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  1. tsarlsy

    So many rattles one after another - FINALLY all gone

    I've had the opposite experience. I've brought it to Lawrence several times. The rattles eventually return so I've learned to live with it. They also tend to vary based on the temperature outside.
  2. tsarlsy

    No Summon Feature for Canadian Model 3!!!

    This. Summon is the most disappointing feature on my S. It doesn't work in Canada the way Elon hyped it up to be. (due to regulations here)
  3. tsarlsy

    Recommendation for tint installer in North GTA

    We had the owner of Evelyn Protective Films come talk to us in one of our club meetings. I personally have not used them but someone here might have. I recall @Jaff had his Model X wrapped there. This is in Birchmount/Hwy 407 http://www.evelynprotectivefilms.ca/#window-tint Let us know how...
  4. tsarlsy

    Travel from Michigan to Markham, ON

    Bring a Chademo adapter with you. There are Chademo chargers in Markham Civic Centre and Powerstream (in Vaughan). There are also several J1772 chargers along HWY7. You could park to charge and hitch a short ride to restaurants in the area.
  5. tsarlsy

    Canadian 8.0 topic

    Elon's tweet re: v8: Going out this week for X and outside North America Elon Musk on Twitter Assume meant "outside US"
  6. tsarlsy

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Looks great! I wanted the 19 CVTs but Vossen said it won't fit the Model S
  7. tsarlsy

    Model X at Yorkdale Store?

    Can you play with the Falcon Wing doors at Lawrence?
  8. tsarlsy

    Is main screen resetting normal?

    I have a similar issue and experience it once a month. It goes away after rebooting the main screen. The symptoms vary from side mirrors not opening to the screens freezing. The audio glitching like CD skipping is what tends to be consistent.
  9. tsarlsy

    Firmware 8.0

    "The navigation and route planner can now also suggest alternative routes to avoid tolls..." YES! I regularly drive on a road beside and parallel to a toll road. I never use the navigation system because it constantly wants me to turn and take the toll road.
  10. tsarlsy

    Wraps in GTA?

    Yes, vinyl is the one with colours. I went with opti-coat because it was much cheaper ($750) and the never need to wax promise appealed to me. To be clear, it won't protect against stone chips and such.
  11. tsarlsy

    Wraps in GTA?

    Are you talking about vinyl wraps or clear paint protection films (PPF) like XPEL? If PPF, I looked at Advanced Automotive Film in Mississauga. They do great work there but I ended up just getting Opti-coat from the team he shares the shop with. At $5.5k+tax, it felt like I was "pre-paying"...
  12. tsarlsy

    Rude and Arrogant at Yorkdale Toronto Location

    What happened? I don't find them arrogant and rude. In fact, they're the opposite. They are usually swamped though. So the level of salesmanship and service aren't what you might expect when buying a six figure luxury vehicle. I don't think you can just walk in and ask for a test drive...
  13. tsarlsy

    Summon differences in Canada (is now available)

    What's the latest scoop on Summon in Canada? Will it eventually work like in the US - in the near future? I'd imagine double clicking the stalk button to engage summon and park into the garage would be a practical everyday use case.
  14. tsarlsy

    Thinkware F750 Dash Cam

    You can set the clock by powering the F750 outside the vehicle. Once it locks on a GPS signal, it will set the time correctly. As a bonus, you'll have GPS working while driving for a while. =)
  15. tsarlsy

    Thinkware F750 Dash Cam

    Same here. The F750 boot time is a non-issue for me. I can't get a GPS fix on it though.
  16. tsarlsy

    Another audio upgrade thread

    Awesome build! You can look into AudioControl's LC7i (and the like) to sum signals and give you a full spectrum for the rear door speakers. I assume you kept the original A pillar tweeters and the center channel speaker on the dash. Aren't those being drowned out now?
  17. tsarlsy

    How much is for service?

    I'm planning to keep mine for 10+ years so am curious how it goes.
  18. tsarlsy

    used p85/p85+ vs used 70D

    I'd go with the 70D. I do use the autopilot features more than the crazy performance.
  19. tsarlsy

    Has anyone used CQuartz or something similar on their paint?

    I wash using the two bucket method. I do agree that the true value is not having to wax. Thankfully, that still seems to be evident.
  20. tsarlsy

    Model 3 unveil Contest

    Got my rejection email too. Boo....
  21. tsarlsy

    Has anyone used CQuartz or something similar on their paint?

    Mine doesn't look cleaner or easier to wash compared to an old car that's never been Opti-coated. I had the impression that dirt won't stick or would easily wash away. Not the case.
  22. tsarlsy

    Has anyone used CQuartz or something similar on their paint?

