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    [UK] 2023.44

    Are your USS still working?
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    Are the Hankook tyres magic?

    Are the Hankook's on 19"? Mine came with Michelin on the 18" Aero wheels.
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    Tusker Model 3 Highland Prices....

    Presumably interest rates are higher for leasing than they were two years ago? Probably explains most of the increase you're seeing I would have thought. I doubt it's Highland related..
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    [UK] 2023.38

    Presumably, indicating to change lane would deactivate AP but leave TACC running as it currently does...
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    Maximum length extension cable for use with granny charger?

    My experience is that public charging in France is way ahead of the UK. Most small towns and even some villages have chargers. Sometimes just 22kW AC points, but they still work and are perfect for destination charging. Chargemap probably is the best resource for French chargers. There's a great...
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    Maximum length extension cable for use with granny charger?

    As others have said, the official length is 0m. One other consideration is you mentioned this option for France. How are you planning to adapt the UK extension lead to Schuko? You can't just use a standard plug adaptor as they are usually limited to 7A and occasionally 10A. I have made up a...
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    What's people's experience with the M3, towbar bike carriers and bikes?

    As @MovingSouth says, just kneel and you can see what you're doing by bending down.. In terms of the bouncing, it does do it but there's no movement between carrier and tow ball. The advantage of the Tesla is that you can see the carrier in the rear camera whilst driving. Not sure the Disco...
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    What's people's experience with the M3, towbar bike carriers and bikes?

    I've carried two standard bikes with a Thule carrier on our M3 without issue. I think the 55kg nose weight is fairly standard on most saloon / hatchbacks, you've been a bit spoilt with the Disco's 150kg.. You tend to only get higher nose weights with bigger / SUV vehicles. I've towed a trailer...
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    Last week..
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    [uk specific] Software 2023.32

    As does the iOS one.. 4.26.1
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    [uk specific] Software 2023.32

    Someone else mentioned this a few days ago, but looking back it might have been on one of the FB groups and not in this thread. I've noticed this behaviour too.
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    U.K. specific 2023.38.x

    Predictive charger availability looks to be a useful feature, especially during holiday periods...
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    Spare full sized wheel for M3 - UK

    This sounds sensible. Can you post pics of where you're fixing it in/on the car? Wheels weigh a fair bit and you definitely want them attached if you have to emergency brake or hit something. Does it fit in the boot well?
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    Luton Airport Car Park 2 Fire

    As there's interest in EV fires and how to contain them, there are some interesting developments in EV fire control tech highlighted here. Maybe the poster who's brother is in the fire service could pass the link on to him... Jøni equipment for putting out fires in EVs
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    Octopus no charging plan

    Same for me tonight. No charging plan visible in the app, but the car seems to be charging ok so far.
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    Car didn't charge again!

    Presume your Zappi was set to Fast mode and your charge delay is set in the car? I have been having some issues with my Mum's Zappi failing to charge my M3 sometimes, whereas ours works fine. The settings on both are the same. Someone suggested to me that the comms cable in the tethered cable...
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    Charging raye

    The LG packs were limited to 175kW ish intially. A firmware update a few months later unlocked the full beans. This guy did a few videos on the charge curve, including this one where the speed improved.
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    Exporting at 15p - Help please

    Ooh, that’s interesting, I’d thought they not paid a pittance if you were on one of their smart tariffs. Last time I asked them they said 3p with GO, seems odd they’d offer a huge amount more with IO when the low cost period is 50% longer.
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    Exporting at 15p - Help please

    Which supplier is offering you 15p SEG? We’re with Scottish Power which is 12p for non SP importers and 15p if you are..
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    [UK specific] Software Update 2023.26

    Yup, Joe mode is actually working correctly for the first time in mine since I got it in March ‘21.
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    Advice On Granny Charger For Use In France

    The Schuko adaptor limits current to 13A with the UMC, its only 10A with the UK 3-pin adaptor. Its to keep a small margin so the circuits aren't overloaded by pulling their maximum current for long periods. I use the Schuko adaptor in France fairly often. 13A is ok if you're leaving the car to...
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    Advice On Granny Charger For Use In France

    I use the Tesla specific Schuko adaptor for the UMC in France. It works fine and I believe compensates for when the +ve & -ve wiring has been swapped over in the Schuko socket, which is very common in France. If you use an adaptor with the UK 3-pin, I don't think it will do that. Its available...
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    Why not just use cruise control instead of AP? Single press on the stalk.. It works well, keeps your set distance from the car in front and you can change lanes with it remaining on. I often use it in place of AP when there's lots of traffic and regular lane changes are needed. It may...
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    LG E5D Battery charge speed increase

    I've not really noticed further improvements since the updates mentioned here, but if it is the same pack, I see 250kW charging speeds if I'm at less than 10% SOC and preconditioned first, its about 150kW at 30% and the rate stays above 100kW til after 50-55%, then ramps down. It still pulls...
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    Service mode - What does it do/limit?

