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  1. compu85

    EZ-Pass location

    Just to the right of the rear view mirror, against the headliner.
  2. compu85

    Poll: Would you return your model 3 over this panel issue?

    If a non paint repair is needed (eg, just flexing the corner of the fender a bit) I wouldn't worry.
  3. compu85

    I can’t believe I never noticed...

    Yes, it goes off the steering angle sensor. Fun fact: If your alignment is off, and the steering wheel is off center when going straight, the icon is rotated too!
  4. compu85

    Model Y shipping

    IIRC it's to do with where the balance weight or valve stem should line up.
  5. compu85

    Mist from front grill while charging

    Behind the front grille is a small radiator. On cool days, when the car only needs to cool the battery some, it will use this radiator to cool the battery instead of starting the compressor. This is likely what you were seeing.
  6. compu85

    Damaged rear reflector - where to go?

    I imagine the service center could order this part for you. For USA cars, 1077407-00-F is the part number for the right rear reflector. Looks like it just clips into the bumper.
  7. compu85

    How does the car know the wiper fluid is low?

    There are two wires / probes that measure the conductivity of the fluid. Some fluids, like rainx, coat the probes so they don't conduct properly. This makes the car thing the tank is empty when it isn't.
  8. compu85

    Does Chrome "Tint" exist?

    Sure, you can get tinted films. There's also options like DupliColor Metalcast paint if you want something permanent.
  9. compu85

    Collision Avoidance overrode brake press and causing car to veer and hit the curb

    The Model 3's brake pedal is connected to the iBooster, which is connected directly to a conventional master cylinder and ABS install. the iBooster works a lot like electric power steering. It helps you push the pedal, but the pedal moving is what does the application of the master cylinder...
  10. compu85

    Issues with LED lights on trailers

    In our prior Touareg, I had to use a trailer plug adapter with some resistors in it to make the trailer control module happy. IIRC I got it on Amazon.
  11. compu85

    Anyone going to Tesla Takeover in Fairfax?

    Interesting. I'll let BigEarl know!
  12. compu85

    What would make you buy a non Tesla electric vehicle?

    Yup, this. In addition to the Model 3, we have Fiat and GM EVs. Both have nice points, but the Tesla's power, fast charge network, and great driving experience easily beats both.
  13. compu85

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Yup! There’s a Lisa 2/10, a 2/5 (but the profile is the rarer 10mb version), an IBM Portable PC 5155 (an XT with the guts crammed into a case with a handle), and a Data Genera One laptop. -J
  14. compu85

    Emergency mobile charging via Prius (test)

    How warm did the UPS get in this test?
  15. compu85

    Badges on older cars

    Check the about this car screen (press the T in the top middle). That will show you what model it is.
  16. compu85

    Certificate based WiFi authentication on Model 3?

    Ya, I doubt tesla is going to add 802.1x support. Your employer's guest network uses RADIUS?
  17. compu85

    VA State Safety Inspection. (At Tesla shop or Gas Station??)

    Last time they didn't, we popped a wheel cover off so they could see the brake pads.
  18. compu85

    Michigan Customers are Screwed!

    Michigan bases their registration fee on a portion of the original MSRP of the car. Not the current value. So for example, when I lived in MI 10 years ago the plates on my 20 year old Mercedes were more than the plates on my 11 year old Jetta, even though the Jetta was worth more at the time. -J
  19. compu85

    Steering Wheel Extension kit available?

    I'm in a similar boat... short legs, short arms, very long torso. So I have to recline the seat to fit, and need the wheel extended to reach it. I found the Model 3 steering column adjustment is way better than our previous cars, and I don't need to run it all the way out. What car did you...
  20. compu85

    What hybrid (plugin hybrid) or EV for my wife that can't deal with Model 3

    GM is *very* conservative with their battery management and drivetrain loading. The Volt is a solid platform. (Also, we currently own an ELR... the Cadillac of Chevrolet Volts...)
  21. compu85

    VA State Safety Inspection. (At Tesla shop or Gas Station??)

    Also note, you only need a safety inspection not an emissions check :) We get ours done at Best Auto in Springfield.
  22. compu85

    Autopilot Called Out in NTSB Report on Tesla Crash into Fire Truck

    The Mobile Eye TACC in my ELR will do the same thing. If someone merges out of my lane, leaving a stopped car in front, the car is "bind" to it and will resume to the speed setpoint. -J
  23. compu85

    Small chip in rear window. Cause for concern?

