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    Low coolant but no code?

    Mine was very minor. I notice really small spot on the floor under the front center of the car a time or two, but them much of the rest of the time if I looked really closely, was more a dried up stain. Almost like what you might have from say AC condensate on occassion. I actually had...
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    Low coolant but no code?

    It's impossible to accurately estimate the cost without knowing the source of the leak. I went through this about a year ago. My initial estimate on my mid-2016 build MS90D was about $930 but was based upon needing to replace multiple multi-way valves in the system which could all be source...
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    New tpms system question

    To upgrade to the TPMS system that shows the individual tire pressure readings requires replacement of both the actual TPMS sensors in the tires but also the receiving unit in the car. Without changing the receiving unit, your car will not recognize the new sensors. There may be some...
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    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - Waterway Blvd

    I've just filed a report on the Plugshare site stating that the Tesla supercharger location is incorrectly listed as in a paid lot. Not sure how quickly they will review that, but if using this "report" option on the plugshare site is my understanding of how to get inaccurate information updated.
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    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - Waterway Blvd

    It's not pay for parking. There is a paid garage in adjacent location, but the Tesla superchargers are outside the garage in an open public lot.
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    Help evaluating a 2014 MS 85 with 68k miles and advert says "free lifetime supercharge"

    There is currently a special promotion that you can transfer the free lifetime supercharging from your current car to a new Model S, X, or Y if you take delivery by the end of the year. If you do this, then the free supercharging gets stripped off of the original car. To do this there is a...
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    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - Waterway Blvd

    Yeah, the lot is pretty narrow. Absolutely no way anyone dealing with any form of a trailer would be able to manipulate that. The lot at Nora is a lot more open. I don’t recall off top of my head if there is a pull in stall, but still much more maneuvering room than at the Waterway Blvd Spot.
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    Vampire Drain - 2% in 8 hours

    I am well aware, but behavior of MCU1 and MCU2 are quite different on some aspects that impact vampire drain. I experienced that first had with my mid-2016 MS90D which I updated from MCU1 to MCU2 avbout 2 years ago. That is exactly why I prefaced my post with the statement that OP had not...
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    Regenerative braking reduced

    And the dashed yellow line around part of the energy graph is showing you the level to which regen is reduced. If you want as you do decelerate, you'll only see the green regen bar go down to roughly where the yellow dashes start. And to quote a fairly well know TV series from a few years...
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    Vampire Drain - 2% in 8 hours

    You did not state if you have MCU1 or MCU2. I know on my mid-2016 build MS90D that climate overheat protection would keep the car from going into a sleep state when climate overheat was enabled, even if the temperatures were moderate. Reason is it needs to keep the system alive to monitor...
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    Take this poll

    @100d - see my comment about miles vs. percent in your Mileage differences post. This is a dead horse that's been well beaten over and over and over .... Decide which works best for you. There is not right, wrong, or best choice.
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    Mileage differences

    So not to promote yet another long debate over percent vs. rated miles, they are both the same value, just expressed in different units. They both derive from the exact same physical measurements of battery cell voltages, temperatures, as analyzed from the BMS. It's like trying to argue having...
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    The old API does not appear to be down. I'd had my local logger program get updated status periodically on my vehicle over the past 1h 15 min. But I'm not using the new FleetAPI, just the prior API that have used for the past several years.
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    2014 S Broken Motor

    A component replaced under the original manufacturer warranty is covered until the end of the manufacturer warranty. So if the drive motor was replaced when the car was orginally 1 year old, it would have been covered for the remaining 7 years of the original warranty. However, if it was...
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    Supercharger - Jackson, MI

    Anyone know what the process is to get this entered into the database which ABRP uses? I don't currently see it shown as a potential charging stop. I'm looking at a potential trip into Ann Arbor in the next 1-2 weeks and would make a great alternative for me ... plus the chance to add SC #155...
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    But will this self hosted alternative not run into the same issue come end of the year when Tesla shuts down the prior API and goes to the new FleetAPI???
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    Supercharger - Hendersonville, TN

    Anyone know if there's been any progress in the last month? I'm likely going to be in Hendersonville area over the Thanksgiving weekend and this location would be really convenient versus probably needing to run over to Dickerson Pike location. Thanks!
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    2014 S Broken Motor

