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    Supercharger - Leavenworth, WA - US-2 (LIVE 30 Oct 2023, 8 V3 stalls)

    I was hoping this would be a magic dock site. Also the location name should not be Leavenworth, how about Coles Corner? Anything but L.
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    parking brake fault

    I wish I had a local place in Seattle that could have replaced them for me, but I paid tesla the $1800 or whatever it was. That particular repair seems like highway robbery since the parts are cheap and the videos make it look fairly easy. If I had any guts I'd have bought some heavy duty lifts...
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    Supercharger - Moses Lake, WA

    Thanks for that, it's a great resource. Is there a mailing list that would tell me when there are new magic docks, kind of an addition to your tableau viz? I missed the one at Forks, WA until I saw it on your tableau viz!
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    Fairfield Inn - Issaquah is getting 12 Destination Chargers

    As of this date in Oct 2023, new hotel is under construction, no charging here.
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    Supercharger - Quincy, WA

    This is great, I hope that they add some on the other side of the state too. I guess putting two of them so close together means there was an easier training or maintenance process. I want one them in the Seattle area. It's my understanding it's an easy adaptation and just needs a software...
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    parking brake fault

    I have exactly the same problem, 2015 s that had complained for a while of random parking brake problems and then after I get my Tesla service last week and mentioned it to them they said I need a new caliper and they ordered it and then I came home and it was permanently locked now. I'm going...
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    Looking for sun/privacy shade for back end of 2015 era S - for camping mode privacy - Seattle area

    Hi, I have a 2015 S85. I'm looking for a privacy or sun shade. I think the window format didn't significantly change until the advent of the Plaid. I'm looking for covers for the back and/or side windows especially, wanting to block it out if you were camping or sleeping in the back. I see...
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    Ford dropping dealers for EVs

    The dealers have so much political power/campaign finance bribery power. It's hard to see how they will not pass laws to protect them even more. I wonder what the limits are. I just got a Rivian truck in Washington state, apparently only Tesla has a "dealer not needed exclusion" here. Rivian...
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    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA

    If you only drive 20 miles a day, just use a regular 120v outlet. You'll get 3.5 or 4 miles of range added per house. Dont tell anyone but since 2012(!) I've never bothered to upgrade my power. A few times I've plugged into my drier outlet for faster power, but that about 40-50 miles of range...
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    Supercharger - Yakima, WA

    Thanks for the friendly notice. I think I got to the inactive thread via google search for yakima supercharger ;-)
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    Supercharger - Yakima, WA

    Surprised no one has posted about this. There is actually a supercharger in Yakima - next to a Bob's Burgers. There is another small brewpub with outdoor dining directly behind the supercharger area, next to the trampoline center. It's fine, not that much around it, except a mall across the street.
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    Supercharger - Leavenworth, WA (LIVE Jul 2018, 16 V2 stalls)

    I'm excited for these other dc chargers to get installed everywhere. tesla us should sell an expensive converter for ccs. I'm also looking forward to my next Rivian coming soon ;-) I've had a tesla since 2012 but I'm hoping the rivian will have that magic mix of range, cool features, and charger...
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    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Updates Coming Soon

    You are exactly rIght, T3SLAROD. When I put the down payment on my first tesla in 2011, I heard all that same stuff about it would never happen, never be worth it, it would be a golf cart, too expensive. Rivian does really feel like they have excellent potential to repeat Tesla's success. I...
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    Has anyone received any payment from Tesla for paying for the board replacement after I paid for mine

    What I really want is a discount on the upgraded panel and the embedded computer. I don't remember what I paid, 1500 or more. But what I really want is to upgrade to the new system that has much faster cpu and I can run my favorite app, the tesla waze on there. Let me trade in the money I...
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    Enumclaw Supercharger- Any News?

    No action here in a long time. With the sudden yakima s.c. appearance. How would I check for a permit here.
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    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA

    Thanks for all these updates. I work in the area but I'm too far to walk from this spot to my office, and then walk back in an hour or whatever. I feel this location will get massively less use than if it was close to some existing office towers. I am glad to have more superchargers in Bellevue...
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    Best Score For “ 2048 “

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    Supercharger - Bellevue, WA

    Are they really planning to put Bellevue superchargers inside an apartment building that is on the south side of bellevue park? That's a terrible location. There are lots of office buildings along the bellevue way and ne 8th area. Putting these chargers around Blv Sq means people could shop...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Yes! I've had this idea for a few years, their billions or maybe trillions of investments will get degraded step by step by solar and battery power at home. They won't be able to monetize it. It will take a long time, like 10 years, seriously dent them. Next question is how to profit from this...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I'd love it if Tesla bought Rivian. Their design is awesome, if only it had tesla plugs and could use superchargers.
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    Trucking Company Expects Tesla Semi Deliveries in Q2

    Next question is where, and what will be the mega chargers location? They will presumably be together.
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    I have 20.4.1 on an s85d 2015 ap1. I can't get texting to work. What do you have to go do enable it? I only see texting in the release notes on the car. I do see camp mode and other things.
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    Tesla updated their supercharger site for 2020

    Sorry, yes, those were meant to be in BC. I can't edit my posting now to fix it...
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    Tesla updated their supercharger site for 2020

