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  1. Babaron

    Console sliding door stuck

    2019 model S sliding center console door stuck halfway open/closed. Anybody know how to fix this or do I have to call/pay for service? Thanks!
  2. Babaron

    Phantom Braking issues improved in 2022.4.5.17 update?

    My experience is that PB is still there but instead of the violent slowdowns that I used to experience,it just slows a bit below the set speed for no apparent reason.I just power through it. So not gone but much more tolerable.
  3. Babaron

    Phantom Braking

    FWIW, my last couple of trips from Dayton to Columbus OH have had zero phantom braking events. I travel this route several times a month, mostly on AP. Typically, I will have PB events at least once during the trip. I did notice phantom slowing several times, but nothing like the violent jerk...
  4. Babaron

    Supercharger - Alachua, FL

    Anyone know what the status of this Alachua SC is? I am assuming V3. Is it open yet? Still shows on SC map as opening 4th quarter 2021.
  5. Babaron

    Autopilot vs FSD

    #2 wasn’t clear to me as it did not distinguish between auto lane change as might happen with NOA vs. driver-initiated, one-tap lane change with just autopilot. But the answer is now clear; no driver initiated one tap lane changes without FSD. Thanks!
  6. Babaron

    Autopilot vs FSD

    Getting close to ordering a MS LR and have a question about the FSD option. My current 2019 MS with FSD is driven on the highway exclusively using TACC and auto steer, not FSD or NOA. I enjoy making lane changes with just a touch of the turn signal lever on auto pilot. My question is: If I...
  7. Babaron

    Model S Real world highway range

    I found another very informative thread about real world range with the model S refresh, however, all those were with 21 inch wheels. Anybody with 19 inch wheels?
  8. Babaron

    Model S Real world highway range

    I currently own a 2019 100 D model S. I am considering purchasing a new refresh model S with 19 inch wheels. Wondering what real world highway range on the 19 inch wheels in both summer and winter temperatures. Would appreciate any info and experiences.
  9. Babaron


    99 score. Got FSD yesterday afternoon.
  10. Babaron

    Red Steering wheel warning- eyeball inattention?

    Could it be that the fog rendered the AP cameras unusable and it needed you to take over?
  11. Babaron

    100 score but only drove 36 miles. Think I should stop driving today/tomorrow and lock the score in? Or do I need more miles?

    I have been struggling with this scoring thing for a week or so and was also puzzled as to why it was so sensitive to various things like fast turns, too hard braking and close following. And then it hit me. We are not the ones being scored here. It is our driving ENVIRONMENT THAT IS BEING...
  12. Babaron

    Charging issues

    I get these alerts all the time but my car charges just fine anyway. If yours is also charging fine, you may want to just ignore them as I do.
  13. Babaron

    Service Center : is this normal?

    3 days ago, I got the replace 12V battery notice. Scheduled service thru the app an hour later. 2 days later, right on time, the mobile serviceman shows up completes the job in 20 min. Also checked my tire pressures and changed my cabin air filter (my add on). Could not have been any easier...
  14. Babaron

    Text Message syncing

    Just got next Tesla update and all works well now.
  15. Babaron

    Battery Drain with FOB Left in Car

    I recall Elon asking for the Raven to be re-evaluated by the EPA when they left the key in during the first test. He claimed that it reduced the range a bit. He was right.
  16. Babaron

    Where Are We With the Model S Plaid?

    I believe I recall the cyber truck long range getting a 200 kWh battery to achieve its 500 mi range. I haven’t seen it discussed but I am assuming and hoping that the Plaid will still have the 100 kWh battery. That would make supercharging much quicker. We should know soon.
  17. Babaron

    Text Message syncing

    I’m not sure if it was the iPhone 7 update that I did recently or the Tesla software update that was also done recently but now I am unable to sync my text messages so that they will display in the dash and allow me to respond. 2019 model S 100 D build date March 2019 iPhone 7 software version...
  18. Babaron