    Agree. Drive unit replacement is 4 yrs or 50k miles. @batgirl - You may want to check out the replacement parts warranty document posted on Tesla's site. https://www.tesla.com/support/vehicle-warranty
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Yeah, I'm aware that GPS data is now only provided through the streaming API. The issue is to use any of the new API calls the process to get token seems to be based upon having a registered app, and to do that, this has to be done through a website. That's the piece which I haven't figured...
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    The bumper-to-bumper warranty is 4 yr or 50k miles, whichever comes first, while the main HV battery/drive motor warranty is 8 yr/150k miles. So whether the OPs issue would be warranty coverage totally depends upon the root cause. If this is somehow related to the HV battery, then would be...
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    I'm not a TeslaMate user, but am one of those folks that has been running locally on my home laptop my own Python based logger which I wrote. If someone in this community can provide some reasonable direction for how you can implement your own code using the new Tesla API, I'd really appreciate...
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    buyin a 2014 model s 85 - any help?

    Regarding the question of being slow computer wise, one thing to confirm is if the car still has MCU1 or has been upgraded to MCU2. The response of the center screen for loading navigation routes, loading map tiles if using satellite view, etc., is much improved for the MCU2 versus MCU1. You...
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    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - Waterway Blvd

    Was nearby so stopped today to charge for first time. As I commented about a month ago, seems like may be some issues with people from the adjoining buildings still wanting to use a general parking places. When I arrive there were 3 of the 16 stalls blocked. I wouldn't say ICEd as 2 of the 3...
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    Supercharger - Spiceland, IN

    I can confirm it is alive. Stopped and charged here late yesterday afternoon for a few minutes. Didn't go inside to check out inside the station for amenities. I would have preferred if they had left a little more room between the stalls and the island. With backing in, I can envision people...
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    Supercharger - Columbus, OH - Hilliard Rome Road

    Was going to stop here yesterday (Nov 6, 2023) as I was traveling west across Ohio on I-70, but suddenly had in-car navigation notify me that the site was out of service. Unfortunately I didn't have enough charge to bypass and stop at Dayton and ended up diverting down to Grove City. Not sure...
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    Model S 90D

    The 2016's still had the option for the pano roof, so if you're someone that wants a sunroof, it can be attractive for that reason. Also, 2016's had the ability to do much more configuration of the interior. You could independently pick seat color vs. headliner color, and could select from...
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    Model S REST API

    Everything I've seen links it to 2023.38 release. Here's the release notes I see for version I installed. Look at the item about location sharing. I'm guessing whenever that gets rolled into the FSD branch you'll see the same impact. From what I see in the new official REST API they are...
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    Model S REST API

    What software release are you on? I just noticed I had a typo in my earlier entry about related software release. The issue happened for me when I updated a couple days ago from 2023.32.7 to 2023.38.4. It appears to disappear with software 2023.38 and later releases, not 2023.28 per my typo...
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    Is FSD Better on newer Teslas?

    What's your understanding on latest cars and whether they have a forward facing radar unit? I'm eligible for the current offer to transfer my FUSC from my mid-2016 MS90D to a new MS by the end of the year. While I hadn't intended to replace my car for maybe another 12 months, this clearly...
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    Model S REST API

    I've done some more research since my post a couple days ago. Release 2023.28 appears to have removed GPS from the vehicle_data response, but the API does still work, for now. If I understand correctly this will be totally decommissioned, even for older vehicles, sometime in 2024. I'm still...
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    Charging history and percentages

    Like my comment above, this recommendation messages are car dependent/battery vintage/type dependent. I do not get any notifications setting my mid-2016 MS90D to 90% either on-screen in the car or through the mobile app.
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    How to get my car's rated Wh/mile via API or otherwise?

    @jkochans - Sorry, just spotted this thread. You may have already sorted out what you're going to do. A few comments from having collected data on my mid-2016 MS90D for 7 years, first via a 'shareware' desktop program, and the past 3 years with my own standalone python routine I run from my...
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    2017 P100D Right Fog Light Out Common Issue?

