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  1. johnnyS

    Opinion on selling 2016S90D Do I sell with supercharinging or transfer it to new Model S

    I put down a deposit on a new S. I am thinking of offering for sale my 2016 90D model s at two prices--with free supercharging and without free supercharging. How much more will someone pay for the free supercharging? I am thinking a $3000 price difference. Also if they pay extra for...
  2. johnnyS

    Starting to see new Rivian Trucks in OC, CA

    I saw one last weekend in Joshua Tree--it is a nice looking truck. The owner said he had it 3 weeks already.
  3. johnnyS

    So, you still want the Rivian R1T, R1S?

    I saw my first Rivian yesterday in Joshua Tree National park. I found it surprising that it was parked in a prominent place in the parking lot and not attracting attention. I remember when we got our model S in 2012 and it attracted a lot of attention when it was parked anywhere. The Rivian...
  4. johnnyS

    Used Model S (2016-2017) or new Model 3?

    I have a December 2016 model S 90D and it has been solid. I plan on keeping it another year or two, but have not decided beyond that.
  5. johnnyS

    What would you do differently if you build a new house with solar panels?

    Our system matches our use the year before installation. If we were doing it now, I would go for a bigger system with battery backup.
  6. johnnyS

    New S: Yoke or Nope?

    I voted yoke, but I know that I am a creature of habit. Driving a right hand drive car in Ireland a couple of years ago I was comfortable shifting with my left hand, but I kept looking the wrong direction for the rear view mirror. I remember in an interview, Elon was asked if they used focus...
  7. johnnyS

    What's the lowest charge level you've had?

    0 when coasting into the Kingman AZ supercharger back when there were no superchargers between Barstow and Kingman
  8. johnnyS

    Warranty Adjustment Program – Touchscreen Component email - Wow - watch for it

    I have a 2016 model S that will soon be at the end of the 4 year warranty. I have had the screen go blank a couple of times at very inconvenient moments. Since I am nearing the end of warranty, I had a service appointment on this issue about two weeks ago. They claim they fixed it with a...
  9. johnnyS

    CA Lane Splitters & AutoPilot?

    Prior to autopilot I use to keep my car to the left of the HOV lane to give the motorcyclists space. Autopilot stays centered. Autopilot in the HOV lane when it is right at the center divider is nerve wracking especially when the center divider widens at the sign poles and bridges. It has not...
  10. johnnyS

    Lending Club

    Unfortunately it will be a slow process liquidating the account while the notes mature. The return has not been great the last year or two.
  11. johnnyS

    Blog Lucid Air Makes Debut, Deliveries Planned for Spring 2021

    Back when I put down a deposit in 2011, Tesla promised the model S would start at less than $50,000. By the time I was able to order the car, I had convinced myself I needed the 85 battery and most of the options. Tesla started with 3 battery options and 3 price points. Lucid is different by...
  12. johnnyS

    New MS P90D Owner with an Important Question

    In 2016 Tesla advertised it was the last year of free supercharging. We purchased a 2016 90D for that and several other reasons--better range, quicker charging and greater reliability. Of course Tesla continued to offer free supercharging after that year, but only for the first owner. I think...
  13. johnnyS

    What should my Solarglass roof produce...?

    Interesting subject, we have had regular solar panels for six years in southern California. Our best month this year was May. About two years ago I mentioned to our neighbor that a queen palm in their yard was shadowing the corner of our array for a couple of hours in the morning. They cut...
  14. johnnyS

    Warning!!! Model 3 will make you immature (again)

    I can't tell you the number of times I have punched the accelerator at a signal. About the time we are across the intersection I look into the rear view mirror to the other cars way back there just getting up to speed. Another fun activity is to take on the hot shot motorcycle dude who zooms...
  15. johnnyS

    Want to Talk to the Service Center!

    Back when I had my first Tesla, the service center knew me by name. They had a porter drop off a loaner and pick up my car at the office. When they sold off all the loaners to make quarterly results, they had a porter drop me off at my office in a Tesla service truck and then pick me up when...
  16. johnnyS

    To all small business owners

    I am a small business owner. Many of our clients drive Teslas. I think it shows a concern for the environment and a interest in high tech. This is our first American car. As long as you don't buy a new one every other year, I think people will respect you for driving a Tesla. I keep it low...
  17. johnnyS

    Keep my Model S or get a Model Y?

    The model S is one of the coolest cars of all time. The model Y will be constructed on a smaller platform so it will have less storage and room.
  18. johnnyS

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    For those of you who do not see enforcement, this afternoon I saw a motorcycle CHP on the 5 freeway in Orange Co. checking the HOV lane.
  19. johnnyS

    Should I avoid cars with 85kwh packs?

    they are good cars--just older. The features are not as complete. Since they cost less, they can be a good starting point for your Tesla journey.
  20. johnnyS

    Walk me through the design decision for the cybertruck

    I am glad it is not just a model S or a model 3 blown up to truck size with a truck bed. If I had this tank looking truck, I would have a lot less worry about where I park.
  21. johnnyS

    Buying Model S, Have a few questions

    Actually a 2013 model S will depreciate at a low rate. I think you could drive it a couple of years and sell it for close to the used purchase price. The question will be what happens to the resale value once the battery/power train warranty expires.
  22. johnnyS

    Almost Rear Ended Due to Autopilot Hard Breaking?

    If I am in the carpool/HOV lane and the regular lanes are 10-20 mph slower autopilot brakes on an outside curve which can be dangerous. I do not use it a lot as a result.
  23. johnnyS

    No Loaners at Tesla Service "Bring back the LOANER CARS!!!!"

    The hard part is not knowing in advance if a loaner is available. At a recent appointment I decided if they did not have a loaner, I would not be able to leave my car. The did provide a loaner, it worked out fine. They only problem was it took an hour to drop off my model S. We purchased a...
  24. johnnyS

    How do I sell a Model S?

