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    P85D Model S - Payout 75k - 8k miles - Lease 15 months Remain

    Hi, it was assumed for 1500/month based off the low 8k miles and about 13 months left.
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    P85D Model S - Payout 75k - 8k miles - Lease 15 months Remain

    The car has 8000 miles on it. You don't have to buy the car at the end of it. Personally, I wouldn't. But, if someone would like something to put 33k miles on in a year, it would be a good deal. Someone in that drives a long way to work for instance for the next year. I also mentioned that...
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    P85D Model S - Payout 75k - 8k miles - Lease 15 months Remain

    21 is right. The car has 8k miles of the 45k used on the lease. We are open to offers on the car and will pay the difference.
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    P85D Model S - Payout 75k - 8k miles - Lease 15 months Remain

    Looking for someone to do a lease assumption of a Garage kept Tesla 2015 Model S. It was fully loaded at the time of purchase which includes auto-pilot. The monthly payment is 1906.42 for about 15 remaining months. You can then purchase it for $74,762 at the end of lease or just return it if...
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    Production (Non-Sig) Model X Vin #'s now being issued

    We reserved back in Oct of 2014. Have a VIN now of 7xx. P90D with Lud.
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    70D deliveries starting H2/16

    I highly doubt it will even matter in the long run. Do you know how many people ask me who makes my car in the Virginia area. When I say Tesla, they say is that Ford or Chevy? This has happened to me multiple times. I doubt the $1 off at Chipotle will change anything. How many stories have...
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    Auto Pilot Changes already implemented?

    It would be interesting to see if the nag times vary based off Comfort, Standard, or Sport steering modes. Is it harder for it to tell that you haven't touched the steering wheel under certain conditions. Personally I think it is time based and depending on how much the steering wheel moves...
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    Firmware 7.0

    It is sporadic for me too. If the wheel turns a bit every now and then, it doesn't seem to say anything to me.
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    Firmware 7.0

    It takes an 1.5 hours to upgrade. You will need to add that into your timeline once you get to it!
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    My Sequence number disappeared

    Has anyone else noticed that? It only has an RNxxxxxx number now on my Tesla.
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    Firmware 7.0

    So, I assume you aren't originally from the U.S. As you like your temperature in Celsius. :)
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    So a bird hit my hood pretty hard...

    There is a large ding also in it. Not just the scratch in the last picture I ended up taking it to a local company that fixed my rims to brand new (since I seem to love curbs too) It looks perfect now. Once it stops raining I'll put up a better picture...
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    Brabus Center console

    I really want this center console! Has cup coolers/heaters and wireless charging for phones https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=754654834679897&fref=nf http://www.carscoops.com/2015/09/brabus-begins-tesla-model-s-tunes-with.html
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    Factory dvd option in the model X?

    Or a much better priced Kindle Fire.
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    Who's gotten a speeding ticket in their Tesla?

    Just wondering. Why wouldn't it be your daily driver?
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    Youngest Model S Owner/First Car?

    So, did you change from the P85D to the 70D listed above? That is a huge price difference. Lastly, I wouldn't suggest the 21" Wheels for a 18 year old. And that's mainly due to driving experience and judging how close a curb is. Curb rub is almost a guarantee and you will be paying someone...
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Not sure why he would bother with faking it. But, does look real to me.
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

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    Feature Request: Slowmode

    Imagine if you forgot to put it in slow mode and stomped it.