    I had mine applied with Opticoat Pro. It doesn't protect against rocks and chips - I don't expect it to. It's supposed to: 1. Make you car look like it's always just been waxed. Car is less than a yr old so can't really tell. 2. Make it easier to wash the car. I don't think this is true...
  23. tsarlsy

    Summon differences in Canada (is now available)

    I've used it several times. It only works when the parking space is between 2 cars (or a car and a column). Pretty useless in my case since I like parking in the no mans land part of the lot.
  24. tsarlsy

    Where to mount Blackvue rear camera

    Because the mini's do not have True Parking Mode. This is when the dashcam records even when parked. It captures the incident a few seconds BEFORE and AFTER it happened. I personally use the Thinkware F750 because it offers 1080p front and back.
  25. tsarlsy

    Michelin Stealth Wipers

    They work just as well as the old Bosch wiper minus the stuttering. I haven't noticed anything different.
  26. tsarlsy

    Michelin Stealth Wipers

    My stock Bosch driver side wiper started stuttering after I had Opti-glass applied to my windshield. It was driving my wife crazy so I decided to try the Michelin Stealth wipers available at my local Costco. I figured it's half the price of the Bosch Icon and I'd return it if it didn't work...
  27. tsarlsy

    Electrical upgrades to home. How much did it cost?

    I paid $1600 plus tax for this. Exactly the same scenario. The price included labour and materials.
  28. tsarlsy

    Electrical upgrades to home. How much did it cost?

    I paid $3,300 tax in for a 100A to 200A panel upgrade and HPWC install to the garage (about 15 ft from basement panel). This included everything like ESA etc. I'm in Richmond Hill.
  29. tsarlsy

    [RESOLVED] Insuring Tesla...TD monnex won't :( where can I go?

    I was able to get a quote from TDMM last year. Couldn't do it online so had to talk to a real person ;) I ended up going with the Personal.
  30. tsarlsy

    Tesla Leasing Calculator - Tax Included?

    By the way, the product specialists at Tesla will have an Excel sheet that can calculate the lease cost for you. This is the most accurate tool you can use.
  31. tsarlsy

    Tesla Leasing Calculator - Tax Included?

    It won't have tax yet. The calculator doesn't know which province you're in. I also compared the numbers against my own leasing agreement.
  32. tsarlsy

    Which Dash Cam To Get?

    I have the Thinkware F750. It's a great dashcam and easy to install on the model S using the hardwire kit. It's bigger than the blackvue 650 but I don't really see it when behind the wheel. Support is amazing. Note: I can't get GPS to lock when.installed
  33. tsarlsy

    Tesla Lawrence service experience

    I was just at Tranmere in December to get a creaking panoramic roof fix. I didn't have any issues with their service/treatment.
  34. tsarlsy

    Thinkware F750 Dash Cam

    Yes. I have the pano roof. Mine is located slightly lower and a bit to the right than yours (looking from outside)
  35. tsarlsy

    Thinkware F750 Dash Cam

    Where is your dashcam located? Mine never gets a gps fix. It's installed just behind the rear view mirror.
  36. tsarlsy

    Tesla Rear Winter Mat Not Perfect Fit

    Mine is inserted underneath the rail - but just barely. If I move it forward, there will be a gap at the rear part of the floor.
  37. tsarlsy

    Tesla Rear Winter Mat Not Perfect Fit

    No, I have the improved normal seats that's came standard with the 85D. I do have to insert the front of the mat underneath the front seat railings.
  38. tsarlsy

    Tesla Rear Winter Mat Not Perfect Fit

    I have a 2015 85D as well.
  39. tsarlsy

    Tesla Rear Winter Mat Not Perfect Fit

    The rear winter mat I bought from Tesla doesn't fit perfectly. Is this normal (bad design) or did I get a defective one?
  40. tsarlsy

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    I just installed he rear puddle lights on my 85D without premium lighting. I used the green wire which was taped close to the speaker. It's also the wire closest to the puddle light hole so it made logical sense to me.
  41. tsarlsy

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    I ordered on Dec 6 and the lights arrived today (Toronto). Lights are bright and well made. I had replaced the frunk, trunk and front door puddles. Will to the rear door later. Awesome product. I'm a fan! Thanks Pete.
  42. tsarlsy

    Thinkware F750 Dash Cam

    For future reference, I hooked up power to F54 (Open) and ACC to F35 (12v Socket). Worked for me and the F750 goes into Parking Mode as designed.
  43. tsarlsy

    Thinkware F750 Dash Cam

    Has anyone connected their F750 to the fuse box using the hardware kit? Which fuses are switched and which aren't? I'm thinking glove box light is continuous while instrument panel is switched.
  44. tsarlsy

    What's going on at the service centre in Toronto?

    I was able to reach someone in Mississauga by phone on my first attempt. There is indeed a 6 week wait before they could see me for a minor issue.
  45. tsarlsy

    Thinkware F750 Dash Cam

    It is. Wrong brand in title.
  46. tsarlsy

    a solution for creaking, squeaking and vibration noise for sunroof and other

    This is why I'm hesitating to send to service. I wonder if they really have a fix.
  47. tsarlsy

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Amen to that.
  48. tsarlsy

    a solution for creaking, squeaking and vibration noise for sunroof and other

    Isn't that front leading edge greasy?
  49. tsarlsy

    a solution for creaking, squeaking and vibration noise for sunroof and other

    I have been experiencing creaking noises on the sunroof. Is it worth getting Tesla to fix it or just DIY? Btw, pictures would be nice.