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  1. Doug_G

    Supercharger - Kemptville Ontario

    Merged and renamed. Thanks.
  2. Doug_G

    ISS News and Discussion

    The Cygnus cargo craft now has the ability to raise ISS orbit. So apparently NASA has been planning for this.
  3. Doug_G

    Supercharger - Madoc, ON

    And yes, this looks like a super-useful location. I've done a few trips in the past where this would have made things a LOT easier!
  4. Doug_G

    Supercharger - Madoc, ON

    Moderator note: Respectfully, absolutely yes. We do not need multiple threads on the same topic. I have merged the two threads, and applied the standard format title, "Supercharger - Madoc, Ontario". Going forward please do not create duplicate threads.
  5. Doug_G

    Supercharger - Kingston, ON (Dalton Ave)

    I’m charging here right now. Fastest charge I’ve ever had at 155 kW. Nice quiet location. The original site isn’t even shown on the Tesla screen or app. Maybe they will only show it if all 8 stalls here fill up. Only one car here when I arrived, but another just appeared.
  6. Doug_G

    SpaceX F9 - DART - SLC-4E

    I would assume it achieved escape velocity.
  7. Doug_G

    Pics of new Ottawa Sales Centre

    Interesting that they've closed it again - it had cars inside, desks, and staff. I'm guessing they've closed it to complete their renovations...? Also of course we are in lockdown again.
  8. Doug_G

    Wiki Links to Canadian For Sale Threads

    Just a reminder... anyone can edit the top Wiki post. You don't have to post at the end of the thread.
  9. Doug_G

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    We dropped in recently. Nice location and lots of cars in the show room. They did say they will have full service on site, but it's not open yet. They also said that Carling service would remain open.
  10. Doug_G

    Best racetrack in Ontario for Tesla model 3?

    Calabogie and Shannonville both have high power chargers onsite (I arranged for both to be installed).
  11. Doug_G

    M3:SR for 44k in Canada

    Removed “unbridled”.
  12. Doug_G

    Ontario green plates

    Yes I was the very first to get a green vehicle plate. I actually delayed licensing my car for a couple of weeks for that - and the rebate! Despite that, I was lucky to get the 001 plate because it happened to be available at the office where my car was registered.
  13. Doug_G

    Wiki Links to Canadian For Sale Threads

    Thread is now sticky!
  14. Doug_G

    Hot Spotting from Cell Phone

    They could disable the functionality without disabling the connectivity...
  15. Doug_G

    MCU2 upgrade cost

    Honestly, it's simply incompetent. Speaking as an EE who has designed many systems that incorporate FLASH and EEPROM memory, it is well-known that these devices have a maximum number of write cycles before they fail. It's basic physics in the way they work. So they should have easily...
  16. Doug_G

    Interment beeping sound has started when driving?

    Probably your parking sensors are covered in snow. Whenever you slow down enough that they are active, they start beeping. Just clean them off.
  17. Doug_G

    Tesla Ottawa - For real this time

    What a great location!
  18. Doug_G

    MCU2 upgrade cost

    I’m having a lot of trouble with voice commands of late. Works maybe 25% of the time.
  19. Doug_G

    Thread Naming Conventions

    Managing this forum is like herding kittens at the best of times, and I don't have as much time to devote to this these days. There are a bunch of things we could do, such as having a master index wiki thread. However, there is no point in even starting one unless somebody is going to commit...
  20. Doug_G

    New charging protocol for 2021 TM3 SR+?

    If you want to have accurate charge capacity display, then occasionally showing the battery management system a nearly-empty battery will help it calibrate itself. But you certainly do not need to do this once a month!
  21. Doug_G

    Thread Naming Conventions

    Yes we generally try to merge topic that are duplicated. Yes it would be renamed when the site is confirmed. No I will not be extracting posts from the regional threads. I am trying it in the Canada section; if it works well I’ll recommend this to the other moderators.
  22. Doug_G

    Wiki Links to Canadian For Sale Threads

    The powers-that-be don't want buy/sell threads posted in the regional sections. Therefore I'm making a WikiPost thread. If you post a Canadian car or other item in the Marketplace section, you can link it here. Add your listing to the top. 2014 Model S85 with NEW battery (Durham region...
  23. Doug_G

    Supercharger - Lachenaie, QC

    I disagree, given the prolonged inactivity. Right now, there's no Supercharger here, and we have no idea when/if one will appear. It's entirely possible that some sort of deal fell through after the construction started. We can change the name back when some Supercharger equipment actually...
  24. Doug_G

    Supercharger - Lachenaie, QC

    Given the apparent uncertainty about this location actually coming to fruition, I've renamed this thread to "Possible Location". Can change it back if actual Supercharger equipment ever appears.
  25. Doug_G

    Thread Naming Conventions

    I'd like to reserve the title "Supercharger - name-of-location" for actual confirmed locations. For speculative / "promised" but not confirmed locations I'd like to use the naming "Possible Location - name-of-location". They can be renamed if construction actually starts. As we've seen...
  26. Doug_G

    Canada Classifieds - subforum potential? or maybe its own stickied thread at least?

