts

    Wiki Restricted UK Supercharger sites - parking restrictions / registering / pay to park etc

    Hard to find hotel name using Google but pictures suggest it's not in hotel grounds so understandable but refusing the use of toilets is pityful.
  36. Rustybkts

    Stick on vinyl number plates

    Mine came from onestopnumberplates.com and you get a choice of icons to go in the green stripe.
  37. Rustybkts

    Tesla Wall Connector/charger

    Just looked and there are loads on Ebay virtually all new. Has Tesla lost a consignment of them?
  38. Rustybkts


    Had 4.5.5 since last Saturday and the wipers at night are still utterly pants!
  39. Rustybkts

    Q4 M3 deliveries with Tow Bar - problems?

    Very worrying that any of these tow hitches left the manufacturer with an alleged fault! On the Model 3 the nose weight of the trailer is pushing in the direction the hitch is removed and its worse on the Y as it is horizontal and the trailer will actually pull the hitch in the direction it is...
  40. Rustybkts

    Carbon Footprint report from Volvo

    Surely what really matters is that EV's reduce emitted pollutants to a barely measurable amount which will allow us all to breathe clean air in built up areas. It will also reduce the way we currently waste resources as most of the materials in an EV can and will be recycled along with the fact...
  41. Rustybkts

    Which charging cable?

    Perfect, then I am sure your new car will have the correct cable as @Casss has described.
  42. Rustybkts

    Which charging cable?

    If your type 1 lead is tethered i.e. hard wired to the wall point, your best fix is to purchase a new cable and Type 2 plug and ask an electrician to change it. Should only take half an hour. There are many companies on the web that sell them.
  43. Rustybkts

    Which charging cable?

    I would be very surprised if the car was not supplied with a Type 2 cable as you are more likely to use that one than the "granny" charge lead.
  44. Rustybkts

    30 hour wait for recovery. Lessons learnt.

    I understand that the 12v emergency fix to open the frunk only works if the 12v aux battery has failed.
  45. Rustybkts

    Towbar suppliers in the UK?

    I used to have a BM E46 M3 which is based on the 3 Series model. It is not homologated to tow although all the 3 Series are. I installed a 3 Series tow bar to the car, it picked up on all the pre-punched holes in the chassis that I assume are standard. You can hardly say it would be under...
  46. Rustybkts

    Towbar suppliers in the UK?

    Just to rub salt in, the Model Y can have them installed after delivery. They use the horizontally detachable tow hitch which is vastly easier to use than the vertical one on the M3 which requires grovelling on the ground to install...
  47. Rustybkts

    Towbar suppliers in the UK?

    The tow hitch supplier to Tesla is the German supplier Westfalia but I doubt they would sell to Joe public.
  48. Rustybkts

    Towbar suppliers in the UK?

    The model 3 does have trailer light sensing and disables TACC and AP when the trailer is connected but I would guess is virtually plug and play by Tesla. They would only need to enable the towing option in the software.
  49. Rustybkts

    Towbar suppliers in the UK?

    My M3 has the tow bar and the maximum towing weight is listed on the sticker but I can't remember the format. What I don't understand is that if the model is homologated, why can't the tow hitch be installed later on a car that didn't have one from original order. Virtually all ICE's are...
  50. Rustybkts

    Latest App 4.5.1 with $ on Charge Stats

    Sorted, somehow the phone had US English selected. No idea why.