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  1. SoCal Buzz

    Floor mats suggestions

    Those are excellent. Which style is that? They don’t look like Kagu in the picture. I have the Elegant weave and really like balance between coverage and softer finish.
  2. SoCal Buzz

    Frunk flipped open while driving

    What year is your car, and how much damage?
  3. SoCal Buzz

    FOB Update sought

    Try one of these silicon key fobs with normal ring attached. They are the best and won’t come off. https://abstractocean.com/products/msy3-fobpockets Then perhaps attach an Apple AirTag so can can track and find them with your phone if necessary. This assumes you have an iPhone. You can even...
  4. SoCal Buzz

    Normal horn update?

    And you get a bonus windshield wash.
  5. SoCal Buzz

    Front License Plate Holder on refreshed Model S

    As you “saw” with fishing line, the car is barely being touched. It’s going through adhesive and leaving most stuck on bumper. Just pull slightly outward towards you so it’s closer to frame. I used polishing compound on bumper after removing adhesive to really clean it up. Any detailer can do...
  6. SoCal Buzz

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    What do you guys think of these? Buddy just put 22” on Plaid.
  7. SoCal Buzz

    Park assist

    And it still won’t work very well 🙂
  8. SoCal Buzz

    Model S order changed from MSM to Stealth Grey

    Seems like multiple coats would be far more expensive than simply changing the color.
  9. SoCal Buzz

    AP 2.0 hardware

    I stand corrected; you got me wondering so I went "back" to 2018 and ordered my car again.
  10. SoCal Buzz

    AP 2.0 hardware

    That's correct on both points. But for my 2018, EAP only added Summon, Self-Park and Auto Lane Change. TACC / Autosteer were part of the "base" AP. Perhaps that's because I had AP2.5 / MCU2 in that car? I had no idea that earlier base AP (2016, etc.) did not have TACC. Tesla has changed around...
  11. SoCal Buzz

    AP 2.0 hardware

    I believe every Tesla with 2.0 + has at least TACC and Autosteer. That is the base level of AP, with EAP (Summon, Lane Change) and FSD as the two available upgrade levels (EAP has not be offered at times). I've never heard of AP 2.0 + car with just "dumb cruise control."
  12. SoCal Buzz

    Safe-lite changed driver door glass now door open button doesn't work

    When mine stopped working the symbol was no longer lit. The firmware update fixed it. Good luck.
  13. SoCal Buzz

    New preowned model s 2018

    Plug it in :) Pick 80 or 90% and charge daily / as-needed for longer life. Enjoy the ride, and spend some time to practice using AutoPilot. Walk through each of the menu options under Car symbol, and learn about how settings change the features. Many have little (i) symbols with addition info.
  14. SoCal Buzz

    AP 2.0 hardware

    In addition to above comments, 2.5 is upgradeable by Tesla to 3.0... only if car was purchased with Full Self Drive (FSD). If not, 2.5 has upgraded cameras, a faster AP processor, and better Sentry features.
  15. SoCal Buzz

    Safe-lite changed driver door glass now door open button doesn't work

    I've taken the door panel off my '21 Refresh to replace the side mirror. There are 4 special bolts to remove and then some clips (couple YouTube videos are online with decent instructions). Anyway, they may have neglected to reattach a wire. Are your windows still working? Also, I had a strange...
  16. SoCal Buzz


    Wow, what kind of wind / sand storm is that severe?
  17. SoCal Buzz

    057 Technology

    Agreed, likely several of those. Connecting the dots with other information, one post says that "Jason told him the business was sold" and wk057 himself says above that he's "not as much in the loop as a year ago". So one could surmise the business was sold, Jason is under NDA, and the new owner...
  18. SoCal Buzz

    057 Technology

    Well that would explain the poor customer communications as of late!
  19. SoCal Buzz

    2017 Model S odometer?

    Can you still see odometer under Trips menu in car?
  20. SoCal Buzz

    057 Technology

    Actually the very last post was on 10/6 about server being down.
  21. SoCal Buzz

    057 Technology

    Last post on 10/1, seemingly ignoring the swirling questions. Post in thread 'Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology' Vendor - Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology
  22. SoCal Buzz

    Anybody know what these are?

    They kind of look like this design which attaches to the back of seats. https://www.taptes.com/products/coat-hooks-coat-hanger-for-tesla-model-x-set-of-2
  23. SoCal Buzz

    Power Inverters for newer 16V Outlet Cars

    I have the original Tesla 12V tire inflator from 2013, and it works just fine with this mini inverter: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B56TZCWG?ref=ppx_pt2_dt_b_prod_image&tag=tmc064-20
  24. SoCal Buzz

    057 Technology

    That would be a problem. Didn't they sell service plans and warranties with their repairs?
  25. SoCal Buzz

    How to fix this scratch

    It’s hard to see detail with the reflection, but it appears the door has numerous scrapes from side to side, not just the ones that went down to metal? This is way too extensive and deep for the paint repair kit. The entire door needs to be refinished and painted, and it appears the bottom...
  26. SoCal Buzz

    Drive unit failure experience

    For all the complaints about Tesla service, I think there are many examples like this we never hear about. Glad you’re up and running.
  27. SoCal Buzz

    Wrap color identification

    Tesla deleted Chrome in 2021+ refresh.
  28. SoCal Buzz

    Purchasing 2017 p100d

    This car would have AP 2.0 unless produced after ~ Sept. 2017, it "might" have 2.5. AP 2.0 is not upgradeable to 3.0 given changes to sensor suite, etc. Regardless, FSD 3.0 doesn't solve the current gaps and Tesla has moved on to 4.0 with new cameras and radar added back. I personally would not...
  29. SoCal Buzz

    Best conditioner for Tesla vegan leather?

