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  1. MacLeodMX

    Leaving new M3P in garage while on cruise

    Just returned from 15 days away. I left the 2019 P3D at 90%. Garaged - typically 32 degrees F this time of year.Sentry mode off. Car lost less than 30 miles. You have nothing to worry about. Enjoy the trip!!
  2. MacLeodMX

    Supercharger - Sault Ste Marie, ON

    Up and running! Limited power - 50kW for now
  3. MacLeodMX

    Supercharger - Sault Ste Marie, ON

    All pedestals now up
  4. MacLeodMX

    Electronic door release failure

    Love my 2 month old P3D. First glitch. My drivers door release was 50/50 for a few days but now has just completely given up. On pressing the button inside the car, the glass slides down and the screen shows an open door, but the door won't release. Same thing when I'm outside the car - glass...
  5. MacLeodMX

    Front Seats Creaking

    TLDR : He moved the seat forward and added some lubrication
  6. MacLeodMX

    Owners with No AP - Thoughts/Plans/Speculation on What Happens Next

    I don't think that you have the option to decline AP anymore. For pending orders Tesla seems to be imposing new MVOA's that include AP. My order for a red/white P3D went in a month ago. I did not consider adding autopilot - my long distance travel car is HW2.5 model X100D with autopilot (and...
  7. MacLeodMX

    Locked out - Car stuck in Neutral

    I had the almost identical issue earlier this month. Never had anything like that happen before on my January2013 P85. Roadside service said the car had been offline for the preceding 19hrs so could only walk-through a reboot process (not helpful) and in the end said they would push software to...
  8. MacLeodMX

    Mobile Ranger here, ask me (almost) anything!

    I have two sets of wheels for my Model S - both 5 yrs old. Old style TMPS, but failures in both sets. Do I need replace the sensors, or is it possible to replace a battery in them? Will I need to do this every ~5 yrs?
  9. MacLeodMX

    RWD Model S Canadian Winters

    5 winters with my 2013 P85 on Michelin Xice 3's. Absolutely no concerns up here in Northern Ontario - a real Canadian winter zone. Emphasis on proper tires as mknox suggests.
  10. MacLeodMX

    Sudbury here we come

    Heading in from the west..... this will be my 85th unique supercharger visit
  11. MacLeodMX

    12 volt failure

    My nearly 5 year old P85 is now on it's 4th (or 5th) 12v battery. Seems to almost be an annual replacement item. I believe this is why future designs are moving away from the 12v altogether. Every one covered under warranty.
  12. MacLeodMX

    Home delevery instead of the delevery center?

    Home deliveries are a real letdown. If you don't already have a Tesla, you will miss all the excitement in the walkthrough that your DS can give. My wife took delivery of an X100D at our home (700km from the Toronto service center) end of last quarter. They essentially loaded it on a flatbed...
  13. MacLeodMX

    Linking User Profile to Keyfob

    It's automatic, as I discovered, quickly sitting in the car after grabbing the wife's keyfob and finding myself in rather cramped quarters!
  14. MacLeodMX

    Parts needed to upgrade P85 to P85D

    short answer - not possible.
  15. MacLeodMX

    Any other Ontario owners unhappy about the increased rebate

    Parable of the workers in the vineyard anyone? As a true early adopter, my rebate was only $8500. No sympathy, sorry.
  16. MacLeodMX

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Don't forget that Tesla already has a presence in NS. In addition to the Dahn lab affiliation at Dalhousie University, they also have an R&D office in Dartmouth. Perhaps a supercharger would be of some use there...
  17. MacLeodMX

    Jeff Dahn Bursary in Physics at Dalhousie University - Please Support!

    just an update ........... this has not yet met contribution goals
  18. MacLeodMX

    Jeff Dahn Bursary in Physics at Dalhousie University - Please Support!

    As we all know, Tesla only has one University affiliated laboratory for research on battery chemistry. (Tesla’s new battery research partner is receiving the prestigious Governor General’s Innovation Award) Dr Jeff Dahn spearheads that research.(Prof looks to make lithium-ion batteries that...
  19. MacLeodMX

    EV-friendly campgrounds in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

    It is there now - the Distillery sent me an email and photo in September. SunCountry also personally confirmed with me, but I dont see it on their charger map yet.
  20. MacLeodMX

    What did you (or will you) name your model S?