    I've asked about this before... the admins want all the buy/sell activity to be in the Marketplace section.
  27. Doug_G

    The Rules of Model S Road Tripping

    Yes it certainly is SO much easier to road trip these days. I used to thoroughly plan out every trip; now I usually just jump in the car and go. Glad to hear the post is still useful after all this time!
  28. Doug_G

    The Rules of Model S Road Tripping

    Thanks! Goes to show... the basic physics/engineering hasn’t really changed. Tesla did an amazing job on their first cars, and have only improved on them since.
  29. Doug_G

    Ontario electricity billing change: TOU or tier for EV charging?

    Since I charge overnight, and we work outside the home, the bulk of our power usage is at night. So TOU is a no-brainer for us at least.
  30. Doug_G

    Model 3 not moving after tire change?

    That really doesn't sound like a thing! I wouldn't use a Canadian Tire for a Tesla. I'd be worried that they'd damage the battery pack.
  31. Doug_G

    Recommended chrome delete / wrap place in Vancouver ?

    Moderator note: We will allow a couple of detailers to respond directly to the question, but if you want to advertise your services in this forum on a regular basis you must become a sponsor.
  32. Doug_G

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    That's great to hear that Tessie has a new home! I hope you'll post some pics.
  33. Doug_G

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Oh... I've "met" that Roadster before! It used to belong to @djp
  34. Doug_G

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    What's your VIN number? I used to own #919, though last I heard it was at a dealership in Quebec.
  35. Doug_G

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    Appears to be confirmed. Thread renamed.
  36. Doug_G

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew DM-2 - LC-39A

    Funny how they spent two hours attached to the station while they figured out how to get communications working and set up the video cameras for the big show. I bet it would have taken over an hour anyway with pressure equalization and all the close-out steps on board. I was half-watching...
  37. Doug_G

    What's gone wrong with your Roadster?

    Hmm... I'd have to see it to remember. Can you pop off the wheel and post a picture of the suspension in that area? Doug
  38. Doug_G

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    They've been moving away from having Supercharge locations at the service centers. At Lawrence the service center's need for parking and charging often conflicted with the public's need for Supercharger access.
  39. Doug_G

    SLS - On the Scent of Inevitable Capitulation

    So it takes three years to build one SLS booster? OMG what an utterly impractical boondoggle.
  40. Doug_G

    Tesla Graphical Log Parser

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’ll try to find some time to work on it. Can you provide a log to test it with? (I no longer have a Roadster)
  41. Doug_G

    Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) SpaceX and Boeing Developments

    Hmm... that is concerning. I suppose if the root cause was also the timer anomaly, resulting in the thrusters being used outside their design envelope, then it may not be a big problem. But Boeing will have to prove that, and demonstrate an adequate safety margin for crewed operations...
  42. Doug_G

    Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) SpaceX and Boeing Developments

    OMG. When you make an accountant the CEO that is usually the beginning of the end for a technology company.
  43. Doug_G

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew In Flight Abort - LC-39A

    In the press conference, Elon said that the first action in the abort sequence is to shut down the booster engines. Then the Super Dracos fire. So the engine shutdown was caused by the abort, and was not itself the trigger. He also said that the abort was triggered by setting tighter Flight...
  44. Doug_G

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew In Flight Abort - LC-39A

    IIRC the plan is to reuse crew capsules for cargo deliveries.
  45. Doug_G

    Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) SpaceX and Boeing Developments

    Boeing’s aircraft people are a completely different group from their space people. Totally agree that Boeing should not have based the MAX software on one sensor. In fact the aircraft never should have been certified as it didn’t comply with safety regulations. (I can say this with some...
  46. Doug_G

    Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) SpaceX and Boeing Developments

    That is overly harsh. Complex systems always have bugs. That's why you do testing. The Space Shuttle has its first ever launched scrubbed because the computers wouldn't synchronize. Turned out there was a minor design flaw and therefore a small chance (something like one in a hundred) that...
  47. Doug_G

    Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) SpaceX and Boeing Developments

    Personally I think they have to redo the flight test. Devils advocate... the crew on the space station is still at significant risk in a botched docking, even if the spacecraft has no crew. Potentially a live crew could abort docking. So it’s not entirely clear what the safest course of action is.
  48. Doug_G

    Shaming a Model S owner - Poor Charge Station Etiquette

    So I don't mind sharing some power once in a while to help someone get to their destination. What I DO mind is obnoxious behavior like this. The paddle is wet and/or frozen and is not going to work for the next guy. There's a reason there's a cable hanger and a holster for the charge paddle...
  49. Doug_G

    Waymo acquires Latent Logic to improve its simulation with imitation learning

    @SandiaGrunt @Trent Eady We expect participants in this forum to behave politely and refrain from personal attacks. It is one thing to criticize someone's arguments or positions on topics. It is another thing entirely to go after them personally. That is against the terms of service of...
  50. Doug_G

    Home Delivery Timing (Ottawa)

    Home delivery in Ottawa? Flashback time!!! June 30,2010. A huge truck rumbled down the street. All the neighbours come out to find out what is going on... instant street party. Roadster #919 emerges... Gawkers abound... Let's bring it home... Tesla's demo Roadster was also...