    Diluted lemon scent Simple Green does a great job of removing stains and keeping it clean.
  30. SoCal Buzz

    Model S - FAQs

    Nothing else was removed, but other components have been upgraded. Primarily HW4 for AP, new cameras and apparently the radar is back. In 2022, the LED headlight upgrade was released along with new taillights and charge port.
  31. SoCal Buzz

    2018 P100D vs 2019 Performance (raven) which to buy?

    Raven all the way; 1-pedal driving experience and smoother regen braking are worth it. And since no one else said it, don’t bother with FSD. Standard AP will provide most of the value. Many other threads on that topic. To answer your question, I had 2018 before Refresh and believe the camera...
  32. SoCal Buzz

    Installing the TMC PWA (Progressive Web App) on your mobile device

    Very nice job on this PWA, slick and very functional! In settings, what’s the difference between Push and Mobile app push notification?
  33. SoCal Buzz

    Installing the TMC PWA (Progressive Web App) on your mobile device

    Is there any way to display in dark mode on iOS with chrome browser?
  34. SoCal Buzz

    2022 Model 3 Performance trade up to 2023 Model S Plaid - handling differences

    I agree, lateral support on 2018 Tesla was better, but I would still take the new ventilated seats over them.
  35. SoCal Buzz

    new yoke retrofit quote, should I do it?

    That cost seems excessive. I wonder if yoke is swappable with wheel, and if you could find someone to trade with on forum.
  36. SoCal Buzz

    The reason I got a 2022 Plaid was it had the Ultrasonic Sensors...

    I’m not positive, but from what I’ve read and what Elon said during Earnings call, HW3 cars cannot be upgraded to HW4 (assume that means processors, cameras, radar, wiring harnesses). https://electrek.co/2023/08/28/elon-musk-reassures-tesla-hw3-owners-bums-out-hw4-owners/ However, the cameras...
  37. SoCal Buzz

    The reason I got a 2022 Plaid was it had the Ultrasonic Sensors...

    HW4 was released around March ‘23, so you likely do not have it. Regardless, your car can support FSD… but please review everything that’s been reported about it. In summary, FSD doesn’t add much value except some parlor tricks. Enhanced AP has nice features like auto lane change and summon...
  38. SoCal Buzz

    Model S might be…. Better?

    She won’t drive it 😐 I wouldn’t assume anything. Find a way to try it out yourself.
  39. SoCal Buzz

    Model S might be…. Better?

    i can confirm this does make a huge difference. 50% setting is sufficient to make ride comfortable for my spouse. Still need to be cautious with acceleration given torque.
  40. SoCal Buzz

    2022 Model 3 Performance trade up to 2023 Model S Plaid - handling differences

    The Tesla utilitarian interior design is certainly not for everyone. But I’ll take the Tesla integrated UI over any of the competitors. And I’m happy to be rid of the excess buttons and other controls (except turn signals and horn 🙂). The Tesla seats aren’t as nice, but new sound system is...
  41. SoCal Buzz

    2022 Model 3 Performance trade up to 2023 Model S Plaid - handling differences

    I agree with that statement completely… they were too expensive. Just saying the price was not dropped because luxury was not on par with competitors. On the contrary, pricing on competitors is even more out of whack now, relative to what you get.
  42. SoCal Buzz

    2022 Model 3 Performance trade up to 2023 Model S Plaid - handling differences

    IMO, that’s not why Tesla is dropping the price. They have significant pricing power and production efficiencies, and can be more competitive. Prices on Audi GT, Taycan, etc. are exorbitant relative to range and performance (despite more luxurious interiors).
  43. SoCal Buzz

    Considering a Plaid...but do you think it's "worth it"?

    Tesla is selling at large “discounts.” My buddy just bought Plaid demo last week for $102 K, about $13 K mark down. New ultra red, 21” today is $97 K 🙃
  44. SoCal Buzz

    Model S Frunk Organizer

    Dude, where is sense of humor?
  45. SoCal Buzz

    Model S Frunk Organizer

    She doesn’t fit in frunk.
  46. SoCal Buzz

    Model S Frunk Organizer

  47. SoCal Buzz

    FSD Price Cut to $12k Tonight, Aug 31/ Sept 1 2023

    Tesla has been making and breaking FSD promises of autosteer on city streets coming soon for 8 years. While AP and some EAP features perform reasonably well, there is nothing that indicates their evolving hardware suite and FSD strategy will ever be capable (or safe). Save your money and only...
  48. SoCal Buzz

    Floor mats suggestions

    IMO, 3D are the best, but not the Kagu rubber ones. Check out the Elegant finish which has short, soft weave but still water proof and with full edge coverage. The logo is now subtle and darker as per this pic and can easily be removed if you prefer. FYI, there is no round plastic dot as in the...