    I change my cars name with every new supercharger that I visit(charge at). Right now its SeventySix
  21. MacLeodMX

    Nova Scotia Tesla Club Meeting

    Next year, i'd highly recommend that the meeting be held at the Glenora Inn and Distillery in Cape Breton. Beautiful part of the country.They have just installed - though I don't think it's active as of yet - the SCH100 charger (donated via Sun Country's targeted donation program). I took a few...
  22. MacLeodMX

    P85 vs. P85+ vs. 85D : Question about safety in slippery road conditions

    Agree - it's all about having a proper set of winter tires first. I have 4 Canadian winters worth of experience now. My 2013 P85 (michelin X-ice 3) handles better in snow than the Hummer H3T I had on all-seasons in AWD. Yes, an 85D will be better, but if cost is a concern, you won't be unsafe...
  23. MacLeodMX

    Workplace Charger Cost w/Installation in GTA

    You need to google EVCO right now. Its the provincial 20 million$ climate change fund. Your workplace can these installed for FREE, but the application has to be submitted by Feb 12 or 13th.
  24. MacLeodMX

    Heating issue: right front heating vents pump out cold air

    Same problem. Occurred after one of the recent OTA's. Update Version 2.9.12 did not fix the issue. Classic P85 vin low6k's. Service will assess in two weeks.
  25. MacLeodMX

    Can't go back to earlier version

    Called my SC about this 2 weeks ago. They "pulled logs" to have a tech analyze the issue and later told me they need to physically review the problem - no OTA fix.
  26. MacLeodMX

    TPMS display in V7.0 with older sensors?

    2013 P85 here. I don't even get the tire pressure app as an option on the dash
  27. MacLeodMX

    Tesla charged me $70 to screw on lug nuts

    The OEM lugs are too soft. i switched to this : Gorilla Automotive 61147CX Chrome 13/16" (14mm x 1.50 Thread Size) Hex Lug Nut, (Pack of 4)(on amazon)
  28. MacLeodMX


    Actually seems to me to be a way of sustaining model S sales through a period of time where you might see hundreds hold off on their order while waiting to see if the X is more awesome
  29. MacLeodMX

    21" SIlver turbine Rims - Perfect - No Longer Available

    i unfortunately cracked one of my rims. Tesla in toronto sells one rim for 1168.20 (CAD) plus tax. very timely post - just purchased. thanks.
  30. MacLeodMX

    Anywhere to charge on Manitoulin Island (ON)?

    I'd take the gas car for this trip. Sudbury charging is pathetic at best, and your energy use will be at least 30% more than expected with the bike on the roof rack. I would not rely on a gas generator unless you have tested that method of charging for your car. My car did not like it when I...
  31. MacLeodMX

    help anyone ever gone to Moncton n.b.

    Don't forget to check out the Sun Country Highway website. Unfortunately your only options are level 2 chargers.
  32. MacLeodMX

    Scottsdale to Syracuse, NY via Flagstaff to Blanding

    Why would you head to Blanding? That's not the Final destination. Skip Blanding and head on to Moab. I would not advise a new road tripper with passengers and lots of cargo to go under 15% SoC. You can't predict rain or headwinds. You must be familiar with what you can expect of the car before...
  33. MacLeodMX

    Scottsdale to Syracuse, NY via Flagstaff to Blanding

    That makes for a very long day if you are stopping at RV parks. Your travelling companions will not enjoy it as much as quick super charger stops. I drove Scottsdale - Flagstaff - Holbrook - Gallup - Farmington and would highly recommend staying at the Marriott in Farmington overnight.
  34. MacLeodMX

    How are CDN/US vehicles different?

    Elon stated that the first four years are free and they'd figure things out later
  35. MacLeodMX

    How are CDN/US vehicles different?

