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    Delivery Estimator CHANGED...

    Heck.... mine didn't show any estimate yesterday and still doesn't. "Model 3 deliveries are beginning in the US based on whether you are an employee, if you own a Tesla and when you placed your reservation." So... Id say your pretty lucky
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    Dogs in Model X - best way to keep clean & scratch-free

    We wrapped the back of our seats with the same stuff you see in the other forums (sorry, I cant remember the trade name). So far so good. We have only had one standard poodle in the X at a time. They hang out in the second row nicely. Of course, one of our three poodles freaks out when he sees...
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    Puppies in your Tesla

    Too good of a picture to not post
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    Poll: Would you buy an early production Model 3?

    Hell ya! I will buy any of the first lot! I have Model X that was somewhere 3900 off the line (sorry, I don't have my VIN memorized). I would pay extra to be the first 10!
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    Please improve Blind Post detection/warning

    Seriously! My 2010 Ford Fusion has blind spot monitoring. VERY surprised that Tesla doesn't have something on the mirrors. Did I see though that there was an "upgrade" coming? Hardware? Software? Either way, BSM needs to be a part of every Tesla vehicle.
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    Things you didn't know about your Model X

    Go through a tunnel and the left side of the dash, where the music info is, shows you in a tunnel!
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    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    After 2800 or so miles, and a bit more "showing off" average is 316. This includes two trips from Norfolk VA to Charlottesville VA, one trip to Blacksburg VA and the initial trip on delivery from Raleigh to Norfolk. All other travel has been local to the Norfolk area. Car is parked in a city...
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    EZ Pass location

    Add another X owner to this successful spot
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    Someone else driving your X

    If its more, the nanny shouldn't be driving it.
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    X: What's your 90%?

    235 here
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    Impressive 90D range!

    My wife being the is the driver of our X. Neither she nor I use autopilot except to show off the capability to others. We have about 2000 miles on the car now and have consistently hovered in the 300 whr/mile range. Life in the Atlantic coastal plain has some benefits.
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    South East U.S. Deliveries

    Perhaps you wanted to limit your query to gulf coast? We picked up Vin 39XX in Raleigh.
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    Car & Driver review of Model X P90DL

    Hind sight being 20-20, don't you think that the design team would trade the gull wing doors for other leapfrog technology? Heads up Display perhaps? Don't get me wrong, I happen to like the gull wing doors. I don't think that they are simply "cool". That they are, but I do think they are...
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    Air suspension

    for a long time Ford driver, it is freakin crazy that the car has the brains to do that. Lovin it!
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    Air suspension

    Sorry for the delay..... Have no clue how the car could tell. There is one Model S near me but no other Teslas in Suffolk/Smithfield VA, and only about a dozen or so in the entire Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. First time through the intersection, we did the change manually while waiting for...
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    Air suspension

    And the car learns REALLY fast! the turn from the main drag to the secondary road (a well traveled 45 mph road) has a steep change between the east and west lanes. After only one pass through that intersection, the car did the change from low to high on its own. Nice little note on the dash...
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    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    I will have to report back in a month or so. First 200 miles were Raleigh NC to Suffolk VA. Lots of flat here on the coastal plain. 75 degree temps outside help too. Deb did gun it a few times but no real "fun". Significant amount of cruise control. 75 mph on the NC interstates and 63 mph...
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    Tesla vs car dealer experience

    Sorry. No. If you buy a car off the lot... would there be any reason to wonder when you might get your car?
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    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    First 200 miles on the car.... 276 Wh/mile
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    Model X Delivered

    ModelXTracker.com all you want is there. I got my car yesterday.
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    Tesla vs car dealer experience

    When you order a Ford, you get a very similar experience. You are told 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. You don't have any idea where the car is in the production process nor does the dealer. And you find out when your car will be delivered when the dealer calls you and says "your car is here"...
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    Key No Longer Inside - Car Will Not Restart

    We just picked up our X yesterday. First time we got out, we saw this error on getting back in.
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    First person in line in the US? First Reservation?

    I am in Guam. If there were a store here I would have been 14 hours ahead of you! 1:30AM for you. 3:30 PM now for me.
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    Model 3 and the impending change to a dealership sales model

    Nope..... No dealers. Tesla sells direct forever and ever. Low overhead keeps that a go. A few employees who dont even need to be full time (ala.. no benefits, no cost) I absolutely see franchised service centers. High overhead for the location, the tools and machinery and the employees...
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    Model X ClearGuard Nano SR and Modesta

    Wow.... now to find your clone in Norfolk Virginia
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    How many Model X owners here have also placed order for the Model 3?

    Reserved my 3. I am on the other side of the International Dateline so if there were a store here in Guam, I would have done so yesterday!
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    What to say when asked how much your X costs...

