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    Solar, batteries, EV

    any idea when this feature will be available? I’d really like this; I’d much rather the car adapter to the available solar, charging faster when it’s sunny, and slower, perhaps not at all, when it’s not.
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    How to prevent charging cars from battery

    Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t just show up on its own. I’ve had my battery system for almost a year, and still haven’t seen this option. Support tried to tell me it has something to do with m6 location, but I don’t see how that’s likely. If you do call support, please let me know what you did...
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    Tesla voiding warranties over Hawaii PV Program?

    Not that I know of. It’s limited only by the service you have feeding the home, less the amount you plan to consume during the period. It would be challenging to add more than 2 PWs worth of discharge unless you have 200 amp service. You start this program by submitting 30 days of compliant...
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    How can I keep my PW less than 97% charged?

    Of course, if the Powerwall’s algorithm could be changed so that it doesn’t raise the frequency when it’s discharging, regardless of capacity, that would also solve my problem.
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    How can I keep my PW less than 97% charged?

    I have a single Powerwall, and an 8.2 KW system. Up until now, I’ve had the majority of my power outages in the morning, and the result was hardly noticeable; everything in the home continued to run normallly, and the solar panels continued to generate power and run the house; all excess solar...
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    Export to grid occasionally lower than expected

    I think I finally cracked this problem! When I started to discharge to the grid at the rate set in the Powerwall of 5000w, the Powerwall initially worked just fine. After about 20 minutes, it gradually starts to reduce the power it outputs, until it gets down to around 3000w. I had assumed...
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    Export to grid occasionally lower than expected

    Tesla Energy told me to reset the Powerwall to fix this problem. That entails turning the switch off, and then the breaker to the Powerwall, and waiting at least 30 seconds. The green light continues to shine, even with the breaker off. You then turn the breaker on, Powerwall back on, and wait...
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    Export to grid occasionally lower than expected

    BTW, I’m not sure, but I think this change corresponds to being updated to 22.18.3.
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    Export to grid occasionally lower than expected

    I’m signed up for a battery power export program, and my gateway is set to export 5KWs for 2 hours each evening. This has been working flawlessly since originally provisioned back in April. However, twice this week, the export has been just over half the normal amount during the configured...
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    Charging Threshold not visible [vehicle charging setting while off grid]

    I’d like to be able to set the vehicle Charging Threshold when my grid is offline. I assumed that because I can’t see this option, Tesla had simply not set it up correctly, so I chatted with a rep. The first rep switched me to the vehicle side, who quickly understood my problem and sent me...
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    Can No Longer Login to TEG Home IP

    What is the home IP network that you are using? I could not reach my gateway because my home network was, and there appears to be no way to change the netmask from the default to the one I’m using. I ended up creating a static route to the network using the DCHP...
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    Best way to connect 17kW of solar PV to one Powerwall?

    Does It drive the frequency up to 65mhz immediately, or does it gradually increase it, which would cause newer inverters to “curtail”, followed at the higher rate, by the older ones, that just turn completely off. I’ve got 6Kw of older inverters, and 2.5Kw of newer ones, so I’m hoping that 5Kw...
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    PV on power line side of gateway?

    I haven’t yet tested this with my original Enphase inverters, which are the older M215 models. They do seem to offer the correct frequency limit triggers, so I think they will go offline properly.
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    PV on power line side of gateway?

    Yes, I did. The only addition from the standard configuration was a manual cut off from both the new solar and for some reason the battery, in addition to the existing cutoff for the original solar system. In the event that I have a long term power failure, I’ll use one of the cutoffs to either...
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    Powerwall 2 low charge rate

    Are you in Time Based Control? I find if I switch to Self Powered, my PW charges at 5, but otherwise at 3.5.
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    What happens under variable loads with excess solar when grid is down?

    I believe I have the right sized PV system for normal daily use of power. I’m able to fully charge a Powerwall and Model 3 during the morning, and in the afternoon I turn on a Spa pump which primarily uses the solar to run until dusk, and which point the Spa turns off and the loads are serviced...
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    Local network web access to GW2?

    My GW2 seems to do DHCP without issue. However, I think their network implementation might have a problem with non-standard netmasks; I'm using network with a /24 netmask. I found that it will respond to a ping from the router address. So I tried adding a route to the
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    Local network web access to GW2?

    Is it possible to access the gateway's web interface using its DHCP assigned IP address? I've just setup my GW2 on WiFi, and it seems to talk to my router without any issues, but attempting to ping it or access its web server doesn't work. I've read numerous posts about using different browsers...
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    Normal installation process

    I just had a new PV system and Tesla Powerwall physically installed. Both are currently turned off, waiting for the installer to “program” them. There is also a building inspector visit planned prior to approving the permit for the installation. Then there is some review by the power company...
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    PV on power line side of gateway?

    The installer has now agreed to put everything on the home side of the GW. He has added a manual shutoff that shutdowns the battery and new solar system, in addition to the existing manual disconnect for the current solar system. Based on the responses, I doubt I will ever have to face...
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    PV on power line side of gateway?

    I have one 40 amp breaker on the current system, but yes, I’ve never seen peaks higher than around 5.3Kw, and that’s mid day for a couple of minutes for a couple of weeks in July.
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    PV on power line side of gateway?

    The older inverters are Enphase M215-60-2LL-S22. There are 26 of them.
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    PV on power line side of gateway?

    The new system is supposed to use IQ7PLUS-72-2-US inverters. That’s the only one I’d need to take offline in the event of a surplus of solar energy.
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    PV on power line side of gateway?

    The inverters are Enphase micros, one per panel, on both systems.
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    PV on power line side of gateway?

    I currently have 26 solar panels generating 6kw. I’ve added a new Tesla vehicle, and am ordering a new 9 panel system generating 2.6kw, and a Powerwall. The designer is suggesting that the new battery be installed on a sub panel with the house, existing PV system, and car charger. They are...
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    Shortcut for Turning on Lights

    I could swear that this worked when I first got my car in August, but since the latest software update, lights do not come on when the auto wipers are operating.
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Order date 6/16, got my vin 18 days ago, and the call to setup a delivery appointment this Sunday! Basically, the car is arriving when the SA said it would back in July, and the whole EDD thing has been just a silly distraction while waiting not terribly patiently for the car. My advice is to...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I’ve had my VIN for 13 days, during which time my EDD has stopped constantly changing, so I really believe the car is on its way. That said, the only communications so far from Tesla is that once again my trade in has “expired“, so I sent in the new Odometer reading and am still waiting for...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I ordered 6/16, same model and color, and I too just got my VIN! It was actually very nice of Tesla to pick today, since it’s my anniversary! This group has been a lot of fun. It’s always good to hear about the EDD yo-yos of others, but it’s also great to hear when people finally get their...
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    Sprucing up my trade in?

    I’m hopefully getting my M3 within a month or so. I’ve decided to do the Tesla trade in option. Is this a hassle when you go to pickup your new car? Should I spend any time/money cleaning it up, or does it just get taken away to some auction site?
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    Coating for a new M3

    Planning the arrival of my new 3 later in August. First thing I’m thinking of doing is a ceramic coating. Anyone have positive recommendations for places that do this on Oahu? Is PPF worth considering here? Seems like we don’t have to huge trucks and high speeds of the mainland.