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    Driver Profile Issue

    I have exactly the same issue. And my wife is much shorter than me, so I end up getting squished against the steering wheel while the screen loads. Very annoying. Agree that the car should be able to tell which phone is closer, even if they're both within Bluetooth range. Maybe phone's...
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    PhoneKey doesn't work until app is opened

    My wife has a slightly different but related issue. Her iPhone will continually 'forget' the location setting for the app. It will go from 'always' to 'while using', also resulting in her needing to open the app on her phone in order for the car to unlock. We've tried signing out/in...
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    Faint vibration at speed - tire foam separation?

    I recently noticed a slight vibration on my Model 3 SR+ when driving at highway speeds (70mph+). I took the car to a SC and they suggested balancing the wheels. They found that the right rear was the issue. They tried to balance it but said it required an abnormally large amount of weight (like...
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    Snow socks in lieu of chains?

    PSA: Delivery centers generally stock accessories, including snow chains, even when they show out of stock online. I picked up the 18” chains last week from the Fremont one.
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    V10 software and Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus

    No change here
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    V10 software and Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus

    Got the update last night (SR+ with FSD). This is my finding this morning (in the driveway): Seems too good to be true (and unfair to premium interior owners), so I don’t expect it to last. But it’s nice for now!
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    3M Crystalline vs PINNACLE vs Suntek CIR vs LLumar CTX vs Wincos Tint

    I'm not sure the CIR and CTX are comparable. Spec wise, CIR is more similar to Llumar F1 Pinnacle series which I found was a lot more expensive. I ended up going for CIR, side windows only (50 front, 30 back). As Kevy mentioned, it does have a bluish hue to it (from inside, mostly black from...
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    Are all high end window tint films about the same?

    The photosync TSER numbers are impressive, but you do pay for it. I ended up going with the Suntek CIR (50% front, 30% rear). Quality install, no issue there, but I was a bit disappointed by the haze when the sun hits it at an angle. Was told this is 'normal' for most ceramic tints, but will...
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    Are all high end window tint films about the same?

    Thanks for the replies. I'm also looking for the highest TSER number. I've received quotes for a few different materials (see below), and right now Suntek seems the best bang for your buck. Understand the windshield lets a lot of heat in, but I plan to start with only the side windows. If...
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    Are all high end window tint films about the same?

    I was planning to tint my model 3 using CIR, but I am a bit worried about this comment. How blue does it look? Can you post some photos?
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    Multiple systems shutdown in hot weather?

    Another update: The service center kept the car for about a week (to also take care of some paint issues). They couldn’t find anything else wrong except that the part the mobile tech replaced wasn’t tightened properly :/ In any case, I’m happy to report the problem hasn’t returned since then...
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    Added convex side mirror

    Actually, I've found the opposite to be true. Since the rest of the mirror dims at night, these kinds of mirrors tend to look brighter at night, which helps.
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    Refinancing after rate-matching

    Has anyone done it? I initially got a loan with Tesla (US-bank) but found a much lower rate soon after, so submitted for them to match it, and they did. They are supposed to be sending me a check (rate match rep said they should have sent it last week). In the mean time, I've found another CU...
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    Service Center Charging me for warranty issues?

    Sure, I can understand this is more convenient for Tesla, but try explaining this policy to someone whose brand new 100k Model X rattles. I think the main issue is the way it is communicated (or not communicated) to customers.
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    Service Center Charging me for warranty issues?

    I also recently got a bill like this emailed to me just before a service appointment ("General diagnostics: $97.50"), likely a result of remote diagnostics. I called the SC and they said this is just the standard procedure, and if the issue that was diagnosed turns out to be a manufacturer...
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    HW2.5 versus HW3

    My SR+ is from May and has HW2.5, even though I purchased FSD. So no guarantees... I understand they will upgrade it for free, but still annoying. Especially since it says “Includes the Full Self Driving Computer” right when you select the FSD box.
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    Multiple systems shutdown in hot weather?

    Oh, it's definitely not a normal sensitivity for the Model 3, but initially it seemed like heat triggered the particular issue in my car.
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    Multiple systems shutdown in hot weather?

    Thanks for the replies. I understand where you guys are coming from, but I guess I just had high expectations. Despite reading these forums before purchasing and seeing similar complaints of initial issues, I just didn't expect the same to happen to me. I've made another appointment, this...
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    Multiple systems shutdown in hot weather?

    Update: So it's 3 weeks later. The day before the first appointment, I got a message that the cars log files showed an issue with a wheel speed sensor. Great, apparently a clear solution. I needed to wait for the replacement sensor to come in, but today finally the mobile tech came and took...
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    referral miles

    From the website:
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    Still waiting for referral code SC miles

    Similar issue here. Referrer got the credit instantly, I’m still waiting. Only been 3 weeks so far, but sounds like I’ve got a while to wait. Additional complication is that my loot box is missing from the app. Support can’t figure that one out. Anyone else?
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    Maxpider 3D trunk mat

    Thing is we often use the lower trunk for the baby stroller (upright, just fits), so even a hinge may not be enough. But it seems like there are no two piece or just front section mats available. Will have to find some other solution I guess.
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    Maxpider 3D trunk mat

    Has anyone found a mat that doesn't cover the subtrunk at all? I also use it all the time.
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    Rubbing of front light enclosures on bodywork?

    Thanks for the reply! I think you might be right. When I scratched what I thought was the bare area, it turned out to just be some white coating on the surface that could be removed. The strange thing is, it's easy to see, and I definitely didn't notice this before, and while this white...
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    Rubbing of front light enclosures on bodywork?

    My model 3 is 2 weeks old. I just noticed the bottom of the front light enclosures seem to be rubbing on body work, removing paint and leaving a white dust. See pics. Anyone else experience this? Maybe the lights weren’t installed correctly?
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    Multiple systems shutdown in hot weather?

    Thanks for the replies. The same thing just happened today, under similarly circumstances (after the car was parked in the sun for an hour). So it seems to be a systematic issue related to temperature. I hope the tech can sort it out.
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    Multiple systems shutdown in hot weather?

    I took delivery of my model 3 last week. Loving the car, but during the first weekend I did have some issues. 4 or 5 times, I got warnings that a bunch of systems had been disabled: - traction control disabled - regenerative braking disabled - steering assist reduced - ABS disabled It...
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    Tesla Rate Match approved

    Yes, I’m also curious about this. Do the let you keep the refund for the rate difference if you subsequently pay down the loan early or refinance with another bank?