    We are finishing putting 5 through college, at the same time. IT isn't costing us anything, we are just redirecting the cash flow to our own enjoyment!
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    Reserving your Model 3 (official Tesla blog)

    Hmmm. I am currently on the Island of Guam, 11 hours ahead of the west coast. Maybe I can get a real jump on all, y'all!
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    Model X Delivery Update

    You don't get a special order from a big three car manufacturer in six weeks. Why would you expect a six week turn around from a low production number manufacturer?
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    X90D Delivery Over/Under

    Ha... your getting ready to configure and you are putting an over under as May 15 for a non-performance X? Geez, can I have some of those brownies too? I configured who knows when ago, have a delivery specialist and we both put the over under on May 15. I will give you this. First...
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    Got your prepare for your model x delivery email!

    I guess I consider myself an "optimistic realist" I am guessing June for my 90D. We too got the intro from the delivery specialist in early Jan.
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    Starting to deliver Production P90D

    I hear ya! We have a delivery specialist assigned at least. I put the over/under at May 1 (much like the graphs we see here). Personally, I am taking the over! Looks like anybody wanting a P model is going first, even if the walk into a store today and order. Soon enough though if the kick...
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    Starting to deliver Production P90D

    Relax... sit back.... The old saying is "a watched pot never boils". I am 9000 or so reservations ahead of you and have the same delivery picture.
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    Model X Production to Hit 1k/week in Q2

    Lets not confuse Tesla manufacturing capacity with that of a more seasoned car manufacturer. The tesla factory is not big enough for high volume output. the max number of cars of any variety the could push out the door is probably no more than 125,000 to 150,000 per year.
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    @TeslaRoadTrip 2016 - "The Future Meets the Past" - May 14-15th - Williamsburg VA

    I hope we have our X by then.... But this is the Va Tech graduation weekend or the MCLA national championship. Gotta say I hope I am in California watching last college student play lacrosse.
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    Besides people in CA, how many of you are going topless in February?

    72 Degrees today in Virginia Beach VA. Hit 70 last Sunday too. Just wish I had a roadster to ride around in!
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    Tesla bans Stewart Alsop from buying Model X

    Stewart Alsop denied! http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/a-customer-was-so-annoying-that-tesla-decided-not-to-sell-him-a-car/ar-BBp2gSK?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=iehp
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    Production (Non-Sig) Model X Vin #'s now being issued

    We also have a DS Assigned. I am not going to even ask about when but I am putting the over/under as April 15. Any bets?
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    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    I am a simple federal employee. I cant afford a Tesla.... on paper. Put those pennies in a jar for a while and anything becomes affordable though. Better question... why do people buy a Tesla? Many here will talk about electric vehicles and zero emissions. tinm says " I believe in the...
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    Tesla real numbers goals

    "The company says it now expects to be able to produce 238 Model X cars per week" That number seems odd. First, it is far to specific. Second, wasn't the total production per week to be about 1000. That would mean about 750 Model S being built at the same time. Something smells odd
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    90D Deliveries Begin Early 2016

    from the TESLAMOTORS.com forums.... PRODUCTION VIN #'S - PLEASE POST WHEN THEY ARE ASSIGNED AND UPDATE WHEN YOU GET AN ACTUAL DELIVERY DATE. Pretty clear that P90D are being sent out first. 90D will be next but "early" certainly wont mean January. Let the Manufacture team, the QA team and the...
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    Some Sig X owners have scheduled delivery dates in December 2015

    Hear Hear... I am with you on this. Post a pic when you get it, otherwise you will have to beat off the gawkers as you try to drive away from the delivery.
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    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    No way are we cancelling! our order confirms today! This is our dream car. Not because its an EV, but because it is the most "luxurious" by our measure. We wanted to get our dream car while we could still enjoy it. Dad got his BMW too late in life and never got a chance to realize what he...
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    48 amps or 72 Amps... Why should I get either?

    I think these two answer everything! 72A for me. The biggest reason is the lack of charging options in the Virginia Beach area. When I need to get a charge, I will want to be able to get there and charge without spending another 4 hours.
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    Most of us are underestimating the importance of the Hepa Air Filtration System

    Y'all realize that if you spend 2 hours a day, you spend just under 6% of your day in the car? You also remember that the air INSIDE the car got there when you opened those really cool falcon wing doors? Somewhere in this thread I hope someone has already pointed out that nearly every car...
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    Random Model X sightings

    Zaxxon wins the internet as of Yesterday, 02:53 PM
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    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    #7004 configured and ordered! Start the countdown towards delivery. Design team said any day now. .... I kid! I kid! March? April? May?
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    What is the highest reservation number to get invite to configure?

    #7004 configured and ordered! Start the countdown towards delivery. Design team said any day now. .... I kid! I kid! March? April? May?