    Next time its driving, can you get a screenshot of the internal camera via sentry mode, or is that off in service mode? Otherwise, I'd call the garage and ask them to offer a very credible explanation. You can provide them with an address where you car has been parked up..
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    Recommendations for Model 3 roof sun shades

    I use the official Tesla mesh shade over the front roof glass. It does help reduce radiant heat from the glass onto the top of my (balding) head and it is noticeably better when we're in Southern France in the summer. What we also find makes a big difference and reduces how hard the car has to...
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    Have you got regen choice back now @Dilly ?
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    Wheel alignment cost at SC

    Thanks, it did seem somewhat more than I expected. @M00cow have you used F1 for alignment work and were you happy with what they did?
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    Wheel alignment cost at SC

    I did a brake service today (31k miles & 24 months) and noticed the inner edge of both front tyres is wearing faster than the rest of the tread. There’s still a decent amount on 80% of it, but it’s approaching wear indicators on the inner channel. I’ve raised a service request, which has come...
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    GeniePoint tarrifs

    It’s actually pretty difficult to use them as they have the least reliable network, anywhere. This was the situation in Leeds yesterday morning.
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    Did a drive back up the M1 yesterday afternoon, lots of rain, on and off rain, also heavy and light rain. The wipers worked perfectly! I'm on 2023.6.8 so I hope .11 doesn't mess with that as its been a while since they were that good. Also autopilot was impecable, no phantom braking. (MiC 2021 LR)
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    Debunking facebook junk

    Here you go… Debunking the Caterpillar meme
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    [UK] Renting a Model 3 with Hertz

    Have you tried Europcar? Their policy is that you can return EVs without having to recharge it, that is built into the hire cost...
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    Autopilot and automatic wipers not working

    Are you seeing visualisations in the drive screen? Mine had some sort of Autopilot computer crash a while back and wouldn’t allow AP selection. There were no visualisations either. Only resolved by allowing the car to sleep properly, I.e. sentry off, 3rd party apps off and Tesla app closed for a...
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    Powerwall - storm watch and car charging

    How has your Powerwall been set up? Ours has been installed with the Zappi upstream of the PW so if there is a Grid outage, the charger doesn't draw from the PW, as its the Grid side of the backup gateway. Decided to go that way so we get the most time running the house from the PW if the grid...
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    [UK] 2023.2.x

    My M3 has offered this a couple of times before now. Last summer in France it popped up a notification that the planned SC was busy and offered an alternative.
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    Auto Pilot Won’t Undertake?

    Just a brief, gentle press on the throttle would have got your car to have passed the car and AP would have then regained your set speed, such as if you'd now moved into a exit lane for another road, so weren't technically undertaking. So you can over-ride the refusal to pass on the left with a...
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    [UK] 2023.2.x

    In the main Trips screen you can select which trips are showing on the small card. You can show up to four items - you can rename them by pressing on the names too. You’ll only get lifetime readings if you’ve left a trip meter un-reset.
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    Crazy low residuals?

    @pdk42 if you're planning on replacing with new, have you asked Tesla for a trade-in price against new? They have tended to give better trade-in than others when set against a new car. Next month there will be targets to hit for end of quarter, so you might get a better offer?
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    Security of Phone/Card/Key?

    are you able to open the car when your phone is in the house though? My phone key is often connected to the car when the phone is indoors, but the car won’t open as it can tell how far the phone is from the car - I think it uses signal response time or some such to estimate the distance. Even...
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    Crossing to France from UK (MYLR)

    Yes, you need to change to km from miles. I’ve had two occasions where the map hasn’t updated and thought I was in the sea somewhere. The gps only locates when the wheels are moving. One time it took over 30 mins… two button reset didn’t fix it either.
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    Polestar 2 updated

    Improved charging speed is welcome. but has there been any improvement in efficiency? I really like the Polestar2, but speaking with those I know who own one, they're lucky to get anything over 2.5-3mpkWh on a long run. I think this is still a key issue, especially since the costs of public...
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    MY - Lock/Unlock & Drive Issues with APP

    Do you see your phone listed as a key when you are in the car? In your bluetooth device listings (on your phone), you should see a bluetooth which will be a letter and then lots of hexadecimal numbers. If that's missing from your phone (or you deleted it because you didn't recognise it) then you...
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    Car failing to start charge in the cold

    If Zappi is showing Delayed Charge, then it is waiting for the car to start the charge, as though a timer in the car has been set. I've not had any charge issues due to cold and I know the later M3 have a heated charge port, tied to the heated rear window to aid with plug removal in freezing...
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    advice on buying a second hand model 3

    Q4 2020 cars were from Fremont and there were issues with paint quality in that batch. 2021 onwards were from Shanghai and the build quality is definitely better, I’ve looked at two side by side and the difference is noticeable. Tesla add a year’s warranty onto any existing one if you buy 2nd...
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    Tesla - great CS turning around perceptions

    ..waiting for the alternative barbs to appear now where those who've had appalling CS experiences with Tesla will now troll you to say how mistaken you are about Phoebe from Bristol ;) Honestly, this is good to hear and yes, good customer service makes all the difference. All my dealings with...
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    [UK] 2022.44

    Had 44.25.2 installed mid-morning, 25.3 downloaded and offered this afternoon, so there must be some sort of bug they're trying to resolve.
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    Model Y Read Window Defrost

    Upper traces are probably radio antenna rather than heater elements.
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    FSD visualisations in the UK

    The visualisations used to show most of the oncoming traffic until Tesla Vison came in a recent update and the radar was turned off. After then, it has only shown oncoming traffic it thinks might represent a hazard, otherwise it doesn’t display it. I’m sure it knows it’s there, but doesn’t see...
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    Door windows not dropping down slightly in cold weather?

    Working on mine too, 2022.44.2. When you close a door, the others adjust down slightly. Perhaps try a reboot?