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  1. sidmini

    Model 3 arrives in Lausanne

    I totally hope so!
  2. sidmini

    Model 3 arrives in Lausanne

    so glad they are arriving in Europe. Did they say when the first ordered cars will be coming in 2019?
  3. sidmini

    Choices for summer/winter wheels+tires for performance M3

    I wonder if buying aftermarket alloys effect the warranty to check with Tesla. I would go with option B. smaller rims for winter and bigger for summer.
  4. sidmini

    Trading in Roadster for M3P - Pros and Cons

    Don’t trade it the roadster is too cool!
  5. sidmini

    Production Date before July 2018 Question Long Range

    you can still order mid range (260 epa), long range (310 epa) and performance (310 epa). Post the listing on here..
  6. sidmini

    Tesla Referral Program

    my point being shows you the speed of how quickly the google link is being clicked if none of the referrals have taken delivery
  7. sidmini

    Tesla Referral Program

    What's funny is if you look at the bottom he's saved people 0 gallons of gasoline and 0 of C02.
  8. sidmini

    Advice Please: Buy my facelifted '16 or sample some new hotness?

    4) get the M3P ! but will space be OK for you?
  9. sidmini

    Tesla Loan application - site just spins forever.

    Well that’s good news so you have the loan in place now? Did you try calling them to see why the application froze? perhaps just a software glitch? Have sent you a PM too
  10. sidmini

    P85D vs 16' 75 Facelift

    P85D for performance and range facelift 75 if you want slightly better build quality but not sure about the RWD, dual motor is superior
  11. sidmini

    Ordered a Model 3 Performance

    Be prepared for cobwebs and neglect for the GTI. Lol I haven’t driven my Range Rover in a year it’s still on trickle charge :-)
  12. sidmini

    Ordered a Model 3 Performance

    Congrats on the PM3 check my PM I hope it helps you out
  13. sidmini

    Tesla Referral Program

    The point is he's broken the rules surely you get disqualified and not eligible for any prizes
  14. sidmini

    Tesla Referral Program

    Anyone searched "tesla referral" on google and seen 1 position paid google adwords for www.teslabasix.com seems completely against the rules but seems to get away with it. Had checked in October and now the persons got 21 referrals! how is this even allowed?
  15. sidmini

    Ready to order...

    Yo You can order online. Carbon Fiber is only for P100D now. I’ve sent you a PM
  16. sidmini

    Colorado State Tax Incentive

    Hi have sent you a PM. I believe it’s date of registration
  17. sidmini

    Have some of us been cheated by the Tesla sales experience?

    This happened to me too, when the facelift was announced and my car turned up 4 weeks after as a pre-facelift. There are a few people who are on the edge before the major changes and they miss out, that's just the way it is. I still love my car and the brand however a little bitter pill to...
  18. sidmini

    Ordered a Model 3 Performance

    Speak with the sales advisor they should be able to accommodate you. Congrats! Have sent you a PM
  19. sidmini

    Light Harmonic upgraded speakers

    Think they rebranded the name
  20. sidmini

    From Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

    Congrats on investing in Tesla at the IPO your model 3 must be almost free@ :-) they have been so busy delivering the cars i bet they don't have the time to respond to all emails + they need a better CRM system
  21. sidmini

    Does it matter when you buy the car?

    Hi Tesla don't do model years like other manufacturers so this should not matter. I'm in London too have sent you a PM if you want to have a chat :-)
  22. sidmini

    RIP Panoramic Roof... :(

    The pano is a nice but there are more things to go wrong with one, motor, mechanism, rubber seals....i have one and it's great in the summer giving you the "top-down" feeling.
  23. sidmini

    Replace number plates???