    4 years with Model S

    I agree that trading for a new MS is best option. The 100kwh battery rocks! Just yesterday, I had to take an unexpected quick trip to Columbus from Dayton (160 mi round trip) and had the car at 72% where I generally keep it. No time to top it off. outside temp 38 degrees, heater on for part...
  19. Babaron

    Throttled supercharger speeds

    Interesting ...my March 2019 Build 100D will consistently charge from 10% to 70% in about 40 min. I would willing to bet you would See much faster charging time if you tried going from 10% to 80% instead of 20% to 90%. Try it next time and let us know.
  20. Babaron

    Throttled supercharger speeds

    There is absolutely no way they are going to relax that charge speed limiter for the older cars that are now experiencing it. This is because, presumably, it is a safety issue with the risk of fire if charging speeds are too high. Tesla has not admitted to anything, to my knowledge, but if it is...
  21. Babaron

    Something interesting happened with my Service Loaner and Autopilot

    Just for the record, I drive both an AP1 Dec.2014 build MS and an AP3 Mar. 2019 build MS. IMO, AP3 is capable of many more things than AP1,certainly. But, AP1 still does a better, less stressful job for straight highway cruising for 1 simple reason: NO PHANTOM BRAKING!!!! Never, not once...
  22. Babaron

    Recalibrating the battery

    So just to make sure I understand this topic clearly, calibration or recalibration of the battery from time to time will help the computer get your EPA range display more accurate, but the actual real world real time range of the battery will not be affected. That range is determined by battery...
  23. Babaron

    2013 Model S bricked

    I own two Model S’s. When the tegra board went bad on my 2014 MS, the app on my I phone would only let me schedule service for the 2019 MS, which I did, then changed to the other when service contacted me. Perhaps it’s different with IOS.
  24. Babaron

    2013 Model S bricked

    This one big disadvantage of being required to use the application to schedule service. If the car won’t wake up, you can’t use the app. You have to call the service number and use the stranded on road menu or use the check on status of car menu to actually get a human. But I agree, it’s...
  25. Babaron

    Drafting Impact on Efficiency?

    I draft all the time and I can tell you from experience that it definitely has a noticeable positive impact on efficiency. As mentioned, slowing down even a little also has a considerable impact. NOTE: If not already installed, you should strongly consider paint protection film if you plan to...
  26. Babaron

    FSD Upgrade Installation

    AFAIK, if you purchased FSD, you get autopilot features that don’t come standard, auto lane change and navigate on autopilot. These are used primarily on the highway. But EAP Purchase was a bit confusing for me because I believe it offered more features than standard, maybe same as FSD...
  27. Babaron

    Recalibrating the battery

    Speaking of % age battery display, I use that exclusively and was wondering... Does it stay accurate regardless of charging habits or does it also need to be recalibrated from time to time?
  28. Babaron

    Phantom Braking

    FWIW: I have MS AP3.0 with 35k miles on it and another MS with AP1.0 (Mobileye) with 140k+ miles on it. I experience Phantom Braking from time to time with AP3 but have NEVER experienced it with Mobileye.
  29. Babaron

    It says "Oregon man arrested . . ." but these are usually out of Florida.

    The really good news here is that the man survived the crash and was actually able to flee on foot. This is testimony to the outstanding safety record of Teslas.
  30. Babaron

    How to ID superchargers that requires parking fee?

    The parking garage on Goodale in Columbus, OH offers parking for $8 to general public, but it is only $2 for Tesla’s. There are 10 Urban Superchargers in the Tesla only area, IIRC.
  31. Babaron

    Tesla needs to move to CCS in North America

    I remember...and I agree with the others who say it’s not Tesla’s fault that the others were not interested in thinking proactively as Elon was. Let the others now sit with Tesla and work with Tesla to come up with a sensible solution.
  32. Babaron


    I have a 2014 MS that has also been garaged both at home and work since purchase. Screens have been just fine. Fine that is until I had to leave it at the SC for a new Tegra board last month. I was so pleased that I had to pay only $323 instead of the initial quote of $2500. But, the car sat...
  33. Babaron