    I think the biggest difference is the data plan. Canadian cars have roaming data in Canada (and work just fine in the US) whereas the American ones do not roam in Canada.
  36. MacLeodMX

    EV-friendly campgrounds in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

    When you get to Cape Breton check out the Glenora Distillery. Great place to stay and they have a fantastic restaurant with live music. And of course the Sun Country Highway charger I donated should be installed by then. Have fun!!
  37. MacLeodMX

    Interesting frunk usage

    My folding bicycle fits quite nicely. It's a Dahon Mariner. Great to keep active at superchargers while waiting on a charge!
  38. MacLeodMX

    Attempt to break Coast to Coast EV record this April - Anyone wanna join?

    I did the real cannonball run ( red ball garage in Manhatten to Portofino in Redondo Beach) last fall in my P85. Not telling my time til the statutes expire. Lots of fun though. As far as I am concerned LA to NYC is cheating - massive tailwinds across the mid west. In my mind I hold the EV...
  39. MacLeodMX

    So glad I got the D - Dual Drive

    Your loaner obviously did not have good winters on it. My P85 has been unbelievably good with XIce3 Michelins. And this is my second winter with them in a real Canadian winter, not a balmy Southern Ontario winter in comparison
  40. MacLeodMX

    Autopilots and degradation of driving skills

    We have a winner! See thread on new Luddite award 2015
  41. MacLeodMX

    I-70 Gap Between Normal, IL and Topeka, KS... possible?

    Will you not be able to make that STL to KC leg without stopping in Columbia or a campground somewhere. The reason EV trip planner shows 304 miles is the prevailing headwinds - expect to be up against 30+ mph winds!! I used the Nissan charger mentioned in the other posts. It is slow, and if you...
  42. MacLeodMX

    Afraid to trust navigation system

    I have learned to take a minute or two to zoom out and review the route before setting off. It can be bat**** crazy sometimes, but random and often enough that I don't trust it any more. I hope they will partner with Garmin eventually.
  43. MacLeodMX

    Winter Range Anxiety - P85D , can I keep this car?

    I've done Toronto - Sault Ste Marie (700km) several times in my P85. You have to use the Sun County Highway chargers ( like the one in Parry Sound) for now. Plan for a longer day. It takes me 12 hours with charging for what usually would be a 7 hour drive. It certainly is a much more pleasant...
  44. MacLeodMX

    New Rated Miles For P85Ds Also Negatively Impacts Promised Charging Rate

    This ​is really not an important issue. 99% of the time owners will charge at home- where time to charge is not a concern. When traveling, perhaps you could use the extra ten minutes at the super charger to go for a walk etc. Enjoy the car. Little things don't matter
  45. MacLeodMX

    Supercharger is NOT your personal parking spot

    Same thing happened to me at this same location back in September. I spoke to the employees inside the Tesla Gallery and left a note for the drivers who were so disrespectful of other drivers. I ended up going to Woodbridge to get the charge I needed, but it was out of the way and at rush hour...
  46. MacLeodMX

    Ontario - EV charging incentive program

    I was in the same situation. By the time I had the HPWC installed, I missed the 6 month deadline. The application needs the date of purchase as well as date of installation. You are out of luck
  47. MacLeodMX

    P85 Model S upgraded from 416hp to 470hp but 0-60 mph rate still the same?

    I won't consider upgrading until 4G LTE is in the car. The 3G is the most annoying feature on an otherwise fantastic vehicle.
  48. MacLeodMX

    Frunk Organizer Alternative

    The organizer box from tesla is certainly not cheap - I was expecting to be disappointed but I ordered one anyway and I'm thrilled. Very solid, good quality and fits the space perfectly. Looks great and easy to remove with its handle on the front. Same for the rolling duffel that fits in the...
  49. MacLeodMX

    Supercharger - Sagamore Beach, MA

    I'm visiting the Cape for a few days and was hoping this was operational by this time. I stopped by for a coffee and to see the new look of the superchargers in person. Pleasantly surprised when a flatbed trailer pulled in with some new equipment .. see photo... not sure what it represents
  50. MacLeodMX

    Are there fast chargers on I75 up to Gaylord, MI?

    I just came down through Michigan from Sault to Ann Arbor. Sorry to say, but your best options are campgrounds with 50 amp service. I used one at West Houghton Lake. Only gained 100miles over 4 hours.