    See it at https://ww.electrek.co/2020/01/01/tesla-updates-2020-supercharger-map/ or Find Us | Tesla. I'd describe it as disappointing, not that many new spots. Still on the future list (I focused on Washington): Forks, WA Chela, WA Okanoga, WA Yakima (think this was there before)...
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    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    My guess is also that for something like EA, they try to get the mall to sign a contract that they won't let another EV system add themselves as destination charging, to protect their investment.
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    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    I'm sure tesla must have discussed putting this in the obvious location of the north bend mall, just like they should have done that in burlington. Those malls must not want more business, or they think the parking spaces are more important? It looks like an obviously bad decision.
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    AP1/MCU1 and Software V10

    With all due respect, I don't agree with that view of what Tesla is doing. Why are many other people not seeing these kinds of changes to our battery and charging capacity on older model s'?
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    Supercharger - Moses Lake, WA

    It just opened a few days ago and at first only a few chargers were running.
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    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    Hmm, it sure seemed like they were unaligned. I've never had a problem lining up with where to back up to at a supercharger , but it was hard to do it right here. But I'll try again when it's 'finished'.
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    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    I'm there right now, looks the same as that pic. About 5 are lit up, the others are not lit and presumably not working. The back stops are comically far away from the curb, and even worse are far offset from aligning with the panels. They'll no doubt fix the alignment and distance from the curb...
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    2015 85D owner considering purchasing a new Long Range Model S

    I thought the s was going to rapidly depreciate because sales were slowing and the cheaper by far model 3 is way better in many ways. It's not a conspiracy, it's obvious to me what happened.
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    Enumclaw Supercharger- Any News?

    Crystal webpage now says charging installation summer 2020. Our Impact | Crystal Mountain Resort
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I saw other people comment on it, but I do think it's really a myth (yet of course with much prevalence of followers in reality). Example Corporations Don't Have to Maximize Profits - NYTimes.com
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    Wife caved! Question for Michiganders and others from cold climates.

    I agree, any place with snow you want awd. And then having more range is pretty important. You never want to feel range anxiety, especially when you first get it until you learn how much you can trust it.
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    Eureka Springs Arkansas Charging?

    Plugshare.com listed several places. PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You, the arsenic & lace B&B had 8kw charger, close enough to take the trolley in town. Lake Lucerne Resort and Ranch had a 16kw destination charger (ie tesla), but looks to be out of town. And there's...
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    Power limited only at 80+ mph

    That sounds terrible. Perhaps those cars were damaged some way or were supercharged some way. In any case it would be frustrating. I would guess it's rare. Lack of information on this probably makes it worse.
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    MCU1 performance improvement & browser improvement. Simple trick by Thomas The Tesla Tuner..

    I've tried this, it doesn't always work for me.
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    Power limited only at 80+ mph

    What is batterygate? Many people with 2012 cars already got to well past 100k of mileage. Mine got to almost 50 before I upgraded to get awd. If you make a million of anything there will be problems, companies like toyota learn to do things to reduce even small numbers of problems. I hope tesla...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    If there is anyone who isn't too concerned about making wall street happy it would be mr "I have all details of a buyout confirmed" musk. But also it's a myth that companies are required to only focus on profits over all other concerns. Finally, I agree with you that not selling mcu upgrades...
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    Blog SpaceX Offers to Buy Out Homeowners Near Texas Launchpad

    That sounds like Microsoft - they had a house next to a large corporate site in redmond with a similar 'live there till you die, then we tear it down', here is a few million for your trouble.
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    67 Miles To 0 Miles In One Hour In The Driveway

    Could be the mmc flash memory dieing. Mine died at about 4.5 years, I had to get a new mcu.
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    Software Updates...What do we get?

    How come my 2015 s85d didn't see a range downgrade when that update was applied? Full charge has been about 271 miles forever, It got to 269 the other day when I was full charging.
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    No Loaners at Tesla Service "Bring back the LOANER CARS!!!!"

    In Seattle they offered Uber when my out of warranty car was getting service; they said only people in warranty got a service loaner.
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    Pacific Northwest Owners (Seattle, Portland, or towns/cities in the region)

    One reason I haven't installed higher power than my 120v outlet in the garage is that I suspect that the line to my house doesn't have enough amperage for 40 amps more. My panel was officially inspected so I'm good there. But if they'd pay to take care of all that I'd be interested. I should...
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    Pacific Northwest Owners (Seattle, Portland, or towns/cities in the region)

    I should do that; telsa would be a cheaper high power charger ;-) This random website quotes $900 for the 75 amp juicebox charger, and $579 for the one you listed. That's a generous offer of 75% of install price up to 2k plus the j1772. I have dreamed of a higher power charger but I don't think...
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    Pacific Northwest Owners (Seattle, Portland, or towns/cities in the region)

    How many amps service does that j1772 support, what are the specs? It must be some middle of the road amount, 30 or 40 amps. I have an older tesla s with dual chargers, I could support 80 amps but I would never expect mostly free installation and free charger to support the high end.
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    Supercharger - Ellensburg, WA

    That a great comment. I do look to see if the stall is completely in use, I never thought about broken stalls not yet taken out of service.
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    Anyway to avoid paying Seattle area sales tax on a Tesla?

    That's the best advice. But I want to remove all tax dodges so it doesn't matter. Just like amazon and google paying hardly any corporate taxes because they book them through Ireland, there's basically no good to society by those clever enough to do this, imho.
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    Why is it so hard to get a service appointment now?

    In the Seattle area there are two service centers. I try both. Once it was two weeks away, recently just two days.