    The LED strip yellowing/going out starting at the inside corner is a well known failure mode ever since the Model S refresh in Apr/May 2016. Here's a long (37 pages and counting) thread you can review if you wish...
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    Model S REST API

    I just updated to 2023.28.4 software in my mid-2016 MS90D AP1 vehicle and suddenly I'm that the vehicle_data response no longer shows latitude and longitude. Anyone know where that's gone or what I need to get gps location reported back via the API?
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    TPMS options

    @bwilliams - There was a change in the TPMS sensor which Tesla used starting in around Sept 2014, so I'd be certain that the ones your get at compatible if your 2014 MS is prior to that change over. Any easy way to tell is that prior to this change you only got a single low pressure alert...
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    Clicking noise at low speeds

    If it sounds like it's in the dash, I recall some talking about problems with a cooling fan for the MCU that starts hitting something. Like one blade on a fan hits everytime it rotates. Maybe the connection to when it rains is if you're tending to run defrost, that pushes more cool air through...
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    Low coolant but no code?

    Your car is not too dissimilar vintage to my mid-2016 (June 2016) build MS90D. about 18 months ago I noticed one day a very small stain on my garage floor under the front of the car. Kept an eye open and never saw a lot. Now for most of the past few years I was on international assignment and...
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    Charging history and percentages

    I've never had my mid-2016 MS90D ever show me anything other than 50-90% as the "daily" range. If I go all the way back to when I first got my car, the charging screen instead of just a slider had a toggle up/down type of buttons. From 50-90 percent the "up" toggle would jump in 10%...
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    AirPods plugged in

    The apple tech specs I find on-line for AirPods 2 suggest the case has a 1.52 wat-hr battery with each AirPod having about 0.93 watt-hr each. So if all three were totally drained, you'd be looking at a combined total of less than 2 Wh (watt-hr). To put that in perspective, driving one mile...
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    Charging history and percentages

    @100d - to your basic question of what level to charge to, the battery purist will likely say that lithium ion batteries like to be stored long term around 50% SOC. However, there are a whole multitude of factors that impact rate of cell degradation, and the relative impact of 50% vs. 60% vs...
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    Charging history and percentages

    Not necessarily what's shown for all cars.. It's actually not tied just to the software level, but also the vintage of Model S. My mid-2106 MS90D is currently on s/w release 2023.32.7 and the daily range shown on the charging screen shows and anywhere from 50-90%. So while the newer...
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    USB port location 2018

    I do not believe your car is not missing anything, presuming the design is common to the center console in my mid-2016 "refresh" MS90D. When the hinged lid on the rear compartment is closed, there is no actual divider between the lower area and the large front storage area where the drink...
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    Battery lost 8% in 1 hour Parked

    I've noticed these types of drops when battery cools are much more pronounced when you are under roughly 20% SOC. And it doesn't need to be what people would consider cold ambients. I've seen it even in modest ambients. Realize that fully warm operating battery temps are in something like the...
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    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - Waterway Blvd

    I was able to swing by the site today and can provide proof that construction has happened and would appear to be complete, although 12 of the 16 stalls are currently covered. The meter is in place, although did not appear to be alive, so I'm guessing they have not turned on power to it yet...
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    Purchasing 2017 p100d

    Go into the Controls > Software screen. You will see a link in blue which says Additional Vehicle Information. Click on it and you'll see a screen pop up that list details for type of audio system, autopilot computer, Front/Read motor types, etc. Look for the entry that says Infotainment...
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    ECU upgrade possible on 2015 Model S from HW1 to HW2.5?

    Short answer, no it's not viable to upgrade from AP1 to AP2 or 2.5. Easiest way to accomplish that upgrade is to sell your car and buy a newer one originally built with AP2 system
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    Purchased Tesla 2017 Model S 90D, Received 60D

    The upgrade of MCU1 to MCU2 does not trigger any change with regards to having lifetime premium connectivity. Would not become a paid subscription.
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    Would like some opinions regarding new tires on a 2017 75D

    I have a mid-2016 MS90D, so probably pretty similar in a lot of ways to your 2017 75D. I've replaced my tires twice and ended up both times deciding to stay with the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires. Most recent set was purchased little over 2 years ago, so cannot speak to any of the newer options...
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    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - East 86th Street

    Tesla has not always had a demonstrated track history of updating their sites and pushing updated location information to cars in a timely fashion. There have been many superchargers over the years where I've learned about them first on this message board, and in at least one case actually...
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    Slow supercharging

    I have a mid-2016 MS90D, so not a case of an 85 swapped for a 90, but a true 90D. I've seen supercharging speed peak at about 150 kW with SOC around 30% with the software updates around maybe 1.5-2 years ago. Now, I'll agree, that's only in a specific window of SOC, battery fully warmed up...