    Why don't you get some decent stick on plates therefore you won't need the plastic holder and looks neater on the facelift cars
  24. sidmini

    Mid Range waiting room

    Congrats nice spec
  25. sidmini

    Tesla to open up CCS fast charging for European Model 3, Model S and Model X

    good news! Tesla to open up CCS fast charging for European Model 3, Model S and Model X
  26. sidmini

    2016 model vs. Now

    more refinement and better fit and finish, this is because if 20 minor changes a day on the cars
  27. sidmini

    Just ordered my Model X

    Sorry to hear about your accident but you couldn’t pick a safer car! Congrats
  28. sidmini

    Can someone please answer me some questions about trade ins

    From experience the Tesla trade in value will be pretty low, better to sell private or to a dealer. Tesla don't want to get involved in the second hand car market
  29. sidmini

    Help me decide: RWD or AWD? $8,000 difference!

    AWD is better in the rain / snow. RWD is great in all other conditions.
  30. sidmini

    Just order model 3 performance yesterday

    I’m sure you will get it no problem
  31. sidmini

    Anyone dumping their Model X for a Jaguar I-Pace?

    perhaps the E type has some sort of nostalgia but the rest are meh
  32. sidmini

    Anyone dumping their Model X for a Jaguar I-Pace?

    The M3 will do what the ipace can for half the price. JLR will be stuffed and only their most loyal fan boys will buy it.
  33. sidmini

    Model X hits tree at close to 100 MPH and flies 100 feet into a river - everyone survived

    That's good news. Must have been in 007 mode
  34. sidmini

    Anyone dumping their Model X for a Jaguar I-Pace?

    until the owners realise they made a boo boo! The only situation iPace works is if you are home charging all the time and no doing any major trips. Also once full self driving is out Tesla will officially wipe the floor with the "competition". Even with all the patents available for anyone to...
  35. sidmini

    Anyone dumping their Model X for a Jaguar I-Pace?

    I think people are making the comparisons between model s + x and ipace based on price point but don't understand the size of the vehicle is smaller. JLR marketing dept is amazing and no doubt people have had the wool pull over their eyes about charging infrastructure whilst being hosted for a...
  36. sidmini

    Referral wheels - lead Time?

    took about 6 months
  37. sidmini

    Anyone dumping their Model X for a Jaguar I-Pace?

    I'm sorry but once the I-pace owners realise there is no charging network they will be running back to Jaguar and wanting their money back. From what I have heard the build quality and driving dynamics are better than the S.
  38. sidmini

    Inside door sensors

    not sure that is correct
  39. sidmini

    Referral codes

    check your PM
  40. sidmini

    So far, not a great buying experience

    Search for tesla on LinkedIn you will find lots of senior employees on there is your store is not taking care of you
  41. sidmini

    I reserved 2 M3's but will only be able to afford 1, options?

    They want to reward the early adopters.
  42. sidmini

    RPM vs Tsportoine spoiler

    i like the RPM one don't unplugged performance do one?
  43. sidmini

    Goodbye regen, I'll miss you

    I love regen ! have heard some Tesla's only needing brake discs and pads after 100k miles
  44. sidmini

    So far, not a great buying experience

    Yes the sales guy really should have emailed you upfront with more information so you could plan your delivery and other installations. Perhaps you can speak to Tesla fremont to get a better clarifications of your concerns?
  45. sidmini

    So far, not a great buying experience

    I have to agree Tesla can not match the premium experience but i don't think they were aiming for it anyway. I much prefer ordering online and chat to friendly staff in store who don't judge you then a stiff upper lipped BMW suited salesman. Their communications can be improved a hell of a lot...
  46. sidmini

    Anyone replace the xenon bulbs with LED bulbs?

    looks like a right headache to remove the HID bulbs i can see why they moved to LED
  47. sidmini

    Test drive

    I believe you need to at least visit the design studio showroom before they allow you on a 24 hour overnight test drive. Would be nice if they drive the car over to you to run through the features. Some more information in PM to you.
  48. sidmini

    Tesla Financial?

    Yes i believe the rates are going up later this month. Have sent you some information on PM.
  49. sidmini

    UK electric car drivers face paying more to charge at peak times

    hopefully in the long term, pollution related deaths and sickness will reduce due to clea air / EVs and the NHS funding can be used elsewhere