    The rear glass is not tempered, it's laminated. I should know, we got a stone chip which spread and had to have the rear glass replaced. Tempered glass doesn't crack, the whole sheet will break at once. -J
  24. compu85

    Door shuts on all Tesla Models

    The inside of the trunk wasn't painted on our Passat either. Are you talking about the door frames in your first comment?
  25. compu85

    No plans to introduce air suspension for Model 3 at this time per Elon

    Even if you leave it in sport, the computer is still adjusting the dampers - probably more than 40 times a second. Give this PDF a read and you'll understand more about adaptive damping: http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_275_d1.pdf -J
  26. compu85

    No plans to introduce air suspension for Model 3 at this time per Elon

    Yes, that's what the new Raven cars have :) (And what our Touareg had)
  27. compu85

    No plans to introduce air suspension for Model 3 at this time per Elon

    I'd rather have adaptive damping with coil suspension, than air suspension with fixed dampers. It doesn't add much cost, and simple variable dampers are quite reliable (in my definition GM Magneride = not simple, a damper with a computer controlled orifice = simple). All S/X with air...
  28. compu85

    Why red rear signal lights on US version?

    Green Go lights are actually legal in a few states, I can't recall which ones offhand though.
  29. compu85

    Why red rear signal lights on US version?

    Yup, has been since 1998. The euro Model 3 lights have the outer portion of the body fixtures for the turn signal, and the inner 4/5 are the brake light. I don't know if the small "point" turn signal would meet US lighting size requirements. I personally don't like how this makes the already...
  30. compu85

    Workplace 110V Charging Issue 9/12A

    It's probably slowing down because the plug is getting too hot. I wouldn't push it and burn the plug / wiring up.
  31. compu85

    Supercharger - Vienna, VA

    All traffic in NoVA during rush hour is horrendous :/
  32. compu85

    M3 headlights

    The DOT model 3 lights are fairly good, and the auto on feature works well. The auto high beam feature is sometimes slow to react. I leave it on, @bnkwupt does not.
  33. compu85

    How the heck to you clean inside of windshield?

    Yup, I love the scrubby on a stick. Works great. I go over the glass once with a wet one, then a dry one to get the residue.
  34. compu85

    Dog mode has a bug

    This is the first I've heard of a problem with dog mode. We use it often in our 3.. no issues.
  35. compu85

    Volt driver discovers secret to EV range.

    That would be a good way to keep the car from being driven!
  36. compu85

    Damage from lack of refrigerant

    The car has both a radiator, and air conditioner / heat exchanger to cool the coolant for the electronics, drive unit, and battery. I wouldn't worry.
  37. compu85

    Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor AWD - 4x4 test on rollers

    They changed the software at some point - now when its cold out it uses the front motor all the time.
  38. compu85

    Model 3 was towed and damaged with Sentry videos

    You should be going after the tow company's insurance, not yours I'd think?
  39. compu85

    Clear fluid leaking from M3

    Battery coolant is blue. This is just DHMO.
  40. compu85

    OMG! Tesla Rocks but feel guilty.

    Something similar happened to BigEarl's mother when they picked up her new E320 in 2002. They found the error on their own, and are making it right. I wouldn't sweat it! -J
  41. compu85

    12v battery issues with aftermarket subwoofer amp. Not covered under warranty PSA.

    Why not take a power feed from one of the vehicle controllers inside the car? -J
  42. compu85

    Anyone have luck with a really old breaker box?

    We have an early 70s 200A Wadsworth panel, and were able to add a 60A breaker for the wall connector. Looks like your panel doesn't have space for extra breakers, though. So, unless you can uhook something like an electric range, you'll need a new panel. As eprosenx noted, this is a good idea...
  43. compu85

    UMC charging at 120V with no ground. Would this work?

    Let's pull back a minute here.... First of all, don't put a fuse on the ground wire. The ground is there so that if something on the AC side faults to the body it will trip the breaker, rather than zap the *sugar* out of you. Granted, the GFCI in the mobile connector should catch this, but why...
  44. compu85

    Another Elon tweet ... approved?

    I have. It doesn't apply in private platforms like internet forums, and Twitter. -J
  45. compu85

    Firestone alignment damaged rim

    I didn't expect that outcome. Good customer service for a change!
  46. compu85

    Rear seat cover for dogs

    Yup. Somehow the material it's made of doesn't hold on to dog hair too... making cleanup easier.
  47. compu85

    Blended regen brakes???

    You are using both at once. They are not blended. Blended brakes means the car is deciding when to use the friction brakes, and when to use regen. Pressing the brake pedal doesn't always engage the friction brakes.
  48. compu85

    Blended regen brakes???

    We have both a 3 and an ELR in the driveway, as well as a Fiat 500e. The ELR and Fiat have blended brakes. The brake pedal controls both the regen, and the friction brakes. A computer decides when to bring the friction brakes in (and is... usually... smooth about it). Tesla does not have blended...
  49. compu85

    Blended regen brakes???

    No, that's not what he's saying. In the GM, when you have the gear selector in L, when you lift off the go pedal you get about half regen. Pressing the paddle gives you full regen, and pressing the brake pedal the system will use as much regen as it can, and bring in friction brakes when you...