    Putting some numbers on the factors that affect range

    A small point, but to keep things logical in my small brain, shouldn’t consumption of the various accessories be quoted with units of watts? That is to say watts of power needed to run them; verses watt hours which would be energy Capacity used To run them over a specific period of time?
  34. Babaron

    Elon Musk: Tesla Model S Plaid To Have Structural Battery, 4680 Cells

    With the new cell technology increasing the range by 30%, that would make the current long range raven‘s 402 mile range approximately 520 miles. That’s without increasing the capacity of the 100 kWh battery. That would be preferable to an increased capacity as charge times would not increase on...
  35. Babaron

    Strange Homelink issues?

    “This started for me after last update.... sometimes the door starts to open/close and stops“ Same here. Very annoying. How do we fix that?
  36. Babaron

    Demystifying the power consumers in my Model S

    I suspect that there is a big difference between what is consumed when defrost is on “HI”, which is red/hot and when on low/cool or blue setting. The hi setting uses The 3kW stated above I imagine. But I am guessing the low setting uses much less.
  37. Babaron

    Unable to charge

    Pwlakewood, could you go thru how to do this job? Or perhaps point me to an existing video? Mine went bad last year and luckily was covered under warranty but it would be nice to have this trick in my bag for the future. Thanks!
  38. Babaron

    Payment Method Required

    Did your premium connectivity subscription just expire, maybe?
  39. Babaron

    For those with free unlimited supercharging...

    My bet is that a recent update prepared the car for a future owner who would not necessarily get FUSC.
  40. Babaron

    Disparity Between kWh Used and Percent Used

    Very interesting that the Ravens have less usable energy than the pre Ravens but the Ravens get a significantly higher epa rating.
  41. Babaron

    Demystifying the power consumers in my Model S

    Interesting information. How much does heater and AC consume?
  42. Babaron

    Car plugged in, charging starts randomly

    Mine stopped doing it after I unchecked “exclude home” in the auto lock settings.
  43. Babaron

    New autopilot visualizations coming

    The need for auto pilot to recognize other teslas on auto pilot is extremely important. If for example, your car is driving on auto pilot behind another Tesla car on auto pilot, your car has to be extremely careful to prepare for phantom braking by the car in front of you.
  44. Babaron

    500 mi range S-X after Battery Day...?

    I can last 5 hrs on a trip. At ave 70 mph that’s 350 of hwy range. I agree that the most efficient way to charge and deplete is 10% to 80%. So a 500Mi epa range would be actual 400 mile range at 80%. Subtract 10% for hwy speed inefficiency and you got 360 miles of hwy range. That’s perfect for...
  45. Babaron

    Unable to charge

    Try charging at a supercharger. If you get the same error, your on board charger may have gone bad. If so, hopefully you have enough range left to make to the service center. Don’t sit on this or vampire drain will eat whatever charge you have left.
  46. Babaron

    Car damage need ideas/advice

    Just had my front bumper replaced by Tesla. $1600 painted.
  47. Babaron

    Scratched my rim and BRAND NEW wheel on curb - need advise!

    As for the rim, buy that protector kit that Kim on You Tubes “Like Tesla” recommended. It will cover that scratch up and protect it for the future. CAnt remember the name of it, though.
  48. Babaron

    Car plugged in, charging starts randomly

    Mine started doing that too. It apparently is now topping it off after even a small drop in charge. Interestingly, it started right after I excluded my home for auto walk away locking. I don’t know if that was it or the update Itself that gave us that option. But, if you have the same...
  49. Babaron

    Working From Home - Charging During COVID

    General consensus: 1. Leave it plugged in. 2. Lower the charge limit to between 50 and 70%. 3. Enjoy life.
  50. Babaron

    How to save a lot of time on long trips

    [QUOTE=Has the on-board system ever brought you up short? (i.e. encouraged you to drive beyond your actual range or encouraged you to charge to an inadequate level to make it to the next charger?) I have an interesting story. Years ago, when I was a Tesla noobie, I took a road trip to Detroit...