    I had a trade in value from Tesla. I listed my first model S on the forum here and autotrader. It sold in a couple of weeks without a lot of effort for more than the trade in price.
  25. johnnyS

    Tesla Service

    Tesla has a lot of growing pains. There is a lot of turnover in personnel. Actual service once you get past the greeters is generally good. Body work is difficult due to delays in getting parts.
  26. johnnyS

    Why does no one at the service center or parts counter ever answer the phone?

    the secret is to call the sales department and ask them to transfer you to service. Sales always answer, service answers internal calls.
  27. johnnyS

    Is now a good time for a new model S?

    It is always a good time to buy a model S. There will be regular updates to improve the car. Enjoy the car you buy, do not worry about perfect timing.
  28. johnnyS

    After 5 months TACC, NOA, FSD unusable. Tesla can't fix, won't explain.

    My problem was fairly simple. They changed the mounting plate for the front cameras in the windshield and changed the camera tilt/angle. Now everything works. The car did have to sit at the service center for a day and a half waiting for the autopilot expert. Before my appointment they...
  29. johnnyS

    After 5 months TACC, NOA, FSD unusable. Tesla can't fix, won't explain.

    I have a similar problem with autopilot. They replaced some hardware at my last appointment. It has been over the same time frame as the OP. I have a service appointment for tomorrow.
  30. johnnyS

    What else does Tesla need to bundle to increase Model S sales?

    I am not upgrading unless the new car has: ventilated seats AM radio pano roof more color and interior choices would be nice
  31. johnnyS

    Which Tesla should you buy? A decade-long comparo: Roadster, S, X, 3

    Chad, I have always enjoyed your informative posts. I remember when you wrote about road trips in a Tesla. While I was anxiously waiting for my 2012 model S, I read every word from you and others that had Roadsters.
  32. johnnyS

    Some stupid Mustang tried to overtake Model 3

    Recently I was just cruising along and we hear a loud engine at a stop light of a Dodge Challenger/Hellcat/whatever. Wife gives me this look, so I stomp on the accelerator. Within a second or two the Dodge is way behind and we no longer have to listen to him reeving his engine.
  33. johnnyS

    Will I be happy with Slacker?

    I like slacker. I hear a song somewhere, or I am reminded of a song so I ask Slacker to play it. Then it plays songs from the same genre or time period. I also have favorites saved. I switch between radio, Slacker, and USB.
  34. johnnyS

    Tesla adding chess to the Arcade!

    Somehow I have no desire to sit in my car playing chess.
  35. johnnyS

    Would it ever be worth it for Tesla to upgrade old cars as part of their business model?

    It seems like Tesla is busy enough at the moment just producing new automobiles. At some point when the business matures, it seems like a good idea to offer upgrades.
  36. johnnyS

    How to get people so street race you...?

    I have had lots of other drivers want to race me to the point where they roll down their window and ask. However I think that was back when a model S was unusual.
  37. johnnyS


    This way you can pick your own wheels and tires!
  38. johnnyS

    Buying A Used Model S From A Private Party - Things To Look For?

    With 21" wheels, 340/mile is not unusual consumption.
  39. johnnyS

    Acid or Tesla? From the steering wheel button, can I choose to "scan" all radio stations vs. faves?

    Actually in an older software version we were able to choose radio stations by touching a spot on the radio dial. This was more functional than having to type an exact station frequency.
  40. johnnyS

    Is sitting in the car while being supercharged dangerous?

    I recall someone's car got hit by lightning while supercharging--talk about a fast charge. I usually get out and walk around. You are vulnerable just sitting in your car while plugged in. I have thought about bringing a lawn chair so I would have somewhere to sit outside the car.
  41. johnnyS

    XM and AM Radio Work Around

    I had a loaner recently and could not find AM stations. I only had the loaner for a day so I did not have time to play with it. I listen to news and sports on AM regularly. If my baseball team is playing I have it on the radio. I have heard that some AM stations are available on HD2 FM...
  42. johnnyS

    SR+ vs LR RWD. How much more pain on a long trip?

    The short range will take much longer to charge since you will have to charge to a higher percentage of charge. The charging rate tapers to agonizingly slow for the the last few percent. A 70% charge in a long range is much different than a 90% charge in a short range car.
  43. johnnyS

    What happened to Tesla's customer service?

    It took a while to get an appointment, but I just had an efficient and pleasant service experience. However, it was not easy to reach a live person on the telephone.
  44. johnnyS

    Ordered a new P100DL to replace my 2015 90D. What's changed?

    I just had a loaner 75D. I would miss my ventilated seats and sunroof. Is AM radio gone? I would miss it for sports and local news.
  45. johnnyS

    370 miles of range!!!!!!!!

    I have been planning on keeping our 90D at least until the red California car pool stickers expire. This is mighty tempting. For about the same price as our 2012 model S, we could get a P100D.
  46. johnnyS

    Buying out a leased S, does 4 year warranty come with it?

    I would think that you get the original 4 year warranty from the date of purchase, not the date of lease buy out.
  47. johnnyS

    The GREAT Gamble: Online Sales

    I think having a $35,000 model is more important than having sales people and test drives. This is going to make it really hard for other manufacturers to compete.
  48. johnnyS

    Supercharger - Fontana, CA (LIVE 29 Mar 2019, 24 Urban type)

    That looks like a slab box for a transformer.
  49. johnnyS

    Air compressor for tires at which CA Supercharger locations?

    Bakersfield west has air available in the adjacent gas station on the same property. How about Beaver Utah? The supercharger stalls are close to the gasoline pumps.
  50. johnnyS

    Merry Christmas

    And a Merry Christmas from Southern California!